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Rice Bubble Cake

By Ange Tukaokao, added 16 October 2011

Difficulty Easy This recipe isKid Friendly Serves 20 RecipePrep time10 minutes RecipeCooking Time 5 minutes

  • Rice Bubble Cake

An all-time favourite for kids and adults alike!

Recipe Rating: 4


125 grams Butter
125 grams Chelsea White Sugar
2 Tbsp Honey
4 cups Rice Bubbles


Combine butter, sugar and honey in a pot and boil for 5 minutes then add rice bubbles, spread in buttered slice tray and cut while still warm.

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Recipe Rating: 4

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    just finished making these, used 4 cups of rice bubbles and set hard as can i stop this from setting to hard?

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    Great in tiny muffin trays

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    Boil for less than 5 mins to soften final result :)