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Cinnamon Sugar

Is used to decorate cakes, before or after baking, and to flavour buttered toast. Caster sugar and ground cinnamon are combined in a proportion of four sugar to one (or more, to taste) cinnamon.

Icing Sugar

Used in the making of icings including buttercreams and to decorate cakes.


There are several types of sugar. The most common one used is white sugar. Other types used are: Brown sugar, Raw sugar and Demerara sugar. Sugar is used extensively in baking as it adds flavour, taste and moisture, and has a tenderising effect. (When measuring Brown sugar, it needs to be firmly packed so that the sugar will hold the shape of the cup when tipped out).

Vanilla Sugar

A sweet mellow vanilla flavoured sugar, made from processing two vanilla beans with 1 cup of caster sugar. Ideal for use in baking where a subtle flavour of vanilla is required.