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Banana Cake

By Chelsea Sugar
Banana Cake
10 servings
  • 101 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 20 mins
  • Cooking time 50 mins
  • Serves

    1 cup Chelsea White Sugar or Chelsea Organic Raw Sugar
    100g Tararua Butter (melted)
    3 eggs
    3 bananas (mashed with a fork)
    ½ cup Meadow Fresh Low Fat Milk
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Soda
    150ml plain or fruit Meadow Fresh Yoghurt (apricot works well)
    2 cups Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    3 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder

    Lemon Icing
    375g Chelsea Icing Sugar
    1-2 Tbsp lemon juice
    50g Tararua Butter (softened)


    Preheat the oven to 170°C conventional or 150ºC fan-forced. Grease a 21cm round springform tin (with high sides) and line base with baking paper.

    Beat Chelsea White Sugar (or Chelsea Organic Raw Sugar), melted Tararua Butter and eggs until pale and creamy. Add the mashed bananas and beat well.

    Heat the Meadow Fresh Original Milk in the microwave until nearly boiling (approximately 1 minute). Mix in the Edmonds Baking Soda then stir into the banana mixture.
    Add the Meadow Fresh Yoghurt, Edmonds Standard Grade Flour and Edmonds Baking Powder. Mix well and pour into the prepared cake tin.

    Bake for 50-60 minutes until the cake is cooked in the middle and just pulling away from the edges of the tin (insert a skewer into the centre and if it comes out clean it is cooked). Cool in tin for 5 minutes then release the sides and cool on a wire rack. When cold, swirl with icing.

    Lemon Icing
    In a bowl mix the Chelsea Icing Sugar and lemon juice. Add Tararua Butter and beat until light and fluffy. Add a little hot water for a softer consistency if required.

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Average Rating
(101 reviews)

Loved this recipe!!! Soooo good! Just wondering if I would be able to use it to make jumbo muffins?

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, thanks for your kind feedback! We think this would work well as jumbo muffins :) Enjoy!

Something went terribly wrong with this recipe, and after cooking for 3 hours I gave up. Oh yes, I did have the oven turned on! It rose beautifully and then down hill from there, literally. It must be in the yoghurt, mine was homemade and quite watery. Only consolation was the magnificent smell for 3 hours and the dog will eat anything.

Lovely moist cake. Would make this again. I used raw sugar.

Worked out perfectly. Rose well, no sinking, great texture. I think the baking soda in the hot milk might have been the charm. Made a passion fruit icing instead of the lemon one (because that’s what I had to use). Delicious.
Not sure what those few giving one star did wrong.

Easy recipe and delicious cake! Obviously the ones who gave a 1 star review did not follow instructions :)

this was great. I added a small twist. I used black Doris yoghurt and added a little ginger and cinnamon to give it a subtle spicy background. worked out really well.

This is my Go-To banana cake recipe. My family loves it everytime! They don't have much of a sweet tooth so I usually omit the icing on top and lower the amount sugar. I've lost count how many times I've made this! Perfectly moist and full of banana flavour.

Have made this recipe 4 times now and it hasn’t failed. I get so many comments on how amazing and delicious it is. It has become my go to and signature cake. Really easy to make.

Made this recipe today...I halved the amount of sugar as I'm not a fan of super sweet cakes, added spice and cinnamon and baked the batter halved in to 2 cake tins...baked faster than I thought it would based on the other reviews. Cake is great, cooked well and isn't stodgy like I thought it might be...iced with chocolate, looks great, wish I had added coconut in the cake though, will add in next time =)

Lovely moist banana cake. Not to sweet and easy to make. My new favourite banana cake recipe

Best banana cake recipe ever! Was definitely a hit and this will be my new go-to for sure.

Best recipe ever! So lovely and moist and the perfect amount of density and sweetness.

I’ve made this at least 30+ times and it always comes out moist and delicious!

Absolutely scrumptious especially with the lemon icing and the yoghurt makes cake so moist!!!

Really easy to make and delicious and moist! My family love this cake and I love this recipe. Although I used cream cheese icing and it was amazing!

As a Kiwi overseas used to my stand by Edmonds recipe (also good) tried this the first time today and the recipe worked a treat. :-) Cooked in the stated time, lovely and moist. Love it! Will likely be my new go to recipe.

Followed recipe. Batter seemed wet but had followed recipe. Cake sunk and very stoggy. Too much liquid in this recipe

I've making this cake for years..fantastic recipe and never fails to impress!

I'm going to do it today and treat myself. :)

Best recipe ever, made at least 20 times and it never fails to impress.

Thanks for the recipe. It was a great birthday cake for my nephew.

Nice cake. I added walnuts and chocolate, but could’ve done with some vanilla essence I think.

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This really is the best banana cake recipe. Very moist and delicious.

Best recipe, light and fluffy yet moist at the same time!

It turned really nice banana cake ever! Moist but not heavy at all. Either the lemon or chocolate icing goes well. Highly recommend.

Simple moist and easy just as advertised
This is the one cake I couldn't get right in 50 years !!

This recipe is easy to follow. The cake is delicious and moist. It goes very nicely with the lemon icing.

image description

I have made this cake twice and it works well I use a cake tin with a hole in the centre so don't get uncooked centre works well takes 60 minutes to cook I'll check at 50 min cant reccomend this recipe enough thank you

I made this twice last week as we loved the first one and we had alot of bananas going black. Made two double mixtures and both were absolutely perfect and moist!! The next one I make I'm going to try a different flavoured yoghurt. Also the second time around, I added more lemon to the icing as it only calls for two tbsp, I think I added the juice of two whole small lemons and didnt taste it before I iced the cake and the extra tang balanced out the sweetness. It was devine! I think the reviewers that said it's the worst recipe made it this recipe is being stored in my personal recipe book. Thanks to whoever shared this :)

Terrible recipe... checked cake after recommended cooking time and it looked great but then it sunk and it’s really wet, not the typical banana cake at all. Should have just stuck to my normal recipe. So disappointed

Have always made banana cakes and decided to try this one a few weeks ago, now I make it weekly and its very popular with all of us and the neighbors. I first tried it with the apricot flavoured yogurt and then with other fruit yogurts they all work out beautifully. Thank you for this recipe. It is my favourite now and the bonus of the lemon icing which has always been my favourite icing to have on a banana cake.

I followed the recipe and unfortunately the cake took too long almost 2 and half hour than the recommended time stated in this recipe. The cake fell to a height of 2cm thick, not worth a bite because it's only small. I am off to get a 60th Birthday Cake for my Dad instead. And no I don't recommend this recipe either!

We make a Banana cake with lemon icing and Damn it was delicious

Best Banana cake recipe I’ve ever made.
Made for my son Birthday everyone commented how moist and delicious it was.

A very tasty recipe that we enjoyed.

Its cooking at the moment, but i was wondering if it would be ok to make into muffins?
CHELSEA: yes, just reduce the cooking time.

This is the best Banana cake, have made it 3 times in the last month. Even made it with only 2 bananas and it was still fabulous.

It is amazing.

Awsome. Sooo chuffed with how this turned out. So easy and so yummy everyone was chuffed and so was I. Thank you so much. It cooks perfect in our oven.

Loved this recipe so much really easy recipe to follow cake was amazing . I had to leave it in an extra 15 minutes but it was definitely worth the wait my whole family enjoyed it.

My cake wasn't cooked properly in the time stated either and sunk because i'd taken it out of the oven thinking it was done.

Awesome recipe!

I love this recipe

First time baking a banana cake. I used this recipe and it's so tasty and yummy.

Thanks a lot for the recipe.

This would have to be the best Banana Cake I have made......and I have made a few in my time. It is tasty and very moist. I needed to extend the cooking time to 65min

Fillowed recipe exactly. My oven runs hot and this cake was not cooked at 170° or after an hour. Very disappointed with the consistency and texture. Easy to follow recipe and rised perfectly. I'm hoping once truly cool, now cooked, that it might improve. Won't be making again.

Dissapointed. Followed the recipe and cake came out flat and very doughy.

My first banana cake ever it was perfect mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It turned out great we all loved it!
One question, does it taste well with your already made chocolate icing, because I know there's another recipe with the chocolate icing but would it work the same with this one too, and if so would u have to use more icing since the cake is bigger?
Chelsea Sugar:
Yes, you could double the chocolate icing recipe on the other banana cake recipe and use it on this cake.

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Review continued... well it took over an hour but to be fair I didnt stick perfectly to the recipe (raw and caster sugar also a bit heavy handed in the yogurt) so it needed more time. I've noticed that you just have to enjoy the process and don't be in to much of a rush to get it on a plate and iced. Haha. It's a great cake everyone loved it. I topped it with a super soft lemon cream cheese icing.

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Made this cake with my teenager girl. Easy peasy. Did half cup of raw sugar and half caster sugar, also added cinnamon.
QUICK QUESTION: Chelsea could we substitute bananas for ripe feijoas?
CHELSEA: we think so!

why is there yoghurt in this??

Wow best cake ever trust me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

image description

I made this it turned out just right according to the recipe. We love it!

Awful. The others are right it didn't cook properly in the time stated. cooked it an extra 30 minutes but it still wasn't quite right.
CHELSEA: Hi there, we have re-tested the recipe this week and have slightly increased the cooking temp (from 160°C to 170°C) and time (from 45-50 min to 50-60 min). While our one still tasted yummy at the lower temperature, we agree that it was taking longer to cook. Ovens can vary so much, so it definitely pays to keep an eye on the cake while it is cooking.

Would this cake still turn out beautifully without the yoghurt??
CHELSEA: We would recommend using the yoghurt or replacing with sour cream, otherwise we have a couple of other recipes without yoghurt that you could try.

I decided to bake at 3am as you do.. turned out almost perfect. Forgot to put the sugar. Dammit.

Best banana cake I've ever made!!!!! So moist and yum!!!

I made this cake without baking soda, as I ran out and the shops were closed. I doubled the recipe so instead of using the baking soda I still added the milk cold, and then added half a cup of cornflour and used 1 cup of yoghurt. It worked beautifully. I also added a tbsp of ginger and chopped almonds on the top of the cake for a change. I must note that I freeze my banana's in bags in the freezer without there skins on when I need them I just pop them into the microwave for a bit normally 2 mins for 6 bananas. Then I pop them in the blender to mix them all up to a nice creamy consistency then I pop them in the cake so much easier I think. Great Recipe I have also added ginger and coffee to this cake also, another time I added choc that works also, with chopped up walnuts in the recipe I added 1 cup of chopped up walnuts and sprinkled almonds on the top roughly chopped up. Then after it is cooked I have put choc icing and then grated a block of choc on top very nice, roughly grated. Or shaved works well also. ;););) 5 Star recipe for me, so versatile.

Best Banana cake was so nice and moist and the lemon icing was delicious! Had to cook a little longer then the recipe stated though.

Great recipe. So moist and made a really generous cake

Absolutely fantastic moist cake will make this again as opposed to the Edmonds cookbook recipe

Fantastic recipe!! I made the measures by one & a half - and still cooked for 45 minutes, and it came out perfect with being just moist but not undercooked. Nobody likes a dry banana cake. I iced with chocolate frosting, served with whipped cream. Make sure your oven is up to temp first and you can't go wrong. I was rated a 10/10 by my family! Thanks Chelsea!! :-)

I'm so glad how simple this Banana cake recipe is and I'll love the lemon icing on it as well I can whip it up in no time tommorow for our tea party at lunch tommorow it will be moist and best of all straight out of the oven with freshness.

Can I use strawberry flavoured yoghurt?
CHELSEA: Yes, that should be yum :-)

A good recipe for the novice, tasty food and healthy despite the sugar.

This is the best banana cake recipe. I make it for all my friends and cakes orders and they all love it.

This is now a family favourite... even showed other family members and now their families enjoy it. Beautiful banana cake, easy to make, no fuss, no mess and tastes great. Thank you for sharing.

Never cooked properly even with extra 30 minutes. Other people had the same problem. Why?
CHELSEA: Hi there, your oven may be on the cool side. Perhaps try increasing the temperature by 10-20°C.

This is the best banana cake recipe. It is so moist and a huge hit in this house. Easy to follow recipe and cooking time was reasonable. Only banana cake I will be making from now on. Thanks Chelsea.

Mine took extra 40mins to cook. Not impressed.

It took so long to cook!! :( It was a bit annoying, but other than that, a good recipe. Nice and easy to follow.

This cake was so easy to make and so moist and it's been given the thumbs up so i will be making this once again.

I iced it with chocolate icing,

Lovely recipe. Wonderful moist cake. Will use this again definitely

The whole family thought this was the best banana cake I had ever made. I expect I'll be making it at least once a week from now on. Great texture, and it actually rose. Magnificent!

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Best banana cake recipe! So yummy and moist. This is definitely the go to recipe.

Lovely and moist cake, I used the 150g butter though. Stayed moist the next day... surprisingly it lasted 2 days! Yum.

Like others have said it doesn't cook and just tastes of raw egg

Beautiful banana cake recipe. Loved by my family.

The only cake I make, when visitors come over, or for the kids school cake stalls... a very popular dessert with the whole whanau... thank you for sharing this recipe, it is the best banana cake, ever!!

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Beautiful and moist.

Wow, thank you so very much for this moist banana cake recipe. I have been baking so many banana cakes in the past but have never add yoghurt to my ingredients etc. Not only my banana cakes still taste fresh and moist in the following morning, but it did make the difference--in taste and flavour let alone looked like done by professional etc lol. 100% better.

Made this banana cake tonight it came out moist ! Is one of the best cakes I have made - lovely !!

Now all time favourite! Great banana cake recipe, thank you :-)

Seriously one of the best banana cakes we've ever made. Moist, delicious and kept well.

An absolutely delicious banana cake, looks and taste great

OH MY GOD the best banana cake I have ever made so moist. It's a keeper.

The best ever banana cake that i have made so easy Sugar was made to taste Thank you for this wonderful recipe I have passed it on to my children

Didn't cook properly even though I cooked it a lot longer than recipe said. Was very gluey. Not a winner.

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Very moist cake and delicious, everyone in my house loved it!!! Definitely my favourite banana cake recipe!!!

my cake didn't cook properly even though i did everything the recipe told me to do :(

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amazing moist banana cake - made several times over and shared recipe with workmates after they fell in love.... even fussy male who is a baker and doesn't dig cake loved it. . accidentally forgot to put eggs in once and still came out delish!!

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Made this banana cake today .My grandkids love it . Did not last very long. They took some home with them for their lunch.


Absolutely wonderful recipe and deliciously moist. This is now my go-to banana cake recipe. I used vanilla yoghurt which worked well

Today I made this cake batter, put it into a muffin tray and the kids went Gaga over them. Delicious, the slight tang when using apricot yoghurt is Devine. Best banana cake recipe yet! Cheers.

I made this today with my son. it's very nice and simple

Lovely banana cake

image description

yummy thank you

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Awesome size and so easy .. will keep this one- Jan

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I have made this cake several times. The last time I did the whole thing in the food processor. My wife told me it would not work, but it turned out beautiful. I actually put the bananas into the processor in pieces after mixing up the sugar and eggs and with the flour.
Such a lovely versatile recipe. Colin 41/2 stars

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