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Bright Red Tomato Sauce

By Chelsea Sugar
Bright Red Tomato Sauce
1 serving
  • 12 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cooking time 2 hrs
  • Serves

    6 kg ripe red tomatoes
    4 apples
    2 onions
    2 Tbsp allspice
    2 cloves garlic (1 tsp crushed)
    1 1/2 kg Chelsea White Sugar
    1/4 cup salt
    ground black pepper
    1 litre malt vinegar


    Wash and chop tomatoes and apples, skins included. Chop onions. Tie allspice and garlic in a muslin bag. Boil all ingredients together slowly for two hours, stirring frequently. When cool, discard muslin bag and put sauce through a sieve, or use a food processor. Bottle in warm, sterilised bottles when cool.

    Refrigerate the sauce and use it within a week or freeze it for up to 3 months. Properly sterilised canned tomato sauce can be stored in the pantry for at least 1 year.

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Average Rating
(12 reviews)

Flavour better than shop bought sauce. But added only half a kg of sugar after reading comments was plenty sweet enough but I had very ripe tomatoes.

image description

The family love it more than Watties sauce!

Way too much sugar, turns out very sweet - too sweet, more like a jam than a source. Next time I'll half the sugar amount.

How long would you recommend water bathing this in 1 pint jars?
CHELSEA: water bathing not necessary for this recipe. Too easy!

Disappointing. Way too much sugar. I usually love the recipes on this site. I wasted my home grown tomatoes and time on this.

I was given some overripe tomatoes so made this sauce. I halved the quantity of ingredients and added some fresh ginger & chilli for extra flavour. The colour and texture of this tasty sauce is excellent and it was not difficult to make.
Thanks Chris for your feedback, your addition of fresh ginger and chilli sounds wonderful!

Is it possible to can this recipe so I can get more shelf life ??
Chelsea Sugar:
The sauce could be stored in sterilised jars to prolong shelf life.

i have just started to make pickled onions, tomato relish and sauce and still learning. how long a shelf life would this red tomato sauce last or do all the bottles made need to be kept in the fridge. I was looking at recipes for pasta sauce in other sites and found they needed a water bath or further special bottling. this recipe looks great, just like the other recipes on this site

First time making my own tomato sauce and so pleased I chose this recipe!! The fussy kids love it!!

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How long can u keep the sauce for? Do you need to refrigerate it?
CHELSEA: Hi there, we would recommend refrigerating it (especially after opening). It should last 2-3 months if refrigerated.

An old fashioned favourite that my mother used to make

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Fabulolus - been using it for years! will never use another recipe for tomato sauce - Rachel Vogan

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