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Jills Pavlova

By Jill Dawson
Jills Pavlova
12 servings
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  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 25 mins
  • Cooking time 3 hrs
  • Serves

    2 cups Chelsea Caster Sugar
    6 egg whites only
    1 heaped, and I mean heaped desertspoon of edmonds cornflour
    1 dessertspoon of malt vinegar
    Essence, can be vanilla, or strawberry, or even chocolate, your call
    4 Tablespoons of cold water


    Pre-heat oven to 120 degrees Celcius.

    Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl (don't use plastic bowls) and beat for approx 20 min straight. When the mixture has formed stiff peaks (lift the beaters out, it should form peaks that don't droop) you know it is ready to place on an oven tray to bake.

    Place in oven (don't slam the door!) bake for 3 hours.
    When timer beeps turn off oven and open the door a little and leave to stand in oven until cold.

    Pavlova should have a crunchy top with a little marshmallow in the middle, and best of all you can pick it up and place it in an airtight container and it stays fresh for as long as it takes to eat it :)

    This recipe has not been tested by Chelsea Sugar.

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