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Spiced Pear Paste

By Chelsea Sugar
Spiced Pear Paste
40 servings
  • 8 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 8 hrs 20 mins
  • Cooking time 20 mins
  • Serves

    1.2kg ripe pears
    Juice of 2 large lemons
    1kg Chelsea Jam Setting Sugar
    ¼ teaspoon ground cloves
    ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon


    1. Line a 20cm square cake tin with plastic wrap. Peel pears. Remove cores. Weigh pear flesh. You will need 1kg of flesh.
    2. Place pears in a blender and process to a smooth puree.
    3. Place puree, lemon juice, Chelsea Jam Setting Sugar, cloves and cinnamon in a large wide heavy based saucepan. Cook, stirring over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Increase heat and bring to a full rolling boil (a boil that cannot be stirred down). Boil, stirring occasionally for 15 minutes or until mixture thickens to paste and darkens in colour. Remove from heat and set aside for 5 minutes.
    4. Pour mixture into prepared tin. Smooth surface. Set aside overnight at room temperature to allow mixture to set firmly.
    5. To serve, take paste out of tin. Remove plastic. Cut into serving pieces.

    STORAGE TIP - Paste will keep for 3 months, wrapped in plastic wrap, stored in the fridge.

    TIP – you can spoon mixture into plastic lined holes of a muffin tray to create cute little rounds of paste, perfect for cheese platters.

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Average Rating
(8 reviews)

Would love to know why my paste has a consistency of soft toffee - very sticky.
Can spread but not cut as too sticky - did I cook it too long, or not enough?
Taste was great.

CHESEA SUGAR: Hi there, it sounds like your paste might have needed cooking a little longer if it didn't set firm enough to cut. Glad you enjoyed the taste! :)

Halved recipe, lovely taste, GREAT with blue cheese. Used silicon muffin trays - worked a treat to create nice round lots. Hard to know when paste consistency reached so poured half the amount earlier and cooked other half for longer than time suggests- prefer slightly firmer set. :)

What alternatives to plastic are there? Trying to live plastic-free. How about baking paper or non-stick muffin pans?
Chelsea Sugar:
Kitchenware stores will be able to assist you with purchasing plastic-free baking tools.

Set like gumie bears so chewy

Several seasons of making this. Always a hit. Requests from my husbands work place for this paste.

image description

Delicious and brilliantly easy to make

Not sure if I did the right thing as it took over an hour to reach paste consistency, but it was delicious when set. Had to raid the neighbours pear tree to make more, this time with added chilli flakes.

image description

When i tested the paste it tasted was delicious, very rich and mellow in flavor and it wasn't too spicy.

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