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Chelsea Sugar School Visits

Interactive Baking Zone

An unforgettable experience

Engage your students in a 3-hour educational experience at Chelsea Bay!

Your students will experience the smells, sights and sounds of a working factory, learn how sugar is made, enjoy a hands-on baking lesson and test their knowledge in our educational interactive zone.

*Note: Important Information to Read Before Booking

The Tour Includes

1. The Factory Tour

  • The First Stop is the Raw Store. This is where the raw sugar is first stored after it arrives by ship.

  • The Second stop - We’re onto the Melt House – where we’ll show you the first few stages of sugar production

  • Third Stop – We’ll take you back in time to show you why this beautiful site was chosen over 130 years ago

  • The Fourth Stop is The Pan Station where you’ll learn about the last stages of sugar production

  • The last stop, we’ll show you how our sugar gets packaged up and ready for you to enjoy


2. Baking Class

Students will learn about food safety, the different uses of flour and sugar in baking, and have a one-hour hands-on baking experience with our Patisserie Chef.

The students take their baking home in a handy box with a recipe book!

3. Explore the Interactive Zone

Bake some virtual cookies or a cake with Annabelle White, learn about the history of baking, our Chelsea site and see the stages of flour and sugar production.

Students may wish to challenge themselves on our giant puzzle, or create a wonderful piece of art to display.

This is also where your students can test their knowledge in our Chelsea Bay quiz!


Important information to Read Before Booking

Chelsea Bay will provide your students with a fun and memorable educational experience outside the classroom. Please make sure you've gone through all the important information below before booking. We look forward to having your school group here at Chelsea Bay!

School Visit

The School Visit experience at Chelsea Bay is for pupils from Year 4 to Year 13 inclusive.

Years 4-8 - we can accommodate a maximum of 60 pupils and 6 teachers/supervisors per day
Years 9-13 - we can accommodate a maximum of 51 pupils and 3 teachers/supervisors per day
Note there is a minimum booking of 36 participants 
There are three different areas included in the schools program including a guided tour of the Chelsea Factory, a hands-on experience in the Edmonds Baking School, and exploration of our Interactive Zone.  There will also be time during the Interactive Zone session, to have a 20-30 minute lunch break.

The structure and timing for the day at Chelsea Bay is outlined below but please feel free to discuss any special educational requirements you may have, we are happy to help. You can enter this information on your booking form.

Please arrive at Chelsea Bay no later than 9.45am
9.45am-10.00am: Welcome and briefing for the day by our Chelsea Bay Host.  
10.00am-11.00am:   Session 1
11.00am-12.00pm:   Session 2
12.00pm-1.00pm:    Session 3
1.00pm-1.15pm:      Pack up and farewell

Please arrange for your transport to collect you by 1.15pm

Details of the three different experiences are as follows:
  • Factory Tour: Includes a one hour tour with our expert guide, travelling around our factory site via the Chelsea Bay train.  The students will be fully immersed walking through the factory floor, learning how raw sugar comes into our factory and is processed ready for the supermarket.  Students will also gain insights into why our Birkenhead site was chosen to become NZ's only sugar factory.  Please note we passenger weight restrictions for the train, hence the maximum number of people listed above we can accommodate per year group.
  • Edmonds Baking School: Your students will learn about food safety, the different uses of flour and sugar in baking, and have a hands-on baking experience with our qualified instructor for one hour.  The students take their baking home with a recipe book in a handy pack! Please ensure you let us know if any students require the Gluten free & Vegan cookie when booking so we can prepare the ingredients for them. See below for the ingredients list for their appropriate baking class.  Pupils will bake in pairs.
  • Interactive Zone: This takes students into the home of Kiwi Baking with Edmonds and Chelsea.  They will learn how flour is milled and sugar is produced from paddock to plate.  Students can spend time sharing their baking memories and play our fantastic interactive baking game!  Students spend 30 minutes in this area plus a 30 minute food break.
Group size & rotation

Depending on your group size, we will advise whether you will be divided into two or three groups to rotate around our three activities.

Years 4 to 8 inclusive:

  • Two groups - 36 to 44 people (max 40 students & 4 supervisors)
  • Three groups - 45 to 66 people (max 60 students & 6 supervisors)
Year 9 to 13 inclusive:
  • Two groups - 36 people (max 34 students & 2 supervisors)
  • Three groups - 37 to 54 people (max 51 students & 3 supervisors)
As we staff and prepare the kitchen according to your group size, any changes within 24 hours of your visit date may not be accommodated.
Booking confirmation and payment Upon booking, you will receive an email with your confirmed booking number and a print out of our terms and conditions (which are also listed below).  You will also receive a link to our RAMS documentation in your booking confirmation email. Pre-visits can be arranged to assist the risk assessment process if required.

One of our hosts will contact you shortly after your booking is placed to answer any questions and to also check that we have all the information we need to ensure your visit is a success. Please provide any bee or food allergy student information at this time.  We can also send you an easy reference guide for your teachers and caregivers at this time (or will hand it out on the day).

Your date will be held for your group and no-one else will be able to join your booking.

We appreciate payment 7 days prior to your visit via internet banking with final student/supervisor numbers provided to us at this time.  

If you do need to cancel/shift your booking for any reason, please provide at least 7 days notice.

There is some very important information listed below, please take the time to read it. 
Factory tour information - important

Factory Tour Dress Code:

All pupils, teachers and supervisors MUST wear long sleeved top, long trousers and closed-in flat-soled footwear. Other factory safety gear will be provided. You must wear the safety gear provided at all times and in accordance with the instructions for use given by Chelsea Bay staff. Failure to correctly wear and use safety gear could result in injury.

Safety & Risks:

  • All visitors must comply with the Chelsea Bay staff instructions
  • The Chelsea Sugar Factory is a large industrial food manufacturing site and as such, there are many potential hazards and restricted access areas in the factory. Visitors must not attempt to enter any restricted access areas
  • All visitors must stay with the group and on designated walkways at all times
  • Children must be fully supervised at all times while on site
  • Some areas of the Factory Tour may be noisy or hot – the time spent in these areas is very short and moved through quickly
  • There are 80 stairs to walk up and down across the tour therefore, we cannot accommodate wheelchairs or the use of crutches.  Students may participate in another activity
  • No food or drink is permitted in the factory
  • There are no toilet facilities during the one hour tour
  • No bags, phones or cameras are permitted on the tour - pupils can store their bags in the under-seat storage and adults may store their belongings in the secure lockers
  • There may be bees’ onsite.  If anyone is allergic, we recommend bringing an Epi-Pen, if required. We reserve the right to decline entry to the factory tour to any people with bee allergy should we consider the risk of a bee sting to be unacceptable on any given day
  • You agree that Chelsea Bay will not be liable for any sickness, injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may arise, either directly or indirectly, by reason of any defect or any other cause, or through acts of default by Chelsea Bay people or any other people engaged in the school visit
  • You accept the risk of possible injury or harm associated with the school visit
  • Chelsea Bay may refuse entry to or evict any person it reasonably believes is adversely affected by alcohol or drugs
  • Personal property is your responsibility and Chelsea Bay will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to personal property
  • The maximum supervision ratio for Factory Tours by Primary and Intermediate School students is a 1:10 adult child ratio. For Secondary school level the maximum ratio we can accommodate is a 1: 17 adult child ratio.
On the tours, there will be a tour guide and train driver with the group at all times.  All Chelsea Bay staff are first aid trained.
Baking class information Our baking instructors are qualified patisserie chefs and will be able to guide your pupils to create the most delicious baking.  We are currently baking Chocolate Chip Cookies for Primary & Intermediate Schools and Yo-Yo Biscuits for Secondary. The content of the class will be appropriate for your level of pupils. If you would like anything specifically covered in the lesson, we are happy to help, just ask!

The ingredients list is as follows:
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: Butter, Soft Brown Sugar, Caster Sugar, Vanilla Essence, Golden Syrup, Self Raising Flour, Chocolate Chips
  • Gluten Free & Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies: Coconut oil, Soft Brown Sugar, Vanilla Essence, Golden Syrup, Desiccated Coconut, Gluten Free Flour, Gluten Free Baking Powder, Chocolate Chips
  • Yo-Yo Biscuits: Butter, icing sugar, vanilla essence, flour, custard powder
"The activities were well structured and run at a good pace at a level appropriate for our students.
You have a wonderful facility and organised an amazing programme. Thank you!"
“I have been impressed with the way you communicated from the moment we made the booking… The students enjoyed the visit with the Factory tour the highlight! Thank you so much for the additional information linking to the Economic standards we do.”

Book a School Visit

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the timing and cost of the school tours?

We offer a 3 hour structured program, starting at 10am. The cost is $20 per visitor (pupils and supervisors). To book or for further information click on the BOOK A VISIT button at the top left of this page. Alternatively please speak with one of our hosts on 09 481 0744.

What days do you run School Visits?

School visits are available weekdays in school terms. They are currently scheduled Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays but we can adjust to suit.

What does the School Visit involve?

The experience includes a guided tour of the Chelsea Factory, a hands-on experience in the Edmonds Baking School, and exploration of our Interactive Zone. For more information regarding school visits please go to the booking page or speak with one of our hosts on 09 481 0744.

Is the school visit suitable for any age group?

School visits are from Year 4 to 13 only. We require a supervision ratio of 1:10 for Year 4 to Year 8, and a minimum of 1:17 for Year 9 to Year 13.

The Chelsea Bay experience is suitable for all students from Year 4 to 13.

  • Years 4-8 - we can accommodate 33-60 students and 3-6 teachers/supervisors per day

  • Years 9-13 - we can accommodate 34-51 students and 2-3 teachers/supervisors per day

  • Note there is a minimum booking of 36 participants

Our school wears a compulsory uniform, is this OK?

We require all students/teachers/supervisors to cover their skin and wear fully enclosed shoes for the factory tour. If the school uniform includes a short sleeved top, or shorts or a skirt then please ask students to wear mufti. Everyone on the tour must wear long sleeved top, long pants, and suitable covered (closed in) shoes. Due to limited changing facilities and time restraints please have students arrive ready for the day.

Here we are

We look forward to having you here!

Chelsea Bay is located at the Chelsea Sugar Factory, 100 Colonial Road, Birkenhead, Auckland. 

For general enquiries, please contact the Chelsea Bay Host on 09 481 0744, email


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