School Visits

Engage your students in a 3-hour educational experience at Chelsea Bay!

Your students will experience the smells, sights and sounds of a working factory, learn how sugar is made, enjoy a hands-on baking lesson and test their knowledge in our educational interactive zone


The Tour Includes

1. The first Stop is the Raw Store. This is where the raw sugar is first stored after it arrives by ship.

2. Then we’re onto the Melt House – where we’ll show you the first few stages of sugar production

3. Third Stop – We’ll take you back in time to show you why this beautiful site was chosen over 130 years ago

4. The Fourth Stop is The Pan Station where you’ll learn about the last stages of sugar production

5. The last stop, we’ll show you how our sugar gets packaged up and ready for you to enjoy

Students will learn about food safety, the different uses of flour and sugar in baking, and have a one-hour hands-on baking experience with our Patisserie Chef.

The students take their baking home in a handy box with a recipe book!

Bake some virtual cookies or a cake with Annabelle White, learn about the history of baking, our Chelsea site and see the stages of flour and sugar production.

Students may wish to challenge themselves on our giant puzzle, or create a wonderful piece of art to display.

This is also where your students can test their knowledge in our Chelsea Bay quiz!

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a 3 hour structured program, starting at 10am. The cost is $15 per visitor (pupils and supervisors). To book or for further information click on the BOOK A VISIT button at the top left of this page. Alternatively please speak with one of our hosts on 09 481 0744.

School visits are available weekdays in school terms. They are currently scheduled four days a week but can adjust to suit.

The experience includes a guided tour of the Chelsea Factory, a hands-on experience in the Edmonds Baking School, and exploration of our Interactive Zone. For more information regarding school visits please go to the booking page or speak with one of our hosts on 09 481 0744.

School visits are from Year 4 to 13 only. We require a supervision ratio of 1:10 for Year 4 to Year 8, and a minimum of 1:17 for Year 9 to Year 13.

The Chelsea Bay experience is suitable for all students from Year 4 to 13.

  • Years 4-8 - we can accommodate 33-60 students and 3-6 teachers/supervisors per day
  • Years 9-13 - we can accommodate 34-51 students and 2-3 teachers/supervisors per day
  • Note there is a minimum booking of 36 participants

We require all students/teachers/supervisors to cover their skin and wear fully enclosed shoes for the factory tour. If the school uniform includes a short sleeved top, or shorts or a skirt then please ask students to wear mufti. Everyone on the tour must wear long sleeved top, long pants, and suitable covered (closed in) shoes. Due to limited changing facilities and time restraints please have students arrive ready for the day.

For any enquiries, please contact the Chelsea Bay Host

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