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Brownie in a Mug

By Bridgette Hosford
Brownie in a Mug
1 serving
  • 88 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 5 mins
  • Cooking time 2 mins
  • Serves

    ¼ cup Chelsea White Sugar
    ¼ cup Edmonds Self Raising Flour
    2-3 Tbsp cocoa
    ¼ cup water
    2 Tbsp Olivani Pure Olive Oil
    2-3 drops vanilla essence


    In a microwave proof mug, add the Chelsea White Sugar, Edmonds Self Raising Flour & cocoa.
    Add the liquid – water, Olivani Pure Olive Oil and essence and mix all together until there are no lumps.
    Microwave for 1 minute at a time. It may be cooked after the first minute depending on your microwave, if not, put in for another 30 seconds to a minute.
    Once cooked serve with cream or Meadow Fresh Original Milk.

    This recipe has not been tested by Chelsea Sugar.

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Average Rating
(88 reviews)

Was alright as i used milo cause i had no cocoa but was nice with icecream

we make it with gluten free self raising flour idk if this changed texture, but it was I bit funny overall was a quick fun recipe to follow with kids :)


This is a very quick thing too whip up for morning or afternoon tea. Its very yummy on a cold day. Taking in what i saw on the comments I thought It wasn't going to taste that great but you can never judge a book by its cover can you? I decided to change it up a bit by adding in some chocalate chips that really did the trick and adding some cinnamon that would of been really good in the actual recipe but if you do not wish to put it in go that way. Coffee that would of been nice, just a dash though. It is awesome to teach kids to make this the way I suggested.
Overall it was GREAT!!

AMAZING RRECIPE!!! Totally recommend it. Moist and rich!

Delicious is all I have to say

how would you make it bigger

So quick n easy. It tastes really rich yummy with whipped cream. I think most people would like it to be sweeter so add more sugar. I suggest using a soup mug cos its wider best to eat from. A coffee mug seems to compress the mix in the bottom which I didn’t like too much. Quick easy to learn as sugar and flour and water are all a quarter cup each. Then cocoa and oil are 2 tablespoons each. Mix quickly add a dash of vanilla essence. Done. 1minute was good but i think 1&half minutes is spot on. Good to impress your friends.

It wasnt really that nice by itself but I think it's nice with ice cream. Wouldn't recommend if you are looking for a nice brownie recipe.

it was alright but if you are looking for a nice brownie i wouldn't suggest this recipe

It doesn’t fit in a mug I recommend a different recipe or a brownie pan.

This was really good, I cut back on the sugar and added a tiny bit of ice cream after it was cooked, was delicious!

It was alright but not enough flavour.

hi we tried it in three different mugs. They all turn out different. one was like a pudding taste, 2 was like a cake and then the 3 was runny at fist then got harder. The 3 was like a pancake or what i would call it a mugcake.

Great recipe! Although I make it with plain flour which gives it a much better texture and is more of a fudge brownie. Don’t like it with self raising flour

I think it was sweet enough, but a lot less chocolate-y than I imagined. Its not so much of a brownie though, more of a cake. I would say there are definitely better recipes for mug brownies and cakes out there but this one wasn't too bad.

awesome recipe, lovely on a cold day!

Doesn't have much flavour, and stuck to the roof of my mouth. Doesn't give a brownie like texture. Very disappointed.

it is so good and it is awesome for a cold day!

This is a great late night snack or for something to eat at home. Would recommend adding chocolate chips - so good.


It was nice but a bit too sweet.

Me and my friend made it. It was okay!

This recipe is absolutely delicious! Would make this again! I had to cook this for 1minute and 30 seconds, so it was true.

Pretty good. Didn't exactly turn out like a brownie but good none the less.

Really yummy and quick recipe. Defently try it. I had to cook for 2 mins and 3 secs :)

It was okay, It exploded in my micowave but i think it could have been better.

Waste of ingredients. I do not recommend. Can I find better brownie in a mug on other sites.

Omg this was so good and so quick, I made the mistake of forgetting it wasn’t a cake and added icing but it didn’t need it- so moist and yummy on its own! Will definitely make again :)

It was far too runny so the mixture stayed the consistency of chocolate sauce. I could have added more flour but decided to use it like chocolate sauce over icecream instead. It was delicious in the end!

It was really nice.

I really enjoyed this.

Amazing - maybe I will use canola oil next time.

Awesome brownie in a mug!! Definitely what I was looking for. A nice desert to make my chocolate cravings go away :)

YUM! Such a quick way to make a brownie rather than waiting for ages while it bakes in the oven, plus it's tasty as!

Great! Just chucked in some chocolate chips and a bit of milk as well

This was such an amazing recipe to make. It took me about 3mins to make and was delicious to have on a cold day.

super tasty, love it. was looking everywhere for a good 'cake in a cup' recipe and then i found this. i love brownies and it doesn't take me ages with this recipe. thank you!

it was awesome just what i needed and was so quick and tasty

delicious sure, but didn't turn into a brownie of any kind just an explosive chocolate goo lol

great made it quick, easy, nice, great when you want a chocolate fix.

Delicious brownie. I added white chocolate drops and cut back on the sugar slightly and it was so good. Will try it will milk next time instead of water as there was a little blandness to it that I think was from water.

Do not make this in a mug. I made this in a fairly big mug and it over flowed everywhere.

it was really really good I loved the amazing taste of brownie definitely doing it again! The bottom was great I think this is a winner! LOVED IT!!!

Stella: I really enjoyed this a lot and will definitely are doing this again and I put it in for too long but still enjoyed it good for dessert and before bed

the recipe was far to wet and when i tried to cook it for longer it had burned inside and had a revolting smell and it felt like it singed by nose hairs. the smell lingoured around for a while i did not end up trying it because of the smell. I may have done something wrong but until it works 0/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND waste of ingredients and stinks up your house and you can't even eat it...

Quite good, but it didn't cook completely in the middle pretty good though.

I really like this recipe as its moist and chocolaty and very yummy.

Wow. Under ten minutes and good flavour.

Amazing dessert

Just made this and its delicious! super moist and full of flavour - will definitely recommend!!

Just made this and its delicious! Super moist and full of flavour - will definitely recommend!!

So good !

Great recipe, the best cup brownie I've tried yet.
For those who said it was too dry, be sure to stop cooking when it looks just slightly under-cooked. This allows for residual heat to finish cooking it and then it will stay moist. It cooks really fast due to the high oil and sugar content, and retains quite a bit of heat. Brownies should always be slightly undercooked anyway - they're supposed to be that texture!
Also, for a really rich flavour, I highly recommend using the best Dutch cocoa. It's well worth it!

The brownie in a cup was not specific with the water.

Very very yummy.

Tastes good.

Really good recipe but I recommend adding chocolate chunks into the batter.

Easy and moist, best mug brownie.

so good to cure those period cravings

Soooo good. I have cooked this multiple times, love it so much


It was okay but a bit bland. Not very sweet. Could definitely do with chocolate bits to liven it up.

Quick and easy to make not dry at all

im a really bad baker, this was really good. It doesnt cook very well on the top though

Best mug brownie I've tried. Quick and easy to make. Even added in some chocolate drops!

It’s bad

THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by far best recipe ive tried yet. great taste, super easy.

Wow home alone felt like something sweet and stambiled across this tried it out and it tasted so good and it's easy to make

Easy to make but just tasted bland couldn't get the chocolate taste though. But kids loved it.

delish I loved it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way better then I thought it would be. However it's super rich. I split the one serving into two cups and cooked for 40 seconds. Glad I split the receipe to share

I used olive oil and I could taste it far too much! Should I have used a different oil? Texture etc was good, but couldn't eat it because of the taste of oil!
CHELSEA: Hi there, olive oil can have quite a strong flavour. We would recommend using a more neutral oil - canola would work well.

So awesome! Would definitely make again. I think it would taste bomb with raspberries in it! It didn't take long to make and I would 100% recommend this recipe. I would recommend adding all the ingredients though, it can turn out a bit dry if you don't add all of the water or oil.

I love this easy recipe! it was delicious and only took about 2 minutes to make, im definitely doing this again!

I love the texture and it only takes a couple of minutes

Just Made this.... soo good, even though i only had one tbsp of cocoa!!

That was a complete fail and it wasn't good at all discussing taste and look , very just gross.


Perfect first time and I'm also a terrible baker !!

FANTASTIC! WONDERFUL! AMAZING!! This is an incredible dish to serve and eat. It isn't too dry and isn't hard at all, This is always gonna be a nice dish.

Superb recipe! I am a HORRIBLE baker, but this brownie in a mug turned out just fine :D



Just made this! Yum!

Best cup brownie. I love it! The person who said it was too dry obviously put it in the microwave too long. To avoid this, perhaps start with 30 seconds instead 1 minute.

Easy and fun for the kids

Made this for my wife, it was very dry and hard to eat.

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