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Golden Syrup

Chelsea Golden Syrup in the iconic tin is the original recipe since 1884. It is the Golden Syrup that's best for baking as it has a thicker consistency and richer caramel flavour than our Easy Pour Golden Syrup (which is more suited to drizzling and marinades).

Golden Syrup is the perfect baking ingredient for adding moisture, colour and lovely fudgey caramel flavours. Gingernuts, Brandy Snaps, Caramel and Hokey Pokey are just a few examples of how golden syrup can be used to produce a deliciously rich, distinctive caramel flavour.

It's great for keeping baking moist and is most well known in New Zealand for its use in the Anzac biscuit. The addition of Golden Syrup meant that a long lasting and satisfying biscuit could be sent to the boys in the trenches.  

Lastly, golden syrup is specific to the refinery at which it is produced. Its flavour and colour will depend on the sugar, and the process used which vary widely. Chelsea Golden Syrup is for instance, is generally darker and richer than that which is produced in the UK.

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