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Baby Meringues

By Chelsea Sugar
Baby Meringues
  • 6 reviews

  • Difficulty
  • Prep time 20 mins
  • Cooking time 45 mins
  • Serves

    6 egg whites
    2 cups Chelsea Caster Sugar
    1 tsp vanilla essence
    1 tsp white vinegar
    1 tsp cornflour
    Pink food colouring
    Blue food colouring
    Whipped cream to serve or Dairy Free Berry Sauce (see tip below)


    In a large bowl (not plastic) beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Gradually, add the Caster Sugar very slowly. The mixture should be getting thick with each addition. The whole Sugar adding process should take at least 10 minutes. Beat in the essence, vinegar and cornflour.
    Put half of the mixture into a separate bowl and, using a few drops of food colouring, colour one bowl pink and the other blue. Spoon mixture out into little 'blobs' onto a baking paper covered tray. Bake in a low 110°C - 120°C oven for 45 minutes.
    The meringues should lift off the paper easily.
    Cool on a wire rack and jam together with whipped cream, when cold.

    Tip: For a dairy free alternative omit the cream and instead drizzle with berry sauce (blitz fresh or frozen berries with a little icing sugar in a food processor). Pour onto meringues just before serving, garnish with extra berries. The fruit will complement the sweetness of the meringues.

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super easy to make, and came out perfectly. i had never made them before :D

ok but not perfect.

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Doing these for a market, brilliant!

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Love this! I have always been afraid to make these! Enjoyed by my daughter who is dairyfree!

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First time ever I made Merginues I used this recipe and they were a hit. I got lots of compliments. Awesome !!!

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