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Best Brownie

By Chelsea Sugar
Best Brownie
8 servings
  • 247 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cooking time 30 mins
  • Serves

    200g Tararua Butter
    3/4 cup cocoa
    4 eggs
    2 cups Chelsea White Sugar
    1 tsp vanilla essence
    3/4 cup Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder


    Preheat oven to 180°C. 
    Line a brownie baking tin with baking paper (suggested tin size 27 cm x 17.5cm x 3.5cm). 

    Melt Tararua Butter and place in a large bowl.  Add cocoa to Tararua Butter and mix.  
    Add 4 eggs, mixing together. 
    Add Chelsea White Sugar and vanilla essence, mix.
    Add Edmonds Standard Grade Flour and Edmonds Baking Powder, mix.
    Spoon mixture into the baking tray and bake at 180°C for approx 30-50 minutes (depending on depth of baking tray).

    This recipe has not been tested by Chelsea Sugar.

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Average Rating
(247 reviews)

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I have just made these for the fourth time and as usual, they turned out perfect. I would highly recommend these to anybody

Very Yum and easy to make.

The mixture was good, I am just making these now, have yet to try the finished result.

I’m making these now, I have finished the batter, I just need to bake them. I added brown sugar and chocolate chips

WOW. BEST BROWNIE EVER I had just made some muffins so I actually made Brownies in the muffin tins ( with paper cases. ) Reduced the heat a little and less cooking time, just kept an eye on them. Will always make this way now

I made these and they are absolutely delicious!

Its very yummy and was gone in a few days, add chocolate chunks if you want more sweetness. Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside!! Makes a lot more than it says so put it in a bigger pan or tin.

Fantastic! I tried this just this morning and the whole tin was half finished in the span of an hour. I’m 12 years old, so if I can make this anyone can. I added in some walnuts and coconut into my brownies and they were very nice. A few tips: If you don’t have that much of a sweet tooth, reduce the granulated sugar by 1/2 a cup, and most importantly, DON’T OVERMIX!. That will result in cakey brownies. Great recipe!

So easy. With ingredients from your everyday pantry

This was terrible, way to much sugar and butter and It wasn’t even close to looking or tasting like a brownie, 4 eggs was ridiculous and it was basically just a chocolate cake, very dissatisfied as input MY money into making it and it didn’t even represent what it said it would look like, stuff you guys

i just tried it soo good yummy

This is definitely a chocolate sponge cake not a brownie!! I am very disappointed!

Yummy and rich, moist - perfect

Sooooooooooooooo good but I wish there was less eggs

these brownies are wonderful!

image description

These are so delish! I usually put in chocolate buttons to make it even more chocolatey! It’s one of our favourites!

Best brownie recipe ever


The brownies were delicious they were the best brownies I have tasted in a long time. The recipe was easy to make and quite fast. I give it a 10/10. :)

Just made this......what a fantastic recipe, quick and easy to put together, no beaters required even. For my sized tin of 23cm square tin, I needed 48 mins, great chocolate hit, no icing, turned out very well.. will definitely be baking this again!

It was the best brownie I have ever had

Great recipe.

Worked great.


Great and yummy.

This recipe was absolutely delicious, First time I've made Louise cake - clearly it will not be the last!

I think this is really easy and fun for a child like me to do. Thanks Chelsea sugar!!!

Super sweet and easy will bake again though it does have an overwhelming amount of sugar in it and my daughter is a bit funny with sugar.

If you add black forest it is so divine.

Best brownie I have tasted.

I love it.

Too sweet.

Really good. Cooked for 40 mintues and came out so good. 10/10

To those of you who get your brownies turned into cake. Don't use a blender, use a spoon or a wisk. The reason it turned into a cake instead of a brownie is because you mixed it too much! using a spoon or a wisk is better because it won't mix more than it needs to. This brownie recipe is really good though and I recommend it to those of you who have not tried making it yet!

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Yum!!! I used a square 23 x 23 tin, and left in oven for full 50 mins, it came out perfect! Will definitely use recipe again.

It's a really great recipe for anyone who likes chocolatey stuff will love. I saw a comment about chocolate chips sinking to the bottom and the way to solve that is to coat them with the flour and baking powder when you mix them in. It's an old tip that works really well and stops them sinking to the bottom.

It was quite dry.

Those stars are good and i wanna tell you guys that all of those recipes turned out good.

I don’t bake normally because usually it burns lol I have tried The Best Brownie recipe and mine turned out perfectly! I would highly recommend anyone to try this.

Super yum! Add some walnuts and chocolate chips and it makes a perfect fudge brownie.

The brownies were delicious and I will continue to make this. So good - y’all will enjoy it.

Super easy and yum! Great recipe!

The only brownie recipe my family asks for - straight out of the oven with some custard, just perfect!

So so good! I make this all the time and is gone within days and sometimes hours!

Great recipe! Super easy and yummy recipe! Will be using again!

If ever there was an old faithful recipe, this is it. I have been making this for years and years, ever since I stumbled across it as a young girl. It has never failed me, ever. So simple and easy as well. Since finding out I’m lactose intolerant I realised I won’t be able to make this again, but I couldn’t leave it without writing a top review - it only seemed right. Only thing I would say is don’t add chocolate chips - they always sink to the bottom while baking with this recipe. Other than that it’s absolutely perfect and I’ve loved making it for years.

The brownie was very delicious, the base was slightly less compact but still moist.
The top of the brownie was sooo chewy and delicious I baked this for my family and everyone said it was really the best brownie.
Also I used a 22 x 33 tin just for anyone that was wondering!

It's ok - not the best

Love it, it's awesome, delicious and also easy.

Yummy in my tummy.


"Best brownie"

Tastes like brownies but the texture is just cake.

It's an okay recipe... had to use a blender on the mixture. Brownie came out looking good but slumped pretty badly after a few minutes. Wouldn't use this recipe again.

I have made this multiple times and have halved the mixture and quartered the mixture and used gluten free flours and used almond flour and substituted the majority of the sugar with coconut sugar or mixed it up with brown sugar and raw sugar mixes. Every way it works. I have used three eggs, it worked. Great recipe and never fails, no matter what I mix it up with. Great with the addition of good chocolate drops or chips too.

so good man

its good you know

came out more like a cake, no crunchy top? First time I have ever made a brownie, and it didn't turn out as I had hoped. I followed the recipe exactly.

it hasn’t finished cooking

yum and good and yummy

image description

Struggled to combine the eggs and butter with cocoa, mine had gone hard in the cold Welly weather! Good recipe, but the inside lacks some density for me.


I tried this recipe and it turned amazing. I brung them to a party and they lasted 1 minute. This is recipe is truly the best brownie recipe!!!

This is too cool for school

An absolute winner with friends and family. I am forever being requested to make this, not only for the kids but for friends as well. It is easy to make and tastes delicious.

best brownie ever

This recipe is the best thing ever.

Could’ve been my oven, but this was horrible! The top had completely burnt while the inside was still a complete liquid, even though I followed the recipe exactly. Not too great. Mixture was super sticky.


Great brownies really easy to make a taste delicious thanks.

Super duper easy and fun to make! Was absolutely delicious, 5 stars!

image description

This recipe is the best one iv tried so far. it was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. it melts in your mouth and puts you in a great mood

this recipe is delicious

Love this recipe. So easy! I put 1/3 cup flour and 1 cup roughly chopped walnuts mmm

This was super easy and turned out really well! I added chocolate chocolate chunks which sunk to the bottom but were still a welcome addition. I halved the recipe and baked until the middle was cooked and 'set' kind of like a cheesecake, then cooled them completely.

This recipe has always been my family & friends favorite they can’t get enough of it! It is very soft & gooey in the inside and very easy to prepare for {I cook my brownie for 25 mins to make it extra gooey.

there needs to be less coco and you need to add more liquid it ended up not being a brownie mix i had to add a lot of milk

OMG Soooooo Good :)


I just made this recipe and followed it perfectly and it resembled a cake like thing which is very dry and the cocoa is to much. As it was cooking all the butter left the brownie and just bubbled at the top

This would have been fun if my teacher wasn't such a pain in the backside.

Very tasty.

I am a 9 and I made this easily. This was the first recipe I ever made.

Very good, but no brownie is a brownie without Chocolate chips!

Lives up to the title "best brownies".

I love this recipe.
I give thais a 5 stars.

Such a perfect recipe. This is always my go to recipe for brownies and everyone loves them.

Great recipe added some raspberry’s it’s real good.

image description

I tried this recipe this past weekend and it came out perfect. It is easy and really quick.
However I only baked it for 30min in my oven and then checked it and it was perfect first time around.
My partner even said that he loved it and he keeps going to the pantry to get more....
I might have to bake some more!!!

This is such a good recipe! Plus it was so yummy - totally recommend!

Real good.

This is turned out resembling a cake vs a brownie.

image description

Amazing. They don't take long at all and the outcome is so good. I Love them so much


Makes a very cake-like brownie, which is fine if that's what you like. I skipped the baking powder because I wanted a denser brownie, and I'm glad I did because it's still quite fluffy. Otherwise it's good, although not super sweet or chocolatey

I made this yesterday for my family and friends, it's all gone so am making another one today, it's delicious and easy

This is the best thing I have ever made.

What’s the size of pan to bake in?
CHELSEA: We suggest a standard brownie tin size of 27 cm x 17.5cm x 3.5cm. Recipe has been updated.

Is this fan bake or normal bake? I assumed it was normal bake so I had to reduce the temperature because my oven only does fan bake.
CHELSEA: reduce temperature by 20 degrees for a fan forced oven.

Love this recipe. My go to for easy baking.

I'm confused and dissapointed as I have ended up with a sponge cake! :(

Great recipe, for a little (grown up twist) I also added some white chocolate just before it went into the oven and thinly sliced crystallized ginger... great with coffee or ... anything.

I loved how easy it was to follow and was delicious but isn't brownie meant to be crumply, it was also a little dry but other then that it was delicious.

A wonderful recipe that I use time and again on special occasions. Only cook it 25-30 minutes and its perfect.

I try to make it and it definitely DOES NOT come out like the picture! Really disappointed.

This recipe is amazing, so simple, tastes really good and it only took me like 5 mins to make!

Great taste and everyone loves it.

It was very moist and nice.

This recipe was quite good except for that fact that it only tells you at the end to turn on the oven!
CHELSEA: thanks for the feedback, we've updated the recipe.

So good

This was the best brownies ever thanks AMAZING!!!

easy and kids love it!

I am 12 and I made these by myself. I think that recipe was nice and easy and tasted delicious. I would definitely recommend making this.

This was a disaster for me. the top got burned and the bottom never cooked at all. I followed all the directions and it just didn't work out. gutted.

Been making this brownie for the last couple of years and it’s amazing. Make most often for work at the RestHome and the residents love it. And for my brothers flat and obviously the boys demolish it in seconds! Highly recommend(:

replace the vegetable oil to butter & 5¬6 tablespoons of apple sauce. Delicious and vegan. :)

Even though this recipe was short, it turned out better than any other chocolate brownie recipe i have tried. It was moist and delicious, it is really the best brownie.

Ehh it was alright. It tasted undercooked, and looked horrible. Won’t be making this again anytime soon!

I 100 percentage recommend this recipe it was that easy my 7-year-old sister made it. She is very fussy but she loved it so big thumbs up from me

My daughter (who is 9) made these by herself and they were AMAZING!

So delicious. Never tasted a better brownie in my life. AND it's HOMEMADE! So Fantastic.

Came out with a disappointing fluffy cake texture round edges

image description

I love this recipe, it's even better the next day.

I just made this and it was delicious. I dont know why some of the comments are negative about it. I will definately make again.

Yummy except sometimes the brownie doesn’t cook fully through but otherwise it’s very good

This recipe is so easy to make and is so delicious. It barely lasted 3 days!!

amazing recommend!

Love this easy to make brownie recipe and it’s tasty too!

This recipe is the best, recipe I ever had...My grandma loved it! And she hates chocolate! I cant believe I came upon this site, the best site ever! I love these, they're so yum! Cant wait to have more! Thank you!


Yummy yummy! So good

turned out like a cake

Love this recipe. Very rich and delicious.

This was the worst brownie recipe I have come across. It made a cake. I make brownies often for family and friends and i decided to test out this recipe. Worst decision of my life. The use of 4 eggs instead of one was a terrible idea, and the ratio of flour to cocoa is simply horrible. the flat cake this recipe makes isnt even that great either. bad brownie recipe. i followed the recipe exactly. everything. yet i made a flat horrible tasting cake. not even close to a brownie. i highly recommend to find another brownie recipe. all these reviews are probably bits and fake, so don’t listen to the other ones. they’re not honest.
CHELSEA: Hi there, thank you for your review. Sorry to hear this recipe didn't work out for you. This recipe was submitted by one of our recipe club members, and it looks like others have enjoyed it; however, we will give it another test. All of our reviews are honest reviews.

Absolutely ❤️It

Easy and Delicious! It was the best brownie ever

very yum

First time making brownies the family loved it .Super easy , super tasty

These brownies are great, chocolaty and chewy and using ingredients that most of us have in the pantry.

What size is it
(how many does it serve)
CHELSEA : HI there, this recipe is for approximately for 8 peoples.

I loved this brownie recipe. They came out gooey and delicious. I recommend cooking the brownies for 30 mins on fan bake. As a treat I also recommend putting in white chocolate chips as it adds flavour and a bit of a crunch.

Yummy like heaven

Delicious absolutely love it

image description

made these Brownies heaps my family love them great to pack in lunches for school and morning tea, they are great.

It was so beautiful crunchy top and moist inside!! I tried to not over cook and it took around 20mins 175°c fan bake!!

Always a great brownie, kids love it.

I love how easy it is to make, and so yummy :)

Do you reckon if I added chocolate chips it would change the outcome??
CHELSEA: Hi there, we think this would be a delicious addition!

Best brownies in the world

this brownie is fantastic, it always comes out gooey and is a total winner in my family!

more of a cake than a brownie to be honest

Made it for my family and it was gone in 5 hours

Amazing a family favorite

image description

It is delicious, my family enjoyed the moist, richness of the brownies. It is an awesome recipe, been making these brownies for a little while now.


Delicious ❤️It

Excellent recipe, use it all the time, I put a decent handful of chocolate buttons in mine, and zest and juice of 1 orange, (in place of vanilla) put the zest in with the melted butter, the heat seems to release an amazing smell and flavour.
CHELSEA: sounds delicious, thanks for the tip!

I like this recipe because i can put it on my blog and lots of people can see it.


They taste really good I took the brownies out a little bit earlier and the brownies were so moist!!!

Can I use vanilla powder instead of vanilla essence? CHELSEA: You can definitely use vanilla powder however make sure to use only half a teaspoon as powder is way stronger than the essence.

How big is the 'baking tray'?! This makes a huge difference to baking time, so specifics would be appreciated!
CHELSEA: Would recommend a 30 x 20 cm baking tray.

Absolutely delicious!

Amazing!!!! Have made this before but forgot to rate! Do prefer them with some sort of chocolate chunks or chips, (milk chocolate chips are my fav.) Easy to bake and would recommend if kids want to bake!

This is solo easy and always works it's my go to, a fudgey brownie.

This brownie is so delicious. My kids love it very much. They begged me to make it again! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

I'm ten years old and I was able to bake it my self with out any problems this is a simple but yet effective recipe that gets your family or friends drooling. Thanks Ellen!

So simple!!! Easy to bake with kids, although the baking time really gets 'em going! Do love it, would recommend adding chocolate chips!


I give it five stars for simplicity. Love the no fuss recipe. Hardly any washing up. Delicious..

So easy to make! And love the crunchy texture on the top of the brownie.

Best brownies I've ever had

This recipe is amazing!

It's good

For a first time brownie maker - this recipe was simple and the end result was delicious....for an even richer brownie add some chocolate chips into it, chunky and chewy!


Not happy with the outcome of this recipe. The middle was very underdone and it was more like a cake than brownie.

Can't stop eating them. We're very impressed!

image description

Yum best brownies ever no one would stop eating them

Great recipe! my family can not stop eating the brownies I made. Thank you!

Can I submit white sugar for icing sugar
CHELSEA: Hi there, we wouldn't recommend using icing sugar in place of white sugar in this recipe. Brown sugar, caster sugar, coconut sugar or dark cane sugar would be more suitable substitutes.

Didn't cook very good for me I think the tray was too small runny in the middle :-(

Best brownie recipe I've come across

Your recipe says 3/4 of a CUP of coco u can't put that much in a brownie especially for the size your saying.
CHELSEA: Hi there, 3/4 cup of cocoa is the correct amount for this chocolate brownie recipe. Check out the other reviews from people who have made this. It's delicious and chocolatey!

The recipe is really great and delicious and a great website!

Super recipe - great result! I did sub white sugar with soft brown sugar

image description

Instead of butter can I use shortener???
CHELSEA: Yes, you could use shortening instead in this recipe.


image description

How big should the baking tin be?
CHELSEA: Hi there, we would recommend using a tin measuring approximately 20cm x 30cm.

theyre alright, pretty good but not that chewy

image description

Yummy recipe.

Omg yum! First time making brownie n wow but I did change a little because I had no butter but did have 200g of chocolate butter I use instead of coco n normal butter but yip so yum! Thank u Ellen

image description

I made these brownies for my son, he loves them they make a great treat for him to take to school, such an easy recipe too. I will keep these on my baking list.

Really yummy. I got that slightly crispy crust with soft chewy deliciousness underneath. So easy to make and my family are already begging for more!

This is an easy recipe that turns out fast and yum :)
I add extra cocoa because I like it really dark and I convert it to Gluten free for my daughter by using Gluten free flour...So easy!! And she loves it every time.
Thanks Chelsea :)

Was bored and hungry and decided to make some brownie, Chelsea always has great recipes and this worked out really well! great taste and flavor and was a good feed for the whole family!

Highly recommended this and remember to add some icing sugar once out of the oven!

Far out they tasted good

This was such a good recipe!

I'm not even good at cooking but these were sooo easy to make and turned out crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, just how I love them!

Very simple, and very good. I cooked this for 35 mins and it was close to a perfect brownie, chewy edges and gooey centre.

thank you. This brownie is so easy and its so yummy. done baking and my kids loved it :)

i made them nice but im not sure if they are cook properly

This is one of the best recipes for brownie ever.

My 11 year old daughter made these brownies on her own and they turned out great!

Easy to make and taste good.

This brownie is easy to make and comes out beautifully. I love that these are nice and simple ingredients that most people have lying around.

image description

Great brownie....
Although,I did add chocolate chips.

image description

So good!
I added chocolate chips and it was even better

image description

Me and my sister made this brownie and it was the bomb!!!
Would so recommend!!!!!!!

This brownie is so simple yet so delicious

I made this recipe and it was more of a cake. But when it completely cooled off it definitely became a brownie and it was much tastier than when it was hot.

all your food is great.

Well worth it
Nice easy and so yummy!

this brownie is the best brownie i have ever tryed

Best brownies yet.

really yummy

So yum!!! The brownies i made from this recipe were the best i have ever had!

Agree with many of the others - its a great, easy recipe but can come out more like a cake than a brownie. Brownies should be cooked at a lower temperature.
I tweaked it a little and now it's my go-to recipe (although super rich!).
Add 1/2 cup of choc chips/drops and 2/3rds cup of white choc buttons. Cook at 160 (fan oven) for 25 to 30 mins.

Really good!!!

needed chocolate chips my dudes

tastes real good

turns out very high- almost like a cake, not my favourite brownie recipe as it doesn't taste like brownie at all. Does not turn out like the picture

This was awesome and I made $18

image description

I made this recipe. Tasty. Yes but would be better in bigger brownie pan. as it raises up high. So if anyone is going to make this use a bigger deeper brownie dish


hi, i made this for a baking video & it came out perfectly so i can't post it. my friend ate it all.

Absolutely amazing! So easy to make, simple and yummy! My friends and I ate the whole thing. Definitely recommend

Brownie turned out great but dry. Still great though I'll probably take it out after 20 minutes to have it moist. My family loves this recipe and so do I. Easy and convienent for a sweet treat.

Awesome recipe, really easy and everyone said it was really delicious. I made a double batch which increased the cooking time a bit. A good tip to tell when it is ready, stick a clean skewer in. It should come out with just a bit of chocolate residue on it. If it is clean and dry, it is over cooked. If it is coated in wet mix then it's undercooked.

image description

It is so good

Cooked for 30minutes as directed but came out dryer than expected? Everyone else still liked it but I have higher standards

image description

The mixture was soooo good, brownies came out great! Really easy to make :-)

I'm 14 and most of the time I fail at baking but this was an amazing recipe! It's a winner!

This brownie recipe is fabulous and so easy to make my 9 year old boy can make it by himself!!

this is a delicious brownie! It's become my go-to recipe

Yeah pretty top notch recipe, it's still in the oven but yeah tasted alright when I licked the bowl like when I was a little girl. So many memories. Lol

I am 10 and was so easy to make with no help also really yum

I'm 9 and I could make these. So easy and delicious. I make them every Saturday or Sunday now for school.

im a kid and i found this really easy to make and the end result was delicious!

This is a yummy recipe its easy simple and deli shes, this is a recipe that would be good for your children to make!


image description


image description

easy and YUM!

image description

So easy and oh so yummy. Definately best brownie!

image description

This is my go too choc fix !!
So easy to put together and so dam good :)
perfect every time !!

image description

Love it so easy and fun YUM! Try putting chocolate chips in it or put chocolate icing on top delicious!

image description

Amazing brownies! Made gluten free with 1/2 cup gluten free flour and 1/4 cup ground almonds! SO YUM

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