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Chocolate Chip Biscuits

By Chelsea Sugar
Chocolate Chip Biscuits
30 servings
  • 274 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 20 mins
  • Cooking time 12 mins
  • Serves

    125g Tararua Butter
    ½ cup Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar (lightly packed)
    ½ cup Chelsea Caster Sugar
    ½ tsp vanilla essence
    1 egg
    1¾ cups Edmonds Self Raising Flour
    ½ tsp salt
    ½ cup chocolate chunks or chips


    Preheat oven to 180°C conventional or 160ºC fan forced and grease or line two baking trays with baking paper.

    Beat Tararua Butter, Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar, Chelsea Caster Sugar and vanilla until pale and creamy, add egg and beat until mixed. 

    Sift in Edmonds Self Raising Flour and salt, mix until combined before stirring in the chocolate chunks or chips.

    Roll heaped teaspoon sized balls of mixture and place on tray, press down lightly with a floured fork. Bake for approx. 12 minutes.


    Substitute chocolate with Smarties, M&Ms or chopped nuts.

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Average Rating
(274 reviews)

Amazing! I added a bit of wine in mine yum. 4 Star without wine 5 with :]

I loved it, it was the best I have ever made before

Lovely and easy one bowl recipe. All it needed was a little bit more time in the oven.


Needs less caster sugar! I think its good though, i thought i didn't have caster, then i found it, on the second one i used caster, it changed the dough! heaps! havent finished yet

The best

The only problem with these cookies is that you can’t stop eating them!These cookies are fun, easy and tasty! Really really really love it!

They were very delish and very fluffy! Very easy to make

Cookie bird ⨀⋁⨀

Made these with the kids used 1 cup of chocolate that was the only change we made. These were delicious and perfect first time round! Didn’t last long.

It was good but you should put the chocolate chips in after you made them into balls

Love these cookies. Simple and quick but am wondering about making them even faster. Am I able to mix the dry ingredients in advance and just add the eggs, butter and vanilla at time of cooking?

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, we don't think this will work unfortunately, as you need to cream the butter with the sugar before adding the other ingredients. The cookie dough does freeze well though. Portion out balls of dough and flatten a little before freezing. You can then either bake them from frozen (increase cooking time by a couple of minutes), or defrost before baking.

little to much butter oops:(

nice!!! im 7 i made cookies with my brother and boy they came out tasty!!!!!!!!

love this recipe its so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is my favourite recipe I love this since I first used it I always use this recipe love love it my husband loves it to.

image description

Really like the taste and consistency of these biscuits. I found the cooking time wasn't long enough though. I was closer to 16 - 18 minutes

It was amazingly easy as a recipe. also, there were so many cookies in the end.

The BEST biscuit recipe out there and so easy.

It was too salty and unbalanced. Disappointed unfortunately .



Really good and I will continue to love it

Mmmm so good. Can't believe it

I make these every Christmas and use a whole block of Whittakers milk chocolate and vanilla bean paste - so good!

it was wonderful

I found that the batter was sticky. Or I just did something wrong. When they were put in the oven, it started to expand.

A brilliant,easy, no fail recipe.

Yummy, quick and easy. Used 1/4 cup golden castor sugar & 1/4 cup coconut sugar. Plenty sweet enough.

Perfect if you only have self raising flour. These were a hit at my daughters camp. Easy recipe to follow as well. Will definitely make these again.

Perfectly crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, with gooey choc chunks to give that 110%. Love it.

very yum!!! I'm 12 and I make these all the time but instead of 1/2 cup of both sugars i only use 1/4 of both sugars. Definitely make these tho!

I like cookies.


These biscuits were very nice and so was the consistency. Next time I would not use Self Raising Flour but Plain Flour and Baking Powder. I hate the S.R. Flour taste and furry feeling in your mouth!

amazing cookies! they are great with a hot chocolate on a cold night and you can never get enough of them! 10/10 would bake again

This is my go-to recipe for choc chip cookies for my kids. It doesn’t contain condensed milk like a lot of other recipes and I reduce the sugars to 1/4 cup each and it’s more than sweet enough and the kids love them :-)

Really good


they were perfect

This is really good!! Can't stop eating. I used salted butter and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. It's sweet and salty at the same time. Perfect balance

Really nice, simple recipe. Turned out yummy. Makes about 12 medium sized cookies. I used 3/4 cup sugar (not 1 cup) and it was sweet enough. I also grated a bar of Lindt dark chocolate instead of chips and the result was very rustic and delicious.

WOW!! The cookies were delicious love them a lot and I am a very picky eater. Instead of 12 mins I did 15 and I also used raw caster sugar but still turned out amazing. THANKS

Love these biscuits. I toast long strands of coconut and walnuts and throw them in too. Really yummy and just gives the cookies and extra texture. Also great with coconut or caramilk chocolate

Are these biscuits crunchy or chewy? I'm looking for a recipe that turns out crunchy.
CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi Anne, these biscuits are crisp on the edges and a little bit soft in the centre. You could bake them for an extra couple of minutes for more crunch.

I love it. Just the right amount and then my Family ate it in two seconds.

It's so good.

Amazing, can't stop eating, having a heart attack.

I love this recipe, fail proof.

Easy and yummy. Comes out perfect every time. I add some sultanas in some of the mix for a change.


Yummy cookies

image description

I haven’t even tasted it yet and I know it will be delish!

Far too much sugar!

The recipe was simple and easy to follow. It’s in the oven right now. I didn’t have any brown sugar so I used white sugar instead. Fingers crossed.

It was not very tasty.
It didn't make enough.

I love this recipe. It's so yummy and easy. I definitely rate it 10 out of 10.

Very easy and yummy.

Always delicious and chewy every time

It’s the best. I use it every time.

The actual cookie flavour wasn't the best :( Didn't stop me from eating three though oops

Great recipe, daughter made and worked out perfectly and so nice.

Can you substitute the butter for oil in this recipe? I'm dairy free.
Chelsea Sugar:
Yes, you can use oil instead of butter, however, the texture and taste will be different to what the recipe is intended to create.

Great biscuit reciepe with simple ingredients. My batch looked great and didn't spread all over the tray like some recipes, however, it did taste really salty. I used salted butter and dark chocolate. I will make again but reduce the salt a fraction. My family didn't think these were too sweet.

Made these for my birthday. They turned out great. Just made another batch and added almond choc and caramel chews. Can't wait to eat them - don't leave them in the oven too long.

Good recipe, highly recommended.

Too much sugar

I made these today they were fantastic nice and soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Perfect.

omg yummy

I didn’t have any brown sugar so used raw sugar. I used about a tablespoon less than the recipe said. Result- lovely biscuits. I will use this recipe again.


Great recipe - easy to follow and hard to muck-up!
I substituted chocolate for frozen raspberries and half a block of Whittaker's White Chocolate (chopped up). Took a little longer to cook (approx. 20 mins).
Amazing raspberry & white chocolate cookies!

My 7 year old can confidently make these on her own and my class at school love making them, l do put less sugar than stated. I have also done them with raisins and cinnamon instead of chocolate.

These are so good. Thanks so much!

if im correct, these are THE cookies. I used to make the best cookies, but one day I made them and they stopped being giant, golden brown beauties. For SO long, maybe even a year, my cookies continued this way. Until one day I tried this recipe and I did not expect what happened next. I took my cookies out of the oven and they looked the same as they did before!! These were the same old cookies. If i’m correct this is the recipe. I’m going to try it now and if it doesn’t turn out good I’m changing my rating to one star. thank you

This is my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe

This recipe is fail proof

very tasty but I would add m&m to it but it is soo good.

I didn't have any soft brown sugar, so I used 1/2 muscavado 1/2 golden caster sugar, and a little less than 1cup total. they turned out delicious. I also melted the butter, rather than just softening, it didn't seem to matter. chopped up some dark Ghana chocolate for the chips...would definitely recommend the muscavado, dark caramel tones, the kids (2 and 4yrs old) are loving it....


delish I love it the best recipe iv ever used

made thisf ro my class yum

Doubled the recipe, felt it was way too much butter to flour so just went all over try. Maybe it was my fault

mmmmm so good wish i could have them again and again. just a little to much sugar

I wish that it would tell me how many cookies this recipe makes, but other than that it is a great recipe and I would recommend.
CHELSEA: hi, it makes 30 biscuits.


Amazing! Soooo tasty!

yummy and good for lunch's

Simply Amazing.Very easy and good to make with the kids.

Turned out great the only thing I did differently was put less sugar in. Also on my second try instead of chocolate chips I used sultanas and raisins but used the normal sugar amount and was great again! Overall it is a nice, easy recipe.

This recipe sucks my biscuits were under cooked and very very very very very skinny. I’m very ☹️.

Very yummy! They are quite sweet, but that means you feel satisfied after eating one or two, so they last longer! I had to bake mine almost 20 min for slightly chewy with crisp ends, as I prefer them.


Good, but I would recommend M&Ms as well instead of chips, it adds that's extra delicious crunch

image description

Easy and delicious

Good to make with kids

So good, perfectly baked.

i thought the chocolate chip cookies were amazing

These are great, easy to bake cookies and were very well received by my family.

image description

Awesome! These are the bomb me and my little brother made them they taste awsome.

Easy and good recipe, makes lots and they were gone within the day lol


Perfect cookie. I don't use the salt but add salted macadamias and white chocolate chips.

I substituted chocolate chunks to chocolate melts and they were amazing!

These cookies are very good

Sometimes a bit too soft but really good

Best cookies I've made in a while.

They are nice but i would reduce the amount of salt to 1/4 of a teaspoon.

Good job Chelsea. This is a yummy soft and easy to cook.

Yum, yum and more yum :)

I love this recipe its so yummy and its really easy to do i give this a 5 start its so easy to do and it only takes about 5 minute to do bye the way im a kid and I can cook.

Delicious!!! Added chopped hazelnuts, went down a treat with my niece and nephews!

These are so easy & came out very well. I sprinkled a little fine rock salt on the top & verdict was it made them extra delicious.

I made these and everyone seemed to really like them. Totally baking them again today

Simple and Easy

Very easy recipe. Biscuits crispy and crunchy .

They’re so good!
I don’t have any self raising flour so I added a bit of baking powder (maybe a little too much, I like my cookies nice and fat) and they were amazing!!

They are so yummy! Just like a chewy version of cookie time biscuits

Amazing they were so good

image description

GOOD !!!

This is a yummy soft and easy to cook , so you should try it out!

it is so easy to make even a 9 yr old can do it!

Super easy and turned out great!

AWESOME!! These cookies are the best cookies ever!!
I will be making more of then!

Perfectly yummy!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

very good

way too much butter in this recipe my cookies were a complete mess in the oven

Yummy,good,nice, delicious, fabulous

image description

Excellent. So easy so tasty. I can't even bake lol but they turned out awesome.

Great recipe. If don't cook too long and they are chewy. My fan bake oven cooks fast. They lasted two day and that is two of us plus one lot of visitors!

Amazing - most popular recipe with my teenage son and his friends, only problem now is they beg me to make them everytime they come round :)

I think their could be less brown sugar! All I could really taste was the brown sugar! But all though it was good!

Great recipe, easy to follow. Took less time than suggested. Great cookies.

Amazing cookies! I made 40 ! I think those people who only made 15 cookies made ones biggers than a HEAPED TEASPOON! So delicious, maybe less choc chips ?!

Great recipe. Followed it step by step and turned out perfectly. Tastes awesome, nice texture and easy to make. Thank you.. Happy 2018!

Extremely delicious, and easy to make.

Delicious Cookies! Make them all the time and they always work out! We love them!!!!!!!!

Easy to make. Lovely, light, crisp texture and a great flavour. Thank you!

These are delicious! A family favorite!

I made these in cupcake wrappers, and put a chocolate chunk in the middle of each cookie... so yummy! Fun for the kids, too.


This is a great recipe. We are using it for making food at my school. Thank you!

Nice & easy & quick to make made heaps, wasn't sure if it really did say a tsp for size of the cookies so did some ½ tbsp & some tbsp & the bigger ones were too big & I/2 tbsp were just the right size.

It was pretty average very dry and overall not great. It took 20 mins in the oven not 15 and made 15 cookies not 30

These cookies are always a hit in our home always turn out perfect

image description

Lovely biscuits gave them a go because of the good reviews love them !!!!!!!!

Really has that crunchy outside and soft inside
(but if you're looking for more of a chewy cookie this might be a better recipe to try:
Absolutely delicious and i had lots of fun making this so thank you :)

Took about 20 minutes in oven instead of 12 made 15 instead of 30 other then that they were good

I love these cookies I make them all the time

Most delicious COOKIES EVER! I made these for me and my family today and they were gone by the blink of an eye.

These cookies were a special sweet treat for us. They smelled delicious cooking in the oven. They were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. They warmed our tummies up!

good good my sister made it today and its so good

image description

I looooooooooooooooove this recipe!!!!
It is absolutely amazing!!
I cannot believe the reviews people have given this about this, it is incredible!!!
Too much sugar???!!!
Here's a tip, if you think it is too sugary just reduce the amount of sugar you use.
But seriously, this is the best recipe ever!!!!

Amazing! My mum and I have made this recipe a million times. I have seen the other reviews; too sugary? Seriously, the more sugary the better :) my family loves them, my mum has a trick. If your egg is small, she just adds a dash of milk and that makes up for it! I'd recommend this to anyone I meet. Perfect for a hungry family at supper :)

Easy to make, yummy for kids

If you put m&ms with it mmmmmmm

Yum! This is my cookie go to recipe. Easy to make and they are delicious

image description

Oh my gosh!!!!
Best cookie recipe ever!!!

12 years old inexperienced baker. I decided to share some with my family, they wanted more! I definitely recommend this recipe anyone else who is willing to try out some baking. This is extremely simple and satisfying!

Amazing and easy recipe. I am nine,but I can still Bake it so easily its unbelievable. Just add 3/4 The Sugar and it will be fine. Its a Delicious and sweet snack For ALL ages. Enjoy!!!

I thought this was an excellent recipe. No need for that pesky addition of sweetened condensed milk. I flattened my cookies a little bit so they spread nicely and were a little thinner and crunchy. Put one in my kids lunchbox and he came back and told me that his friend wants those for his birthday pressie.

Half the sugar, don't add any salt and add 1 teaspoon of vanilla, not half :)

i like this

so beautiful, the taste is so yum. i travelled to the great land of haoi to gather rare ingredients.

I love these cookies so much

I will never let my kids eat these again way too much sugar if you want to live a beautiful life then don't eat these :(

These were so good, I had my 12th birthday party treat at hockey and every asked for the recipe, though I can't blame them. They feed 36 people amazing. Thank you so much, the only thing you can work on is the amount of sugar, it was awful, my teeth will come out soon if you don't fix this problem

Really good cookies

Really good and fool proof

It was really good but I recommend you to put half sugar if you like slightly less sweet cookies! Thanks for the recipe

image description

mm yummy they are so good


Fluffy and yummy!!!


Omg! Im 11 Yrs old and I was able to make this alone. (I have baked before) It was very fun and even though I wasn't too sure. I still made em and couldn't wait to eat another one! Definitely good for lunches or just snacks! Or eat the whole batch, haha. (I didn't really!)

I am 11 year old,
I made these all by myself with a little bit of help with cleaning up from mum, hehe, I can't wait to make them again, they were such a yummy treat in my lunch box!

Great recipe, I make these with my 4 yr old son super easy and fun he can follow along and help with every step. We half the sugar (1/4c caster & 1/4c brown) and they still taste fantastic. We also sometimes swap choc chips for sultanas.

Very easy to make and they taste great

Absolutely beautiful cookie recipe! Super easy and quick. I normally bake Edmonds choc chip cookies so I thought I'd try this. Glad I did! Edmonds uses condensed milk and I never have it in the cupboard when I need it. This Chelsea recipe is just basic pantry staples and super tasty! Thank you.

Very yummy but next time i will put less sugar!

I love baking

I thought I'd muck it up, but they look and taste great

A great recipe that my 10yr old made!

A favourite with everyone. Quick,easy and delicious!

Even good with a little less sugar

image description

Very easy to make taste good I also made some with sultanas in them when I ran out of chocolate chip pieces.

These cookies are nice and crunchy the way a good cookie should be

It was so easy to make have all the ingredients in the pantry and most of all my hubby love ❤️ the biscuits

I am on a diet can you suggest and biscuits i can make with out up seting my diet.
CHELSEA: Hi there, you could try these recipes for a healthier sweet treat:

As a food and nutrition teacher I am alarmed that you are promoting a recipe that is so high in sugar as a suitable for school lunches.

great amazing batch

Too salty

Great easy recipe!

Really easy and come out perfect every time!

image description

Absolute favourite recipe. Make these chocolate chip biscuits all the time.

Absolutely amazing!
They were easy to make and everyone loved them!

Wow, that is all I can say! thank you so much.

Amazing! I always use this recipe and they're always delicious (:

I love this chocolate chip biscuit recipe and so do my family. So yummy and easy to make. I have tried all sorts of chocolates additions, including mini m&m's, which were a huge hit! Thank you for such a great recipe!

Finally, a delicious recipe where I can make big biscuits- and a lot of them!

Have made 3 batches of these...3 days in a row!!

They're a definite favourite in my household. My fussy 17 month old enjoys these, so that's saying something!

I have just made these Chocolate Chip biscuits, I did double the recipe this made 32 large chewy biscuits and I did press the biscuits with a fork half way through the cooking time.
Excellent recipe, highly recommend.

THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!! it worked and it took me only 10 min to make them, a fantastic chocolate chip biscuit recipe.

Thank you for sharing, JUST FANTASTIC :-)

image description

What can I use instead of brown sugar as I've run out of brown sugar please.
CHELSEA: Hi there, you could replace the brown sugar with raw sugar. Alternatively, use caster sugar instead of the brown sugar and add 1/2 tablespoon molasses. You can also just use caster sugar, but might find the biscuits are crisper and don't have quite as much flavour.

Very easy. I'm 12 and my whole family said these chocolate chip biscuits were AMAZING!

image description

These chocolate chip biscuits were delicious

Such an amazing chocolate chip biscuit recipe. they expand so much so i have to use 3 trays to cook them on so they don't touch each other but that's awesome as this recipe makes so much and they're so big !!!

These chocolate chip cookies are so irresistible my grandchildren couldn't keep their hands off. Definitely would use this recipe again.

Perfect and delicious! We use this chocolate chip biscuit recipe all the time, its great!

Easy delishness. Crispy edges with chewy centre. Yummo, will probably never use another chocolate chip biscuit recipe again.

image description

The guys loved these chocolate chip bikkies. Will be making again

Divine! We used half and half dark and White choc chips for these chocolate chip biscuits

Will it work with just raw sugar?I don't have caster sugar or brown sugar.
CHELSEA: Raw sugar should work fine - we recommend giving it a whizz in the food processor first though, to make the crystal sizes a bit smaller.

image description

we just love this chocolate chip biscuit recipe, delicious !!


I am 11 years old and i made these all on my own so yummy can't wait till make them again

Its exellent they taste so good

so good and easy and fast to make! make sure you melt the butter though

Fantastic recipe. My family are addicted to them. Probably made about 15 batches in the last six months lol.

image description

easy and yum for kids and lunches

The cookies were very and our cookies came out very crunchy which is the only way I like cookies

wonderful 10 out ot of 10

Yum- works perfectly every time!!

super easy biscuits to make, and so yummy

The cookies come out of the oven smelling delicious but they taste even better

So good!!!

image description

It is so good and easy to make i'm going to make it again for shore and my family just loved it but most of all the dog because the dog jumped up and ate some

Just delicious. Have made so many batches of these biscuits now. Family just cant get enough of them.


image description


image description

These cookies are yummy.

image description

Beautiful minus the salt. I like to add peanut butter.

there are ok inside tastes a bit like bread and a bit too salty

Yummy. Best chocolate chip biscuits ever

Easy to use recipe. Quick to make delicious cookies. I usually add crasins (dried cranberries) to the mix and it's perfect to offset the dark chocolate. I use this recipe all the time.

image description

Delicious recipe!!!!!!

image description

I love these!!!

image description

Great biscuits their truly delicious.

image description

very nice thanks chelsea

image description

beautiful! so quick and easy too

image description

delicious. best ever. batter can be frozen in little balls if you don't want to cook the whole batch. just heat up oven and pop the frozen cookie dough in for 15 mins

image description

Brilliant! Loved by everyone who eats them... and they don't last very long at all!

image description


image description

my 2yr old loved these! I used half chocolate chips & half mini m&m's and they went down really well. Will definitely be making these again.

image description

delicious - way better than my old recipe which was very crumbly ! LOVE IT and was awesome for my nearly 3yr old she loved helping

image description

A big hit with my family

image description

Yummy! Easy to make, batch turned out a bit sticky but I think that was more to do with my just turned three year old helping! She loved baking them and loved the end product even more.

image description

Loved the Biscuits they were perfect !

image description

Worked out perfectly - even though I subbed whole wheat flour (plus 1 tsp baking powder) for the self-raising flour :)

image description

kids just love it especially with m&m's

image description

Great and easy recipe! Didn't require a lot of time or ingredients :). My fussy partner liked them too!

image description

Star plus plus.. This recipe makes the best ever biscuits.. I like to add a little orange zest. and they go down a treat with peanut m&m's :)) Thanks Chelsea..An absolute winner

image description


image description

taste just like the old hudsons chocolate hip biscuits

image description

Turned out great! Very tasty.

image description

Took these to a party and to school, never received so many compliments on one type of baking. Many have told me I must make them again, this one is definitely going in my recipe book!

image description

the best choc chips ever

image description

Delicious!! So popular with the family and so easy to make!

image description

Loved my my household! and so quick and easy to make.

image description

Great cookies, a real kit with the kids, before they were cooked and after.

image description

made them today, kids loved them.

image description

Best recipe for this chocolate chippie biscuit I have ever tasted!

image description

This recipe is amazing best choc chip biscuits I have had, I gave the recipe to a friend and even she and her partner thought the were yummy!!

image description

The only change I made was to take the salt down to 1/4 teaspoon as I found 1/2 was a little much salt for me.

image description

Yuuuuuum! That is all

image description

Delicious, and makes tonnes using little spoonsful

image description

Easy to make and makes quite a few too.We all loved them.Great recipe.

image description

Awesome!! AND it only took ten minutes to make OMG!! A real winner with ALL my kids - Cheers

image description

very easy to make and are a great hit with all that try them.

image description

Really easy to make recipe. I made it with Spelt flour and it worked out great and they tasted yummy

image description

Great easy recipe and makes good sized biscuits with a great taste. Great for baking for a school fair as you get a large quantity per batch. YUM!!!

image description

Super easy! Super yum!!!

image description


image description

Love this recipe. Its simple and makes a good sized batch. The only downside??? They dont last long in our house, lol. You gotta be in quick!

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