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Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

By Rachelle Valentine
Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding
4 servings
  • 152 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cooking time 35 mins
  • Serves

    1 cup Edmonds Self Raising Flour (150g)
    3 Tbsp cocoa powder
    ½ cup Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar (100g)
    80g Tararua Butter, melted and cooled
    ½ cup Meadow Fresh Original Milk (125ml)
    1 egg, lightly beaten
    Vanilla ice cream or cream, to serve

    ¾ cup Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar (150g)
    2 Tbsp cocoa powder, sifted
    1 ¼ cups boiling water (313ml)


    Preheat oven to 180°C bake (160°C fan-forced). Grease a 6-cup capacity ovenproof baking dish.

    Sift Edmonds Self Raising Flour and cocoa into a large bowl. Stir in the Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar.

    Whisk Tararua ButterMeadow Fresh Original Milk and egg in a jug. Slowly add to flour mixture, stirring until well combined and smooth. Spoon into baking dish and smooth the top.

    Combine the Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar and cocoa and sprinkle over the pudding. Slowly pour the boiling water over the back of a large metal spoon to cover pudding. Place dish onto a baking tray and bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until pudding bounces back when pressed gently in the centre.

    Serve hot with vanilla ice cream or cream.

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Average Rating
(152 reviews)

Nice as and easy to make

This is one of those recipes that is a basic favourite in our family. If I make a pudding and give a choice - I can bet this is what my now adult offspring will even now ask for. I’m hopeless at remembering recipes so tend to fall back on this one. It’s also a good one to take to pot luck as you can pop it in the oven when you get there. It’s just delicious with vanilla ice cream - the hot pudding and cold ice cream… yum. I’ve made a ginger version too with fancy ginger ice cream.

Been making it for years - excellent every time. If you dont have SR flour, you can add baking powder to make it rise

I’ve been making this for 3 years, since I was 9, and it never fails. It feeds my family of four for two nights, and it’s easy and delicious! Sometimes I take away some sugar, since it’s really sweet but it’s so simple and tasty that I make it heaps.


Absolutely delicious,easy and dinner party worthy.
Excellent recipe

My Mum taught me this recipe as a kid and I used to make it afterschool as a treat some days. I used to edit the recipe to suit the way I liked it and had it memorised; it's THAT easy.
And it's still the best, most yummy pudding, regardless of my nostalgia.

Way too sweet. I doubled the mix for my family if 8 and found it way too sweet. Next time I’d probably not double the sugar. Otherwise it’s yummy

I’m eleven and make this for my family of four often. It lasts us two portions each, but is very sweet. I usually reduce some of the sugar in the sauce. Also, don’t panic when you add the melted butter to the milk and the butter goes cold like I did, just put it back into the microwave for 20 seconds and it’ll be as good as new.
Great and easy recipe


This recipe is so fun and easy to make and it's taste delicious

This is my go recipe - overrides good old Edmonds! I like to use Dutch Cocoa powder its super rich and delicious. Thanks for the awesome recipe.

we make this all the time. so delish definitely recommend. we made a butterscotch version

image description

So yum!

My family love this recipe.

My family love this recipe.

nice pudding yumy was easy to make and had me in good mood

I live the chocolate pud it’s so food with ice cream and so filling


I live the chocolate pud it’s so food with ice cream and so filling

This was amazing I reduced the brown sugar in the sauce so it wasn’t too sweet. Do recommend!!!!

I am 10 years old and I found this very yummy and easy to make

Absolutely amazing!
So delicious!
Definitely recommend!

Five stars amazing delist!!

Five stars amazing delist!!

Nice pudding, added a layer of thawed blackberries, lovely, friend coming ask me to make it again but this time I think i will make it 1/2 cocoa and 1/2 white drinking chocolate, cant hurt to play, enjoyed alot

Easy And yum


Everyones favorite A little different than my usual Have done same recipe without the egg and cook in microwave for 7 min

just double the sauce already.

just a lil' too sweet though. especially for the kids. But 1/2 cup is still quite a lot of sugar! i dont want to half the quantity of the recipe, but i'd like to lower the sugar by about a 1/4. Could i just put 1/4 in instead of 1/2?

This was my first time making pudding and I was absolutely blown away by how delicious and easy it was. This recipe will always be a family favorite!

This is got to be my favorite pudding of all time, yummy yummy yummy.

Typical Maori dessert love it

One of my favourites of all time.
I usually double the mix for big crowds & the dish is always empty in one serve per person.
I’ll always be a fan of this pudding.

I absolutely love this recipe! I make it all the time for my family and its always flawless!!! I love it

I love and my family and friend too I would make again

This desert was Amazing so good to take to dinner parties, everyone thinks its divine!
Tots (totally) recommended
Thank You

So easy and so good! I'll definitely make again.

Good recipe, but I doubled the liquid (for sauce), added another table spoon of coco and added some vanilla essence (for extra taste).
For those who are sugar free - exchange stevia/ethanol sweetener in the main mix and 3 Tbsp in the sauce.

Good luck and happy eating


Tasted good but was like a chocolate mud slop no definition between cake and sauce

It was delicious easy 2 make if going over to a friends house rather than all the hassle of iced Cup/cakes I definitely recommend it

Easy to make, But tasteless. No flavor what so ever to it...The sugar is the only thing that masks it for no taste... It clearly needs some thing to make it better tasting than just tasting chocolate and sugar... So i give it two stars, Because the dog's enjoyed it more than i did....

Was disgusting, have made it so many times and its just dry and too sugary. Had to have me ice-cream when serving to get the taste out of my mouth

I made this recipe vegan - with a flaxseed egg, almond milk, and coconut oil - it was perfect, just the same as the original! It’s quite a small batch so I might double it next time. Thank you.

It was amazing! Me and my family had a blast makign this, and the taste of it was outstanding. It was so easy and fast we loved it.

Tried it many times, turned out to be the best pudding ever.

This is a good go-to quick recipe for a pretty easy desert. I swapped real chocolate bits for the powder in the sauce section, and it worked fine.
I froze half of it too and it defrosts well. Thank you

This recipe is amazing! So easy and fast and soooo delicious. We pretty much make it weekly.

I really loved this pudding and my mum and my dad and my sister loved it too so it was a win win for everyone. I def recommend this

Yummy and easy, win win.

Love this but also put a layer of Black Doris plums on the bottom. Extra yummy!!

Mine only needed to go in for 30 minutes but it was definitely one of the favourite desserts that I’ve made and it was quick and super easy 10/10

This recipe is great, it's quick, easy, and the whole family loved it! The pudding itself tastes great, I've made it twice now and I'm definitely going to make it again. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Simple, easy and delicious

golden syrup steam pudding is divine. my family really enjoyed it. have made it
numerous times.

We made this recipe and it came out fine! However, it did take quite long to cook.

Absolutely love this recipe , the best I have made .Thankyou Chelsea sugar.

it works every time and the brown sugar means the chocolate is rich and fudgy. My go to self-saucing recipe (every girl should have one!!)

Beautiful! I'm in love with this recipe! You pleased me again Chelsea sugar

This was amazing so tasty and easy to make.

This recipe is delicious. I add extra quarter cup liquid to get more sauce. Have made this recipes lots of times.

Lovely pud, but please don’t cook at 160C fan forced, unless you would like to eat 2 hours after dinner.

Just like Mum used to make - moist and chocolatey!


Yummy! This is the best dish so far.

Yummy! Made it for the 1st time tonight, everyone loved it! Next time I think I'll try doubling the sauce mixture.

This reminds me of my childhood.

It is easy and very rich. Great for cold winter evenings.

I thought it was yummy ;P

Love them all. I'm making apple crumble tonight.

Loved them all delicious, I added egg to ginger pudding and it seemed spongier.

So quick to make and delicious.

I've loved this since I was a child and now I make it for my household.

Very yum and easy


Very tasty and the sponge did rise well.

WOW! Such a good recipe!! I use it every Sunday to follow up our family roast dinner! Such a goodie and a delight for the husband and kiddos to eat!

Nice but I added a tbsp of cornflour to sauce recipe second time I made it sauce was too watery for me first time.

Was a bit dry, like a dry chocolate cake. I probably needed more sauce.

Don't really like this recipe, every time I make it the texture is quite bad and doughy and the sauce recipe is too watery.

If I wanted to double mixture would I double sauce mixture to. Thanks
Chelsea Sugar:
Yes, to double the recipe effectively, times all ingredient quantities by two and follow the method as usual. You may require a very large baking dish to bake a double batch in one dish.

Perfect recipe. Use it all the time when we have guests over. Crowd pleaser. Lovely with whipped cream

I found with putting the butter and milk in warm ( I heat them together with the vanilla essence) it makes the sponge part softer.. and by putting not hot water , but semi hot, between warm to hot, (maybe a temp that you can put your hands in) appears to make more sauce, it isn't as glue and thick, but a real sauce.. maybe it is different for everyone else, but that has been my experience ..

It's a great recipe. I love chocolate self saucing pudding.


Amazing and delishes!!!
Always triple the recipe for the sauce!!!

we are doing a school recipe for everybody in the school


It was very delicious and served my family well

image description

Oh My Gosh!! From the second I put this dessert into my mouth I was instantly in love.
Its so delicious and I definitely recommend it served with milk or cream.

love it

I have made this 3x now & me & my family love this recipe. I make it when I binge once a week when I feel up to it. Today my partner made it & he loves it. Very delicious & a whole lot of love into baking this. 100%

This recipe is soooo easy and delicious, nice thick chocolate sauce. Mine took around 30 minutes on fan bake at 160. I'd eat it every night if diabetes wasn't a thing





Quick, easy, delicious. Used Nestle cocoa which is very rich and chocolatey.

image description

Easy to make and tasted great. Will be a firm favourite in our household.

So good!

This is one of my favourite deserts to make. It doesn’t really matter if you’re not a baker this was so easy to follow and it came out perfect. Amazing delicious desert definitely a family fav :)

Loved it! I had to make again.

This is amazing. Tastes fantastic and is so easy. Chocolate decadence :-)

This was a complete winner. Easy to make and such a texture and taste!

Quick to prepare and easy to bake. Pleasant taste.

image description

Tasted Amazing! We all loved it and have saved to my recipe book. Tasted even better with Ice Cream!

Tastes great, easy to make

Super-easy and quick to make! I used Dutch processed cocoa and added extra to make it really chocolatey. You can make everything ahead of time then pour the boiling water over and pop in the oven while you eat tea. Hot, saucy deliciousness!! :)

My late mother always added sultanas to the self saucing mix. Delicious !

How would you reheat this pudding without drying it out?

Sponge was light. Ratio of sauce was perfect. Wowzers with cream.

im only 10 and i made this on my own!

Love this recipe use it every time, is perfect with cream

image description

This pudding is so easy and yummy! I can easily see myself making this again. Very good on a cold night!

The best ever

Fantastic recipe. Always works out well. Use the correct size deep dish.
Add 1T extra cocoa to super chocola-fy. Choc chips are also great. Make a little extra sauce (x 1.25) for a more saucy affair. Best with cream.

Kids love it.

I recommend making more sauce ...i ended up with just dry pudding . Fixed with cream though. Thanks for the recipe .

It was yummy and very rich

Made this a few times now and it's always been perfect. The first 2 times I took caution to the people who said sauce was too runny so I reduced the amount of water but didnt get enough sauce. I made it again last night with the full amount of hot water and it was perfect!

Love this recipe and its such an easy yummy dessert to finish a meal :)

This is fantastic! Definitely with vanilla custard and slices of bananas on top. Must say it is very rich though but best I've had yet :))

This a good food to eat.

This is a great recipe, the family just love it from the Grandparents right through to the grand children! So easy to make and it disappears quickly too! Even before the apple crumble!!

Just made this pudding and it was very nice. I think the majority of the people who gave negative comments - saying that the sauce tasted like water - might have had a bad day in the kitchen! My sauce was delicious and smooth. The pudding itself is very rich so I would recommend having it with cream or something similar. Perhaps a bit too rich... but nice and chocolatey overall.

AMAZING!! first time round it was perfect, the family adored it. Second time round family and I were too impatient so tried in the microwave for a little shy of 10 mins, still the same perfect result. Clearly results will depend on your microwave if your wanting to try this particular recipe that way.

Amazing pudding!


Just like one my old man used to make. I made it with my boy today. he loved it.

All those people saying the consistency isn't right; weren't following the recipe.
This turned out so tasty!
And so saucy

My boy called it chocolate gravy

Tastes delicious and the sauce is chocolaty, but it never looks like on the picture. Best chocolate pudding recipe I have ever made!

Yuk tasted like water. Too much sugar as well.

It's a really good dessert, if you don't like it do what I do change it to taste.

image description

turned out great :D

Deeeeeeelicious!!! And soooo simple to make!
Definitely a regular pudding this winter haha
Try it! You won't be disappointed!

Pudding just absorbed the water after pouring on top. Had to dispose of it. Waste of time and ingredients.
CHELSEA: Hi there, the idea of a self-saucing pudding is that it does absorb the water and forms a delicious sauce underneath the pudding during cooking. Did you cook the pudding at all?

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Quick & easy to make...everyone loved it!!!

I found if I used a larger tray, the result was soo much better. A minute less worked better for me as well, the family were left wanting more. A tasty treat, nice soft dense sponge with a not too sweet, thick chocolaty sauce. Delish with vanilla ice cream, or just a dollop of cream. Recommend.


Tastes like dry chocolate cake with a thin chocolate sauce. Not the best recipe.

It was the best self saucing pudding i have ever eaten

image description

Easy self saucing chocolate pudding recipe and cake is like light chocolate sponge cake. Tastes beautiful.

Good, easy and tasty. Great to make up in a few min if you have no other dessert options. It's so simple so why would you expect 5 star dining.

This recipe was really good. The sauce has the tendency to become really watery but that is easily fixed by making it all in a cup then pouring only 2/3rds of it over the mix before baking. This results in a richer, thicker and better sauce.

The sauce turned out like chocolate water. Very dense pudding as well, not nice. Tried it again doubling just the sauce ingredients - huge disaster. Threw the whole thing out. Won't use this recipe again.

Tasty, but could do with more oomph (perhaps some coffee and chicory essence? or some real chunks/chips of dark chocolate). Easy to make though, thanks heaps, will definitely do again!

image description

It was dry and the sauce tasted like water every time I made it. It tasted weird and nobody in my family enjoyed. Good try on the recipe.

Deloicious. Perfect everytime.

Sauce was too sweet, felt sick at how much sugar

Very easy to make and yummm...


yeah mean

image description

Easy and delicious!

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