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Hokey Pokey

By Chelsea Sugar
Hokey Pokey
20 servings
  • 131 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 5 mins
  • Cooking time 5 mins
  • Serves

    5 Tbsp Chelsea White Sugar or Chelsea Caster Sugar
    2 Tbsp Chelsea Golden Syrup
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Soda


    Grease the base and sides of a 20cm x 20cm slice tin with butter.
    Place Chelsea White Sugar or Chelsea Caster Sugar and Chelsea Golden Syrup into a heavy-based saucepan. Heat gently, stirring constantly, until the sugar dissolves.

    Increase the heat and bring to the boil. Boil for two minutes. Stir occasionally, if necessary, to prevent burning. Remove from heat. Add the Edmonds Baking Soda and stir very quickly - the mixture will froth up rapidly.

    Pour into prepared tin immediately. Leave until cold and set then break into pieces.

    Coat hokey pokey pieces in melted chocolate for an extra special treat! 

    Special thanks to Edmonds for use of this Best Ever recipe.

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Average Rating
(131 reviews)

I hait this recipe!


Quick and easy classic - haven't made it for years - but will be doing it more often.


I loved this recipe!!!!

It was great and we love all your recipes we almost burnt it though lol :)

yum yum yum in my tum tum tum

I think the baking soda was maybe just a little over powering

good when you get it right, but when it fails its great food for your starving classmates

Definitely half the baking soda but omg it’s the best I ever made and i bake a lot of honey comb

I’m only 10 and this is so easy to make all I can say about this is amazing but one question can you make out with maple syrup instead of golden syrup

I’m only 10 and this is so easy to make all I can say about this is amazing but one question can you make out with maple syrup instead of golden syrup

I’m only 10 and this is so easy to make all I can say about this is amazing but one question can you make out with maple syrup instead of golden syrup

I’m onley 10 and this was easy to make and tasted amazing but one question can you make it with Maple syrup instead of golden syrup

just made it for grandchildren will have to double it next time as it did not make very much. It so good and Easy too. I am in my eighties and love to make treats for the grandkids. Will definitely make this lots. THANK YOU Chelsea Sugar yummy.



We made it 3 times, 1 burn, 2 ok


Love this treat. So cheap, so easy to make and a family favourite

Looks very tasty!

It was so yum and the chocolate gave a great taste

delicious its easy to make and I'm only 9 years old

I boiled for the right amount of time but it was not crunchy how can I help that?

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, it sounds like it may have needed cooking for a little longer.

What do you do with all the attempt hockey pockey...4th time lucky lol


im only 12 and it turned out just fine. it was very nice

It was all good

this recipe is great I love using these recipes

i baked this for bethlehem school gala

This sets hard and chewy in your mouth quickly and has many different textures.
Thank you Chelsea!!!!

❤❤lovely very crunchy kiddios absolutely loved it..thanks Chelsea for the ingredients u Rock

Pour into prepared tin immediately? No human can do it THAT immediatey. I burnt mine because I think I had it too hot. Third time lucky?

Ty I love hokey pokey it's the Best!!!!

ezy to do but not the best

Loved it.

I ate you and u were yum :)

Very good, thanks Chelsea!

I nearly burnt the house down but it's fun to make



it was soooooo good and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yum! I do recommend using not as much baking soda but it still works a treat!

Very nice, thank you.

It is amazing, delicious and awesome.

Tasted beautiful.

I love it.

I hate it.

We decided to use half the baking soda because of other people saying there's too much.

Disgusting!! it tasted like baking soda.


Quick, easy and delicious! Thanks Chelsea :)

Mmm yum yum I added MnMs on top they made it twice as amazing!!

Why does my hokey pokey taste like the baking soda, I'm using the correct amount and whisking in pan. Color looks good, I get the rise and nice holes....still taste BS??
Chelsea Sugar:
If you baking soda pack has been open for 6 months or longer, it may be worth buying fresh baking soda.

Good recipe, works better with a tad less baking soda. Could also do with a temperature, or specific heats. 2 minutes boil will often only get you to a soft crack, or lower if you do more than one quantity.

This is bad and not my recipe and in the video put gloves on its gross.

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from child

image description

good. sticks to everything! a bit to much making soda and would say half a teaspoon. easy reciepe

I loved the recipe, but it was so good i "accidentally stuck my finger in the pan to eat some and burnt my-self haha

Scrummy, u gotta be quick to put in the setting pan though.

It's a good easy recipe.

Great recipe. It was quick and easy. The cooling time was very long though.

Delicious and fun to share.

Not so much words on it before the recipe and stuff

It is so quick and easy, it also is fun to make

Awesome quick recipe. Thanks. Husband loves it.

Very quick and easy to bake plus its delicious. Awesome.

Very quick and easy to bake and plus it is delicious.

Simple recipe!! Great outcome!

I did a slow boil as I always burn everything and it was perfect and not a burnt bit in sight! Now to make lots more for gala day

Loved to make the hokey pokey with my friend.

This is a great and simple recipe to make. Tastes great and everyone can enjoy it.
So glad I can make it at home now instead of buying so many crunchie bars from the supermarket. Thank you!

Hi! I was just wondering how long this hokey pokey lasts for?
Chelsea Sugar:
If kept in an airtight container it could be kept for 6 months.

image description


My cousin always makes it and I don't know how she does but searched it up and this is the exact recipe. Delicious always love a good New Zealand Hokey Pokey.

Yummmy just like when I made this as a kid.

spilling sweet potato on the floor

It was really good but it was a little chewy. Did I cook it long enough? Any ideas?
CHELSEA: Hi, sorry to hear it was a bit chewy. We made a step by step video guide to help.

a bit too salty

I've been away from Auckland since 1984. This was just like I remembered it (after a few trial & errors.)
I did not know I could make hokey pokey myself at home!!!
I used to buy it from my local dairy at Mt Eden Rd shops & should have realized that they made it themselves as it was wrapped in plastic wrap without a label.
I'm living in Florida USA now and used my only can of golden syrup.
Does anyone sell it here in the usa?
While we're on the subject of what can't be purchased here how about helping with any of the following:
- meat pies
- sausage rolls
- Steinlager beer
- Fish n chips
- battered deep fried scallops
- Filled Rolls
- custard pies & squares

I still remember the class field trip to Chelsea Sugar Works & the mountains of sugar being moved around by front end loaders. Plus the guide telling us kids that there were no ants due to the massive volume.
I guess I just miss NZ.

Love this recipe, Was wondering if I can make it using maple syrup as I can't get golden syrup in Japan.

It was nice

Can you double the recipe? because I want to make more but only have one of those dishes.
CHELSEA: Hi there, yes you can double the recipe. Enjoy!

It burnt the first few times but when you get it right it's so yummy

Please advise weight of a tablespoon of golden syrup - does the recipe mean a level Tablespoon exactly? Am determined to get it right, - I had the right amount of everything else and the hokey pokey is okay but ooozy.
CHELSEA: Hi there, a tablespoon of golden syrup weighs 25g. If the hokey pokey is too sticky it's likely you haven't cooked it for long enough. Check out our video on this page as a guide :-) also, it's best to avoid making this on a humid day!

Loved the video paired with this recipe, reminded me of when I was little baking alongside my nanny... ahh memories. Have always loved making crunchy hokey pokey.

Great recipe, good to eat while and after making!

Love this recipe.. easy to make and doesn't take ages.... i found that if i didn't take it out of the pan quickly it stuck.. any tips on this?
definitely 5 stars though :P
CHELSEA: Hi there, glad your are enjoying this recipe! Make sure you pour the mixture from the saucepan to the tin immediately. Also, if you grease the tin well with butter (or line with baking paper) it shouldn't stick.

This stuff is so good I could eat it all day.

image description

They turned out great!
Recommend this recipe to any unskilled bakers out there.

image description

This hokey pokey recipe is the best recipe I have ever used to make a treat for the whole family.

Kids made this - super successful altho ours didn't increase in volume like the video where it seems to inflate into the pan, did we overcook it?
CHELSEA: Hi there, once the baking soda is added the hokey pokey should froth up considerably. If it didn't expand much the mixture may not have been cooked for long enough. Expired baking soda could also have an impact, so might be worth checking the best before date if you haven't already :-)

image description

Ignore the bad comments - yummy!


Easy and awesome!

Up to 20 years plus ago, I would make your recipe for hokey pokey, doubled, and then quickly whip in a large lot of popped corn. Let set, and then break up. Very moreish. Used to take ice cream containers full for the kindergarten fund raisers. Great for that once in a while treat for old and young.
CHELSEA: great idea, that sounds so yummy!

image description

It so helpful I made this in cooking class today.

great recipe

This is such a dazzo recipe I love it

Tasted really good but it got stuck to the slice tin and i struggled to get it out, found it was also rather sticky. Had set completely. I think I may have cooked it too long or not long enough? Any tips for next time??
CHELSEA: Hi there, if you're finding it is sticking to your tin you could line this with baking paper instead of just greasing it next time. Not cooking the hokey pokey for long enough can lead to it being sticky. The weather can play a part too - best not to make it on a humid, wet day!

i loved this recipe with a side of nut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


This recipe was really helpful!

I love this recipe as much as I love fudge!

I personally loved to make this i recommend dipping it in hot sauce or BBQ sauce it may sound weird but its really good.

This is the first time I've ever tried to cook a recipe it didn't turn out the way I wanted but it was still pretty good.

It just didn't taste nice


it was to golden syrup like

image description

Its a lovely delicious easy fun way to bake and its amazing to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th........................................................................................24th
All perfect!

Changed my life. Much good, so wow. Made $100 profit from this recipe.

First attempt burnt. Second didn't froth up. Third attempt worked and was delicious! Thanks,

i dont like hokey pokey

This is the best hokey pokey I have ever made! Its so good!!


easy and delicious! These were a hit with my friends. You can also use a bit of blackstrap molasses to make them healthier and a bit more toffee-like, and/or stir in melted chocolate or nuts at the end. Five stars.

Yummy I made mine blue

Could I use maple syrup instead?
CHELSEA: we haven't tried this hokey pokey recipe with maple syrup instead of golden syrup, but think it is definitely worth a try!


AWESOME! Simple ingredients, and the baking soda puffing it up makes it look sooooo cool... Who knew making hokey pokey was so easy? Also we melted chocolate and coated it. When it hardened it was just like a crunchy bar! 5 stars from me!

Amazing they are huge hit for the kids they love them x

It is great and very simple.


So easy and extremely yummy

image description

Tastes great and it's also quick and fairly simple :)

image description

easy and yummy

image description

It was very nice after int set. But it had a slight after taste. But still very quick a yummy.

image description

The result was fantastic but it is very hard to move so quickly with it! :)

image description

Yummy yum! Easy to make and delightful to eat... every dentists dream :D

image description

Easy and tastes great! I dipped it in chocolate and my kids just loved it. They cannot believe it is homemade and take extra to school as their mates loved it too.

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