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Honey Crackles

By Sue Tim
Honey Crackles
12 servings
  • 8 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 5 mins
  • Serves

    90g unsalted butter
    1/3 cup Chelsea White Sugar
    1 tablespoon honey
    4 cups cornflakes or rice bubbles


    1) Melt butter, Chelsea White Sugar, and honey in a saucepan until you see bubbles foaming.
    2) With the stove still on, add in cornflakes and rice bubbles
    3) Stir for 40 seconds
    4) Put into paper cases or baking tins
    5) Chill

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Average Rating
(8 reviews)

great recipe

This recipe is so easy and delicious that I had to stop myself a few times from eating some. I would deffo recommend this recipe.

Incredibly easy and only takes 3-6 minutes! So sweet and crunchy!!!!

Easy to make with the kids and grandchildren. Loving these simple and easy to follow instructions too!!!

Delicious and easy to make

Yum and so easy

image description

Awesome quick kids treat. Great to use the rice bubbles up the kids stopped eating for breakfast!

image description

Just remember to wait for the bubbles to appear - otherwise it doesn't set. Great taste though. Worth having a couple of trial runs.

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