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Lemon Spread

By Chelsea Sugar
Lemon Spread
2 servings
  • 8 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 15 mins
  • Serves

    2 lemons
    100g butter, cut into small cubes
    1 ½ cups Chelsea LoGiCane™ Low GI Sugar
    4 eggs


    Using a fine grater or lemon zester grate the lemon rind, avoiding the bitter white pith. Squeeze the lemon juice and strain to remove pips. Beat eggs a little with a fork to combine.

    Put all ingredients into a heavy-based saucepan. Cook slowly over a low heat, whisking continuously until thick and smooth (around 15-20 mins). Don’t let it boil or it may separate.

    Spoon into sterilised jars and store in refrigerator once cool. Keeps for up to 2 months.

    Lemon spread is perfect spread on toast, scones and muffins, or try one of the baking uses below. 

    Makes 2 cups.

    Lemon Cupcakes: Cut a small cone shape out of the top of a cupcake. Fill with lemon spread and cover with lemon buttercream icing.
    Lemon Louise Cake: Use lemon spread instead of jam for a twist on your favourite recipe.
    Lemon Tarts: Fill mini pastry cases with lemon spread, top with fresh berries, candied lemon slices, or decorate with whipped cream.
    Lemon Sponge: Sandwich two sponge cakes with lemon spread, dust with Chelsea Icing Sugar.

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(8 reviews)

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Me and mum are going to make it.

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i made it but forgot to add butter but it came out fine

Enjoyed making this, so easy and so so yummy.. i had been told to try this recipe and wasn't disappointed.

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Hi I made this at the weekend and it is delicious!. I have always made it from the good old Edmonds cook book but this one is way better.

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This recipe is excellent! Cheap and easy and absolutely delicious. I found it took longer to cook than stated, but it was worth the wait.

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Fabulous recipe - looks impressive when making for friends - especially combined with Edmonds (sweet) shortcrust pastry - awesome!

image description

Much nicer than my Grandmother's recipe from the Edmonds cook book. Makes great gifts for friends.

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