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Microwave Brownie

By Kate Woollett
Microwave Brownie
6 servings
  • 71 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 4 mins
  • Serves

    100g melted Tararua Butter
    2 eggs
    1 tsp vanilla essence
    1 cup Chelsea White Sugar
    3/4 cup Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    1/4 cup cocoa
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder


    Mix melted Tararua Butter, eggs, vanilla essence and Chelsea White Sugar together in a bowl with a fork. Stir in dry ingredients until well combined. Cook in microwave proof dish on high for 4-6 minutes. Best served warm with ice cream or cream.

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Average Rating
(71 reviews)

this is the perfect recipe for making something las Minuit- it lasts, and I just double the recipe and can make it when friends come over.

Perfect for a quick dessert. Serve in wedges with a scoop of icecream and drained tinned boysenberries spooned on top. Always goes down well.

I replaced the eggs with 1/4 cup yogurt and the sugar with raw sugar. Turned out great. Nice, quick and easy. I microwaved for 2 minutes then 30 seconds until I was satisfied.

Brownies are brownies still tastes great no matter how you cook it

overflowed in my microwave at 4 mins, wasn't cooked left me a huge mess to clean up and a loss of ingredients

It was a bit plain

Great recipe

This is my number one go to - amazing!

This is an amazing recipe and I found it worked really well when I added strawberries to the mixture before cooking it. Delicious, would recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth!

SO hard im dumb

My mum taught me this recipe from Alison Holst since I was little. Always been a family (and friends!) fave; no one ever guessed it was made in the microwave and were shocked when we told them! I use 1/4 cup more flour in my recipe and add chocolate buttons, resulting in a less fudgy texture which is what I prefer. I microwave for 6 minutes exactly on 1000watts. I 100% reccommend this for anyone who wants a quick and easy brownie to make. Great, easy and fun for kids to join in on this too!!

it was ok

It was really good

Could I use an oven instead of a microwave

I was wondering if I could use an oven instead of a microwave?

I was wondering if I could use an oven instead of a microwave?

I was wondering if I could use an oven instead of a microwave?

I was wondering if I could use an oven instead of a microwave?

Excellent and easy recipe! Thanks so much

Definitely a quick bake.

This recipe was made by Chelsea it is gooey chewy and fudgey it is so yummy it will make you love Chelsea.
Ps pls respond if you see this Chelsea

I added walnuts and choc buttons and took power down to 1000w for 6mins. Using a flatbed microwave it takes a bit longer to get out to the edges as there’s no rotation, so 6min and checking every 2min worked well. Very happy with result

Dangerously easy and tasty. Substituted chocolate with 3/4 cup of milo and used a teaspoon of salted caramel syrup instead of vanilla. Some dark chocolate drops on the top before microwaving and in 5 minutes it was done.

I made two batches to experiment. I cooked my first batch for 4 minutes exact, turned out extremely burnt. Second batch I did for 2 min 30, which turned out great! Would definitely reccomend some chocolate chips.

BTW: my microwave is very high power

Very nice...I just used half a cup of sugar, added sliced almonds and microwaved for 4 minutes. Turns out I needed more sweetness so I squeezed an orange (could use lemon) and added 2 tsp sugar. Microwaved for 30 secs, pricked brownie with a toothpick and poured over. Result was delicious!!

This is an amazing brownie to make. It's got the flavour gooey chocolate. I definitely recommend this recipe. Quick and super easy!❤️ P.S I put mine in for 3:30 minutes and perfect.

So easy and everyone loved it. Straight out of microwave..... Yum!!

So good and gooey.

image description

It's too sweet.

I love it

I really like the flavour of it and the consistency was a nice sticky texture :) I microwaved it for 2 minutes because my microwave is super high power and I would definitely try this again :)

I was sceptical to make this brownie in the microwave but my oven inconveniently stopped working through the lockdown. It was easy and delicious which was great when I couldn’t bake in the oven.

Can I also add chopped walnuts to this?
Chelsea Sugar:
Yes, you can add a few walnuts.

So easy. Turned out better than I thought. Nice fudgey brownies. Added condensed caramel for extra sweetness.

It is delicious every time.

Really nice to eat - definitely eating this again.

Can I use self rising flour instead of plain flour? Have anyone tried it?
Chelsea Sugar:
For best results, use plain flour with baking powder.

Love this recipe. So quick, easy and yummy. Kids love it. I do take it out a bit early so it stays moist.

Bad I put it in for 5m and it was burnt to a crisp and cup overflow in the microwave :(

Very good for kids to make.

The brownies taste amazing and are definitely worth making again.

Worked great! Cooked mine for 2 1/2 minutes at 800 power on the microwave and came out soft and moist and spongey. I remembered at 11.30 pm that there was a birthday at work the next day; managed to crank this brownie out and throw all the dishes in the dishwasher just before it finished cooking. What a life saver! Keeping this recipe for future close calls.

My friend and I are both 11 and we make it every time she comes over because its super easy and doesn't use an oven. The best part is its really yummy!

image description

Before putting it in the microwave I put frozen berries on it. Delicious!

Yummy! Sooo easy and delicious.

Easy recipe, tasty and yummy too. My family just loved it, especially my children.

This was not time consuming and tasted great.

I love the brownies because i can’t use the oven.

Recipe of a lifetime! I’m a little teary writing this, microwave brownie is SUCH a delight. I recommend adding white chocolate (milky bar) for that extra oompf!

This was such a convenient recipe to follow, and the brownies turned out really well. I ran out of sugar, so I only used three quarter-ish cups, but it still turned out quite well. Good recipe!

So lucky I found this, it really works and tastes so good!

I make it all the time, so easy quick and yummy. Love it❤️

Really really yummy, but why doesn't the recipe have salt as an ingredient? I added it, since you really need it to bring out the flavors. We added chocolate chips and peanut butter chips and melted them in the butter and also added mini chocolate chips to the batter. I also doubled the recipe, still using a deep 8x8 baking dish, so we had extremely thick and fudgy brownies. I increased the baking time proportionately. So deliciously rich and moist.

100g of butter is just slightly over 1/2 cup of melted butter (in case you are in the USA like me).

I like this recipe because it is easy for me as a ten year old to make and I do not have to use the oven. It is also good because the things to make it with are all in my home pantry and are probably in a lot of other people's cupboard too. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS EASY RECIPE FOR KIDS LIKE ME!

Im upset i found this recipe. So easy, and so tasty...

Yummy and easy recipe to make with the ingredients in your pantry. Love it.

This turned out great! Thank you Kate. Cooked it for 3min 45 sec.

It works every time.
So yumm!!!

It works!! It was so good and FUDGY


Works so good!!!

Just right for an evening snack!

Was really good. Possibly a bit gluggy with gluten free flour. But was very good nonetheless. Also added chocolate bits in too!

worked great

Yum...topped with chocolate chips before microwaving...delish


so good, never fails

So great!!! Use this brownie recipe all the time so quick and easy and never fails :)


Quick and easy


Really quick and easy and very very yummy. I microwaved for 5 mins and came out perfect.

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