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Traditional Gingerbread Loaf

By Chelsea Sugar
Traditional Gingerbread Loaf
10 servings
  • 64 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 5 mins
  • Cooking time 30 mins
  • Serves

    50g Tararua Butter
    1 Tbsp Chelsea Golden Syrup
    1 egg
    1/2 cup Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar
    1 cup Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder
    2 tsp powdered ginger
    1 tsp mixed spice
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Soda
    3/4 cup Meadow Fresh Original Milk


    Pre-heat oven 190°C. Line a loaf tin with baking paper.
    In a large microwave-proof bowl or saucepan, melt the Tararua Butter and Chelsea Golden Syrup together.
    Add egg and Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar, mix well, then add all other dry ingredients except the Edmonds Baking Soda.
    Mix the Edmonds Baking Soda with the Meadow Fresh Original Milk and stir in. Pour into prepared loaf tin and bake for 30 - 40 minutes or until cooked (when a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean with no fudgy crumbs attached).
    Cool on a wire rack, slice and butter when cool.

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Average Rating
(64 reviews)

This recipe was amazing, I recommend adding 1-2Tbsp more of ginger though, I didn't have mixed spice so I used 1/2tsp of cinnamon and 1/2tsp nutmeg which was really nice. So yes, REALLY GOOD, nice and moist but doubled the recipe and it made a good sized loaf. :)

it was yum

I absolutely ADORED this recipe whoar it was good and me and mine had a slice whilst it was hot. I'm going to make this for a sick friend I have, well for her family at least and it will be my go to. Thanks Chelsea

Yummy and simple recipe to follow! I added in more ginger for a stronger taste. Cake turned out really fluffy and moist.
Following the recipe did lead to a rather flat cake in my square pan, so will try a smaller pan/doubling recipe next time.

Doubled the recipe as others suggested and this made a good sized loaf. We added one ripe banana and some grated soft pear and apple. Reduced the milk by 1/2 a cup and brown sugar by 1/3. Was perfectly sweet and moist and the fruit unnoticable. Yummy!

This loaf didn’t rise properly and was dense and rubbery. Wondering if the baking soda should be dissolved in hot milk? We used cold milk as recipe didn’t say to use hot.

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, the baking soda can be dissolved in cold milk. Are your baking powder or baking soda within date?

Really nice flavour but recipe makes a very small (flat) loaf using your average size loaf tin. Would be better to double recipe or use a very small loaf tin, if you want a decent height to your loaf.

Am wanting to make this but I don’t have golden syrup; would it be okay to substitute honey? Thank you!

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, yes you could use molasses, treacle, honey or maple syrup :)

This is so yummy ...I tried it today ...
So moist...and easy to make

Would vegetable oil be an OK substitute for the butter? If so, how much? Thanks :)
CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, you could try using 50ml oil to replace the butter.

I made with Gluten Free Flour and did 1 1/2 times the recipe to fill my loaf tin. It bakes beautifully and tastes even better !

Nice recipe, the flavour was very suttle, next time I may add abit extra ginger and mixed spice powder. But overall, cake is yummy and would make it again.

Bulletproof. Delicious, light, tasty - despite what I did to the recipe.
First, I made it vegan - replacing butter, eggs and milk with non-dairy margarine, egg replacer and soy.
Second, I didn't have golden syrup so used maple syrup instead.
Third, I found I had no ginger, at the point I went to put the spices in! So I used mixed spice and cinnamon and added a cup of chopped dates to make it more interesting.

I made this with gluten free flour and it was simply delicious.

This is my go-to recipe for a baked treat. I add a thinly sliced pear to the top just before baking for some added wow factor. It’s SO yummy, moist, and fluffy.

It is simple and delicious.
I am 11 and i can make this by myself with ease. I highly recommend.

Lovely. I left out the mixed spice and added an extra teaspoon of ginger. Will be making this lots more a real favourite.

This is so easy and delicious.
Highly recommend. Yum!

Absolutely delicious, but next time I will make a double batch as my loaf tin was too wide for the mixture, but that’s my fault not the receipe. I also added chopped up crystallised ginger pieces, about 1/4 cup and they give it a good flavour, you get a ginger hit every so often.yum

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Amazing. Use a small loaf pan so it can rise more. Use double quantity

Can't fault this recipe, really, really good. I used egg replacer and Nutelex instead of butter as baking for a vegan. Came out great.

Awesome and easy recipe ... I make it and everyone loves it!!

Great recipe delivers an amazing moist ginger loaf. Delicious.

wow it is sooooo good

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Found this to be small and didn’t rise in the pan,suggest to double the recipe.

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Very quick and simple recipe that results in a tasty, moist loaf. This has become a go to recipe for me when I need to whip something up in a hurry. The only amendment I make to the recipe is to add the dry ingredients last. I find it quicker and easier to mix it to a smooth batter this way.

Delicious as per the recipe. I used a fairly big loaf tin so the second time i made it (the next day, its so good!) I just doubled the recipe. Its so good!

Delicious loaf and so simple. Keeps and slices well. The mixture is quite runny but it firms up quickly, definitely check it at 30 minutes, I was surprised at how swiftly it baked. Makes a modest size loaf, I’ll try doubling it next time.

Yep, it's a winner :)

Great recipe. Added more ginger next time. Everyone loved it. Doubled the recipe as not enough with just a single one.

I wish I hadn't found this recipe! It's such a favourite I make it every week. I add dried apricots the family don't get sick of it, lovely and moist great for school lunch and unexpected guests. If there's any left!

I LOVE it hot with butter and maybe add ginger icing for lots of ginger!!!:)

I double it for a big loaf. OMG it's delicious and turned out great 1st time. Would be yum with walnuts added etc.

Amazing recipe, I doubled it and added walnuts and it came out perfectly delicious

i was worried about how runny the mixture was but it turned out absolutely delicious !! a family favourite! Great for lunches, travels well with butter on it.
thanks so much for the recipe - have tried a lot of others but this one is defiantly the best.!! :)

Love this recipe. Easy and quick to make and it's so moist. Great to put in the freezer to enjoy it later on.


This is so easy to make & looks beautiful, moist & perfectly formed.
The taste is as good as it looks. I increased the spices just a little as we like a bit of kick to our cake. Was delicious. Will be putting this in the favourites list!

I'm not a fancy or fiddly baker but this recipe is a winner tripled it and perfect only baked for 30 mins didn't say to heat milk but did and all good will go into favourites. Thanks

I'm not a fancy or fiddly baker but this recipe is a winner tripled it and perfect only baked for 30 mins didn't say to heat milk but did and all good will go into favourites. Thanks

Delicious and moist loaf. I added some cinnamon and used grated ginger instead of powdered ginger for a stronger taste.

A great recipe for holiday baking.

It's a lovely moist loaf I have to double the recipe so it makes a larger loaf. It still doesn't last long here and there are only 2 of us. Cheers

I have made this recipe a few times now. Never fails. Mixture is very runny but bakes up nicely. I baked for 25 mins in mini loaf tins at 190 degrees and they came out perfect :)

Can't wait to taste smells beautiful
And tastes the same

Delicious and moist. I like to add extra ginger because I love ginger loaf to be super spicy

Very impressive to have liquid turn to solid. Everyone in family enjoyed this loaf. Cheers.

So yum and easy to make. Every-one comments on this especially as they know I can't cook to save myself but have never made a bad loaf from this recipe.

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This gingerbread loaf comes out perfect every time and so easy. A good go to recipe.

Everyone enjoyed this gingerbread loaf and it was very simple to make.

These recipes are so easy to make. I have included my great grand daughter & great grand son to help me make biscuits and some of the pudding recipes. They loved to visit their nan for the holidays.

Very easy recipe to make - I'm not exactly a great baker..
Have made this several times now and each time I slightly change it, a smidge more golden syrup, a wee bit more ginger and I always add walnuts to it.. great base recipe!

Worked well, didn't have to bake as long as recipe said (fan bake oven). Added crystallized ginger on top. Great!

Wonderfully easy and delicious. I use treacle instead of golden syrup to give it a bit more richness.

And being an old fashioned pomme, I was afraid of using cups as measures instead of good old oz and lb. But this has given me confidence to try more recipes and just get on with it!
Lovely loaf, about to be a regular bake here!
Thank you

Yummy! I was very worried about how runny the mixture was when I poured it into the tin, I hoped it would come out cooked properly! To my excitement it came out very light and fluffy! Just about to have some for dessert soon. Xx

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Yum! Was quite runny when I put it in the tin and was worried it would be hard when cooked but it came out light and fluffy.

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Really yummy! As the other commenter said, the mixture seems very runny when you pour it into the tin, but it cooks beautifully.

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Very nervous when I saw how runny the mixture was - but now a family favourite!

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Easy, light and lovely!

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Super easy and tastes great every time!

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OMG! I love this yummy. Only problem is it doesn't make enough lol. Too yummy to stay in the pantry for long. Such an easy recipe too.

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This loaf cooked well and had a lovely texture but there was something missing in the flavour.

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