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Pinwheel Scones

By Chelsea Sugar
Pinwheel Scones
25 servings
  • 39 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 15 mins
  • Serves

    2 cups Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    4 teaspoons Edmonds Baking Powder
    1 teaspoon salt
    2 Tablespoons Chelsea White Sugar
    60g Tararua Butter
    ¾ - 1 cup of Meadow Fresh Original Milk

    70-g  Tararua Butter - Melted
    ⅓ cup Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar - Packed
    1 Tablespoon Cinnamon

    Glaze (Optional)
    1 cup Chelsea Icing Sugar
    ½ teaspoon vanilla
    1-3 Tablespoons water


    Preheat Oven to 200C
    Line a Roasting Dish or Baking Tray with cooking spray and baking paper and set aside
    Sift Edmonds Standard Grade Flour, Edmonds Baking Powder, salt and Chelsea White Sugar into a medium bowl.
    Add cold Tararua Butter – cut into smallish pieces.
    Using your fingers rub the Tararua Butter into the flour mixture until it resembles coarse breadcrumbs and no large bits of butter are there.
    Add almost all the Meadow Fresh Original Milk at once, keeping a little aside in case. It should be soft and sticky, if a little dry looking add the remaining Meadow Fresh Original Milk, stir in quickly, but be careful not to overstir (some say use a knife to "cut" in the milk)
    Tip the dough onto a floured board or bench. Knead and fold 8 – 10 times, sprinkling flour as required.
    Then roll out to a square about 30 x 30cm (12in)

    Melt Tararua Butter in a small bowl
    Add to this the Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar and cinnamon and mix well. Using a pastry brush or knife spread the butter & sugar mixture over the dough, leaving a small edge all the way around (alternatively brush the Tararua Butter and add the combined sugar & cinnamon to it dry).
    Roll carefully and tightly, and seal the edge with a little of the left over mixture.
    Using a sharp knife slice the pinwheels between 1-2 cm thick and place in the prepared dish.
    Bake for 10-15 minutes until golden brown and remove from the oven.
    While cooking prepare the glaze.

    In a medium bowl, add the sifted Chelsea Icing Sugar and vanilla.
    Add water a small amount at a time stirring well until you have a smooth but drizzle-able consistency.
    Once the scones are removed from the oven, using a dessert spoon drizzle the glaze over the pinwheels back and forward until you have evenly covered them.
    Serve still slightly warm.

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Average Rating
(39 reviews)

Great for a Monday in lockdown treat. Me and the girls loved them #ladyslunch

Two star for flavor recipe sucked. Used gluten free flour and it was a sticky mess.



Very yummy

Amazing! Taste so good. I added some grated apple with the filling.
Will use this recipe again.

Perfect for a cinnamon addict like me. First scones i have been able to do well.

These are great but halve the amount of butter in the filling otherwise it’s a disaster trying to roll it up with the filling going everywhere!

so yum and my family is really fussy but they all loved this

These were so easy to make and delicious. I didn't find them hard to roll or cut at all as long as you don't spread the filling right up to the edge and I added raisins. There are quite a few variations you could do too. Not sure about it serving 25 though?

The cinnamon mixture is way too thin to spread on. Needs to either be put on dry with half the amount of butter definitely no water. Couldn't roll them up due to the filling squishing out everywhere. I found that a disaster.

Once you get the hang of it these are super quick and everyone loves them!

Super hard to cut and was way too hard to roll.

I also sprinkle sultanas over filling. Grandchildren love them.

So delicious!!! This recipe is a hit in my home.

I really liked them.


These Pinwheel Scones Are really nice!
Thanks to my daughter who copied it and made her own. By the way, I wanted to say you have a great website for kids to learn how to cook. Thanks Again!

These pinwheel scones have been my greatest success serving hundreds.

came out very salty as the salt portion was way too much, so i'd recommend just a pinch of salt approx 1/4

Delicious I love to cook this for my kids and they always ask for more.(I give them more☺️)

Fab recipe, but to make them truly exceptional, try sprinkling currants over the cinnamon filling before rolling. Ideal accompaniment to coffee or tea for when friends drop by!


Very good but i do have afew tips and changes. First dont use salt, it is not needed. Secondly put on your filling ingredients seperatly, if you dont it will be a mess and be uneven. Thirdly, use flavourless dental floss to cut the rolls as it wont squish them and you will get a perfect spiral. The last thing is to bake them andwhere between 180-200 degrees c. 180 degrees for abit longer will ensure they're fluffy, moist, golden and delicious. I love this recipe


Didn't have any idea how to make pin wheel scones. This recipe is great! easy to follow except I didn't use as much salt as I used salted butter. I also realised half way through that I didn't have much milk so I used a can of reduced cream and rinsed the tin out with water and added enough water till I got the right consistency and they had a beautiful creamy flavor to them! I also added some sultanas. They were a hit at afternoon tea and there were none left so they must have been good! Will be making again!
Thank you for this recipe.

Excellent, light and very yummy :)

Excellent, light and very yummy :)

Easy to do and just like the way I made it at school home economics course

I could taste the salt and baking powder, a bit too much I think. In the past I've just sprinkled a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon on the dough without the butter and the result (taste wise) was the same. Adding the butter made it a bit messy.

This is a nice soft scone but a whole teaspoon of salt made it very salty and unpleasant.

This recipe is amazing!! And it’s quick and easy!!

Awesome, highly recommend my mum and I loved it!

So yummy. Made for kids so omitted sugar from scone mix and substituted one cup of flour for spelt flour. Only sprinkled sugar and cinnamon so used about 2 T sugar total.
Worked perfectly.

Just made this recipe. Light, fluffy, quick and easy to make. A bit too salty though. Used unsalted butter, but the teaspoon of salt is way unnecessary! Will use just a pinch next time. Had to make the glaze to balance saltyness.

Disaster with the filling...wayyyyyy too much butter specified in the filling. You only need enough to coat so sugar and cinnamon stick. Will not make them again following this method.

I tried this recipe today and followed it to a tee. Dont combine the brown sugar, cinnamon and melted butter together, or you will end up with a puddle of goo exploding from the scones. Add the mix dry.

What a great recipe.. my kids love them. Easy and quick to make, taste delicious and are great treat for the lunchboxes.

Hey, I made this recipe today and it turned out you needed WAY more butter than said was needed but other than that the recipe was great and it tasted AMAZING!

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