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By Chelsea Sugar
20 servings
  • 114 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 25 mins
  • Serves

    250g Tararua Butter, softened
    3/4 cup Chelsea Icing Sugar
    1/2 cup Edmonds Fielder's Cornflour
    1 1/2 cups Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    Chelsea Coffee Sugar Crystals for decoration 


    Preheat oven to 150°C bake (140°C fan forced).  Grease oven tray or line with baking paper.

    Beat Tararua Butter and Chelsea Icing Sugar until pale and fluffy. Mix in Edmonds Fielder's Cornflour and Edmonds Standard Grade Flour until the mixture comes together and forms a dough.  

    On a floured surface, roll out dough to 1 cm thick and cut into shapes using biscuit cutters.  Alternatively, roll dough into a log and slice into rounds, using a floured knife to prevent sticking. Sprinkle with Chelsea Coffee Sugar Crystals if desired and press down gently.  

    Place on prepared tray and bake 25 – 30 minutes, until shortbread is pale but crisp. Cool on a wire rack and store in an airtight container.

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Average Rating
(114 reviews)

I have made this recipe twice, both times I needed a little extra flour so I could get a workable dough.not sure if I am doing something wrong here? Tastes lovely once made. Very popular with friends & family and friends

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A nice recipe overall

Made so many, and ended up being sooooooo dry and weird tasting.

Wow this is so yummy ,My family loved it

Great easy recipe

Turn out really nice and kids loved it.

Worst recipe ever, much too sweet, baking time much too long. Not recommendable

I added 2 tsp coffee granules and 1 tsp cracked pepper to this recipe – amazing also!

I have never made shortbread so good. This recipe is the best not had a failure yet . Add macadamias yum. Anyone who can't do this recipe should just buy store bought.

I add a little real vanilla essence and refrigerated the dough for an hour or so and sprinkled with caster sugar 5 minutes before taking them out of the oven. Lovely recipe and very easy. Just make sure the dough is not too thick or thin. I also sometimes dip half the biscuit in melts chocolate. A great recipe

Very poor example of shortbread, tried this recipe twice and it has failed both times

i found it far too soft to roll out So i patted it so i could cut it into rounds with cutter i even had to add more flour. But melted in my mouth after cooking.

Delicious. Lovely texture. From reading some of the other reviews I wonder if humidity affects the amount of flour. Fore-warned is fore-armed; I kept some extra flour handy. Great recipe, thank you.

I have been making this recipe for many is the best biscuit recipe ever, according to the grandchildren!

I made these with gluten free flour, and it was beautiful! Light and crispy, then melts in your mouth. I had to guard them from the kids as they were for a friend. I rolled it out between two pieces of baking paper and cut them with Christmas themed Cookie cutters.

Very yummy and easy recipe to follow: From Francis, 10 years old

Im a 58 year old bloke who knocks out a heap of this every week, wifey loves it and it's almost as good as grans used to be.

This is my go to recipe it's the best ever recipe. I have made them as a gift pack and people love them.

I love this recipe, and was making beautiful shortbread, but the last two times, the shortbread has come out really hard and crunchy...,please help...what am I doing wrong......butter too hard, not mixed enough with the icing sugar..... not chilled...overworked dough...??
CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, sorry to hear that! Yes, it might be that the butter was too hard (perhaps not helped by the cooler winter months?), not mixed in with the icing sugar long enough, or that the dough was overworked. We hope your next batch turns out well!

Best shortbread recipe you will find.

Shared them with friends! They are great, thanks Chelsea!


A easy to follow recipe. Turned out perfect. Will add to my favorites.

They were delicious! Though they did spread out a lot on the tray while baking, so watch out for that. I also put some icing on them and it was delightful.

This was just like getting them from the cafe, love this recipe!

This is an amazing recipe, everyone ate them straight away!


Kids love these - nice and chewy!

I accidentally added the cornflour in with the sugar and the shortbread still come out yum.
Thanks for an awesome recipe

After being told shortbread was hard to make. This recipe made is so simple. It tastes amazing as well. Can't wait to make more. One thing is to use a deep bowl so the flour doesn't fly everywhere!!!

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Everyone loves this

Best and easiest recipe ever. Made a double batch and used the beater through the whole process. no kneading by hand. came out perfect and spread quite a bit. decorate with some melted choclate. yuuuuuuum

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It was delicious with a hot cup of tea.... but not so great if you weren't looking for something sweet.
I enjoyed the shortbread very much though!

This is the loveliest shortbread... short, rich without being greasy. Loved by all. Also good with citrus zest in the mixture.

Partners just made a quick batch of short bread But mistakenly used baking powder instead of icing sugar tastes ok before cooking bit bitter but hey I'm grateful for the effort she's put in

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Friends and family said best shortbread ever. I completely agree.

Great recipe. I made mine into little stars and it made 56. I also rooled mine out and used a cookie cutter.

Fantastic recipe, although i cooked for 17mins instead. Also spread them out!! Cooking anothe batch now as they got gobbled so fast! :)

A very easy shortbread recipe. Need to be careful with the amount of flour: don't add all at once. Gradually add as you knead to ensure the dough is of the right consistency. Not too dry or wet. Get that right and these are yummy!

Great recipe, have added white pepper and chopped cashews for a difference.

Excellent receipe, a great one to whip up before friends arrive

I am a Scot and have tasted heaps of shortbread and biscuits etc. Your recipe takes a bit to beat.

Great recipe, used it several times, light and crisp. Added lemon zest for added flavour tang to counter sweetness.


I should have made this recipe. I made the Edmonds one because everyone said how good it was and it wouldn't hold together. Comparing the amount of dry ingredients, the Edmonds one has 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of icing sugar and 1 cup of corn flour which is a whole 1 1/4 cups more than this recipe has. I will certainly be making this one next time.

I think its great but the flour mesurments are very wrong. I ended up putting a lot more than it said to due to how sticky the dough was. Turned out yummy though :) Great with tea.

I'd never made biscuits before, but a few weeks ago I made Afghans (Chelsea recipe) and they've been a sensational hit. Today I made the Chelsea shortbread, first time ever, and 10 x the recipe, and bingo, instant success. Lots of mouths to feed at FFL in Whangarei, and everyone's loving the biscuits. Thanks Chelsea.


A few years ago I always failed at Shortbread, then I met someone that gave me a recipe and also talked me through how to make Shortbread properly. I am here today as I have misplaced that recipe, but I have used this one and applied the Shortbread making skills I learnt from my very good recipe. So, Shortbread is about feel, and it should be kneeded by hand until the dough all forms a solid all and no longer sticks to the wall of the bowl. The flour quantity varies, and my recipe had a range for the quantity. I applied that here, so following other reviewers complaints the dough was too soft, I put the entire 1.5cups of flour in. Then I left the flour and cornflour open next to my bowl and proceeded to kneed the dough. Once I established the consistency, I literally added just a small hand grab of each type of flour, and got that silky smooth ball of dough I was looking for. They have just come out of the over and look absolutely perfect. I have only given 4 stars as I feel your recipe should read 1.5 to 1.75 cups of flour as required. Then it would be perfect.

The shortbread biscuits were great!!! I loved them. I added a little more flour to the recipe as they were a little sticky but really fantastic!!!

Super easy to make and delicious!

This recipe is great. I doubled the mixture and it was still perfect. If the dough was too soft I add a little more flour, quarter cup at a time until it isn't sticky. Still come out the way shortbread should. Love it.

This recipe is amazing it works every time, I was wondering if the flour could be swapped for gluten free flour.

Perfect recipe. Is now my favourite shortbread recipe, and one I will stick to in years to come. Turns out beautifully, taste just like my Grandma used to make! :)

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The shortbread is lovely . I took the advise of others and left it in the fridge to cut before baking. I found it was too wet to roll out.

It is THE best recipe for shortbread. Melt in your mouth, buttery and sweet!

I had to try the recipe after reading all the great comments! Its a fantastic recipe just finished my 2x batches, It melts in the mouth!!!

So perfect so good so yummy

I don't think the flour amounts are correct. I had to put a lot more corn flour and plain flour to be able to roll it with 250g margerine. It worked out just fine.

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Perfect shortbread

I used soft brown sugar as I ran out of icing sugar. These are perfection!

It is AMAZINGLY EASY and delicious.

I love it

So good

Great yummy..
It would stay long in my cookies jar.

Hi Chelsea. I'm quite new to baking. Just got into it after coming across Rosanna Pansino on youtube. As a semi-beginner, this is really easy for me to do!! thank you so much!! my favourite cookie recipe (that doesnt use confusing american measurements lol)

My husband who was a Swiss chef says this recipe is “ the best”. I add almond essence to the mix, as that is his favourite flavour. My son’s love them too, and often go home with a tin full. Friend’s always aske me for the recipe after sampling. I have to say they are my fav too.

best shortbread recipe


love it

I had a massive failure with shortbread about 40 yrs ago but finally decided to give it another go. It was an unqualified success!!! I tried to use my beater but everything just clogged up so it was back to the wooden spoon.
The first batch is out (and taste tested) and the second batch due out in a few minutes. Many thanks for the great recipe.

We love this recipe

image description

this recipe was great, simple and Yummy!



This recipe makes beautiful shortbread! I found that it works best by shaping the dough into a log shape on a granite board to keep it cool and then slice with a knife into half an inch slices to keep the shape uniform.

We love these biscuits. Ultimately melt in your mouth

Perfect for my bake sale I did for the SPCA.

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It looks tastes and smells amazing try it you have to it is literally to die for amazing would rate it a 10 out of 10

Never made shortbread before, and was hoping to replicate the soft, creamy style of other peoples I'd tasted. Being December it was warm in the kitchen, so the dough was quite soft by the time I'd cut the biscuits out. They spread in the oven a little, so next time I will put in the fridge to chill before baking, or cut the biscuits smaller. This is why I gave it four stars. Otherwise they tasted delicious and I dipped some in chocolate. I used Lewis Road Creamery Lightly Salted Butter and added a little vanilla paste.

Best shortbread recipe ever- super light and crisp. I like to split the recipe into two logs, then roll one in coffee sugar crystals and the other in mini chocolate chips. I chill the logs before slicing and baking to make it easier. Perfect every time. Beautifully shaped and textured shortbread.

First lot were very neat and tidy and perfect.
Second lot had a few join up, the oven was hotter and the room was super warm but still they are beautiful.

taste really good perfect every time.

Best recipe. Biscuits won't last long in our house!! Thank you! !

Bad recipe. Dough is way too soft to work with, all the cookies loose their shape in the oven.

Pretty good. I added orange zest when I made this and dipped one end of each finger into melted chocolate.

I have been using this shortbread recipe through 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren an this their favourite bikkie of all time, I am sure everyone who bakes these will also enjoy these biscuits.

Verry good for me.

This recipe is the best shortbread I have ever tasted!!!

I absolutely love it and my kids loved it also can't wait to have more!!! Thanks!!!

So sad! the whole tray of cookies melted together ad made a puddle of buttery mess.
CHELSEA: Hi there, sorry to hear this recipe didn't work out for you. Our key tips to ensure shortbread biscuit success are to make sure you only soften (not melt) the butter, bake the cookies in the centre of the oven and ensure the oven temperature isn't too hot.

Didn't work out for me. Given proportions resulted in a very soft dough which should have set the alarm bells. I formed it into a roll and chilled in the freezer for a while and was able to work with it to slice rounds. In the oven the butter melted, the biscuits all melded into one another - complete fail. So I compared other shortbread recipes. Edmonds Cookbook for instance calls for 250 g of butter and four cups of dry ingredients. This recipe calls for the same amount of butter and 2 3/4 cups of the same dry ingredients. I think this recipe is flawed and I'm disappointed I trusted it.
CHELSEA: Hi there, sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with this recipe. We recently tested this recipe when we made the video for it and found it to be one of the best shortbread recipes we've tried! It has similar ratios of ingredients to other shortbread recipes found online. Our top shortbread-making tips are to make sure the butter is just softened (not melted), the oven isn't too hot and the cookies are baked in the middle of the oven.

I'm assuming so, but can the uncooked dough be frozen?
CHELSEA: Yes it can, enjoy :-)

Yum Yum Yum- best shortbread ever

This is a fabulous receipe. It is my go to one for shortbread. I knead it a bit after mixing and before rolling in to a log shape and then refrigerating. When it is cold, slice it, thick or thin, whatever takes your fancy. Great mixture for rolling out and cutting into shapes for Christmas baking etc.
Everyone loves it and sometimes I add cocoa to make it chocolate shortbread.

Great shortbread recipe!

Could I use riceflour instead of cornflour?
CHELSEA: Hi there, yes you could use rice flour in place of the cornflour. The resulting shortbread may be a little crunchier.

The easiest most delicious shortbread ever. I have never had a failure with this recipe, although I always have to add a little more flour and cornflour.

I have been meaning to make shortbread bikkies for ages -
finally tried at half past midnight tonight & am presently
tasting the end product.. which is yummy.
and so quick to make.

This is the most perfect shortbread recipe. My child took this to camp and was a huge hit with all the children!!

I would recommend this to everyone and every occasion.

Lovely shortbread recipe, very buttery and just the right crunch factor!

Really easy and turns out great.

Lovely shortbread recipe.

image description

love this shortbread recipe, so easy and quick to make and easy to eat.

Shortbread is amazing! I love eating it and literally can't stop! Awesome recipe!

Made these on the weekend so easy to make added cranberries to the mix and they were delish!

Amazing I LOVED IT yummy as well ;)

It was very delicious. My grandchildren loved making it with me! Full of amazing buttery goodness. 5/5!

Great and delicious

this is awesome totally gonna try it sure it will be great

Made several different shortbread recipes, this the best excellent blend sweetness butteriness crunch. Baked for 20 min at 150c very little color but perfect time.

It helps if you don't put brandy instead of vanilla essence.... still nice though

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Delicious and buttery

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