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Sugar Cube House

By Chelsea Sugar
Sugar Cube House
1 serving
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  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 1 hrs
  • Cooking time
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    At least 3 boxes of Chelsea Sugar Cubes
    Craft glue
    Coloured craft paper
    A 35cm x 35cm piece of heavy-duty cardboard
    A 30cm x 30cm piece of poster board
    Coloured paper napkins
    A pencil, scissors, a ruler, and plastic food wrap

    For decoration: small artificial flowers, small stones, paintbrushes, and acrylic craft paint


    Begin by drawing the foundation for the house or building on the 35cm x 35cm sheet of cardboard by laying out sugar cubes to predetermine the proper location.
    Width of building: 8 sugar cubes
    Length of building: 12 sugar cubes
    Height of building: 8 rows high

    Now you can begin gluing the sugar cubes to the cardboard. Start with one corner, and subsequently glue down each cube until the entire foundation has been secured to the cardboard.
    Don’t forget to leave an opening for the door and windows.
    Allow the glue to dry completely before continuing.

    After the glue has dried you can begin decorating the structure and assembling the roof. Use plastic food wrap for windowpanes by cutting out the required size and gluing it to the insides of the window openings. Make curtains for the house by cutting it from coloured paper napkins. Glue them to the insides of the windows.
    Create the roof by folding the 30cm x 30cm piece of poster board squarely in half. Put a line of craft glue on each side of the structure, and carefully put the roof in place. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving the structure.

    Decorate the outside:
    Optionally you can paint the roof using acrylic craft paint, or you can make roof tiles by cutting out squares of construction paper and gluing them on.
    You can also paint the cardboard base green to represent grass.
    To make a path, draw the outline for it, and glue on stones leading up to the doorway.
    Add a decorative touch by gluing small artificial flowers around the base of the structure. Let you imagination run wild, and decorate the house with everything you find that is suitable.
    Give your project approximately 24 hours to dry before attempting to move it.

    Tip: Alternately this project can be made using all edible components.
    Use white icing in place of craft glue. Crispbread can be joined with icing to create a roof. The structure can be decorated with bits and pieces of biscuits and lollies attached with frosting. Let your imagination run wild to create a one-of-a-kind structure that truly lives up to the phrase, “home sweet home”.

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