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Sunday Pancakes

By Chelsea Sugar
Sunday Pancakes
3 servings
  • 263 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 5 mins
  • Cooking time 5 mins
  • Serves

    1 cup Edmonds Self Raising Flour
    2 Tbsp Chelsea White Sugar
    ½ tsp finely grated lemon zest (optional)
    1 cup Meadow Fresh Milk (or Soy/Rice milk)
    1 egg, lightly beaten
    30g Tararua Butter, melted (or margarine)

    To serve:
    2 bananas, sliced
    1 punnet blueberries (or frozen berries defrosted)
    Chelsea Flavoured Syrup - Butterscotch, Caramel, Vanilla, Maple or Honey Maple.


    Sift the Edmonds Self Raising Flour and Chelsea White Sugar into a bowl. Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients. Add the lemon zest, Meadow Fresh Milk, egg and melted Tararua Butter/margarine and whisk to combine. Heat a large non stick frying pan over medium low heat and grease lightly with Tararua Butter or oil.
    For each pancake, place 2 tablespoons of batter into the pan. Cook for 2 minutes or until bubbles form on the surface. Turn and cook for a further 1 to 2 minutes or until the pancakes are cooked through.
    Garnish with berries, bananas and Chelsea Flavoured Syrup - Butterscotch, Caramel, Vanilla, Maple or Honey Maple.


    Double this recipe if you prefer a larger portion of pancakes!

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Average Rating
(263 reviews)

Following this recipe they came out perfectly.

i love this my mum does it and it is so yummy

love the pancakes.

Omg so good would make again

So so good. 10/10

Fluffy, delicious and super easy to make. This will now be our go to recipe!! They weren't flat, they puffed up nicely and weren't too dense.

very good

Works perfectly everytime

I'm a big pancake fan and can be quite picky but this recipe was amazing. Some of the best pancakes I've had.

I think this was a good recipe for kids to cook by themselves, but remember you souls still supervise them while cooking. I added choc chips as well.

Great recipes.

very good loved it

Really good, loved them

Very quick and easy to make tastes great

Best on earth

Love this recipe, have finally found the perfect weekend pancakes recipe. My son and husband love them. They always come out fluffy and soft with a satisfying chew.

This is a fantastic recipe - can also be altered to make protein pancakes by swapping the milk for one scoop of protein powder + 1 cup water.

The best and most easy recipe! I now know it off by heart and make most weekends for the kiddies. They loooove them!!

literally the best pancake recipe I’ve ever tried. I’m glad I did because they were amazing and the whole family loved it! I can’t believe how good these are.

I am a sad divorced mom :( Who really enjoys this recipe, it's such a nice breakfast to have on a sunday morning drinking my coffee on my own. i would rate it 3 stars!

It’s was amazing!


Very easy, the kids enjoyed them

Lovely recipe. My pancakes were so fluffy

Taste: Excellent!
Level: Simple!
Consistency: A bit flat...
Either way my family and I loved them!

When you say serves 3, do you mean makes 3?

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, this recipe makes enough pancakes to serve 3 people for breakfast (it makes more than 3 pancakes).

It blew my mind I am doing this every Sunday and thx.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 stars for this amazing pancake recipe

Best recipe

very yum on a Saturday

this is the best pancake yet...

I have pancakes every Sunday and I try out new recipes. This is my 12th week and this recipe has produced the best pancakes so far. 5 STARS!!!!!

havent cooked it yet but it sounds amazing

I always go to this company when it comes to baking I would give it ... hmmmm ... 5 STARS

It was yum.

This recipe made my dad happy on fathers day, I forgot to rate this earlier.



Didnt work at all way too runny and tried it twice big thumbs down

I use this recipe. The egg is kind of optional though. Without egg it doesn't hang together quite as well but still delicious!

Amazing, it's perfect for Sunday pancakes, it was so yum

Awesome best tasting in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice and simple for my mokopuna (7 years old) to follow and produce quality. Ngā mihi

Love this mix but find it a lil too eggy for my taste my kids actually spotted the egg taste first so I like to double this mix and only add the 1 egg it still works great yummy quick an easy keep the kids quiet hehehe xx

This was so yummy and awesome!


Amazing! This is my favourite quick pancake recipe and I recommend it a lot. 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I like it when you put cheese on them so 4/5.

Easy, simple, and delicious!

These pancakes were so good! I would marry them!


It's so good lol

Turned out ok. We cooked it for ages and it was really raw.

Today I made these pancakes for my parents and younger sister for breakfast as a surprise. I found this recipe very easy to follow and use. I also found out that you could substitute icing sugar for white sugar as I did not have any white sugar. I love this recipe and everyone in my family does to.

These where absolutely amazing and I just overall really love them and recommend them.

They were ok but they didn't flip.

This says serves three, how many pancakes does it make?
Chelsea Sugar:
This recipe make nine thick pancakes that can serve three people.

Amazing! I can make these by myself without any help and they taste delicious!

Looks so good.

I would love to try this!

This as a great recipe hands.

This is my go to recipe! 5 ⭐️

Easy to make and very yummy on a cold morning. Mothers day is this Sunday, hint hint.

My favourite pancakes recipe I always go to this recipe.

It’s nice I guess.

image description

I think this was amazing. I just jumped online and looked up pancake recipe and to be honest this recipe is a lifesaver. Let's give it five stars and 10/10.

These were amazing, had them with the berry compote recipe on this site. So good.

So yummy ! We doubled the recipe and my household were still wanting more . Extra sweet hit we added bananas and a drizzle of Nutella

So delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

This turned into a crepe not pancakes and I used the exact measurements of everything.

I don't know why but I baked a pancake and it tasted delicious and my daughter baked a pancake as well kinda and turned it into a pancake pizza!

LOVE IT!! My go to recipe hands down! I always add about half a tablespoon of vanilla essence to give it that little bit of extra sweetness.

Doubled the recipe and made into pikelet sized servings, liberally squeezed lemon juice and a light sprinkle of sugar. Delish!!

Great, very easy to make and tastes delicious.

Amazing! They turned out perfect! So fluffy, light and tasty. I doubled the recipe and got 8 huge pancakes. Will definitely use this recipe again!

Absolutely brilliant. I made one big one each for a family of five. Doubled the recipe and it was spot on.. Bacon, maple syrup and banana. Kids were so full..


Yummy! 5 stars!

So yummy works every time. I can't stop eating them.

You should say how many pancakes the recipe will make.

We added more eggs and it tasted like a dessert pancake!

It's good.

Awesome recipe.

I loved the food it so good to me

SO GOOD!!!!!!!


it is so yummy!!!!!!!!!

Amazing and YUMMY

Great pancakes!!!!!!!!!!

Whisking pancake mixture makes the pancakes rubbery (as happens if you overtax a muffin recipe). Great if you actually LIKE your pancakes rubbery, I guess.

image description

Wats gud for a single father with a 12year old google lol

its ggod

B I G Y U M M Y Y U M M Y !!

big yummy yummy

DELICIOUS pancakes! Cut out sugar but still


These are such a great recipe!!! Super easy, super quick, super fun, SUPER YUMMY!!! They r not. Stodgy but light and fluffy. Deeeelicious!!



AWESOME REALLY GOOD. I Am 69 years old and can make these for my children.

Best recipe, so easy - always use this one!!


Really good !

it is very yummy!

I like that they are fluffy a I can make them my self and I am 11 years old .
It can't get better then these pancakes.

This is the best recipe ever

i'm a kid and think these were amazing i definitely recommend.

yes yes yes

Amazing Texture And Flavour!!

I'm a kid and I love pancakes and these are really good pancakes I make them every weekend

I’m a kid and these are really easy to make and so yummy! Mmmmm!

I’m a kid and I can make these. Really nice to eat and very thick and fluffy!

These are perfect on a sunny sunday with a bunch of lemmons and sugar

Good. Except I don't know whose bright idea it was to add butter to it. Doesn't make sense. Without butter they go well

They were very good!! Thanks for the recipe

So easy for kids to make.

The pancakes are absolutely amazing!!! I make them every Sunday for my family! They are super easy to make!

Very easy to make and really yummy.

Oh awesome.

Tried and tested and my kids love them ... its definitely our every Sunday breakfast treat, so easy to make and so delicious

So easy and turns out perfect everytime. Kids love them!

I'm so bad. I made them so bad. Do not do.


yum good

Not so much pancakes but pikelets? Good tho

Not so much pancakes but pikelets? Good tho

My go to recipe for pikelets and pancakes. Quick and easy and no fail. Freezes well.

OMG these pancakes taste the best and they are so easy to make.

I love it

I made these this morning for my family breakfast. It was a wonderful outcome, my family enjoyed it and I will definitely use this recipe again next time.

These are the pancakes which we travelled for 150 km from where we live to have them in breakfast...and today we had them homemade!!! they are exclusive with no soda and flour odour! absolutely fantastic..thanks

Delicious love em

I loved the taste and the texture of them, yum!

I absolutely LOVE making these pancakes, my whole family loves them.

My pancakes didn’t come out like that pancakey.


Thank you so much. My family love the recipe.

I made these for my family and they loved them, I didn't like them at first. The batters was better than the cooked pancakes. However, the more I ate the more I enjoyed. Would be better with more sugar.

I love to cook them for my family and they love it. They are so easy to make and very yummy and quick to make.

Wow, this recipe was fantastic! Really loved the idea of putting syrup in it, it made it delicious!


Love waking up on Sunday and making these. Thanks for the recipe

Anyone can make this pancake for their loved ones. It's simple, affordable, and so amazing. Thanks.



Awesome! It's so delicious!

Need some adjustments for family that eats a lot although is very yum.


I'm 11 and love baking. I wanted somthing sweet for breakfast and this was so easy and fast to make. Loved it.

This is the most tasty pancakes ever I loved it and I give it 5/5.


Awesome, looked sooooo good!!!!!!!!!

It was really yummy

My favorite pancake recipe I have found! Absolutely delicious!

I loved it.

I really like Sunday pancakes because they are popular right now! How did they know!?!?!? I made too many oops hahahahahaha!! We also used two bowls and it took us a lot longer than the minute long video???? Thanks anyway xoxox

easy recipe and healthy


This is a great recipe

image description

Looks amazing, tastes amazing and is amazing. Love everything.


Made these with my class, kids loved it, easy to make, and tasty. Added some tears of vanilla just to give it that lovely aroma. Delectable!

Waste of batter. Too runny, may as well be called crepes.

I really loved this pancake recipe as it did not make too much like other pancake recipes do. It was really yummy! I also added a dash of vanilla because I do that to almost every recipe and this made it even more delicious!


Most delicious pancakes I have ever tried!! Awesome recipe

loved it

I'm just ten years old and i love cooking these pancakes have been good practise and there yummy too


Really good recipe! Made these a couple of times and absolutely love them!

i love it

Perfect on a cool Saturday morning, kids just loved them.


Amazing, just what I needed.

WOW.. super quick and delicious. I only added 1 TBLSP of sugar as with lashings of maple syrup I didn't want to make them too sweet. Will be definitely on my go to list from now on.

Greart !

I ate these for lunch :) I like them

Amazing. The recipe is so easy to follow; I’m only eleven years old and I made them with no parent help first time. They are also delicious and they really fill you up.

i loved the recipe and when i ate it it felt so goood and yum my family loved it

Made these tonight for my son's lunch tomorrow. Although they didn't make much (4 &1/2) they tasted great and cooked well.

This was an easy recipe for me to bake,I will definitely be baking this again!

I love it

This recipe is so amazing

image description

I substituted the flour for GF Flour and it worked perfectly. The pancakes are quite heavy, but this is my go to recipe

image description

Nice easy recipe that the kids enjoy, always have to double or triple the recipe to feed my lot

If I don’t have raising flour, can I use baking soda? How much would I need for this recipe? Thanks, Chelsea :)
CHELSEA: use 1 tsp of baking soda per 1 cup of flour.

The recipe is fine but how the hell do you sift sugar!!!

Loved the subtle flavours from the lemon rind and butter; the pancakes turned out light and fluffy. Kids loved them too

image description


This recipe was real easy to make! My first one flopped but all my others were really good! couldn’t stop eating them!! the only reason it’s not a 5 star is because of that first one but other than that it’s one of the best pancake recipe i have tried!

A little bit too sweet but loved it. Next time I added less sugar and it was less sweet so maybe you should do that next time.

Yummy and delicious to eat yeah that is yummy and nice and it can eat so good that why it tastes nice and you can eat it in the morning for your breakfast

image description

Easy and delicious

Delicious and perfect every time

I hate it I tried it and it ended up bad I'm never using this recipe again

This is a great recipe it makes great pancakes and also great pikelets. Is great with chocolate chips.

Classic kiwi pancake recipe that can't be beat!

My Moko's breakfast favourite every time. They look forward to it every time they stay over. Topped with maple syrup, bananas. Love it.

Do u have to put lemon zest?
CHELSEA: Hi there, no the lemon zest is not essential in this recipe.

Wow!! this pancakes is a very awesome recipe. Thanks for sharing this nice pancake recipe.

Great easy

only good with maple syrup and real small and thin I think they were vial


Taste was amazing with the lemon zest :)

OMG, these are so quick and easy and SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!!

My wife, kids and colleagues have called this "to die for". The zest adds an amazing flavor that makes even the staunch pancake detesters (myself) want to make them on a regular basis.

Great recipe. The grandkids love them. If they don't work out for you, you're probably doing something wrong. Have another go.

Thank you for this recipe. Tried out the recipe today and the kids loved the pancakes.

This recipe is amazing I made it for my mum for her birthday breakfast in bed and she said the recipe is awesome.
Thank you Chelsea for your recipes my family and I love them!

margarine is one number away from being alkathine.
not good for humans to eat.

It is just wonderful. I love all the Chelsea recipes and they really excite me.

A lovely wee treat to start the day. I "encourage' my fiancé to make these for me every morning!

I've just literally made these pancakes and to tell you the truth both my son and I were disappointed. They do not resemble the picture and looked like they were deflated. As for feeding 3 people I don't think so. I won't be making this recipe again.

love it

This pancake recipe is delicious - I tried cut up strawberries to top my pancakes and they were so good!
I also tried adding blueberries into the mixture to make blueberry pancakes - yum!

Great quick recipe and they all love the maple syrup with bananas and crispy bacon.

Excellent Saturday breakfast with family, garnish with whatever makes you happy

I have always used this recipe. The grandkids love it when I make them. Usually I will beat the egg and sugar first until it is light and fluffy then add the rest of the ingredients. Very good.

We made it and ate it.


image description

I absolutely love this recipe!! Has made my pancakes sooo much tastier. Thank you!! Have passed on my new found wisdom already.

I normally do my pancakes like a crepe and everyone loves them. However gave these ago as I had a huge brunch at my place today with overseas relative..and they went down a treat!! I 8x the recipe as I had a big crowd but the mixture fed 15 adults and six kids who love pancakes..I would make again. (I made them in a small fry pan) so they were even size but it worked a treat with all the other food! And it was a good time to break out the Canadian maple syrup I had been saving for a special occasion.

image description

Easy to make and delicious pancakes ... i added a spoon of plain yogurt to the mix as i didnt have lemon ... the kids loved it :)

Fantastic easy recipe! Makes me question why I ever used the shake bottle pancakes! These are quicker and so much tastier!

The best of all my pancake recipes, really nice.

Delicious quick and easy, I make these pancakes at least 3 times a week! My family loves them and most of all me!
I suppose everybody should have all the ingredients!
They're light and fluffy and moist, really good for Saturday too.
Thank you thank you thank you.

This is the first time I have made pancakes from scratch, and they turned out perfectly delicious. My kids loved them. Will definitely be making them again. Thank you.

this is the best pancake recipe - a must try!!

Made these pancakes for the family this morning. Happy people :)

image description

Quick and easy, a family favourite in my household

Delicious and super easy!

My go-to recipe for Pancakes that my kids want for Breakfast every weekend

image description

Delicious! Fluffy and crunchy on the outside and so easy to make!

image description

This is delicious! Great for Saturday mornings too!

so yum I love them! but prep and cooking are both longer than 5 mins

Delicious pancakes, come out perfect every time!

Delicious and easy to follow. But needs more sugar.

I often make these on the weekend. They are the nicest pancake I have ever made. Light and fluffy!

decent pancakes but serves 4 ??? made like 3 decent sized pancakes. id double the recipe next time. come on chelsea sugar get your game on

I went through a stage of making these literally every week. I absolutely love them and think they are the best I have ever tasted! Super quick and easy to make and delicious to eat!

Great pancakes, they are very much like hotcakes which is how I like them. Great with the Chelsea Golden Syrup, lemons and bananas. Made these this morning and were delish!!!

I loved the taste. However if your feeding boys or big eaters this won't feed four let along two. I doubled the mixture and found it feed four adults.

Looks scrumptious, I thought they were called by a different name as pancakes in the country where I was born are paper thin! Am cooking these this weekend!



tasted all chill but real thin mixture ow

Delicious, thanks for sharing this recipe.

Absolutely great and helpful! STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS RECIPE!

My daughter and I often have pancakes for Sunday breakfast. This morning she wanted different ones to our usual traditional pancake recipe. So I tried this recipe and WOW they are delish! More like hot cakes though. She just told me she wants them everyday! Yum!

You can't call pikelets pancakes; 5/5 pikelet recipe nevertheless

So good, the best that I have tasted. You have to try them...

I use this recipe almost every weekend, and it is so easy. The results are amazing and so yummy, I recommend this recipe.

image description

Easy and delicious 10/10

image description

Absolutely yummy and easy!

image description

This is a very easy recipe, and tastes delicious. It was a hit with my fussy children as well. Just need to double the recipe for more pancakes.

image description

it 's really great :) love this recipe good for my younger siblings!

image description

Beautiful best one I've come across so far

image description

The best pancakes that I have made in my life!! so delicious :)

image description

Excellent! Easy, the lemon flavour is delicious. This has to be the best pancake recipe.

image description

Yummy : )

image description

Yum! Made for dinner as a special treat, needed 3 batches to full two hungry adults and a child.

image description

Very easy recipe for pancakes, and beautiful and light. I used soy and dairy free marg too. I doubled it and made enough for 4 adults and two preschoolers for lunch.

image description

Just made this delicious pancakes, instead of lemon I use orange, lovely recipe.

image description

BEST EVER!! I have been trying for ages to find the best mix and this is it...10 out of 10

image description

Best recipe I have ever made

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