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Tiramisu is an Italian dessert, it means "pick me up" because there's traditionally quite a bit of coffee in it!

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  • 3 egg yolks
  • ¼ cup Chelsea Caster Sugar (56g)
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 250g mascarpone
  • 300ml Meadow Fresh Original Cream
  • 1 cup strong, freshly brewed coffee (250ml)
  • 6 Tbsp coffee liqueur (i.e. Kahlua or Tia Maria)
  • 24 large sponge fingers or savoiardi biscuits (sponge cake cut into fingers can be substituted)
  • 1-2 Tbsp cocoa powder

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Caster Sugar

Caster Sugar

The fine crystal of Chelsea...

{has_more=true, offset=10, total=34, results=[{comment_text=A family favourite 😊, approved=true, user_name=Li, rating_new__1_5_=5, hs_createdate=1719568389077, id=13791253331}, {comment_text=Brilliant recipe! Made this for Christmas 2023 and it was much loved. A simple and straightforward recipe. I used an old family recipe for homemade kahlua which made it extra special. This will be my go to recipe for Tiramisu in future, approved=true, user_name=Esm√©, rating_new__1_5_=5, hs_createdate=1716176735535, rating=100, id=13316395676}, {comment_text=Best one, approved=true, user_name=Tasneem, rating_new__1_5_=5, hs_createdate=1716024948917, id=13301292892}, {comment_text=This is my go-to recipe for tiramisu. It may be simpler than some recipes out there, but it's bullet-proof and delicious. I make it every month or so, and the family eats it over the course of a few days. Leave it in the fridge overnight to set and it's even better.Also, as some others suggested: Blend the cooled egg yolk mixture into the mascarpone before you fold in the whipped cream and it will come out perfectly fluffy., approved=true, user_name=SpotSpot, rating_new__1_5_=5, hs_createdate=1702249884018, id=11175556365}, {comment_text=looks real yummy to eat i must try and have a go at making it, approved=true, rating_new__1_5_=5, hs_createdate=1702249883033, id=11175397163}, {comment_text=Great recipe. I added a bit more sugar to the egg mixture (1/3 cup) and it was perfect. A tip that is not mentioned is to make sure that the coffee is not too hot when dunking the biscuits, as they will become soggy., approved=true, user_name=Zay, rating_new__1_5_=5, hs_createdate=1702249879984, id=11175370144}, {comment_text=I only make this for xmas dinner. I usually double the recipe, make a huge batch, forgetting, cough,, approved=true, user_name=Deirdre, rating_new__1_5_=5, hs_createdate=1702249878081, id=11174084885}, {comment_text=I have not done the coffee and alcohol version because of children. I substituted drinking chocolate for coffee and bought store bought custard. Enjoyed by adults and children., approved=true, user_name=Miriam, rating_new__1_5_=5, hs_createdate=1702249877587, id=11175490208}, {comment_text=love the idea of the spone fingers i have always done layers i thinks finger work best tast great and family loves it too, approved=true, rating_new__1_5_=4, hs_createdate=1702249876342, id=11175556210}, {comment_text=this recipe was and supa easy and delicious loved the sponge fingers, approved=true, user_name=emma, rating_new__1_5_=5, hs_createdate=1702249876130, id=11175343122}]}

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Prepare a double boiler. You can do this by bringing a few centimetres of water to a simmer in a saucepan. Place a glass or stainless steel bowl over the top, so that it fits snugly without touching the water below.
Place egg yolks, Chelsea Caster Sugar and vanilla in the bowl. Whisk until thick, pale and creamy (3-4 minutes). Remove from heat.
Place the mascarpone and cream in a separate large bowl. Using an electric mixer, whip to soft peaks. Fold into the egg mixture.
Mix the coffee with the coffee liqueur. Dunk the sponge fingers quickly in the coffee mixture, making sure they are completely immersed. Don't leave them in for more than a second or two as they can turn soggy.
Layer one third of the sponge fingers in a serving dish (approximately 24cm x 16cm) and top with a third of the mascarpone cream. Repeat twice to form three layers.
Sift cocoa evenly over the top. Cover and chill for at least 3 hours before serving.

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