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Afghan Biscuits

By Chelsea Sugar
Afghan Biscuits
24 servings
  • 262 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 15 mins
  • Serves

    200g Tararua Butter, softened
    1/2 cup Chelsea Caster Sugar or Chelsea Organic Raw Sugar (113g)
    1 tsp vanilla essence
    1 1/4 cups Edmonds Standard Grade Flour (188g)
    1/4 cup cocoa powder (20g)
    1 1/2 cups cornflakes (or crushed Weetbix)

    1 1/2 cups Chelsea Icing Sugar (225g)
    1 Tbsp cocoa powder
    1 Tbsp Tararua Butter, softened
    2-3 Tbsp boiling water
    Walnut halves, to decorate (optional)


    Preheat oven to 180°C bake. Line two large baking trays with baking paper.

    In a large bowl, beat butter, Chelsea Caster Sugar or Chelsea Organic Raw Sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy.

    Sift in the flour and cocoa. Stir until mostly combined, then add the cornflakes and mix well.

    Roll tablespoons of mixture into balls and place on prepared trays. Press down lightly with a fork.

    Bake for 15-20 minutes, until biscuits are just firm to the touch. Leave on trays for a few minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

    Sift Chelsea Icing Sugar and cocoa powder into a bowl. Add butter and 1 tablespoon boiling water at a time, mixing well and adding more hot water as required until icing is a spreadable consistency. Ice cooled biscuits and decorate with walnut halves, if desired.

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Average Rating
(262 reviews)


love it :)

I love this recipe so much and have used it several times.
The one thing Is that it was a little too sweet, but other than that is was great .

Love this recipe, enough icing to make a lovely dollop on each crunchy yummy chocolatey ball of yum, with its walnut on top. Have used this recipe several times.
Five stars

Absolutely delicious recipe my kids want more so have made a few batches. Full of flavour..

Made this with rolled oats instead of the other cereals because I didn't check i had them :D It doesn't have that crunch but a different texture which is fine. Made it into a slice instead of into biscuits. Easy recipe!

I love this recipe because all the measurements are in CUP, so I do not need a kitchen scale, Yeah! feels so easy and a success baking for new baker.

Well I don’t know what I did wrong but they were a major fail for me! I followed the recipe exact but they all spread out so thin and fell to pieces! There was no baking powder mentioned in the recipe so I’m wondering if that was the cause…

I think that this is an awesome recipe! I just think that they were cooked for to long!


this is an amazing recipe. i first discovered it with my Nanna and i have been useing alot since.

image description

so good and easy to make

5 stars! 5th batch I've made this week! If you blink they are gone! Family favourite.

Love your recipes. My husband and son make short work eating them

in the oven now.....YUM, these will be sooooo good.

love it

image description

Easy, tasty and super quick

image description

Easy, tasty and super quick


it tastes very good

These are awesome. I add 200 grams of milk chocolate drops. They don’t last long!

Yummy for the grandchildren and us adults, most satisfying for anytime of the day and evening...

it was so cool your the best

Good food

I love your recipes,
They are very nice

Yummy, and very simple to make. I double the recipe because they are such a favourite



This recipe is almost identical to the one in the 50yr old cook book I inherited and works just fine.

Perfect Afghan biscuits, just like when I was a kid. Always more of a fan of weet-bix in them, so I went for that option. Kept their shape perfectly.


I felt like chocolate chip cookies but I didn’t have any eggs so I made this with Weetbix and a cup of chocolate chips. It came out divine :)

good and yummy for kids


This recipe is really easy! Afgans turned out perfect. I'm usually terrible at baking biscuits but finally found a recipe where i didnt fail haha

First time making Afghans using this recipe. Was incredibly simple to follow and turned out delicious. Very confusing reading the low reviews and seeing the issues people are having.

Used brown sugar instead of white/castor sugar and they are so delicious, melt in you mouth. Also have made these with weetbix and they are just as delicious. This is my go to recipe for Afgans, they get eaten within a few hours.

Let me add to my previous review. You don't even need to be pedantic with mixing these ingredients. Just throw them all at once into the food processor and let it do the work. The butter might need to defrost if you live in the Arctic, that's all

You'd have to be doing something wrong to ruin this biscuit. I make more icing because that's what I like, and sometimes I'll swap the nuts around to pecans or coconut. Sometimes if very lazy i will sling the whole lot into a slice pan, flatten it with a spatula and ice it as usual. Scrumptious however you make it and if there is a secret, it's to use BUTTER not Marge, not softened butter because that's hot oil in it. BUTTER

Easy to make extra choc flavor with Donovans Dutch cocoa powder

This recipe never fails. I top them with Whittakers melted dark chocolate and a walnut. Delicious.

oven temp?

I only had SR flour so I used 1 cup of that & 1/4 cup of cornflour as I prefer crumbley? (Is that a word?) Afghans. I followed reviewers instructions of ensuring butter and flour were light and fluffy before continuing and I have to agree with the majority. These are THE BEST Afghan biscuits I’ve ever had. I have had a few failed recipes in the past so am very stoked to have found this one.

I love this recipe use it all the time about to make a batch now!

So easy and so delicious!! Thank you for this great recipe!

Cookies are yum..but after my husband attempted the recipe he got very flat cookies. I then made a batch but only had the temp at 160 and they turned out perfect. I baked another batch later the same day at 180 and I too got flat cookies..for anyone else who fails, I think the temp is too high. Cook low and slow. At 160 I had to leave in about 18 mins.

I like this recipe very easy and quick to make but it says serves 30? Not likely. I made the recipe as it says and I weighted every ball to 30grams and I only got 18. Any smaller and they would be tiny! I recommend this recipe but If you want a decent sized biscuit double the recipe.

Make these all the time, recipe is spot on :)

These are super easy to make and ended up doubling the mixture and made about 40.

I make this all the time and they're so easy and so yummy! I adjust the recipe slightly by using crunchy nut instead of normal cornflakes (keeps the crunch better) and I refrigerate the mixture for 30 min before I divide into cookies to bake, which seems to help them keep their shape instead of flattening. I also leave them in a ball and don't press down, they flatten a little themselves in baking process but I've found this helps avoid them getting too dry. For extra interest I also like to add cinnamon and cardamom to the flour mixture, and juice and rind of an orange to the icing mixture. Rave reviews every time!

What type of cocoa did you use. (Unsweetened or Dutch)

I followed the instructions precisely, yet they tasted more like brownies rather than Afghans. Where did i go wrong?.

i love the taste but i want them to be a lot crunchier what can i do

i think the recipe was really good but i found it helped if i melted the butter


my fav afghan recipe

Good afghans. My oven runs a bit hot so I did them at 160 still came out very good. Nice flavour just waiting for them to cool so they can be iced. Thank you for the recipe.

Easy quick and straightforward. It's a family favourite. Kids love making them for school lunches.

Wow amazing just it’s better to put them in for 10 mins

OMG so yum! used weetbix instead of cornflakes, AMAZING...

This is my go to Afghan recipe - quickly inhaled by all "testers."

Lovely recipe. I cream my butter, sugar, and vanilla until yellow and fluffy. Fold in by hand the rest of the ingrediants. For children who don't like walnuts, I put an M&M on top. I make 23 so use 2 trays on Fanbake 160C 16-18 minutes. ( 25gm each )

All of the low reviews have done something very wrong - these biscuits are perfect. I made 12 because I like BIG ones, scooped with a spoon, rolled in hand and pressed slightly with my palm. Baked for 18 mins - will never use a different recipe!

I can't bake to save myself and this was the easiest recipe in the world, and one of the best afghans I've ever tasted. So good fresh out of the oven. Will definitely be making this again

Awesome!! Easy and straightforward awesome turnout!!

It's a very good cookie I eat it at my school I go to

Nom nom nom easy quick treat in lockdown

Great eating

I think everyone that is having problems with the way the volume of the cookies came out, just needs to or didn't whip up the butter and sugar enough :)) Try giving it a nice whip until it's a mellow yellow colour and looks like it's almost doubled in volume then they should turn out beautifully :))

A fantastic recipe and so easy to whip up. I used Dutch Cocoa and they turned out incredibly delicious.
Next time I may try halving the recipe and baking them in the small oven. Will also have a go at making in the food processor as they're the perfect treat when you get unexpected visitors.

I love this recipe, i decided to leave the afghans on the tray when i took them out because they were coming apart when i tried to transfer them to cool down. But they were so good and easy to make

it’s amazing thank you so much for the great recipe !

image description

So good loved this recipe! Thanks Chelsea for putting it on your website!

I love these Afghan Biscuits I make them a lot and I use this website

so yum

fabulous easy quick recipe.. age old favourite.. much loved in my family! thank you chelsea sugar and i cannot wait to make more yummies using your website :)

Turned to flat mess and ended up burning and spongy

Yummy! Made mine gluten free with, used same amount of GF Edmonds flour, gluten free cornflakes and 1/2tsp xanthan gum. Tasted great wouldn’t even know they were gluten free.

CHELSEA SUGAR: That's great to hear, glad you enjoyed them :)

Delicious !

So I used gluten free flour instead of standard and they were an absolute disaster don’t know what happened.

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, we haven't tested this recipe with gluten-free flour. It might need a couple of other tweaks to achieve successful results (rather than just a straight swap of the flours). We'll see if we can add this to our recipe development list :)

These were so good, absolutely delicious and very easy to make.

Everyone loved the Afghans for morning tea and easy to make too

Me and my 94 year old mother made these, absolutely scrumptious!! xx

image description

Hi, I followed the recipe and they turned out perfectly. I made 24 smaller biscuits (using approx. 1 heaped teaspoon of the mixture for each). I cooked them for 20 mins. I did notice that they needed to cool down on the tray for 5-10 mins before I carefully moved them to the wire cooling rack as were very fragile until they had cooled and on attempt of transferring the first one when still hot crumbled. But once cooled they were fine. Happy baking everyone!

Great everyday treat

So easy to make and im not a baker haha these are an absolute favorite in our house

Obsessed with these afghans! They are my party dish. It took me a few batches to perfect it. I was completely melting the butter and using the hand mixer the whole process which which is wrong. Soften the butter, use hand mixer for butter sugar and vanilla only and then for the rest use a wooden spoon to hand mix. After I mix I put the mixture in the fridge to harden a bit for 5 mins then I roll them up in balls then press down on tray for oven. I love making these. So easy and fast.

it was delicious, easy to make

quite sweet - but I put less sugar and it was great. Easy. I couldn't keep them longer than a day as my son and husband had the lot!

Yummy, easy to make


They taste so good. Are great for a treat when a friend comes over or in school lunches. Absolutely delicious!

it is amazing

Yum! these were so good, but the batter was crumbly so i recommend a bit of water, they are soo good and get a lot of compliments from everyone. i definitely recommend this recipe.
(on to make a new batch now LOL)

These biscuits are delicious, My Mum always added lemon juice to the chocolate icing,to give it that extra tang and wow it goes beautifully!

I love it

This is my go to afghan recipe.

Replace vanilla essence with caramel essence....delicious !

Yum!! Definitely recommend. It is so good.

This is my absolute go-to recipe for the perfect Afghan biscuit! My 13yr old absolutely loves these. Easy and delicious!

Delicious! I made a batch for a meeting. I ate a few, maybe 6 haha before the meeting and everyone else demolished them!

The batter is very dry and crumbly, so I added more butter which turned out very bad in the oven. It was just a greasy ball with greasy taste and appetising at all.

Amazing, great, brilliant.

So good

It's good.

Excellent recipe! Have made these many times since finding your recipe and they have been a success every time. Everyone who eats them loves them. Thank you so much for getting it so right.
I'd encourage anyone who hasn't had good results to try again and to follow the recipe exactly as it's written... you can't go wrong.

Very easy to cook. At first I thought it was very dry - but I stuck my hands in and pressed it together (almost like a less aggressive version of kneading for breads) then it formed the perfect looking afghan cooking dough. Don't give up on this one - they're fantastic when iced with melted Whittikares milk chocolate.

Easy - consistent results every time. Thought I couldn’t bake but I can now! Everyone loves them.

This recipe is delicious, no issues at all making these and everyone loved them. Would defs make again!

So easy and quick. And not forgetting delicious.

Tasted delicious, but turned out really flat. Not sure what I can do differently?

This is a great recipe. I placed all the ingredients in together after creaming butter and sugar. Next time I will just add gradually as my texture was too dry. I think the people who found this recipe too dry can remedy by adding a bit more butter as this is what I did. I put real chocolate on the top and the result was great. They certainly taste lovely.

Hi I can't believe the reviews are about the same afghan biscuit recipe.. I have used a different recipe up til now but thought I'd try this one. So easy, and they bound with the butter easily. However, I scooped up a desert spoon of mixture then rolled it into a ball first before putting on tray. Pressed down a little with the palm of my hand not a fork. They came out perfectly and taste delicious. I made 15 as I like bigger biscuits!

I think the recipe is great. I also watched the YouTube video and have NO idea why you would grease the oven tray and then put a piece of baking paper on top? It makes no sense to me what so ever. It's not like the paper would stick to the tray. I would imagine that it would cause the butter to burn onto the tray. Don't get it at all.

Easy peasy.

Perfect. No need for baking powder and a large teaspoon is the perfect amount. Slightly flattened with a fork before baking gave perfect shape. This recipe made 20 biscuits.

These afghans are DELICIOUS! So easy to make and always come out awesome. This is my 6th time making them this month. Lovely with a nice cuppa in the evening:)

Biscuits just melted in the oven and are about as dense as spun sugar...

Excellent and easy to follow, used weetbix and coconut instead and coconut sprinkled on top of the icing instead of walnut, delicious :)

So yum! It was my first time making them, and I’m glad I did! Will definitely be adding these to the rotation of my regular bakes!

Dry mixture and had to add water. Decent sized biscuit but weren't very nice and to be honest they ended up in the rubbish. Wouldn't make again.

Worst cookies ever! Turned out to be flat greasy pancakes.

This recipe is great I usually bake it for Christmas and they are all gone less then 5 minutes! They are delicious.

Super flat, but cooked for 15 minutes. Still tasted ok.

Making these in the USA and my problem is conversions. My sticks of butter are 113 grams and the volume of the cups calls for 1&1/2, 1&1/4, etc. does the volume of the dry ingredients change and what would be the butter grams in ounces. My attempt at making afghans turned out very dry. Love your recipes.

If you bake for 20 minutes it is way too dry!

Should it have baking soda they were flat as pancakes.

Too dry and crumbly

Soooo popular with my friends & the children next door. I used the crushed weetbix they make the biscuit more shortbread textured. This recipe is an oldie but a goody.

Perfect recipe. I have been baking double batchs and freezing them in snap lock bags once cool. Then I can take out as many as I want when unexpected visitors arrive. Perfect.

This is an easy recipe with great results. There is just enough cocoa to give them a lovely chocolate taste. Give this recipe a try you wont be disappointed

I find adding an extra 100g of butter and baking them for only 6-8 minutes taking them out when they are still soft but cooked :) This will make it chewy and not too dry

so divine utterly... fab! from your famous fav actress
all the bet penelope single glass

Best Afghans I have ever made.

A great recipe, they are so easy to make and delicious!!

absolutely delicious and perfect every time. I always make a double batch and they just disappear. Easy to make.

Absolutely fantastic recipe. Easy to follow.

Funny reading the reviews, wonder if people are just not following the recipe? I have found that using scales and quality measuring cups means that they turn out perfect every time.... yumm. Agree with your comment that you should use a cold tray, or cool the batter to make sure they hold shape :)

Hi from the UK, a kiwi co worker in London used to make these for me. Best biscuits ever. I always use this recipe and it always turns out perfect. Thanks so much!

Did not stick together too dry

Good recipe
You can use 2 cups of cornflakes or 1 cup of cornflakes and 1 cup of crushed wet-bix. You can kneed the dough at the end with your hands for it to com3 together quickly.

My afghans always spread out :( any idea why?
Chelsea Sugar:
You could cool your tray and dough before baking to limit the spread.

nah, the recipe on the back of the special K box is superb,these were dry

image description


Those Afghan biscuits taste amazing and are always a highlight in a party

Too dry and fell apart

Fantastic. Come out great every time, the kids love making then too.

Nice easy recipe, my 4 year old granddaughter made them with me this morning, and make a great job. I also added about a cup of chopped dark chocolate, makes for a yummy surprise

Made a double batch of afghany goodness today “Queens Birthday.” Only baked for 10mins and they are cooling down before they get iced. Easy recipe, dough mix holds well, and my kitchen (no house) smells divine. Can't wait to try one with my cuppa tea later this morning. Thank you Chelsea LOVE your recipes and so do my whanau x

Hi, wondering how many mls is the cup used for measuring? The cup I have says 1 cup/255ml on it. Seems quite big to me, and have made this recipe twice, it's quite crumbly, but yummy! Wondering if I should buy a new set of measuring cups. Thanks

I don't know about the others, but mine was horrible. The mixture was crumbly and smelt of somewhat disgusting scent. I tried to add more butter to the recipe, but it ended in a total disaster. Good luck if you want to experiment with it!

Ease of making: Suuuuper easy! No egg and the crunchy bits make it a perfect recipe for kids to make on their own.
Taste: Deelicious! It's basically a chocolate shortbread recipe with cornflakes, so it will always be crumbly. It would work to throw an egg in for moisture and binding but it's a whole different cookie then.
Alterations: I used half the amount of butter and added 80ml cooking oil, just to be economical. Glad I did because I think it helped increase the moisture as well, making it just a bit less crumbly.

Will defo make again!

Not nearly enough butter in this recipe.!!!

Easy to make. Yummy and non fail. Very good thanks :)

These afghans are always perfect, everyone in the family adores them! Really easy although I sometimes add a bit less sugar... Altogether a big hit :)

image description

These burnt, they are not that good.

Perfect everytime! I never have a problem with this recipe, however I use ganache to ice instead of this icing and it adds that extra boost for a chocolate fix :)

Great recipe! Family favourite

This is the best Afghan recipe by far! They taste delicious & my kids love them. Great for lunchboxes.

Super biscuits and so easy. Noted the US comment about using chocolate frosting. She should simply substitute confectioners sugar, which should be easy to find anywhere in the States.

Dry and biscuits fell apart

LOVE them made them twice in 4 days!

I baked these on a warm summer evening and the first batch were a disaster and spread out very thin. I assume it was because the dough was too soft. I put the dough for a second batch in the fridge to cool down and firm up before baking and they baked well.

I’m going to be honest, they tasted like powder. I followed to recipe exactly and watched the video. The result ended up so dry and the time for cooking is more like 12 minutes. Add less cocoa powder and it might turn out better.

Whanau fav!

I have made these afghans multiple times. But this time, some of my afghans spread out a little like pancakes, like the others were saying? I literally did everything the same as before but this time I pressed down with a fork like the recipe said so that's probably why. Anyways they still tasted 10/10!! Also I prefer using weetbix in these rather than cornflakes. Gives a better moistness or flavour :D I always count on this recipe for shared lunches we have at school

Great recipe, will be using again.

Can I use white sugar instead of caster sugar? And self raising instead of plain?
CHELSEA: absolutely!


Turned out perfect, tasty aswell.

Best recipe ever!! Only change we made was baking it for 10 minutes rather that 15. And they turnt out perfect.

As good as a store bought job, and a lot more fun to make. Only problem is that they disappear from my cookie jar.

Trying this recipe was like magic to me . I loved to see the joy in my family 's faces after tasting. The biscuits were so mmmmmm and woooow

Easy recipe, definitely delicious bikkies.


Deliciously good afghans.

My son made this recipe for an ethnic study of New Zealand in high school. Went over like gang-busters! He is going to enter these biscuits in the county fair for his ethnic food. Only change we make is the frosting. We used a chocolate frosting as your icing sugar isn't readily available in the middle of the USA. Thanks for sharing!

My biscuit mixture crumbled. It was really dry and crumbly. I followed the recipe from scratch. I added extra butter, but the biscuit just melted in the oven. Then I added EXTRA flour to the next batch, but it was really hard to form a ball. Can you please tell me the problem?
CHELSEA: Sorry to hear that.
We've triple tested this recipe and perfection every time. Not sure what is happening at your end?

I’ve made these so many times and EVERY single time they turn out great. Not so sure how some people are getting “pancakes”?? are you sure you’re using the recipe correctly

Mixture is way too dry and very difficult to make them hold together on the tray! Tasty but too crumbly.

I love this. So easy and quick to make. I made two lots of this recipe for my children school lunch and they come home asking for more in their lunch box. Thank you Chelsea

Great recipe- very easy, makes good afghans, they don't rise much so quite small

I found the recipe very dry, the biscuits fell apart.

Excellent recipe. ...easy to make and also i had all the ingredients already...only took 30 mins in the open...i did use extra doses of vanilla essence but thats just what i like...they turned out yummy...


Yummy! Changed it up a little... Did 1/2 cup cocoa and used 2 tbls of hot strong black coffee instead of the vanilla essence... Super rich, chocolaty and yummy. Tip: Don't push the cookie dough down too much as the balls of dough will expand and spread when cooking.

Yummy Afghans - easy to make!

Tasted good but mine turned out super crumbly / soft. Any thoughts as why so I can fix it?
CHELSEA: Sorry to hear that. We've triple tested this recipe, not sure what is going wrong at your end.

love them so yum and so quick and easy

So wonderful! My mum even stole a little while I was making them into balls! Haha they are even great raw. maybe just refrigerate the raw mixture for a bit and you've got some fudgy goodness!

I really like these. Is there a way to make these gluten free though?

CHELSEA: Hi there, thanks for your feedback :-) we don't have a gluten free version yet unfortunately, will have to add it to the list! You could try replacing the flour with gluten free flour and use gluten free cornflakes. You may find the biscuits are flatter and more crumbly though.

image description

Very easy recipe with few ingredients & they taste yummy, my kids love them too :)

Starting to do it going GREAT so far

These are very nice I’m about to make some now just need some butter !!! I just don’t like walnuts that’s it.

Didnt like this recipe. I followed it exactly and my cookies had no backbone and turned into a puddle on the tray and took far longer than they should have

I don't know why this recipe has so many 5 stars?
We had no biscuits but some very crumbly pancakes. A minority of reviews suggests that baking powder should be added at some stage !!!
CHELSEA: Hi there, sorry to hear this recipe didn't work out for you. We've made these afghans many times and they've always been great. Have you had a look at the recipe video? Baking powder isn't a common addition to afghans and this recipe shouldn't require it.

My kids and gran babies love this recipe always a good treat for everyone ..especially with the extra cocoa added for a richer texture Yummy
Thanks chelsea

Great recipe! Even better if you add extra cocoa (a bit less than 1/2 cup instead of the 1/4 cup recommended) . Then you have dark chocolate afghans which blow people's minds!

I love them!

Cool but I'm going vegan naww

Absolutely delicious, super nice with the weetbix.

OMG yummy

These are amazing. This recipe never fails. Thank you Chelsea.

Childhood favourite!!!! Ultimate sweet treat in the afternoon, or sneaky early morn!

i like it they taste so nice

I LOVE afghans and this is the perfect recipe for the perfect biscuit! I am not the best baker but this recipe makes it so much more easier and faster! they taste delicious!!

Delicious! Does anyone know if you can freeze the mix ahead of time? Looking to make a stack load for a charity bake sale, would be great if i could make them in advance?
CHELSEA: Hi there, yes this mix is suitable for freezing. We would recommend shaping them, freezing them on a tray and then (once frozen) transferring to zip lock bags to store in the freezer until you are ready to bake the the biscuits. They can be baked from frozen, just allow a few extra minutes. Good luck!

These biscuits were easy to make with my sister. They were delicious. We love this recipe.

Good to have all the Kiwi goodies online just missing Tan square then this would be all my favs.
CHELSEA: Hi there, we do have a couple of recipes for tan square :-)

Just made these biscuits. The biscuit is delicious but we found the icing far too sweet so I'll try a ganache next time..

image description

Trust worthy recipe

A fantastic easy to follow recipe. Make these monthly for the family lunches.

I made this for my school assignment and got a really good mark. thankyou so much! x


Should have read reviews first. My son a coeliac and I tried with gluten free flour. Turned out one big flat pancake. Think will try again though with addition of baking powder as suggested. Will let you know how they turn out :) smell fantastic

So delicious

yummy as my go to recipe for baking in it self love it :)

very nice they were scrumpshouse

Im 52 now but at age 11 I used buying these cookies from the school tuck shop. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I live in Aus now but New Zealand will always be home because of favourite foods like these cookies.. Thank you.

On point quick easy and kids just love them.

Such a treat that's easy to make with staple ingredients. Absolutely delicious. (No walnuts)

I love this AMZINNG!!!!

This is my go to recipe for Afghan biscuits. Delicious! (Everyone else thinks so, too)

These biscuits are SO yummy!

Great Recipe, I hope to make more soon!

I love, love this recipe. I didn't work the mixture too much which gave me beautifully big crumbly biscuits. Now I'm making them all the time for mum!!! Thank you

Tried with gluten free flour and absolutely failed! The biscuits turned out like pancakes to the point where they can't even be lifted off the tray....
CHELSEA: Hi there, sorry to hear these didn't turn out well when you used gluten free flour. Perhaps the addition of 1/2 - 1tsp baking powder would help.

Looks easy to follow with mokopuna. Thanks.

Unreal, keep thinking of an excuse to make them.
First time, made quite big, next time a bit smaller with shorter cooking time.

image description

A very delicious biscuit. Simple recipe. A++++

Love this afghan recipe be an easy 1 4 my grandchildren 2 make :).......Thank You 4 sharing :)

Love this recipe, it is so quick and easy and a crowd favorite!

Wonderful easy afghan recipe, i didn't get my icing as dark though. Also so nice to have a recipe without baking soda or baking powder

Tried this recipie and was so disappointed in the flat biscuits that they resulted in. Reading over different recipies for Afghans I've repossessed it's missing baking powder. off course didn't realise this till after so - flat pancake biscuits

Love this afghan recipe, so quick and easy and yummy of course

An old NZ favourite. I love these afghan biscuits. If mum made these we knew someone special was coming!

Great afghan recipe easy and yummy

great recipe, even better with chocolate ganache ontop instead of icing sugar based icing

Easy and Delicious Afghans.

My 'Go To' Recipe every time.

so easy to make and delicous to eat i really enjo making them i am 10 so it is SUPER EASY TO MAKE I LOVE THEM.

Love making these!! So easy and really yummy! ☺

For someone who is new at baking wouldn't know when the afghans are ready to take out of the oven.mthat is my only suggestion but otherwise I really liked the recipe and it tasted great

Really good recipe. Quick and easy

Excellent recipe- these biscuits were delicious!

Super easy and really yummy.

So easy to make and delicious

So easy to achieve perfect results for a complete novice. Super easy. Great recipe!!

So easy to achieve perfect results for a complete novice. Super easy. Great recipe!!

I use weetbix instead. Way better!

image description

Great Recipe!

These biscuits are great. Tasty and quick and easy to make!

image description

i made these also, and i have never liked afgans would never buy them, but made these and cant stay away from the pantry!!! my 13 year old and my students love them too....:)

image description

This is just the best Afghan recipe I have found.

image description

Great afghan recipe. Just like my mum use to make.

image description

These are my go to sweet fix they are so good and easy to bake.

image description

Delicious!!!!!! I love this recipe!

image description

Easy recipe, granddaughter loves them. Well worth the effort.

image description


image description

Nice with Weetbix instead of cornflakes too!

image description

So easy and quick to make, so delicious!!

image description

Fantastic recipe. The first time I have been able to create Afghan biscuits successfully. Thank you!

image description

This was actually the best Afghan recipe ive ever tried.

image description

Yummy!!! :)

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