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Banana Cake with Chocolate Icing

By Chelsea Sugar
Banana Cake with Chocolate Icing
12 servings
  • 231 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 40 mins
  • Serves

    125g Tararua Butter, softened
    ¾ cup Chelsea Caster Sugar or Chelsea Organic Raw Sugar
    2 eggs
    1 cup mashed banana (about 2 large
    1 tsp vanilla essence
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Soda
    2 Tbsp hot Meadow Fresh Milk
    1¾ cup Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder

    1½ cups Chelsea Chocolate Icing
    1 Tbsp Tararua Butter (softened)
    1-2 Tbsp boiling water


    Pre-heat oven to 180°C conventional (160° fan bake). Grease a deep 20cm round cake tin and line the base with baking paper.

    Beat Tararua Butter and Chelsea Caster Sugar until light and fluffy.

    Beat in eggs one at a time. Stir in bananas and vanilla essence until combined.

    Mix Edmonds Baking Soda and Meadow Fresh Milk together before stirring into the banana mixture. Sift in Edmonds Standard Grade Flour and Edmonds Baking Powder, fold into the mixture until combined.

    Spoon mixture into prepared tin and smooth the top. Bake for 40-45 minutes until cooked (insert a clean skewer, if it comes out clean it is cooked). Stand for 5-10 mins before inverting onto a wire rack to cool. Ice with chocolate icing when cold.

    Icing: Mix Chelsea Chocolate Icing Sugar, Tararua Butter and 1 Tbsp boiling water at a time until combined, adding more hot water until icing is a spreadable consistency. Smooth over the top of the cake.

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Average Rating
(231 reviews)

Yoooo this was easy as heck

I made it and my whole family loved it and so did I!

I’m about to make this and see in the reviews the Chelsea chocolate icing is no longer available- what do you use instead please and how much?

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, we have updated the recipe now! Enjoy! :)

It was a amazing banana cake the best I have had in my life and I am 82

I've made this a few times for my family and they love it! I wanted to make a layered banana cake any advice on the filing ? Thanks

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, glad you're enjoying this recipe! You could double the quantity of chocolate icing to use between the layers as well as on top of the cake. Otherwise a chocolate buttercream would work well, or try whipped cream and caramel sauce for extra indulgence!

Mine was kaka but yum

image description

A family favourite now, absolutely delicious and moist. Easy to make and disappears quickly.

Absolutely delicious and a moist banana cake which the family all enjoy. One of the best banana cake recipes I have tried. Definitely a favourite with the family, thank you.

it was very easy to make and it was very yummy.

Great recipe, excellent way to use up over ripe bananas

Go to banana cake to make with the kids, very yummy. Would be great if you could update the icing recipe since the 'chocolate icing' product is no longer available.

CHELSEA SUGAR: Thank you, we've updated the recipe now :)

Delicious turned out fantastic, thanks Chelsea.

not as good as anabel langbeins recipe

Beautiful Kia ora aunty Chelsea

One of my favorites is a banana cake, iv made a few with little success, to dry to moist after making it came out perfectly

Incredibly moist and the chocolate icing makes it perfect, thank you

image description

Our favourite banana cake ever

image description

I'm male 50 haven't baked a cake since i was 18. This was easy to follow and tasted yummy .

I baked this for the family and It tasted amazing best banana cake I’ve ever made

best banana cake ever tasted so easy to follow along

so amazing but a little to sweet for me so here goes 4 stars! :)

amazing. I love it

image description


Really delicious 100% recommended :)

i loved this recipe i made it for my grandmas birthday and she loved it but could you please make a banana cake recipe without icing.

AMAZING TASTE! I don’t usually bake cakes this small (big Samoan family + big Samoan appetite) but since moving out after I got married I decided to make a small one for Hubby. Made my own cream cheese frosting though.. DELISIOSO!

I have no vanilla essence will it make a difference

CHELSEA SUGAR: Vanilla essence adds a nice flavour but the cake will still work well without it. Enjoy!

I have been making a range of your recipes for years. I convert them to vegan by omitting the egg, and replacing with a (ground linseed egg) - 1 TBL ground linseed and 3 TBL of boiling water. Replace cows milk with milk alternatives, and Olivani or Nutalex instead of butter. Works well for nearly all recipes.

As a 14 year old this was very easy to make turned out perfect!!!!

it taste so good and is easy to make :)

I’ve made this recipe lots of times and it always turns out sweet, moist, and delicious. amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely delicious and moist!!! Used brown sugar instead and worked beautifully.

SOoooo goood


Soooo good

So good, such an easy recipe and cake is lovely and moist thank you

lovely texture

I love it

What is Chelsea Chocolate Icing Sugar? No one sells it...

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, this product is no longer available unfortunately. We have updated the recipe to use icing sugar and cocoa powder instead :)

It is so good.
You should put up a bacon and egg pie recipe it would be fun I could make it for my family.

It was so good I loved it


Love it, go to banana cake recipe


Easy to follow and my kids absolutely love eating this particular
banana cake that mum can make.

Gorgeous, delicious, yummy

Gorgeous, delicious, yummy

It's sooo moist and delicious. And it's super easy to make for beginners and younger ones. If I could I'll rate this 10 stars...

Thanks to Chelsea to making baking Soo easy and super simple.... And even more FUN

Best cake ever

Perfect everytime

Delicious moist cake 5 out of 5 will definitely bake again.


Delicious! I've made this recipe a bunch of times now.

Was a delight to make with my little sister it was easy to follow- 4 stars all the way! good recipe!

Horrible don’t use

This is my goto recipe which could never fail everything.

one word - wow

Easy to follow recipe all our friends enjoyed the cake too, I changed the icing to peppermint probably not again stick to cake and custard

It is very yum and looks very nicely presented

such a quick easy and very yum recipe.
Mine was cooked perfectly in just 30 mins! i also added a pinch of cinnamon to the bananas yummmmy

it was yum

Tried this with a few substitutes and its taking waaaay longer to cook...

Lovely banana cake, easy to make and tasty


Great recipe! Quite easy to make, although it was a bit bland for me

There was hardly ANY batter even though I followed the recipe exactly and for some reason it turned out REALLY chewy! Not using this recipe again.

Super duper yummy banana cake.
I added a bit of more flavors its was outstanding.

Banana cake is one of my favourites and after using this recipe, it was by far the best banana cake ever. I added another banana to the ingredients and used fresh cream instead of chocolate icing. Next time, I will use chocolate icing instead. Thanks Chelsea, this is one of my go to cake recipes and a family favourite!

This was AWSM

My Mum makes the best banana cake, and always used chocolate icing, which is the best, Im going to try your recipe and compare. Thanks

I ate the whole thing by myself. Ooops

image description

Best banana cake recipe ever - I love to add white chocolate chips and walnuts!

This recipe is totally foolproof. My favourite banana cake recipe, I’ve used it many many times and it’s never failed. Always check with a skewer before taking out of the oven- some may require extra time (mine usually needs about 10 extra minutes)

Banana yum yum for my tum tum.

I made the banana cake today and it is lovely. I did add a 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon to the mixture and it gave it a lovely extra flavour. I also did a butter/lemon icing which seemed to enhance the banana flavour. It is a lovely cake so thank you for the recipe.

I chopped up walnuts and no icing. When served I added whipped cream and chopped bananas on the cake. Very nice. You should try this and tell me how it went. 10/10 the best banana cake I have had.

This cake is a perfect balance (not to sweet not to bland) it holds shape, and nice and spongy 11/10. I like banana, banana good.

I love this recipe. I've made it 4 times. First time it was thin and a little over done, so I've had to adjust the baking time and size of baking trays. I've also doubled mixture as well but each time, it's been an improvement. Forth time was the best... It turned out light, soft and very delicious. I love it...Finally I can make a decent banana cake for my family...Thank Chelsea Team.

Lovely cake so yummy. I haven't iced it yet ill do that tomorrow and cut into squares to take to a friends. Will definitely make this again!

What items do I need?
Chelsea Sugar:
You will need a 20cm round cake tin, baking paper, whisk, spoon, measuring cup, measuring spoons, sieve, bowl, wire rack and spatula.

Cake is tasty but came out very thin. I took it out at 40 minutes and it was a little over done.

This was really good and I really like having raspberries with bananas so I put some raspberries in and it tasted great!!!

I’m only 13 and made my first homemade cookies. Mine didn’t turn out like the ones in the photos but were yummyy and easy to cook thank you Chelsea.

Absolutley amazing! Took a wee bit longer to cook but it was worth the extra 10-15 mins! Outstanding flavour and thank you for this amazing recipe!

Very good cake. I love it.

Really like Chelsea recipes, they are so easy to follow, love it.
Thank you

Just made this. It was perfect and tastes delicious!!

I make this all the time, everyone loves it!! Whoever doesn’t like it obviously isn’t doing it right.

Amazing very yummy easy to follow recepie

This was so nice everyone loved it!!!

The cake was very good and I’m exited to make it again

This recipe is AMAZING!! used brown sugar though as I didn’t have anything else and fan baked for 30minutes. Pretty much a first time baker and this turned out beautifully . . Thank you for this recipe

2 hours cooking and still wet mess inside.

Tasted good. Can you freeze it?
Chelsea Sugar:
Yes, you can freeze it.

The banana cake was the best. I have never made banana cake before. It was yummy.

This cake is delicious! I used a rectangular brownie pan rather than a round cake tin so only needed to bake it for 15-18 minutes. Very easy to make and unfortunately too easy to eat!

Very good but it took longer to cook than the recipe says.

It turned out great!

Yum. Easy to make.

Easy to make, light and moist and tasted great!

Amazing flavour



It's so yum.

My favourite fruit is Bananas!

A Lovely brown moist cake.Left the icing off.Delicious yummy.

Delist, doubled mixture made 2 loaf size cakes.

Yummy make sure to add extra bananas, it doesn't make as much as I expected so just double it.

Just made my first Banana cake, followed the recipe to the letter, I have a very good baking oven so set timer for 40 minutes, checked and removed strait away, its perfect, yum yum yum

I think that New Zealand recipes, especially nz cookies, Pavlova cake, carrot cake and many others ... are a kind of heritage of world civilization. And I’m not even ironic on this issue.

So delicious and Easy to make. Didn't require too much ingredients which I liked. we had ours with brown sugar cream cheese frosting

Tried this for the first time - very nice cake not dry at all. Icing really improves it. If your cake is dry you overcooked it.

It's the best banana cake I've ever tasted nice and moist and so delicious.


Very nice easy recipe. Didn't last long in our house. I made the topping with icing sugar, lemon zest & juice and cream cheese balanced really well with the sweetness of cake. Delish !


Very very nice and easy

Needs more bananas less icing

Yummy and easy to follow recipe and the recipe tastes great.

Yummy and easy to follow recipe.

Awesome recipe it tastes great.

The banana cake had currently been in the oven for around forty five minutes and is still raw in the middle but is starting to really brown up. I am worried the banana cake will burn on the top.

Great recipe for a delicious cake.

Easy to follow, beautiful and moist.

Just tried this! So easy and came out so good! Will definitely continue to use this recipe!!! Thank you.

It’s a good cake. However, I would double the recipe next time

So delicious yet so simple! I've made this recipe several times and always turns out great! My tip, if the mixture is a bit dry, just add a little bit of milk.

So easy to make, taste great even without the chocolate icing!

Easy to make and it makes a nice enough cake. I didn't find it very moist though.

Beautiful. I added slightly more banana and cooked at 170 conventional for 32 minutes. Lined that base and greased and floured the sides so it could cling when rising. Lovely cake. I used cream cheese icing with lemon zest and candied lemon slices cooked in syrup to garnish.

Don't know what happened to mine, was not soft or delish, but doughy and dry. Will try again lol

4 stars as my cake didn't rise, but was moist and perfect to the taste

Easy to make and tastes great!

Great cake, very easy.

Great recipe

Amazing tasty and nice and moist

image description

This is one of my favourite recipes and the family love it. I always double the mixture so there’s enough to go around.

image description

This is one of my favourite recipes and the family love it. I always double the mixture so there’s enough to go around.

My nine year old daughter made the cake for me and it was cooked right she loved it.

Sooo easy and comes out soft and delish!

Great feedback from everyone when I make this awesome banana cake!

Yummy and easy to make.

Amazing! Went down so well with everyone, thought it would be nice to have some to eat later, but it disappeared! So good, moist on the inside.

I made a 4 layered cake for my mum and sisters birthday cake and every single time it turned out the same moist and extremely delicious.

My no-cooking husband made it for me. It is easy to follow and it was DELICIOUS!
It is now our regular treat (poor husband will know the recipe by heart soon).

Best banana cake recipe simple , yummy and never fails to impress everyone!


Made this today and the cake is light, moist and delicious. Not to mention the wonderful smell that filled the house while it was baking!

Awesome simple to make

Love the recipes.

Make this cake quite often. It never fails and family just love it! Instead of making 1 i have to make 2 because it goes so quick. I add 2-3 more bananas to give it a extra kick of taste and moist - tastes even better. I also sometimes add chocolate chips - just devine!!! Makes the cake extra moist.

The best recipe I’ve tried.

This Bannana Cake is amazing with chocolate icing but you should try lemon and cream cheese icing with it is it extra extra amazing

good job.

Easy to follow recipe and method. Unfortunately though mine came out a bit dry, could there have been a more in depth description through the method that could've helped prevent this?

Easy and tasty

Incredibly yummy

Wow Chels, ABSOLUTELY LOVED this one! Nice great and easy for the kids lunches and snacks.xx


The banana cake recipe is very easy and very delicious. I love all your recipes, they are the best, amazing:)

I had doubts when I saw how weird the consistency became after adding eggs? but my cake turned out perfectly moist, amazing and yum!

Ur bannana cake recpie is freaken amazing i am so thankfull it is easy to use

love this recipe,my kids love banana cake and this recipe is easy to make

I've been looking for a banana cake recipe everywhere and this one was perfect and really easy to make, it tasted GREAT too. Thank You!

great birthdaycake 2 every body loved it:)

yum the best in the west we all love it here !!

Hard to bake and was all liquidly.

image description

Yum, the best yet! My children just love it!


I have rarely had any success with baking and this was no exception as it didn't rise properly. That's why I have only given four stars. I followed the recipe exactly but the next time I will use self-raising flourand see if that helps. However it tastes pretty good so it will be eaten!


Loved it. It was very tastey. One of the best cake I ever baked.

Thanks so much for the lovely recipe my family enjoyed it so much this was the best cake I ever baked.

Very happy with the result. I altered it a little due to having a few extra mushy bananas. But pretty much the same recipe. I used normal sugar as had no caster sugar. The cake isn't sweet but once I ice it, the cakes will be yummy. Of course I tried a bit before it's iced. Now off to the shop for some icing sugar and a lemon.

What a delicious moist banana cake! Well done Chelsea!!! It is almost sponge like but, oh! So delicious! It is not heavy and doughy for those who like their chocolate cake that way.

image description

Delicious !! :D

Best recipe ever for a banana cake!

This recipe is a winner. I have made it over and over again and even recommended it to my friends. It's nice, moist and tasty. I had to reduce the sugar but all in all, it's an awesome cake. Thanks Chelsea!

This is one of my favourite cakes. I have made it before and I think it is really moist, not too heavy and a great yummy morning tea or afternoon treat.

Awesome recipe. The cake was so soft. Omg it was unbelievable. I baked 2 cakes for a Christmas do. Everyone loved it. Amazing recipe and very easy to make. Thanks Chelsea.

Classic go to recipe just how my nana made it!

Amazing! I love how it's so moist

I absolutely love this cake. It's the perfect cake and I've made it twice and everyone loved it. I've even had requests from people that were willing to pay for it!

I was looking for a special new and simple cake recipe for my son's birthday. Then I found a banana cake with chocolate icing cake recipe which was very simple and fast recipe. I made this cake recipe for my son birthday party. Wow!! Cake taste was very awesome. Everyone loved his cake. Thanks for sharing this cake recipe.

This is the best banana cake recipe. It turns out perfectly moist every time, rises nicely and is very easy to make. Delicious!

Ya need to use over ripe bananas and if you dont have them, mash yellow ones and let them sit in the open to blacken up a lot. then stir it until wet, before adding the dry ingredients. i use self raising flour as it makes the cake rise up and lite and fluffy...I'm stuck on lemon icing using real lemons and creme cheese :) so delish....

I followed the recipe there was very little cake mix and was quite thick and it just didn't rise or really cook through. So more a banana uncooked biscuit

Nice and super easy. Great if you're in a rush and need to produce some baking for the fam bam! Done it two times and both times it was a little dry sadly. Icing helps a lot. Maybe to overcome this cut the cake in half and add cream. Also, our oven is quite hot so didn't need the whole time. Make sure you watch over 30 mins. :) happy baking follow bakers out there in cyber space hehe

Good honest banana cake.

image description

It was amazing but I added silver balls to decorate bit down on one to hard and my tooth fell out
lucky it was only a baby tooth.
CHELSEA: Happy to know you enjoyed the recipe but sorry to hear about your baby tooth.

image description


Delicious! Kiwi fav,always goes down a treat :P

Fast, easy and delicious

So very easy, I am not a great baker, best at cooking, this is the best all told cake I can make and know it will be a success. Made it for the old chaps at the pub, and they loved it, so now making more thanks very much Wendy

Very easy to make and tasty and moist.


Amazingly moist. We really liked it. We added cocoa powder and almond liqueur and it came out perfect. We made the icing with two bars of 70% cacao dark chocolate mixed with boiling water and the icing didn't look the best but tasted delicious to our family of 5. :-) thank you!

My whole family love this cake very much!!! So we make this cake in every weekend. We give thinks to you by heart for giving awesome recipe.

These banana cakes were the nicest things I had eaten in a long time. Jeez!! I recommend this to everyone especially my whanau! Thanx Chelsea.

This recipe was a hit for my birthday! The only thing I would change would be less baking time, but I love this recipe.

Amaaaaazing cake recipe! My oven is too hot so I had to bake it for only half an hour on 150 degrees (according to my oven dial lol). Soooo moist and delish!!!!

image description

I love this recipe for men it works so well and my mum and dad loved it so much.


The best banana cake ever. I am trying it for the second time today. The first time I made it, there were a lot of praises. People thought I ordered it from a bakery. Love the recipe. Its simple and accurate.

Fantastic...BUT.....I only watched the video after I made the cake and then saw there was a note at the very end about 160 degrees for fan forced!! I was winging the time so my only note for this most mighty cake would be to note that in the written recipe for those like myself that don't watch too many videos!!
CHELSEA: thanks for your feedback - we have updated the recipe accordingly :-)

Excellent so light with great rise from the bicarbonate. Made 3 round 8 inch cakes which baked for 30 minutes from double amount of recipe.

image description

Beautifully delicious

I make this a LOT (husband keeps buying bananas then leaving them to go bad.. sneaky bugger). Makes a lovely yummy banana cake.

Very easy to make and delicious. Thanks very much.

image description

Yum! Just so yum and so simple to make!

image description

Easy banana cake

Love this banana cake recipe. Easy to follow and taste great.

Great banana cake m8

IF it doesn't cook in the middle try a tinfoil tent over top :)

I tried to make the cake in a soccer ball tin which needed me to double the recipe. This was a request from a client. The cake just never cooked in the centre. The longer I left it in the oven the top just started crisping and the inner remained raw. I am very puzzled by this. When I use the recipe in a normal tin it is perfect. Can you help?
CHELSEA: sorry to hear that. As you know the recipe works in a smaller tin, try baking it in two tins, and forming the soccer ball shape after baking. Good luck!

Am not much of a baker ...this recipe was easy and the best part was that the cake was great! Best Banana cake ever! thanks :-)

These recipes are yum

Love this and all chelsea recipes reccommend them all the time :) Happy baking

Wow it is so good and easy to bake I loved it

image description



This was the best banana cake we ever made

It was one of my best friends birthday just yesterday and I was rushing to bake a cake that would be memorable. I had this recipe and decided to try it out for the first time and I cannot praise this recipe enough. It was the most perfect recipe I had ever made or seen or tasted. My friends were delighted to eat it they absolutely LOVED it. Yeah I love this recipe. #bestrecipeever

I had two ripe bananas and didn't want to throw them out. I decided to bake a cake and take it to my brother's for supper. However, they had visitors, so I decided to slice into the cake for the taste test! You don't want to give away anything substandard do you? I think that as I am not a cake baker (being a family of one human and two pets) that having a sample was a good thing. The cake was very moist and it baked evenly, (even on the second day it was as good as the first). My only comment is that the picture appeared to be a larger looking slice, than what I served up. However, with that said, the cake was delicious and if I ever have two ripe bananas again, I will certainly make it again! The balance of the cake was delivered and was enjoyed the following day for morning tea. I note that I did not use the chocolate icing recipe as detailed with this recipe however, I did use the recipe using plain icing sugar, butter and cocoa powder and although it says that it has not been tested by the Chelsea Kitchen, it worked a real treat. So thank you for having a banana cake recipe for only two bananas with a separate chocolate icing recipe so that I didn't have to go and buy a separate bag of icing sugar. Put the two together and indeed it was a very tasty morsel. Although I was a wee bit embarrased to deliver a cake with a slice removed - that in itself brought about much laughter when I explained that I had a piece to test the cake and then another small piece was eaten for our brother who lives in England. I rate this recipe four stars and I certainly would make it again without any hesitation.

image description

So moist yummy. Love it it's a favourite in our house hold..

image description


image description

This is my classic go-to banana cake. Always good, especially with chocolate icing.

image description

I used this recipe for my first ever banana cake and turned out great! Real moist and great with the chocolate icing. I will be making this again.

image description

This cake turned out really great, I like that it uses caster sugar makes a lovely texture

image description

This is one of the best Banana Cake recipes I have tried and will certainly be making it again.

image description

I have made this cake 5 times now and it has turned out perfectly every time. Delicious, moist, and easy to make. Looks just like the picture and my family LOVE it.

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