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Ben's Microwave Russian Fudge

By Chelsea Sugar
Ben's Microwave Russian Fudge
12 servings
  • 36 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 15 mins
  • Serves

    3 cups Chelsea White Sugar
    200ml (1/2 a tin) of condensed milk
    4oz butter (125gms)
    1 teaspoon of Vanilla essence
    1/2 cup milk
    1 Tbsp Chelsea Golden Syrup
    Pinch of salt
    1 cup of chopped nuts (optional)


    Place all ingredients except nuts in a VERY LARGE microwaveable bowl that is not plastic.
    Stir to mix and cook on high for 15-17 minutes stirring well every 3 minutes.
    Remove from microwave and beat until thick (approx. 5 minutes). Add nuts (if using) and pour into a greased tin, cut when set.

    For Chocolate fudge: Add 6 ounces of chocolate chips with nuts.

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Average Rating
(36 reviews)

Why is this Russian? It’s exactly the same as every other fudge (mostly English) I’ve ever tried. Please can somebody explain what qualifies this as Russian?
Thank you :)

I used to make a similar version of this recipe from the Edmonds recipe book in my microwave. I think you brought the milk and sugar to the boil first. Anyway, I have a memory of cooking the sugar and milk for 15 min in the microwave using a 4 litre bowl, then adding the other ingredients and cooking another 15 minutes. I think the recipe stipulated half a can of condensed milk, but weighing it is the best way to be sure of.accuracy. My microwave was 650 watts.


This recipe worked great for me but I can see how it may not work for some people. Firstly, I think the unit measurement for the condensed milk is incorrect. If you measure the condensed milk out to 200ml, it is almost the whole can not 1/2 a can as the recipe calls for. If you weigh out 200g it is closer to 1/2 a can. It is worth noting that condensed milk measurement in the stovetop recipe on this site is 200g.

Secondly, the success of this recipe may depend on the wattage of your microwave. Better instructions would be to bring to the boil and boil for x amount of time. I dropped the power down on my 1200W microwave to 60 percent as I only had a 2L jug to work with. As long as it keeps boiling it is fine. It is crucial that if this recipe is going to work, that you understand when the softball stage in sugar is otherwise the fudge will be too soft or too hard.

Hopefully some amendments to the instructions will be made to this recipe so the poor souls that try it have better success. It does have a difficulty rating of Easy after all , and sorry Chelsea, you have not made it Easy for some. I think the recipe should be rated medium, I certainly wouldn't want my child working with hot sugar, especially as you have to take it in and out of the microwave.

To conclude, Great recipe, flawed instructions. Good luck!

Super easy to make and delicious

Super easy to make and never had a bad batch.

I prefer to mix every 1 or 2 minutes because it prevents it from spilling over and it sets faster too. Amazing recipe, I love it.



I made 2 lots, first lot was golden brown with a bit of a crunch and it really needed to be put into a larger container in the microwave as i had to keep stopping it because it was going over the sides, the second batch was a lighter colour closer to cream, it was beautiful, melts in your mouth, either way it was lovely, thanks

15 mins was a bit long in the microwave taking it up to 130 degrees. Will try again at some stage for less time.

Super easy recipe and is now my go to when making fudge.

Very easy and turned out perfectly. I used a full can of condensed milk and added 3/4 cup of chocolate. Will definitely make this again!

They looked delish.


Fantastic made four batches today. Easy as. Just take it slow and sort out how hot your microwave is before expecting perfect results. Mine all came out slightly different but super yum according to official taste tester.

So easy to make once you have a big enough bowl. Everyone has loved this recipe

Use biggest bowl that fits in your microwave or it boils over.


Ok a bit too sweet and hard.

Beautiful recipe, I made a double for the first time ever. As a sleep-deprived mum, I put the whole tin of sweetened condensed milk in haha. I also replaced half of white sugar with brown sugar as I ran out of white and only put one tablespoon of golden syrup. I cooked for 17 mins all up even for a double batch and halved it then added two cups of chocolate chips to half then stirred in. I now have both russian and chocolate fudge that tastes amazing and is super smooth.

I've made this recipe many times and always had success, apart from the time I didn't use a big enough bowl and it boiled over.... It even works well when cooked on the stove top, although it does require more stirring.

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I agree that the people that said it was hard as rock and too sloppy did it wrong, because it turned out perfectly!
Chelsea, you are the best!

Some say bad most say good and I think very good. The people who got it wrong did not do it right. One said hard as rock and other said too sloppy so they did it wrong.

I use this recipe all the time - it's great! Tips for avoiding the grittiness as follows (works every time - after a bit of experimentation and reasearch...!): - Rub a thin layer of butter around the top half of your microwave container - this allows the sugar crystals to easily run down! This mixture actually only needs stirring a couple of times - I do 2 stirs prior to the mixture boiling (first 8-10mins). Impt note - after stirring do not scrape the stirrer down the side of your bowl! Use another utensil and scrape it back into the centre of the mixture or just wash the stirrer. Once it is boiling I let it go until it is finished. I then leave it to cool a little before beating it. So much better than standing at a hob and waiting for soft ball stage.

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Sorry but I really did not enjoy this recipe.
The fudge didn't set properly and it had a horrid taste as well.
Overall I was very disappointed since I was craving a good Russian fudge. First time Chelsea has failed me.

very yum me and friend tried it and than i decided to take on recipe on along and hoping for good result

this recipe is amazing however it came out a little more lighter than expected but taste just the same

This was great - the first recipe that I have made that actually set properly. Was a bit gritty but the taste was fantastic. I am going to try this again but using icing sugar which will hopefully make it a lot smoother in texture.

The easiest and yummiest fudge.

It was a disaster! Did exactly as instructed and turned out hard as a rock, totally un eatable. Very disapointed.

A for amazing !

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My kids absolutely loved it! They couldn't even wait for it to cool down completely before devouring halve the tin.

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You need a very big bowl or the mixture boils over in the microwave. Time to cook was less for me. More powerful microwave may make the difference.

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.My first ever attempt at making microwave fudge and it was so easy and super delicious

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This was far easier and turned out much nicer than my attempt at stove top fudge - have made it twice now and it is so yummy it doesn't last long around here!

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