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French Toast

By Chelsea Sugar
French Toast
4 servings
  • 18 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 5 mins
  • Cooking time 5 mins
  • Serves

    ½ cup Meadow Fresh Original Milk (or Soy or Rice Milk)
    3 eggs
    ½ tsp cinnamon
    6-8 thick slices of diagonally cut French bread (day old bread is best)
    or thick ‘toast sliced’ bread
    1 Tbsp Simply Canola Oil
    Knob of Tararua Butter (or margarine, optional)
    Chelsea Icing Sugar to dust
    Chelsea Maple or Honey Maple Flavoured Syrup
    Optional: Crispy bacon and sliced bananas


    Beat the Meadow Fresh Original Milk, eggs and cinnamon until combined. Pour into a shallow dish and dip the bread slices in, making sure both sides are coated.

    In a large frying pan heat Simply Canola Oil and Tararua Butter until sizzling over medium heat, fry the bread both sides until golden brown. Drain on a paper towel, keep warm in the oven while you make the rest.

    To serve: Dust with Chelsea Icing Sugar and drizzle with Chelsea Maple or Honey Maple Flavoured Syrup.

    Optional: Garnish with crispy bacon and sliced bananas or fruit of your choice.

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Average Rating
(18 reviews)

Simply amazing. Cooked it for brother and sister who are picky eaters, they loved it and asked me to make more.

Amazing recipe

I loved it, I couldn’t stop eating it

Yum, I cooked it at home and the family loved it.

Amazing, good job, 5 stars, yummy, loved it.

Really good if you use stale bread because it gets really crispy. This was great.

Me like

Amazing but do u need the cinnamon.

Disappointing followed the recipe and turns out rubbish

It tasted very nice. I recommend putting 1 teaspoon of vanilla in. Also the egg whites made a sort of fried egg in the French toast. I couldn’t figure a fix

It was good however the cinnamon didn't seem to mix in .

They were good, would be better to have different serving sizes. E.G have one for 1 person or 10 but other wise great recipe amazing taste would definitely make again

Yummy great Saturday breakfast

They were very delicious! I hope I have this for breakfast every morning

image description

They were so yummy.

It is so delicious! We made them at school!

This french toast is yummmmm

image description

gran used to make this for us three girls about 60 years ago liked it then and still do.

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