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Rice Bubbles Slice

By Chelsea Sugar
Rice Bubbles Slice
24 servings
  • 191 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 5 mins
  • Cooking time 5 mins
  • Serves

    100g Tararua Butter
    100g Chelsea White Sugar
    1 1/2 Tbsp Chelsea Golden Syrup (tin)
    3-5 cups of rice bubbles
    200g white chocolate melts (optional)
    2-3 drops food colouring (optional)
    Sprinkles (optional)


    Grease and line a Swiss roll or slice tin.

    Melt the Tararua Butter, Chelsea White Sugar, and Chelsea Golden Syrup in a large saucepan. When melted, boil for 3 minutes.

    Remove from heat, add rice bubbles and mix well.

    Transfer to prepared tin and press down to even out the surface. Leave to cool before cutting into bars or squares (use a sharp serrated knife for best results).

    For chocolate dipped rice bubble bars, place chocolate melts in a microwave-safe dish and microwave on medium-low in bursts of 30 seconds, stirring in between, until melted and smooth. Mix in food colouring gradually, until desired colour is achieved. Dip bars into chocolate, using a spoon to help coat. Place on a sheet of baking paper, add sprinkles and leave to set.


    To make this recipe gluten free use gluten free rice bubbles.

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Average Rating
(191 reviews)

Great for lunch boxes when the cupboard is empty!

very good, yum yum

image description

Love it. Its easy to make, and the kids love it to.

Great recipie. I love it and I always cook it for my friends when we go on camps

So good!

I used to make this when I was first married and my husband was on night shift. I’d make a batch, eat more than I should have done, then make a second batch to hide my sins. I’d mix the two lots together and my husband was none the wiser. Oh how devious I was, and felt very smug about it

So easy, quick and yummy, with a little bit of nostalgia.

LOVEEE, home baking just like my mama.. I'm only 10 and boy have I had a good time on this app making all these recipes thanks a lot now I can create recipes for my family and me!

Great so good

Great so good

Amazing !

Love it so much, it's so easy and yum.

These are the best awesome

they were delicous! i am 11 so its its easy to do. i love cooking at home can't wait to more food on chelsea!

I use this recipe fairly often. It is easy to make, quick and delicious. Family favourite.

It was super fun to make, didn't like it at first but the second was yum!

It yum but a bit sickie

Yum yum yum. I hope I can stop making this.

I love the quick recipes

Loved it all my kids do too

Very nice, even without the chocolate coating
We didn't have enough golden syrup and turned out to be a little dry, but that was on my behalf.
10/10 would recommend

I love the recipe it was awesome and it was delisous. I am 12 years old I love to bake at home and cook


it was sooooooo bad.

Been making this for a while now - so tasty. Try adding about one cup of shredded coconut to 3 cups rice bubbles. Today I used 1 cup of whole oats to 3.5 cups rice bubbles - healthy...especially when I used 2.5 tblsp of manuka honey - double healthy.

i love your recipes there is always one for everyone they always taste great! :)

Mmm... Amazing and really easy to make!
My mum kept trying to steal it!

SO GOOD! I make it ALL THE TIME and my kids always beg for more!!! I love it!!!!!!

this is by far one of the best rice bubble crackles i have made really easy if you don't have many ingredients,

Best recipe ever ! Super simple and quick but always goes down a treat !

Melt butter and sugars on what temp?
Since a similar recipe calls for low for 4 minutes or medium for 3, but you're wanting a gentle boil with constant stirring. It's be very easy to scorch the sugar over my stoves high heat setting.

image description

I made this with golden syrup and it tasted really good.

I tried this today and I told myself... OMG I NEED TO TRY THIS!! So here I am researching.. I made it and I LOVE ITTTT!!!

I USE THIS EVERY TIME, ten out of ten, I love it.

Great for kids and adults alike

Bought me right back to my younger days as a kid playing Saturday tennis, this was on one of the plates - yum!

Excellent, fail proof recipe. Ideal to make with kids for their school lunches.
Delicious, quick and a hot with everyone in the house.

Best recipe in the world we make it nearly every week

It was a great recipe and our whole family loved it.

Loved it very cost efficient and makes plenty for school lunches. I used half sugar and threw in a xtra large handful of marshmallows to the butter to melt. So delicious......

Perfect. Kids loved it

Please modernize your instructions.
With more specific instructions comes more consistent results.

E.g. What is the exact degree that the sugar should boil to?
How long at that temperature?

There are digital and ir measuring devices for 5 bucks. Think of it like when you switched from cups to grams, and we needed digital scales.

yum in my tum

Love it takes me back to my childhood.

A bit sweet so I put less sugar.

This recipe is one of the easiest, quickest, most delicious recipes I have ever made. I love it.

Quick and easy to make, didn't last long had to make more.


How hot should the element be?
CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, a medium heat is best.

This recipe took me right back to my 1970s, good times childhood, I made it with the butter first but the second time I used coconut oil instead of butter which tasted different yet equally delicious to the recipe with butter

Was a really good recipe to follow. Nice clear steps and would definitely make it again and recommend it to others.

Best recipe ever very simple and very tasty!

This is my absolute all time favorite.

Is there any chance you can make it with granola or muesli?
Chelsea Sugar:
The texture and taste of the slice will be very different to what the recipe intends if rice bubbles are substituted for muesli or granola.

This it a very good recipe!! And it is very tasty and very easy to make!

This it a very good recipe!!
And it is very tasty and very easy to make!

Wow. First time looks good. Used a low to medium heat to melt butter, honey, etc till bubbles appeared turned heat right down stirring till sugar dissolved to stop it burning. Used coco pops & white chocolate rice bubbles mixed together.

How can those who gave a one star get it so wrong its the most simplest recipe out! I didnt use the whole 100g of butter and sugar and instead used 75g of each just cause it was too sweet for our liking. Chucked it in the fridge to speed it up cause my family crave this all the time.

Delicious and so so easy to make - for non-bakers it's quick and easy school bake sale treats - such a winner. You can jazz this up with bits of chocolate buttons or jelly drops. Make quick white chocolate sauce and drizzle over.

When I took it out of the boiling pot, it was green. Bad recipe. Would not recommend. Definitely not going to make this again!

This is really yummy and it is really easy to make!! Maybe if you can tell what type of heat to do so we don't burn bit like I did!

We used mini marshmallows and it was excellent. They melted in to the batter and made it sweet and sticky!

This actually did not turn well at all, I eventually had to throw it out as no one liked it.

Yum - it was delicious.

It worked like a charm and they were delicious.


It might pay to tell people to turn down the element as at 1 1/2 mins, the mixture is burning and dark brown. Younger bakers may not realise to simmer it rather than boil hard.

Delicious recipe. Really buttery and just delicious. We ate it in like five minutes. Everyone loved it and it was nice and crispy the honey you could just taste and I Thought It was delicious. Thank you Chelsea.

Could you use a vegan butter alternative like Olivani to make it dairy free? Or will it not produce the same result? Thanks
Chelsea Sugar:
Yes, you can use an vegan alternative to butter. This may result in a different texture than the recipes intends.

Great recipe. I use maple syrup instead of honey because that was what we had and it was delicious!!

Absolutely delicious! Reconnected with this childhood favourite. 4 cups of rice bubbles was the perfect amount. Highly recommend!

I love this recipe. A favorite with the kids.

I love this recipe, but wondered if we could swap the ricebubbles for cocopops as i have an over supply of these in my house that one one is eating.

Love it

Highly recommend

I like it.

This tasted burnt and smashes when I try to cut it - not making it again.

Hi may I know how come my rice bubbles doesn't stick together? Thanks
Chelsea Sugar:
For best results, ensure the butter and honey and melted and boiled for 3 minutes. Once the slice is pressed into the tin, allow it to cool until the rice bubbles stick together.

Just what I was looking for. I added cranberries, and some melted white chocolate.

Super quick and easy recipe

Wow, sounds yummy. Love honey rice bubbles. Always brought at the bakery (and the choc version). Got given a large jar of honey so looking for recipes as well as having on toast!

They are delicious!


Best thing ever

My mokopuna can make her own and she loves them so much more than the store bought varieties.

Scrumptious, delicious, yummy, so good and easy to make. Great recipe. My family and I love it.

this is the best i love it so much

I loved this recipe! It was amazing!!!!

So Good


yum, yum, yum, so good, especially with white choc!

image description

It was great I really enjoyed eating it and my class at school did to!!!

we are making it at school it is good i think moto moto like u

It is delicious with out the honey

yum yum yum they tasted amazing we love your website!!!!!!

yum yum yum they tasted amazing we love your website!!!!!!

Love this recipe and it take hardly that long to make. And it is soooooooooooooooooooooooo

this is so yum i can have the whole thing to my self!!!!!!


You can also just add some cocoa and chocolate chips and make it chocolate flavour

Brillliant, my oldies will love it. I work in a home for people who are fit and need no care, so they elderly flatting. 12 in total.


Easy and yum as

wow ,too good!
great for a snack, cant get enough of it ... my 7 yr old son loves them!.


Soo good

It was so easy to make for my school lunches and special ocassions

it was so yummy and easy as


love it!!!!!

image description

This is such a quick and easy, simple recipe! I highly recommend using min. 4 cups of Rice Bubbles. Tasty treat indeed!

image description

I made these as a once in a while treat for my wee nieces and nephews, I added some M&M's too. They look forward to this when they come to visit! Thanks for the recipe.

I hope it will work out



Tastes amazing, just how I remember as a kid except I have never been able to cut it into pieces. Its far too crumby


Just made these. Nice and quick and easy. Thank you.

Very simple and easy to make. Tasted divine. Loved by all my grandchildren.


I used to give these to my hungry children for afternoon snacks, just like my mother did 60 years ago, now doing it for children I'm minding after school. Delicious and they love it. Thanks for the recipe.

Delicious. Best rice bubble recipe ever. Perfect car journey treat! I recommend 4 cups of rice crispies and a smidge more honey than specified. Enjoy!

Love this recipe just like when I was a child. Love making it for our girls lunchboxes xoxo


Love it real quick and easy

Love it real quick and easy

It is real quick and easy.


It tastes GREAT!!

Can you use chocolate puffs instead to make a choc version or are there better recipes for using cocoa pops.
CHELSEA: definitely you can use chocolate puffs - sounds delicious!

This is delicious and so easy - my four year old loves it, and he doesn't usually go for the sweet stuff. Quick question - would food colouring work in this recipe if you wanted to make it for special occasions? Thanks!

Nice cookie recipe

I made this with 4 cups of rice bubbles and 1 cup of desiccated coconut and it was amazing! Whipped it up in five minutes!

So easy to make and it tastes just as it did when I was a kid which is over 50 years ago!
Great starter for kids to make.


It was delicious

Easy to follow and tastes GREAT!!!

Yum and very easy. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Had to stir and work quickly to press it out and cut it.

i made it and it tasted bad

Too easy.. (I make it in the microwave). Its a great recipe to make with the kids and they love them in the lunch box.
My mum used to make these as a birthday treat.. 50 years ago!

We love making this recipe for kids birthday parties, and topping it with hundreds and thousands or sprinkles for a pretty effect!

image description

Great recipe. Super quick and easy to make. I whipped a batch up in the morning for a last minute staff morning tea.

it was so tasty and yum that i had to make more and my little brother had to eat all of it before i got home from school #lol

Hi Just a Question
Can we use different sugar like brown sugar
Wow this is a great sweet treat for my daughter Leah.
Chelsea Sugar:
Yes, you could use other types of sugar, however, for best results please use Chelsea White Sugar.

Delicious, Yummy and sweet treat for Family and friends to eat
For Birthday parties and For Desert
What a lovely Treat to have
I had Rice Bubble Cake about 56 Years
I still love it

I have been eating this treat on and off for the past 55 years and still love it.

I absolutely adored this recipe!!! Its a light snack to nibble on before bed the kids love it!!! Thank you for the amazing recipe!!! It is now an instant family favourite!!!!

Hi, I was wondering if you had to use white sugar or you could use brown sugar to improvise?
CHELSEA: Hi there, yes you can use brown sugar in place of the white sugar :-)

What's your preferred amount (cups) of rice bubbles to have in this recipe??
CHELSEA: We usually end up using about 4 cups.


Really great recipe! Had a lot of fun making it!

Very delicious


My treat crumble as soon as i cut into it. Does anyone know why??
CHELSEA: Hi there, try cutting it while it is still a little warm and it should be less crumbly. You also need to make sure the sugar is fully dissolved (but not over-boiled) before adding to the rice bubbles.

I made it and it was really good

I think it's great, so does Brodie. Thank you for making us unhealthy xoxo

Great recipe! Super quick and easy to make. How long in advance can you make this?
CHELSEA: Hi there, you could make this a day or two in advance. We recommend wrapping in clingfilm and storing in an airtight container.

Do u think adding muesli will ruin it?
CHELSEA: Adding muesli will change the consistency, texture and taste.

So quick and easy to throw together. Suggest cutting into squares while slice is still slightly warm.

I love this so much. It is so yummy and easy. About to make some now!

Loved it! I added mini marshmallows which made a great touch.

I used to make this recipe ( or similar) over 55 years ago when my hubby was on night shsift. I was so addicted to it, I'd eat more than half the batch so would have to make aanother lot so he didn't know how much I'd eaten. I'm just as addicted today and have saved the recipe. Now to watch the kg's go on, not fit like I used to be.

Very nice

image description

Awesome and yum how did you think of that.

Can i make this with golden syrup as a substitute for honey??
CHELSEA: Yes, you could use golden syrup instead :-)

LOVED ITTTTT! simple&easy

OMG they taste way better then the LCM's for like 4 dollars when you can make homemade one ahhhh amazing they are loving it so am I!!!

So easy, so yummy! Just like I had when I was a child. It doesn't get easier to make, or eat!

Very good

Great classic. My kids love it just as much as i did when i was a kid

Left a plate of it on the bench and in a few minutes, gone!
The kids loved it! I have added it to my recipe book!

It tasted so good

Love this easy to make slice. I add choc chips to mix & also sprinkle some over the top when making for my grandchildren, they love it! Also have added mini marshmallows :)

I use golden syrup instead of honey as I am able to eat honey. Still works just as well :)

image description

This recipe was very good.
I made it today and it turned out great.
Because I'm a New Zealander, I changed 100 grams of Chelsea white sugar to a quarter of a cup of Chelsea white sugar. It still turned out fab!

image description

This recipe was super good! I can't believe ANYONE would say that it's dry and crumbly!!!

It is yummy

As a solo dad with limited cooking skills - have to say this was very easy and ideal for the regular football trip baking my daughter needs to provide. As per usual I didn't have the exact ingredients ( OK, wanted the sugar for my coffee ) so used up some castor sugar we had - also had to 'meddle' so added some food colouring - the blue became a slimy green :) and a few drops of Vanilla, just because it was there ! Even so, the end result was great ! A few tips, when heating the ingredients, after melted don't forget the additional 3 minutes boiling ( and stirring ) Also after taking the liquid off heat, its much easier to put your rice crackles (I used 5 cupfuls) into a larger plastic bowl and then pour the saucepan of mix on top before mixing thoroughly and putting into a tray. The one I have is approx. 20 x 30 cm and that was ideal.
CHELSEA: thanks for the great tips :-)

Great rice bubble slice recipe. Kids love it every time I make it.

Hello all I have used this recipe on multiple occasions and works perfectly have seen a few comments about it being "dry and crumbly" or that it doesn't set this is all to do with sugar quantity and heat too dry and hard reduce sugar added or too soft add more sugar just make sure when boiling mix that all sugar melts you can do this by running a spoon through and looking at it on the back of the spoon. Hope these hints help.

Super easy, super fast. Always a winner. Plus you can easily jazz up with your favourite sprinkles before it sets.

Great texture and flavour

Turned out perfectly. Mix was not so thick that it left a solid lump of sugar, but it did leave the result a bit too soft to cut neatly so I had to break it into lumps by hand

Dry and crumblyy

Help, my last two attempts will not stick,many idea what I did wrong

Excellent really yummy and really easy!!

image description

So easy to do and so delicious to eat! When I took it for my friends to eat they were gone in a flash! Extra scrummy with melted chocolate and sprinkles on top.

image description

So easy and so yummy!

image description

This was the best the four similar recipes. It is quick and easy and yummy

image description

So easy AND soooo yummy!

image description

I found this the best recipe - very easy & gave better and softer texture than the others. I find cutting slice before completely cool works best & I added drizzled melted chocolate on top.

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