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Rice Bubbles Slice

By Chelsea Sugar
Rice Bubbles Slice
24 servings
  • 44 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 5 mins
  • Cooking time 5 mins
  • Serves

    100g butter
    100g Chelsea White Sugar
    1 1/2 Tbsp honey
    3-5 cups of rice bubbles


    Melt the butter, Chelsea White Sugar, and honey in a saucepan. When melted, boil for 3 mins, take off the heat and add rice bubbles, mix in.
    Put in a swiss roll tin and leave to cool before cutting into squares.
    To make this recipe gluten free use Gluten Free Rice Bubbles.

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Average Rating
(44 reviews)

Hi, I was wondering if you had to use white sugar or you could use brown sugar to improvise?
CHELSEA: Hi there, yes you can use brown sugar in place of the white sugar :-)

What's your preferred amount (cups) of rice bubbles to have in this recipe??
CHELSEA: We usually end up using about 4 cups.


Really great recipe! Had a lot of fun making it!

Very delicious


My treat crumble as soon as i cut into it. Does anyone know why??
CHELSEA: Hi there, try cutting it while it is still a little warm and it should be less crumbly. You also need to make sure the sugar is fully dissolved (but not over-boiled) before adding to the rice bubbles.

I made it and it was really good

I think it's great, so does Brodie. Thank you for making us unhealthy xoxo

Great recipe! Super quick and easy to make. How long in advance can you make this?
CHELSEA: Hi there, you could make this a day or two in advance. We recommend wrapping in clingfilm and storing in an airtight container.

Do u think adding muesli will ruin it?
CHELSEA: Adding muesli will change the consistency, texture and taste.

So quick and easy to throw together. Suggest cutting into squares while slice is still slightly warm.

I love this so much. It is so yummy and easy. About to make some now!

Loved it! I added mini marshmallows which made a great touch.

I used to make this recipe ( or similar) over 55 years ago when my hubby was on night shsift. I was so addicted to it, I'd eat more than half the batch so would have to make aanother lot so he didn't know how much I'd eaten. I'm just as addicted today and have saved the recipe. Now to watch the kg's go on, not fit like I used to be.

Very nice

image description

Awesome and yum how did you think of that.

Can i make this with golden syrup as a substitute for honey??
CHELSEA: Yes, you could use golden syrup instead :-)

LOVED ITTTTT! simple&easy

OMG they taste way better then the LCM's for like 4 dollars when you can make homemade one ahhhh amazing they are loving it so am I!!!

So easy, so yummy! Just like I had when I was a child. It doesn't get easier to make, or eat!

Very good

Great classic. My kids love it just as much as i did when i was a kid

Left a plate of it on the bench and in a few minutes, gone!
The kids loved it! I have added it to my recipe book!

It tasted so good

Love this easy to make slice. I add choc chips to mix & also sprinkle some over the top when making for my grandchildren, they love it! Also have added mini marshmallows :)

I use golden syrup instead of honey as I am able to eat honey. Still works just as well :)

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This recipe was very good.
I made it today and it turned out great.
Because I'm a New Zealander, I changed 100 grams of Chelsea white sugar to a quarter of a cup of Chelsea white sugar. It still turned out fab!

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This recipe was super good! I can't believe ANYONE would say that it's dry and crumbly!!!

It is yummy

As a solo dad with limited cooking skills - have to say this was very easy and ideal for the regular football trip baking my daughter needs to provide. As per usual I didn't have the exact ingredients ( OK, wanted the sugar for my coffee ) so used up some castor sugar we had - also had to 'meddle' so added some food colouring - the blue became a slimy green :) and a few drops of Vanilla, just because it was there ! Even so, the end result was great ! A few tips, when heating the ingredients, after melted don't forget the additional 3 minutes boiling ( and stirring ) Also after taking the liquid off heat, its much easier to put your rice crackles (I used 5 cupfuls) into a larger plastic bowl and then pour the saucepan of mix on top before mixing thoroughly and putting into a tray. The one I have is approx. 20 x 30 cm and that was ideal.
CHELSEA: thanks for the great tips :-)

Great rice bubble slice recipe. Kids love it every time I make it.

Hello all I have used this recipe on multiple occasions and works perfectly have seen a few comments about it being "dry and crumbly" or that it doesn't set this is all to do with sugar quantity and heat too dry and hard reduce sugar added or too soft add more sugar just make sure when boiling mix that all sugar melts you can do this by running a spoon through and looking at it on the back of the spoon. Hope these hints help.

Super easy, super fast. Always a winner. Plus you can easily jazz up with your favourite sprinkles before it sets.

Great texture and flavour

Turned out perfectly. Mix was not so thick that it left a solid lump of sugar, but it did leave the result a bit too soft to cut neatly so I had to break it into lumps by hand

Dry and crumblyy

Help, my last two attempts will not stick,many idea what I did wrong

Excellent really yummy and really easy!!

image description

So easy to do and so delicious to eat! When I took it for my friends to eat they were gone in a flash! Extra scrummy with melted chocolate and sprinkles on top.

image description

So easy and so yummy!

image description

This was the best the four similar recipes. It is quick and easy and yummy

image description

So easy AND soooo yummy!

image description

I found this the best recipe - very easy & gave better and softer texture than the others. I find cutting slice before completely cool works best & I added drizzled melted chocolate on top.

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