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Rice Pudding

By Chelsea Sugar
Rice Pudding
4 servings
  • 40 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 2 hrs
  • Serves

    5 tablespoons short-grain rice
    3 tablespoons Chelsea White Sugar
    3 cups Meadow Fresh Original Milk
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
    1 teaspoon Tararua Butter
    freshly grated nutmeg (optional)


    Preheat the oven to 150ºC. Place the rice and Chelsea White Sugar in a 4-6 cup ovenproof dish. Add the Meadow Fresh Original Milk and vanilla and mix well. Add the knob of Tararua Butter. Sprinkle a little nutmeg on top of the pudding and bake uncovered for about 2 hours, stirring several times during cooking. A golden brown skin will form on top as the pudding cooks. Stir this into the pudding every now and then, or remove it, depending on your taste. When the rice is soft and the liquid is creamy, remove from the oven. Leave to stand for 15-30 minutes while it cools and thickens further.
    Tip: Set the oven timer at intervals to remind you to stir during cooking.

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Average Rating
(40 reviews)

pretty good i guess better than others i found

Surprised there no salt, we always added this, otherwise perfect

This recipe is divine! For years I used the Edmonds recipe, but this one is so much creamier. Plus - stirring the topping through during cooking greatly improves the flavour/texture. It is absolutely my go-to recipe for a delicious yet easy pudding on chill autumn/winter nights. Have the first pudding of 2023 in the oven right now - Good Friday, Easter weekend 2023.

I use coconut milk instead of normal milk, and add half a teaspoon of cinnamon. We serve it with tinned pineapple and it's delicious.

Love this recipe, it’s my go to for creamy rice pudding and my husband said it tastes just like his Grandma used to make.. Would it work to double it?

Memories of childhood, fabulous. Will be making this again and again.

Yum Yum Classic Winter just like my grandad made, but of course I add 1x cup of evapourated milk along with 2x cups of milk, Naughty but nice, & a Naughty dollop of Jam in the centre when serving, throw back of English school dinners, Recipe perfect..... Will worry about my winter coat (weight) a month before Summer :)

this recipe is just like the one my mother used to make in the 50s,

love the recpie so nice and creamy

Whole family loved it. Thanks

Love the recipe Chelsea. As with most recipes, you can make minor adjustments to suit taste. If you don’t mind not having the skin on top, Slow Cooker is what I use. Most Sundays in the winter, I’ll double this recipe. Half the sugar, add 1tsp cinnamon & 1/2 tsp nutmeg, pop it in the slow cooker on low, stirring occasionally & it’s ready in 4hrs - Served with tin pears & peaches & a splash of runny cream. Very easy.

Easy and delicious everyone loved it.

This makes a delicious rice pudding. I added a little cream towards the end as it was running out of liquid but it’s a marvellous dessert.

I have made this recipe countless times. It literally takes 2 minutes to put together and chuck in the oven.
I use it as a desert or for a snack at work.
You can choose the consistency which is great.. if you want a more runnier/creamy pudding take it out a but earlier and if you want it slightly more firm/creamy pudding leave it in a tiny bit longer.
One of my favorite go to recipes!

Rice pudding is amazing with a spoonful of ice cream dropped on top just as you are about to eat it!

Perfect!.. the recipe we grew up on.

Hi, can you post the carbs for the recipe as would be helpful to know for people managing diabetes. Recipe works well, nice and easy.

5 Tbsp rice? I used a cup and a half of rice and followed the rest of the recipe. It turned out fine but would probably add another cup of milk. I dont see how 5 Tbsp of rice would be enough though.
CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, 5 Tbsp rice is the correct quantity for this recipe.

Perfect! Delicious and creamy. Stirring the caramelised skin through the pudding regularly definitely enhanced the flavour. Tasted as good as nana used to make!

Horrible. All mushy and bland.

This rice pudding has only got 3 Tbsp of sugar whereas some recipes contain 1/2 cup!! Too much as sugar. I'm going to try this in my slow cooker yum. 5 stars for this one.

Will it be nice with soy milk? Thanks.
Chelsea Sugar:
This recipe has not been tested with soy milk, however, you should be able to substitute the cows milk for alternative milks successfully.

Great and simple to follow directions. We love the rice mixed with some peaches worth the wait 2 hrs.

Just like my mama made. I only use 2x cups of milk and add 1x can of evapourated milk for e richer, creamier pudding. My children love it like this.. and argues as to whose turn it is to scarpe the dish. Thank you Chelsea

These Chelsea receipe remind me of my Nanny's amazing puddings.

Just a word of warning, in the event that you realise too late that you can't use your oven because your partner was making Yorkshire puds and spilt some oil inside the oven and now it's a bit smoky, just put the already-combined rice mixture in the fridge and try again tomorrow when oven is cleaned. Don't attempt to steam this over a pot on the stove. It won't work. It will be curdled with a tinge of smoke.

I use this recipe all the time except I cook in a slow cooker. It takes ages and I do mean at least 4 or 5 hours but I can walk away and forget it. Its always great.

Would this work with almond milk?
CHELSEA: Definitely. Sounds delicious!

All reviews are fabricated. Recipe was incorrect. Even adding coconut didn’t help. Cooking at 150 c for two hours is a fire risk, result resembled mars (the planet), baron, moisture-less sludge with an brown tinge. Not creamy, very disappointing. :(
CHELSEA: sorry to hear your experience wasn't great. We pinky promise that all the reviews are legitimate.

Growing up I never liked rice pudding, but since using this recipe and making it myself, love it! Works every time. Thanks.

I adore rice pudding :-)..this is brilliant.

This turned out to be just the way mum made it back in the '60's. Thank you for a lovely taste memory.

Easy and delicious served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Exactly like my mum used to it, and so easy

I think its really cool and it kinda looks yum so thanks.

this recipe is great and easy to make love this rice pudding so good

Easy recipe, extremely quick to make, family loved it, just like Grandma made!!

This is such a great recipe to make for your family! Its creamy and delicious + easy to make! When I make rice pudding, I just use normal rice, it might not be as creamy but I prefer it better!

This recipe was very easy to follow and turns out delicious. I added some nutmeg and used honey instead of sugar.

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Easy to make and turns out really creamy

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