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Russian Fudge

By Chelsea Sugar
Russian Fudge
36 servings
  • 151 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 20 mins
  • Cooking time 30 mins
  • Serves

    3 1/2 cups Chelsea White Sugar
    200g sweetened condensed milk 
    125g Tararua Butter
    1/2 cup Meadow Fresh Original Milk
    3 Tbsp Chelsea Golden Syrup (tin)
    1/2 tsp salt
    2 tsp vanilla essence


    Grease a 20cm cake tin. Cut two sheets of baking paper the width of the tin, criss-cross the paper to line the tin making sure the sheets are long enough to extend over the sides (you can use the paper to lift the fudge out of the tin once it has set).

    Place all the ingredients except the vanilla into a medium, heavy based saucepan. Warm over a gentle heat until the Chelsea White Sugar has dissolved, about 10-15 minutes.

    Bring to a gentle boil and cook for about 10-15 minutes, until it reaches the soft ball stage (120°C). Remove from the heat and add the vanilla.

    Cool for 5 minutes then beat using an electric mixer until the fudge is creamy and thick and has lost its gloss (approximately 10 minutes).

    Pour into prepared tin and leave to cool, then refrigerate until set.

    Once set, use the paper to lift the fudge out of the tin and place onto a chopping board, then cut into small squares.

    Special thanks to Jo Seagar for use of this Best Ever recipe.

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Average Rating
(151 reviews)

Loved it so much. Made perfect fudge. Recommend

I adjust cup measurements to grams for accuracy (we used approx 700gms sugar) , recipe worked perfectly. I didnt stir during the boil process. If people experience runny mixtures you may need to properly research the 'soft ball' stage, then you cant go wrong.

Loved it

Delicious recipe - the recipe should mention stirring the ingredients prior to the boiling stage - we only knew to stir it after watching the video

This is my go-to recipe for fudge - it never fails and I always get lots of compliments on it.

Fail proof and delicious

A recipe to be creative with, I love adding grated coconut into the mix just before beating it. Now if I can time it right with chocolate fudge and marble the two together...

it was amazing and i loved the taste i made it with my 7 year old sister and she did so well.
so thank you for this recipe

Question: When I tasted it as the soft ball stage, it was really smooth, but after beating it to get rid of the shine, it became grainy. Is this because it was beaten too long? (Or not long enough?)

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, yes, this could be due to beating too long. Hope it works out better for you next time!


After multiple failures, I made this fudge with my 15 year old son and it was wonderful! He is now going to try it himself it was so easy . Smooth and creamy just like it should be. The time to get to soft ball stage was really quick - quicker than the recipe said, and we definitely did not have to beat the mixture for 10-12 mins - and we had to pour quickly to get it out of the pot.

Seriously, this fudge is amazing & so simple to make.
Being my first time EVER making fudge I didn't think it would turn out as it was ment to but it did and the results are incredible.
Love it. I'll definitely be making this more often.

Hi I was wondering when cooking the fudge do you stir it continuously over the cooking period or just let it boil as it shows in the video?

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, we recommend stirring it until it comes to a boil. After that, just let it boil :)

Great recipe made this over and over again and it turns out perfect every time

image description

Love this recipe! I love baking, and my cousin wanted some fudge, I have never made fudge before so I am so grateful it turned out okay. Thank you and can't wait to bake some more amazing recipes you have.

It tastes delicious but the stirring took a long time

Hi, im 10 (believe it or not) and i made this, i must say I would be lying if i told you this was hard to make. Great recipe and I definitely loved the flavour, (I mean I'm 10, Sweet things catch my attention). Loved it

I used treacle instead of golden syrup (I LOVE treacle) It was sooo delish! Great recipe.

I made this recipe this morning using easy pour golden syrup and it works exactly the same as the tinned golden syrup. For those saying theirs has not set, using a candy thermometer really helps to get to the softball stage and really make sure you spend the time mixing it at the end, you’ll notice after about 6 mins of mixing whether it will set or not when it starts to harden on the sides of the saucepan. If it doesn’t harden then it is likely it hasn’t reached the softball stage during the cooking.

Perfect every time! Never lasts long in our house!

This recipe is awesome. The fudge is lovely!!!

mm not that amazing it was runny

I made this for my Mum as part of gift for Xmas day tomorrow. It looks good, but despite following the recipe it has a consistency which is too soft & doesn’t hold its shape when cut, so I am keeping it in the fridge- it tastes nice except it is so sickly sweet. Way too sweet-and yes, I realise it’s caramel fudge.

I love this recipe!

Loved it

Super yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can I use an electric stick mixer instead of an electric mixer?
CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, we haven't tried that but think it should be ok. Be careful the hot mixture doesn't splatter though! You could also beat vigorously with a wooden spoon (this will take a little longer).

Tastes amazing - how long will it stay good for without freezing?
CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, this fudge will keep well for 2 weeks, stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

i've made this recipe twice in the last month its delicious. LOVE it

I am 12 and I made this during the school holidays and it was amazing! A complete kiwi classic. For me the soft ball stage never really came because the results never changed but in the end it worked out amazing; it melts in your mouth.

I am 12 and I made this during the school holidays and it was amazing! A complete kiwi classic. For me the soft ball stage never really came because the results never changed but in the end it worked out amazing. It melts in your mouth.

Would this freeze okay?
Chelsea Sugar
Yes, you can freeze this recipe. Take care to defrost it very slowly.


The Russian fudge recipe seems amazing. I have tried to play the video but it doesn’t work on my phone. I can play every other video except the Russian fudge. Kindly reload the video. Thanks

Honestly this fudge is so nice. It's better than I can but almost anywhere. I make sure to heat up very slowly as its easy to burn.

My fudge won’t set despite putting iT in the fridge for a long time. It is solidified but still is soft if you touch it. I’m not sure if that is meant to be the end result but Is there a way to fix this.

Can u use just the easy pour golden syrup instead?
Chelsea Sugar:
The Chelsea Golden Syrup in a tin is the best syrup to use for baking. The Chelsea Easy Pour Golden Syrup is best used as a topping, for drizzling on pancakes for example.

Takes a very long time and I couldn't get my sugar completely dissolved (still a few granules here and there) and in the video when testing for the soft ball stage didn't really help, I keep testing it and it honestly didn't seem to change at all. But it still tasted delicious!!

Perfect fudge!! Love it!

It looks hard and it takes a long time


I’m a hopeless baker but have made this recipe twice in the last month and have had great results each time!

Hey! This recipe slaps but I don't have golden syrup on me at the moment. Is it possible to use maple instead? :)
Chelsea Sugar:
Chelsea Golden Syrup in a tin is a baking syrup. Chelsea Maple Syrup in a bottle is a topping. You may not get the same results by using a topping syrup in your baking.

Love love LOVE this recipe!
Are you able to freeze it?
Chelsea Sugar:
Yes, you can freeze it. Take care to defrost it slowly without applying heat.

I find it a little to sweet, can you cut the sugar back a little with out affecting the finished product.

Hey! Can you use margarine instead of butter?
Chelsea Sugar:
To achieve the best texture and taste we would recommend using butter. Using margarine instead of butter may cause the fudge not to set.


Best recipe ive found! Goes nice and hard and dissolves in your mouth more like an scottish tablet so yummy

Always turns out great. Take my time on low heat to melt sugar with other ingredients.. about 10 to 15 min. Slowly turn up heat to boiling stage. I stir frequently and use thermometer. Once soft ball take off heat and stir in vanilla and let cool to about 110. Then electric hand held beater until gloss fades .. about 4-5 min. At this time if I want something different I would stir in coconut, grated biscuits or grated caramilk chocolate. Works every time for me.

Great recipe it works perfectly

The Russian Fudge turned out really well and tastes superb, such a easy to follow recipe and will make great gifts for family and friends. Far more more cost effective than buying them and more fun for the kids to make.

What difference will it make if I swap the golden syrup for glucose sugar?
Also is there any difference if I just use soya milk to make it vegan?
Chelsea Sugar:
Chelsea Golden Syrup has a unique texture and flavour profile. If you use glucose sugar as an alternative, your final result may have a different texture and taste than intended.
Yes, you can use soy milk.

Easy to make ...taste good

Is it better to use castor sugar or ordinary white sugar?
Haven't made it yet hence the low stars.

Love it!

very yummy and a great snack.

Love this recipe! So easy to make and perfect every time.

Russian fudge recipe was easy especially the recipe how it is laid out.. thank you.

Awesome and sweet! Great.

It is so good

Best recipe ever - this is the first time I’ve made Russian fudge. I used a thermometer to check the mixture (I took it off at 117 degrees as I didn’t use a big enough pot & it was about to boil over!). I beat it for about 7mins because I feared I would lose the will to live if I stood there any longer. Still turned out friggen amazing & I got tons of compliments

Been making this since I was 14. It can be complicated if you are easily confused but if you pay attention to detail then you get great results. Delicious.

I had no thermometer. So heated until "soft ball stage" assuming this was when it came away from the sides. Took off the heat and added the vanilla. 5 minutes later took the beater to it like recipe said... And it was just crumb. Ended up in the rubbish. I now realise after watching the Chelsea video on YouTube that by heating it until "soft ball stage" actually cooked the crap out of it. Please explain what the soft ball stage is In the method.

I am 12 and it is the first time I made fudge... and it is soooo GOOD!!

Can anyone give me an exact weight in grams
for sugar? Have had few attempts but keep getting different results.
CHELSEA: on our better baking page we have gms per cup per ingredient. Sugar is 225gms per cup, so 3.5 cups would be 787.5gms.

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The best russian fudge i have ever made! It was delicious.

Fantastic Russian fudge! I have made many batches now using this recipe several times. I find if I slowly melt the ingredients over a very low heat till sugar is fully dissolved (no granules at all), then boil on medium heat for 10 minutes or so and beat well for some time till mixtures starts to thicken before pouring, I get the best results and a lovely smooth firm fudge. I can also recommend putting 1/2 teaspoon of salt (or to your preference (for a salted caramel flavour) or melt 1/3 cup of smooth peanut butter for a peanut butter fudge is also epic! Toasted walnuts, macadamias (or your favorite chopped and toasted nuts) sprinkled on top while the mixture is still warm are also a lovely addition that gives a wonderful flavour and texture!

I am 9 years old and i made this, it turned out amazing and i'm super proud of myself.

I am 9 years old and i made this, it turned out amazing and I'm super proud of myself.

This recipe was AMAZING i am so using your recipes from now on!!

SO GOOD !! I love this recipe, I recommend this to everyone :))

This fudge is absolutely amazing!!

Absolutely delicious and perfect consistency. Shocked at how well it turned out on the first go!

yum!! worked incredibly well, amazing recipe

Amazing recipe..i am now in sugar over load lol...

I've made this quite a few times and since it only needs half a can of condensed milk, I've always made 2 batches. Yesterday, I decided to double it and make one big batch. It turned out soft and delicious as always.
- Dissolving The Sugar: I let my ingredients simmer on the 1st step for 10-11 minutes and if the sugar hadn't quite dissolved I still moved onto the 2nd step and boiled it for about 10 minutes. This has worked every-time and the fudge didn't turn out grainy or have clumps of undissolved sugar in it.
Yum! - Thanks for the recipe Chelsea.!!!

Made this for the first time as I have eaten the real fudge at Seagars at Oxford years ago. TERRIBLE DISAPPOINTMENT. First batch still hadn't dissolved the sugar even after 30 mins in the first stage just on bubbling point. But was ready in the drop test. Perservered and it was grainy. So read the reviews and tried again. Cooked for even longer, was smooth out of the pot and turned grainy when in the mixer. Complete waste of 2 hours and multiple ingredients.

Hi i'm trying the recipe for the first time but I can't get the sugar to dissolve, do you have any tips?
CHELSEA: Hi there, you might need to increase the heat slightly or cook for a bit longer.

They are fantastic recipes and also delicious I've tried a few there's a lot more for me to bake

Awesome recipe easy and quick

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! The only downside is that it took 48+ hours to harden....
Love this recipe definitely making again!
CHELSEA: Hi there, glad to hear you love this recipe. It should set pretty quickly once beaten. If it took that long then you may not have cooked the fudge for long enough.

This recipe is awesome ... Beautiful taste

Omg I couldn't tell you how many times I've turned this into toffee or it just didn't set. It worked the first time!

This recipe ROCKS

Edmond's cookbook fudge is way better. Your fudge tastes overcooked,to sugary and not enough caramel tasting.

image description

Wonderful - soft, gooey and good to eat.

I have been wanting to get true Russian fudge but you can't seem to buy it so I decided to make it. This recipe was great. The only thing I had difficulties with was the boiling time. I would recommend a candy thermometer. When it came to the beating I could see it wasn't going to set so I added icing sugar as I beat it until it was thick and then it set perfectly. The taste is very sweet old fashioned Russian fudge

Amazing recipe !! First lot of fudge that worked well (and I've attempted many)

Reminds me of my childhood absolutely great recipe going to make big batches and sell to you these Aussie's carefully tho they might claim it like our Pavlova

Tastes great but hasn't set properly despite following directions and testing for soft ball stage. Can I save it somehow? I made a double batch so that's a lot of ingredients wasted if I can't fix this unset fudge!
CHELSEA: Hi there, yes you should be able to fix this :-) try placing the mixture back in the saucepan with a little bit of milk and repeating the cooking and beating process. A simpler option is to warm the mixture and stir through some icing sugar until the fudge reaches the desired consistency.

Worked first pop! Helps to have a candy thermometer as mine took less than 10 minutes to hit soft ball stage.

Love them.

Good brownie.

Beautiful texture, delicious taste = very happy husband!

Delicious and super easy for a beginner fudge-maker. Just be sure to cook it long enough as the first time I made this it didn't set properly.

The best Russian Fudge ever! On my birthday I bought some to school to share with my classmates and they loved it. So far I have made it three times. Thank you very much for the recipe.

Can the russian fudge be frozen? How long will it last in the fridge (if not eaten)?
CHELSEA: Hi there, yes this can be frozen - it's quite nice eaten straight from the freezer! It should last in the fridge for 1-2 weeks.

Best recipe ever. Smooth texture, rich caramel colour.

Made this many many times and every time it's perfect!! One of the best fudge recipes I've ever made, comes out perfect every time and it's super easy. Totally recommended.

image description

Brother made this and omg it is amazing. He added chocolate buttons to make it a chocolate Russian fudge



Great fudge! Quick question, can it be frozen? And if so for how long?
CHELSEA: Thanks! Yes, you can freeze this fudge. Just make sure you place it in an airtight container and put a layer of baking paper underneath and above the fudge. It should be fine for 3 months in the freezer.

Could someone please help me with this! I don't know when the mixture has reached 120 c!! I don't have a candy thermometer or anything! Please help me! How else could I see if it has reached 120 c?
CHELSEA: Hi there, 120°C is the soft ball stage. You can test for this without a thermometer by dropping a small amount of the fudge into a glass of cold water. If you are able to easily pick it up and squish together then the fudge is set and ready to move on to the next stage. If it disintegrates in the water then it needs to be cooked for longer; and if it forms a hard ball then it is overcooked and has turned to toffee!

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Very good - I loved it.
I have made it six times and my kids LOVE it, as much as they love chocolate.

Very yummy- am giving as xmas gifts! Does it need to stay in the fridge??
CHELSEA: No, it doesn't have to stay in the fridge :-)

This fudge is absolutely delicious, but every time I make it I get brown stuff all through it, it usually is gone after the beating stage. I usually always stir it right through till the end as well. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong please?
CHELSEA: Hi there, the brown stuff in the fudge is likely to be burnt bits of milk stirred through from the bottom of the pan. We get that sometimes too. If they have dispersed after beating and the fudge still tastes great then they're nothing to worry about. If you want to prevent it in future, try turning the heat down a little, stir constantly and make sure you use a heavy based saucepan.

Was so easy to make and everyone loved it.

Used salted butter as we didn't have unsalted, and didn't add the additional salt, but still turned out awesome!
Had to use a thermometer to stop it going 120, and towards the end struggled to keep it above 114, and cooked for the full 15 minutes.

Thanks for the recipe very yummy :-)

Gonna make for Christmas.

this is such a great fudge for gifts my grand children always ask for Russian fudge for a treat for their birthdays

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This creative mix of ingredients makes very good Russian fudge. I would recommend that the maximum temperature you take the mix to should be 114 degrees C (rather than 120). Also, I think that you should always stir the mix until it starts boiling. I've found that by standing the pot in cold water for part of the time while I am doing the beating can speed the process up, but you have to be careful not to get any water in the fudge mix.

Despite current fashion trends, I love using sugar in moderation.... and this fudge is one of the best ways to use it.

Tried this recipe recently as my first foray into fudge making. Turned out a beautifully soft and flavoursome russian fudge with a hint of creaminess, and has been a big hit with the family and co-workers.

I absolutely loved this russian fudge. Best thing I have ever made

Use this every time and love it totally and utterly

great try it!!!!

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have you tried this recipe guys I love this recipe it is Russian fudge love it lol

Perfect for gifts and ever so smooth and sweet. I give this recipe 5 stars.

This mixture of ingredients makes very good Russian fudge. I would suggest that the maximum temperature you take the mix to should be 114 degrees C (rather than 120). Also, I think that you should always stir the mix until it starts boiling. I've found that by standing the pot in cold water for part of the time while I am doing the beating can speed the process up, but you have to be careful not to get any water in the fudge mix.

Despite current fashion trends, I like using sugar in moderation.... and this fudge is one of the best ways to use it.

Best wishes from Nelson.....

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Absolutely delicious, the whole family loved it!

image description

Top recipe - everyone loved it

Beautiful rich decadent fudgy goodness that I added to some coffee icecream, the rest is in the fridge, would love to share with the girls at work, but so far am doubting any will be left to do so ! Truly a special fudge indeed.

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It was delicious! I couldn't stop eating it!

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Super Yummy fudge!!! Thanks for the great recipe!

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I had so many comments on how good this fudge was and i couldn't stop eating it... yummy!!!

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I have tried making fudge all my life and failed this has been the best recipe I have ever used. Great for gifting too :o)

image description

Great recipe! First time making own russian fudge that's worked out, it's easy and it's the best I've ever tasted :-)

image description

Thanks Jo Seager and Chelsea

image description

was delicious, and easy to substitute alternative ingredients: ie I made it dairy free using Soy Condesnsed Milk and Soy Milk and Olivani

image description

This recipe was fantastic. Easy to make, and the results spoke for themselves, everyone said that it was the best fudge they had ever had!

image description

Best Russian Fudge ever!! It was so yummy and everyone enjoyed it. It was very easy too. (I prefer it way over the Edmonds Cookbook recipe) Thank you Jo Seager & Chelsea.

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Dont make if you are on a diet! One piece is NEVER enough. So yummy!

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The best Russian Fudge I have ever made and tasted that was so easy. Fantastic recipe.

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I have always failed at fudge but this recipie was easy and worked great!! Made great tasting fudge!!! A++

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First fudge I have ever made and it turned out great!

image description

found this recipe hard lol... firstly my sugar never disolved and i had it on low heat and mixing for aaaages... would love to try make this again if someone could give me some tips :)

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This a fantastic recipe,I have lost count of the number of batches of this fudge I have carried across the tasman to my work mates in Sydney. I am now unsure if it me they like visiting or my fudge!!

image description

Absolutely delicious! And very addictive.

image description

Smellt yum as i am a mager sugar lover great for me

image description

soooooo yummy !!!!!! have to make more

image description

Sweet fantastic!

image description


image description

My daughter says its the best thing that she has ever tasted in the world!!! :)

image description

No matter how long I cooked it it didn't thicken, so I beat it in the Kenwood and put it in fridge. It tastes yummy. Just a bit soft.

image description

great flavour and colour, tip to all like me - google 'soft ball stage' otherwise it just won't work/set.
second attempt was awesome!

image description

Awesome, easy, perfect.

image description

The best Russian fudge I have ever made (and tasted). Nice and creamy, not sugary like some recipes are.

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