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Chelsea’s Favourite Chocolate Cake

By Chelsea Sugar
Chelsea’s Favourite Chocolate Cake
12 servings
  • 106 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 1 hrs 20 mins
  • Serves

    1 Tbsp instant coffee granules
    ¾ cup water
    2 cups Chelsea White Sugar
    1¾ cups plain flour
    ¾ cup cocoa powder
    2 tsp vanilla essence
    2 tsp baking soda
    1 tsp baking powder
    ½ tsp salt
    2 eggs
    1¼ cups milk (or Rice/Soya Milk)
    ½ cup sunflower or soya oil


    For NZ’s favourite chocolate cake recipe.......

    1.  Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease and line a 23-25cm cake tin with baking paper.
    2.  Dissolve the coffee granules in water, then place all ingredients into a food processor and process until well combined and smooth.
    3.  Pour the mixture into the cake tin. Bake in the preheated oven for 1 hour 20 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes, or until a cake tester inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean.
    4.  Cool on a wire rack and when completely cold, ice with either Chelsea Chocolate Icing Sugar or make your favourite with Chelsea Icing Sugar.

    Note: This is a very runny mixture - don't be alarmed the first time you make it.

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Average Rating
(106 reviews)

Best chocolate cake ever! I make my children’s birthday cakes with this recipe, I make a double mixture each time and they always turn out perfectly! Everyone comments on how delicious the cake is! I turn my oven down to 160 as I have a hot oven! Thank you Chelsea! :)

Awesome cake so rich and moist. Delicious in every way. I use a chocolate buttercream to ice!

Awesome cake, made this three times now, my son absolutely loves it. yummmy

Best recipe ever. It's my go to cake. You can even use the recipe for other flavours. Currently got a banana version in the oven. Super easy and moist and light. My kids and I make them often. Do advise lowering the temp to 160.

Best chocolate cake ever! This is my go to recipe. So moist and rich and so easy to make too!

I have a hot oven and only bake for 50 mins to an hour. Yummy with raspberry jam and cream in the middle

Good recipe, nice and easy to make. Have one in the oven now! I have a fan bake oven, so always cook at 160.

Best choc cake ever. My 6 year old helped me pour everything into the blender. Substituted a cup of strong plunger coffee for the instant. Moist and kept well in the fridge. Thanks!

Only took an hour in my oven and I had to turn the temp down to 160 as it started to smell burnt. A bit crispy on top but rose well and tasted good

Great cake love this recipe ❤️

This is such an easy recipe for such an amazing result! The cake it delicious and moist.

Have made this cake twice ( thinking I may have made a mistake the first time).
Both times it turned out VERY dense and stoggy not like a chocolate cake at all.
Have you tested this Chelsea? I am an experienced baker and was very disappointed.
CHELSEA: Hi there, sorry to hear this hasn't worked out for you. This recipe has lots of good reviews, and we have tested it many times. It is quite a dense, moist cake but shouldn't be stodgy at all. The only thing we can think of is that perhaps your baking soda or baking powder is out of date, and the cake therefore hasn't risen properly?

Best chocolate cake ever!

So good!! Turns out perfect every time. Just like my mum used to make with the runny recipe.

I did this by hand, not in a food processor. The mixture turns out extremely liquidy like the recipe warned, I found that some of the oil floated on the top and I couldn't mix it in, so I added a sprinkling of extra flour to help it all combine but not to thicken the mixture. I baked it for an hour as my oven gets quite hot. The cake turned out delicious, chocolatey and moist. Very easy to make!

Made a double mix the other week. Butter choc icing on one and butter lemon icing on the other. Used only 2/3 the amount of sugar. Beautifully moist. Delicious - just simply scrumptiously delicious

Should I use a US customery cup (236.588 ml) cup or an Imperial cup (284.131) ?CHELSEA: Either cup is fine with the required amount of ingredient/s as per the recipe.

This is a brilliant recipe and fail safe. I don't use a food processor as mine won't take all the mixture. I just sieve dry ingredients together then whisk it all instead. Have had numerous people who don't like chocolate cake fall in love with this one. Guaranteed winner here.

i love this recipe

Easy to make and moist

So easy to make.
And so so moist!! Just perfect xo

This is my go to birthday cake everytime. Everyone loves it. Never ever fail either.

Yep - that worked! Confess I cut the sugar back by half a cup, but it made no difference to the result. Was cooking it for a dessert, so piled on some whipped cream, berries, and grated a good helping of 70% dark choc across the top. Lip smackingly good! The platter got cleaned out quick smart. Will be coming back to this one for sure.

Easy, delicious, and moist. My go-to chocolate cake - great as a layer cake with sugar syrup between layers (to keep the cake moist longer) and chocolate buttercream.


Best cake

My go to recipe for chocolate cake. Tastes great everytime.

This is my go-to recipe whenever I need to make a chocolate cake. It is easy and has never failed me yet! I often make it with gluten free flour and it always works well either way.

Absolutely wonderful cake. So moist and chocolaty. Love how u chuck in the blender and wizz it up. Super easy.

This was fabulous! It's easy, quick and yumm. The coffee gives it a unique taste.
My latest favourite chocolate cake!
Thank you!

Ver very veryyy nice recipe Thank you so muchhhhh. We enjoyed with this. It was too awesome!!!!

Awesome cake recipe. very easy to make and fool prof. This recipe was a hit for my friend's

Love this cake, it's now my go to chocolate cake as it's so easy to make. It's rich and moist not like a lot of other chocolate cakes. Every time I make it everyone loves it. YUM!

Such an easy recipe and the cake has a beautiful moist texture. Also doesn't dry out like a lot of other cakes.

This is the best chocolate cake EVER!! I was always a go to for the edmonds one egg sponge, but this cake surpasses my trusty old faithful and has taken pride of place. The only issue I sometimes find is when I want to bake it, I forget the name and get presented with all manner of chocolate cake recipes. I know when I've got the right one when I see the coffee, water, sugar, flour.... in order. I just bang everything in my food processor, turn it on, pour it out and watch the magic happen.
Such a dense, moist, chocolatey chocolate cake.
And now that I've become vegan, it didn't take too much to change. Rice or nut milk and 1 mashed banana to replace the eggs.
So simple!!

Lovely easy recipe, dark chocolate moist cake, my husband told he smelt burning at 1 hour and lucky he did as i checked and was totally cooked inside and was a little too dark and crisp on top with a slightly burned taste so i think maybe should be less for fan ovens? I will try it again though and check after 40 or 50 mins.

Best chocolate cake ever! I always use this recipe for cakes and cupcakes. This will always be the 'never fail' recipe of choice!

Made this 3 times now , I will never use another chocolate cake recipe again , this one is saved for life .

Best recipe! And so fast and easy

I haven't made this yet, but would this recipe work in a 10 cup silicon mould? We have a castle one that my daughter wants for her birthday, and it has lots of intricate little turret bits. I need something that won't fall apart!! Thank you!
CHELSEA: Hi there, yes we think this cake would be good for that. The mixture is quite runny and the cake not crumbly so should work well for forming the turrets. We'd love to see a photo of it once complete!

Real bad texture, was like liquid, had to add a bit of flour but didn't want to change it just in case it changed it even more. No good for me.

Easiest chocolate cake recipe I've made yet. Love not having to cream butter and sugar. I double the coffee for a stronger coffee flavour. Didn't taste baking sodery at all when I made it. Definitely a 5 star recipe.

This is my go to cake recipe for my kids birthdays, so easy and always comes out moist and yummy (don't usually do "reviews" but saw a couple of 1 stars here, am wondering if they had oven issues or put in wrong amount of ingredients?).

Terrible recipe.... burnt on top and undercooked through the middle. Cake itself is not very chocolatey and is sticky. Won't make again.

My son and I made this cake last night. It is absolutely beautiful.Yum Yum Yum :-)

image description

Incredible! I love this chocolate cake recipe! It's so rich and moist. Sometimes I add some rum and make Black Forest cake.

This cake is so moist and delicious. Such an easy recipe and can be used for cupcakes too!

So quick & easy to put together, turns out very well, so moist.

image description

Love this chocolate cake. So easy to make and fool prof

image description

Amazing recipe, so easy to whip together it's a favourite in our family. I cook for 50 mins and it's perfect.

Burnt after an hours and tasted like baking soda and sour coffee. Mixture was very runny but I didn't do anything as i was told it should be like this. Grr

A lovely chocolate cake for afternoon tea

The cake has a strong baking soda flavour and wasn't very nice to eat. Not chocolaty at all

this chocolate cake recipe is amazing

Just learning how to bake but the chocolate cake turned out super. Shared the receipe already. Thanks

No this chocolate cake did not work for me, nice and moist but did not taste that nice. shame because was looking forward to it but it didn't work.

image description

This chocolate cake recipe was all g man.

image description

This is such an easy chocolate cake recipe.. moist and decadent..turn out amazing..loved it!!!

image description

This chocolate cake is irresistibly moist and decadent..turn out amazing..loved it..:)

After baking for 40+years it has shown me that you need to try New recipes.I will look forward to trying some of the other recipes from the baking club.

Made this chocolate cake today and it was the best ! I don't usually like chocolate cake but will be making this again and again thanks Chelsea. Oh and I iced it with Dark Almond Chocolate icing just for a extra treat!

Can you freeze this amazing chocolate cake
CHELSEA: yes, you can freeze this cake!

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Fantastic chocolate cake recipe - no fail super moist cake

image description

Love this chocolate cake. So easy to make

I doubled this chocolate cake recipe and cooked it on my wood stove for 2 hours and it was perfect. Great recipe.

Love this chocolate cake recipe. Only needed 50 minutes in my oven. It's a keeper, have written out in my Recipe 'Bible' which will be handed down to my children one day.

Best chocolate cake recipe ever and super easy to make!

This is a delicious moist chocolate cake. Easy to put together without heaps of butter in it

Best chocolate cake recipe ever!

Yummy chocolate cake indeed, I only used one cup of sugar.

Super quick and easy chocolate cake! Awesome to ice, and very scrummy! Only problem is that everyone loved it, and it went so quickly!! Love this recipe thanks Chelsea!! ☺!

This is my favourite no fail go to Chocolate cake recipe. I love it and it works every single time! Do not worry that it is runny when you put it in the oven, it comes out so moist and lovely, well worth it.

I made this chocolate cake based on all the reviews and it was easy, moist and very tasty. I omitted the coffee and it only needed 55mins in my oven. Highly recommended.

Moist, easy to do chocolate cake and hardly any dishes. It tastes yummy and everyone loved it. Best cake ever! Thanks Chelsea!

I LOVED it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! I LOVE Chelsea's Cakes!!! #Best!Cake!Ever! :D

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Nicest chocolate cake - I left out 1 c sugar as I don't like my cake too sweet. I used 3 eggs as 2 of them were small. I also liked how easy this cake was to make.

image description

Easy yummy chocolate cake and turns out perfect every time :)

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Love this chocolate cake recipe♥♥

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I decided 2 cups of sugar was too much so I only did 1 and the chocolate cake was still absolutely amazing. Super simple and easy. If you want too add a little something to make it less boring I recommend making a caramel sauce. Yum!

image description

Lovely moist chocolate cake - I made it into cupcakes & it was perfect because they stayed flat & were perfect for icing. It made about 60! Beautiful, moist & possibly the easiest recipe I have ever made!

image description

Best chocolate cake recipe ever!

image description

So much chocolate cake - so little time... To eat that is. The best ever moist cake and just so simple....

image description

Yum did de yum yum chocolate cake.

image description

Best chocolate cake ever!

image description

My 'go-to' chocolate cake recipe. Never fails

image description

Delicious and so easy. My number 1 chocolate cake recipe now.

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Loved this chocolate cake was so good.

image description

Yummy chocolate cake. Quick and easy to make.

image description

This is THE BEST choc cake I have ever made and it is totally easy and fool proof !! This is my go to choc cake from now on :)

image description

Really chocolatey and moist. Is very liquidy when you pour it into the cake tin but it does work

image description

My work colleague recommended this chocolate cake recipe to me. WOW so easy to make and delicious! My go to cake.

image description

I split the mix into 2 tins and sandwiched the two together with cream, Yummo!! Such a moist chocolate cake I highly recommend it :)

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Very, very nice chocolate cake, wonderful for the family. Will make again soon.

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this chocolate cake recipe! It's my go-to recipe for birthday cakes! Super moist and everyone always enjoys.

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The chocolate cake is good, and nice.

image description

it was my first chocolate CAKE!!! :) soooo good.

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This is the easiest chocolate cake. I always come back to this one if I need to whip up a quick cake.

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Best chocolate cake ever!!!...and so simple!

image description

Used for all our birthdays.

image description

My kids & I make this chocolate cake all the time now when we crave something sweet. Delicious

image description

This chocolate cake was easy to make. My family definitely loved it & it was still moist after two days!!

image description

Easy as chocolate cake to make and tastes awesome. The whole family and friends love it.

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This chocolate cake is super easy to make and for people on the go is an impressive but fool proof choc cake that never fails to impress.

image description

Such an easy recipe and a beautifully moist chocolate cake!! Have also tried making it into mini cakes and worked very well for those too!

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I just made this chocolate cake with my 6 year old son, so easy to make and OMGosh it is sooooo yummy!!! :)

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This is such an easy chocolate cake, if I can have success with this then anyone can!!!! Delicious

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