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Chocolate Mud Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing

By Chelsea Sugar
Chocolate Mud Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing
10 servings
  • 92 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cooking time 1 hrs
  • Serves

    1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
    1 cup milk
    ½ cup oil
    250g dark chocolate, broken up or roughly chopped
    1 cup hot strong coffee, can be strong instant
    2 cups flour
    2 tsp baking soda
    1 tsp baking powder
    1 cup Chelsea LoGiCane™ Low GI Sugar or Chelsea Raw Sugar
    ½ cup cocoa
    2 eggs

    Chocolate Ganache Icing:
    400g dark chocolate, broken into pieces
    1 cup cream


    Preheat oven to 180°C. Line the base of a 22 - 23 cm spring-form tin with non-stick baking paper and spray with non-stick baking spray.
    Mix the lemon juice with the milk and set aside for it to sour the milk.
    Place oil, chocolate and hot coffee in a microwave bowl or small saucepan and heat gently, stirring often, until chocolate is melted and the mixture smooth. Cool.

    In a large bowl, mix the flour baking soda, baking powder, Chelsea LoGiCane™ Low GI Sugar or Chelsea Raw Sugar and cocoa.
    Mix the eggs and soured milk into the cooled chocolate mixture, combine thoroughly, and then whisk into the dry ingredients.

    Pour into the prepared tin and bake for 1 hour. When tested, fudgy crumbs will still adhere to a skewer. This is the desirable sticky mud cake consistency. Cool for 15 minutes in the tin, then turn out and cool further on a wire rack. When cold, cut the cake in half using a serrated knife, ice the centre and top with thick chocolate ganache icing.

    Chocolate Ganache
    Place both chocolate and cream in a saucepan and stir over medium heat until chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth. Cool then refrigerate for 30 - 40 minutes until the mixture is a thick spreading consistency. Chill the frosted cake and serve with softly whipped cream or thick yoghurt.

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Average Rating
(92 reviews)

I'm a chef by trade....i love your site...the best thing ever is the your recipes are tryed and true...when I'm looking for a quick cake to fill the Cabbnit I always look hear first...keep it up awesome webpage

it looks delicious i want to set up a receipe book,but my knowledge of doing this is zero could you please explain because i will want most of your receipes

thanks heaps

scottie mancer

Great but it says cook for an hour which is far to long.

I thought it was the most devine and scrumptious cake batter of life. Words cannot describe the love i have for this recipe and I cant wait for all my fellow friends and family even co workers to try this, I bless you for who made this recipe and thank you for everything.

I followed this recipe almost precisely and it was so easy and absolute perfection. I cooked mine at 170 degrees Celcius as my oven does tend to burn things, and I cooked it for 70 minutes (after 60 minutes I checked it with a skewer and I thought it seemed a bit too moist in the centre, but an extra 10 finished it off nicely). I used Cadbury Dark Chocolate Melts and they worked really well. For the cake part I melted them by pouring the hot coffee over them. No saucepan required. I didn't have raw sugar so used white sugar. After reading a review about the amount of baking soda I reduced it to 1.5 teaspoons, just to be on the safe side.

It’s nice idea to bake a cake for afternoon tea parties and friends may be for your birthday or family. But it’s great fun to make one up.

Not a very good recipe as a comment below too crumbly & bitter using dark chocolate. Will adjust & use milk chocolate next time.

I haven't made this mud cake yet so I didn't really rate it but I was wondering if I could leave the coffee out or substitute it with something else. I love all your recipes. Thanks!!!
CHELSEA: Hi there, you could replace the cup of hot coffee with a cup of hot water, that will still work fine. You can't actually taste the coffee in the finished baked cake though, it is more there to give the chocolate a flavour boost :-)

I found your site by accident, I'm American. I love to browse recipes and have never come across anything from New Zealand. What a delight! Also, I've never heard of low GI sugar, I'd love to try some. So far I like everything about your site. Thank you for your wonderful efforts.
CHELSEA: Thank you for your kind feedback! :-)

I haven’t make this yet so have only given it one star. Could I use coconut oil as the oil ingredient?
CHELSEA: Hi, we haven't tried this recipe with coconut oil before but think it should work fine.

I made this cake for a birthday because I couldn't find my usual recipe. It's an ok chocolate cake but it certainly wasn't a mud cake. It was so crumbly it was difficult to decorate and got crumblier after a couple of days, unlike every other mud cake I made which get denser.
It was so crumbly it was embarrassing to serve because cutting it gave a plate of bits rather than a slice of cake. Never again :-(

Hi there!
Can I use normal white sugar ? Or brown sugar?
CHELSEA: Standard white sugar would work well :-)

Very delicious and so easy to make. Always a winner with the family.

How much is it

Made this last week for mums 70th. 4th time I've made it. Turned out perfect as always. This time put a fondant over ganache. Piped more ganache around bottom. Then printed/stamped celery stork roses (google it they look awesome) with red and green food dye. My family loved it. I've been chosen as the official birthday cake maker..... I said it's cool as long as everyone likes chocolate mud cake haha. About to make one for my Aunt now. Trying marshmallow fondant.... wish me luck. The key is to not over cook, and relax. I make the melted choc/oil/coffee mix and milk/lemon juice mix put aside while I make ganache. Also the hot coffee generally melts chocolate without needing to microwave ;-) Thanks Chelsea xox

This recipe is a go to for me, I've used it for wedding cakes and it is always enjoyed.

Easy and tastes good but cake was a little crumbly not what I was expecting

It didn't turn out like the picture but still a yummy treat! :)

Delicious and easy. I made two, to stack. 26cm spring form tin ($5 from the warehouse) lined with Mono magic foil (that stuff is truly magic). Turned oven to 160 (after reading comments). Not sure how long it took as I was more watching the cakes than the time. Icing is more than enough - but is so yummy. We had it for my mother in law's birthday with whipped cream, greek yogurt, hokey pokey ice cream and a tin of black doris plums - everyone was happy!!!! 3rd time I have made it. Very happy with results and I'm no master in the kitchen xox

Very tasty recipe! I'm struggling a little with it though. I have a 30 centimetre cake dish which cooks it at around 50 or so minutes but even at the right temperature it scorches and splits. Any advice? At the moment when I cook it, icing covers all sins :)
CHELSEA: Hi there, given you are using a much larger cake tin you could try turning the oven temperature down by 10-20 degrees. Also, make sure you are placing the cake in the centre of the oven. Good luck, hope the next one turns out better!

This looks delicious! Can I bake it in a bundt pan? Would baking time or temp change?
CHELSEA: Hi there, we haven't tried making this in a bundt pan before but we think it should work ok. We recommend testing the cake a little earlier (around 45 minutes) to see if it is done.

Beautiful recipe. After trying other mud cake recipes, this is the only one that was a success. I used a 30cm spring form tin, so 40-45 mins was enough time in the oven. I used caster sugar instead of raw or low GI sugar and used white vinegar instead of lemon juice. Great recipe! Thank you Chelsea!

Too much lemon extremely sour

what can I use instead of coffee. CHELSEA: Substitute coffee with hot water.

This is my first time trying it, It was quite difficult to made especially when cutting the cake in half, and separating the two halfs maybe i rushed it ( it really must be cold to cut otherwise
it will get crumbled ) but it turned out so delicious and satisfying strong flavor sour and not too sweet that's what i liked most about it. thank you alot for the recipe
it's amazing !!


cool cake bro
^ ^

it's the best mud cake in the wold.

too much sugar, 1/4 to a 1/3 of a cup is more than enough.

Extremely nice and rich with a bitter and sweet at the same time

This recipe was basically what I was looking for.

Best chocolate cake I've ever made! To date I haven't found a chocolate cake I've liked - I've found them too sweet or heavy. This one was just right and went perfectly with whipped cream on the side. As a bonus, it was very easy to prepare. No mixer required. My guests loved it too and asked for the recipe.

It was moist and fluffy and easy to cook but not that nice to eat , needs more sweetness and rich choc flavor.

I bake for a living, at Bondi Beach in Sydney, and am always looking for new recipes. I agree that oil moistens cakes beautifully, and adds to their shelf life. I've made a couple of variations on this recipe, which included the soured milk component, and I think this adds nicely to the richness. Coffee also enhances chocolate flavouring. Fan-forced ovens cook faster, so I would bake this cake at 160. deg C for fan forced, and check the cake with a slender skewer at the 45-minute mark. I remove it from the oven at this point. As for ganache: There's a big flavour difference between 45% dark chocolate, and 70% or 90% which is more bitter. I would say 90% is too bitter. I prefer to use 70% because it fits my customer profile, but baking for a family - probably a 45% would be enough. Thanks, Chelsea, I like your recipes.
CHELSEA: Thanks for the feedback and tips! :-)

This is a very bad recipe. Followed the recipe exactly but the cake is dense and the ganache is overly bitter.

image description

Moist and delicious

my friend makes this all the time and it's delish.....when I gave it a crack, my cake seemed more cakey than mud cake like....did I beat it too much?
CHELSEA: Hi there, it is likely you cooked it for a bit too long. For the desirable mud cake consistency, fudgy crumbs should adhere to a skewer when you test to see if the cake is cooked. Take it out the oven a little earlier next time and you should get more of a mud cake texture :-)

I have never ever baked a cake in my life. This recipe just was excellent, the result was awesome and it's for keeps. I did not do the icing part and yet the cake was superb. Thanks.

can I use melted butter instead of oil?
or can I use sunflower oil?
CHELSEA: Yes, you could definitely use sunflower oil. Melted butter should work fine too, although you may find the cake isn't quite as moist.

I made this as a birthday cake to take camping for a 3 year old
the cake kept for 5 days and still held its flavour and freshness for her birthday and
easy to make

It sounds great but I only have 100g of chocolate so what can I put in alternative?
CHELSEA: Hi there, seeing as this recipe requires quite a bit of chocolate for both the cake and the icing we would recommend getting more chocolate before you make it. Try 'Chelsea's Favourite Chocolate Cake' or 'American Chocolate Cake' for yummy alternatives.

Sorry this is awful. I made it twice as the oil in the first didn't taste nice and it erupted like Vesuvius. The next also erupted. When I tried to split it it fell apart. I managed to stick it together but it looks rough and doesn't taste very nice. This is my Christmas contribution and it is an embarrassment! I will now delete this recipe.
CHELSEA: Hi there, sorry to hear this recipe didn't work out for you. What size cake tin were you using? A cake tin that is too small can sometimes lead to the cake erupting in the oven.

Wow! Such a delicious recipe I'm not that good a baker but I had family and friends applaud me for this chocolate cake

I haven"t made this yet. The only chocolate I have on hand is dark chocolate chips. Can I use that in place of the chocolate in recipe. Looks easy to make.
CHELSEA: Hi there, we haven't tried this using chocolate chips instead of regular chocolate, but think it should work ok. Let us know how you get on.

Best chocolate cake I've ever baked.
I didn't have lemon juice so I used white vinegar to sour the milk.
I love that this cake is not as dense as mud cakes I've tasted before.

I accidentally left the cake in for an extra 10 minutes and was really worried that in doing so it was going to be dry, but it wasn't! Very delicious and moist cake, and very easy to make. I'll definitely be making this one again!

image description

the most easiest and best with delicious taste recipe i really loved this chocolate cake...

Delicious! the first time i made this, i used self raising flour & it was yum! what flour do you recommend?
CHELSEA: we would recommend using standard plain flour, given there are other raising agents in the recipe. Good to know it turned out well with self-raising flour too though!

The best ever mud cake recipe. My grandchildren order mud cake from me if I ask what would they like.

image description

Very very easy to make and tastes delicious. Love this chocolate mud cake recipe!

Great recipe! easy to make, super moist and really delicious! would 100% make again!

Hi, I can't have any coffee products. What can I use to substitute the 1cup strong coffee? Thank you very much!!
CHELSEA: Hi there - you can just use 1 cup hot water instead.

Had to make two cakes! The first one looked at after 55 mins at 180 and it was burning. On the second one I turned it down to 170 and checked it regularly and it took 45 mins. I'm a newbie to mud cakes, so while it was yummy it wasn't quite the consistency of mud cake all through.. My question, should I turn the oven temperature even lower? I followed the recipe exactly. Thank you!
CHELSEA: all ovens have slight temperature variations, and it depends where in the oven you placed your baking (top, middle, bottom). Our recipes are based on standard ovens, with baking placed in the centre. Sounds like you've solved the problem by turning it down.

image description

Really easy to make and deliciously moist! Will be my go to recipe for birthday cakes

it's so good, i made this cake for my family and everyone loved it

Not a review, but a question. Is it ok to use the chocolate ganache if I plan on covering the cake with fondant?
CHELSEA: thanks for your question. Any bakers out there know the answer? Let us know.


my family loves this cake! it's their only request for all birthdays.

Will u please tell me the ingredients for 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I really wanna try this recipe but I don't know what quantities to be is used for two as we are only two so I hope with all my heart that u will reply as soon as u see this I insist on this plz.
CHELSEA: this cake freezes well (without icing), so we suggest you make a whole cake, cut into portions for 2, and freeze. Then defrost 2 portions as required, add icing and enjoy!

I'm a Kiwi living in England and this is the best cake ever ... Just make it and enjoy the luxurious ness and richness of all that delicious chocolate

Would it be a problem if I substituted the dark chocolate for milk chocolate in the ganache?

image description


In the oven was very easy! I used cheaper chocolate but still worked brilliantly, if you're not a coffee fan I wouldn't put as much, as it is quite strong. Thank you

This is the best cake ever!

Made the choc mud cake iced and fun lied. Cut cake across and left half with my daughter, and half with my son, their teenagers devoured it in short time, and said it was the best mud cake ever!

image description


image description

looks like it is so easy as no need to use a mixer, just mix only.

image description

I have made this Cake for anniversaries and two weddings great every time.

image description

I made a Ganache yesterday with dark chocolate buttons, cream..and a tsp of butter, which the recipe said to add. It said to melt in a microwave in 30 second bursts, to save time, which I did. It didn't turn out all that didn't have the right thick, spreadable consistency. I will use your recipe for it instead, next time. That'll teach me, hu! ;-)

image description

Family loves this cake. Not hard to make. A good size cake. Ideal for older childrens birthdays. I have made it several times.

image description

loved it

image description

"Great" doesn't do this cake justice!!! It is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!! The biggest hit with everyone I know, and I have requests for it!!!!! AWESOME cake, and a MUST TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

image description

I make wedding/birthday/celebration cakes and this is my go to choc cake recipe. It keeps well, stays wonderfully moist, easy to carve and stacks up well for tiered cakes. Def recommend his one.

image description

I have a cookbook with this recipe in it and I don't use any other chocolate cake recipe anymore. Everybody ALWAYS loves it to bits :-)

image description

I just made this cake, followed instructions exactly, but it's come out bit dry on sides and slightly crusty and burnt on top. I wonder if temp was too high? hope tastes ok!

image description

made it last night and its just devine.

image description

Decadently delicious!

image description

This was beautiful, needed the icing or ganache to top it off but it was moist, easy to make, just wonderful!!

image description

Great cake. Easy to make and very rich :) Tasted like a cake you would get at a cafe

image description

Yummy cake! Not too hard to make either!

image description

Uses a LOT of chocolate. A bit too dark for some people's tastes. Baking soda was a bit too strong. Got better with age.

image description

I can't wait to see how this turns out... I adjusted it slightly, adding condensed milk and white chocolate to the mix.... Not sure if that's a good idea or not....smells and looks greatso far!!

image description


image description

This Cake is lovely moist and full of chocolate flavour.

image description

AMAZING!! I know this recipe by heart and I adore it. This is the cake people request I make for parties etc, I don't know what id do without it!

image description

Best mud cake I've ever tried! Although it uses oil but it's sturdy enough and the taste is divine! I used chocolate IMBC instead, thank you!!

image description

Brilliant, friends loved it, now number one

image description

In the oven cooking now...Smells great...Can't wait to try it..Making it for my Sons 16th Birthday Cake :)

image description

Was anyone else's mixture a bit runny?

Mine was but looks and smells so good right now

image description

Awsome recipe have more requests each time I make this

image description

Made this cake for my boyfriends birthday & everyone really loved it, even me and I don't usually eat cake. Really awesome, the whole cake was eaten! Thanks for the recipe :)

image description

I thought this recipe was very easy to follow and it turned out very delicious. Moist and not too heavy. I will do it again and again. Thanks for sharing.

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