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Bird Nectar

By Chelsea Sugar
Bird Nectar
1 serving
  • 14 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 5 mins
  • Cooking time
  • Serves

    1 cup Chelsea White Sugar
    2L Water
    Clean Container


    Dilute the cup of Chelsea Sugar with the water in the clean container
    Put out just enough sugar water to last for a day
    Wash the container and refill each day
    Sit back and wait for the birds to arrive


Average Rating
(14 reviews)

To protect from ants, put dish in a dish of water so it is in a moat. Ants won't swim.

Too strong - 1/2 cup (dissolved) to 2 cups water in the bottle.

Far too strong. Should be 100gm per 500ml water.

It can attract bees and wasps it isn't good for their tummies.

This stuff is amazing! We are getting Tuis and wax eyes coming lots.

Perfect for coastal Otago. The wild birds here love it and we now have daily visits from Tui's and Bellbird's.

Your recipe is in conflict with other sites e.g. Forest and Bird and doc who all say that the ratio of sugar to water is 1 : 8.
Your 'recipe' is far too strong and may harm them?


its ok

Great and easy to make

great recipe i am, always feeding the birds,temuka nz

The recipe is fine though raw sugar works just as someone who has returned to Whangarei and the rural area of Oakleigh from the cold of Christchurch I've become re-acquainted with ants, ticks and of course leeches. Regarding ants some natural and effective deterrents - grow pennyroyal mint at the base of your tree or bird post and throughout the garden. Peppermint is also useful. Alternatively you can spray tea tree oil, peppermint oil 10 drops to 1 litre of warm water around the base of whatever upright you are using.

Ants are not a problem in the cool south. I've been fascinated watching lines of ants and little ant hills appearing out of nowhere when visiting the north island. You just don't see that down south. It amuses me to see shelves of ant bait in supermarkets and the big shed stores here. The stock buyers must imagine that if ants are a problem up north, it must be the same down south.

As sugar water (strong) will attract for instance ants which you do not want in the sugar feeding station you should mention what is a strong and what is low solution still attracting birds for birds That will make your very short basic and simple recipe better Chelsea !

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