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Best Ever American Brownie

By Teena Pratt
Best Ever American Brownie
24 servings
  • 44 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cooking time 30 mins
  • Serves

    400g Chelsea White Sugar
    100g Cocoa
    4 Eggs
    1tsp Vanilla Essence
    200g Butter (melted)
    200g Dark Chocolate Chips
    90g Sifted Flour
    1tsp Baking Powder


    In a large bowl mix the sugar, cocoa, eggs, vanilla and butter to a smooth paste. Add the chocolate chips and stir through.
    Add the sifted flour and baking powder and stir through to combine it.
    Pour mixture into a greased and lined tin (30x20cm), bake in a pre heated oven at 150°C (fanforced oven) or 170°C (normal oven) for 25-30 min or until mix is set.
    A knife/skewer will come out with melted choc on it but not mixture. Leave in tray until almost completely cool then turn out and cut when cold.
    Makes a really yummy dessert when served warm with vanilla ice-cream and berry coulis or chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

    This recipe has not been tested by Chelsea Sugar.

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Average Rating
(44 reviews)

Great recipe nice and easy even though I'm 10

Awesome brownie!! One of the best recipes I've found, these don't last long so consider a double batch! Perfect for dessert warm with whipped cream or ice cream. Thanks for sharing :)

Best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love this recipe. It was so fun to make and also very delicious.

Lovey brownie recipe make it often

I loved your brownies. There are just amazing and they were really fun to make.

ok. to sweet

Absolutely beautiful. I halved the recipe and cooked it in an oblong flan tin for 25 mins..perfect. served it with wild berry sauce, Greek yogurt and cream!

Wow. This recipe is delish and super yummy.

Great easy so good I added peanuts

Favourite go to recipe! Never fails. Always great feedback when making for workmates. Yum!

Love this brownie recipe.
Like some of the other reviewers say you will need to cook it for longer than 30 minutes, I think I gave it about 50 minutes.
I added some berries to this recipe too.

I have made this many times even in bulk, still comes out perfect.
Needs more cooking than on recipe and for those challenged, always check your baking is cooked. EASY.

Amaaaazzinggg!!! It was super rich and delicious. I added slightly less sugar and it was still very sweet but it's a great treat and I also cooked it for an extra 15 mins so after that it was fine. highly recommend this recipe if you're looking for something rich!

Delicious! I didn't have chocolate chips so took the cooking chocolate I did have and melted it a bit and then added it! It didn't rise a lot but did make it in 2 rectangular tins as didn't have the right size. Chocolate overload here we come! Thanks for the recipe!

Definitely not for the faint hearted. This was so yummy and rich. My dad couldn't finish it because of the sweetness but it was a Saturday night treat. Was super yummy and would definitely make it again.

I have tried this recipe. The brownies are so delicious and my children and hubby love them. Yummy. Will definitely keep this recipe. The best brownies recipe so far, to me. Not only that it is sooo easy to make (you just add and mix everything. I used a whisk!), but it also bakes well in 40 minutes. Thank you to the recipe owner!

Good recipe, but we found it rather gooey- our error?
CHELSEA: Hi there, if you're finding it too gooey it may have needed to be cooked for longer. The best way to test this is to insert a skewer into the middle - if it comes out clean (or with just a bit of melted chocolate on it) then the brownie is cooked. Our cooking times are just a guide and we find that this can vary a lot depending on the oven.

Used 50g less choc chips. Needed 1h5m baking time! Too strong cocoa flavour for me and not very sweet BUT added with a little sweetened whipped cream - delish. (Served warm).

My go to recipe. I make these for my high school students and I constantly have them ask me when I'm going to bring them some again. I have even made these brownies without the chocolate chips and it remains a hit.

I just wanted to say thank you for letting me come first in cooking. You know, I had to do a cooking assignment in school and it was to cook a recipe that delicious and good and i had to find something that was American so i googled American Brownies and up popped your recipe and I am so grateful and this cake gave me courage to go up to the person i liked and ask him whether he wanted brownies or not. I talked to him for the first time thanks to you guys (but it didn't really work out because he went after another girl) but still you taught me courage and i just want to thank you for that! Thank you!

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Love this recipe

Turned out fantastic! I had to bake mine for a little longer as I had a smaller dish, however that wasn't a problem as I liked the taller brownie. Absolutely delicious.

image description

Loved this recipe

image description

was uncooked still after 35 mins, sorry just not a good recipe for me. Sadly it was a burnt mess still raw inside.

image description

sorry but recipe was a flop, cooked for 40mins and was still raw, have taken out a big sugary mess :(

image description

It sounds yummy I might it some day

image description

So easy and great for kids to make!

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Hi I have not made this yet but it says grams for things does anyone know what that means in cups?

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I LOVE choc brownies!!! This recipe is soooo easy and sooo yummy, and its super time friendly. I get great comments every time I bake brownies on how delicious the brownies are. Thank you :-)

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This is a great brownie recipe

image description

Was the nicest brownie I have even made - although I needed to cook it for 15 mins more than the recipie suggests.

image description

Beautiful flavour, so delicious!!!! 5 Stars!!

image description

Just made the brownie this evening, FABULOUS!!!! Nice and moist - kept it in another 15minutes, but yummy!!

image description

Made this brownie today, was so simple and turned out DELICIOUS. Love it, will definitely be making this often!!!

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Fantastic yummy brownie! Delicious thanks for sharing!

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The BEST brownie recipe that I have ever tried, will make again and again!

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Definitely the best brownie ever!!!
Very easy to make and tastes AMAZING!!!!

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I love this recipe!! It turns out perfect every time I make them!! ❤

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I have made this recipe dozens of times. It's always a winner.

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i loved this recipe, it's the best in our house!!!

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Excellent Brownie recipe :D 5 stars.

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This brownie is DELICIOUS!!! so making it again!

image description

great to make

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