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Lemon Slice

By Chelsea Sugar
Lemon Slice
12 servings
  • 59 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 20 mins
  • Cooking time 30 mins
  • Serves

    125g butter
    1 cup flour
    1/2 cup Chelsea Icing Sugar
    1 cup Chelsea Caster Sugar
    1/2 cup lemon juice
    1 Tbsp grated lemon rind
    2 Tbsp custard powder
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    3 eggs


    Preheat oven to 180°C. Line a 20 x 30cm sponge roll tin. 

    In a food processor mix the butter, flour and Chelsea Icing Sugar until it forms a soft dough around the blade. Press into the base of the sponge roll tin. Bake for 15 - 20 minutes until lightly golden.

    Mix Chelsea Caster Sugar, lemon juice and rind, custard powder, baking powder and eggs in the food processor until well combined. Carefully pour over the warm pastry base and bake a further 25 minutes until set.

    Cut into slices when cold and, if desired, sprinkle with Chelsea Icing Sugar.

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Average Rating
(59 reviews)

I made this following the recipe exactly, cooked my base for 15 mins because I prefer it on the softer side. This slice is so delicious, you wouldn't think it is so easy to make! I had to give half of it away to my parents so I don't end up eating the whole thing myself in one day!

Yummy yummy yummy

Wow this is SO good. One of the easiest but yummiest things I’ve ever baked. I only cooked the base for 15 minutes and will do it for longer next time as it’s a bit softer than I’d like but flavour is still great. I used a tin that’s fractionally smaller than 20x30 and volumes were fine.

absolutely delicious

Yum. I have a whole tree of lemons and was looking for something easy to make. I just made my second slice. Fool proof. Give it a try, you won't regret it.

Chelsea have the best/easiest recipes.

I didn't have success with this recipe and as the cooking times are wrong wondered if anything else was awry? Bake base for 25-30 mins plus bake a further 25 mins until topping is set = 50-55mins NOT the 30 mins as on the top of the recipe.My slice was only 10 millimetres thick once completed. it looked nothing like your photo. Dissapointed!


Made yesterday - very nice and liked by all. Next time might substitute 1 tbsp of custard powder with cornflour as had too much of an 'artificial' custard taste.

absolute disarster

For the people saying this is great...I'm confused (and wondering if you'll eat anything) My mum has baked my whole life. We tried it together and from the start it doesn't make sense.... the base is not a dough once's like powder.
The ingredients for the topping seems inadequate for the picture shown and turns out like some weird scrambled egg/custard nightmare. There is no way the ingredients or directions are right. Not recommended.

Base of this recipe needs to be doubled. Also doesn't fit a 20x30 tin. More a 10x20 dish. The slice has good flavour though


Absolutely love this slice!!!!!

It was easy to make and even easier to eat. Spectacular Sucess

Awesome recipe - super easy and delicious. I just used a hand beater 'cause I don't have a processor and worked just fine. The base "dough" was more like fine crumbs but worked perfectly fine when pressed into the tin.

image description

Amazing recipe. It's now a favourite of the whole family. So easy to make and such a stunning slice

This is my go to recipe for a plate everytime... so easy and lemons on my tree plentiful. Everyone loves this lemon slice. A real winner! Thanks Chelsea.

I don't like this it is bad

I love love love this lemon slice!! So does everyone else when I make it

Yummy! Everyone liked it & was simple to make with not too many ingredients!!! Definitely going to be one to add to our favorite sweet treat recipes.

Was looking for a similar square for a lemon lover and found this one. She loved it and the rest of the crowd gave rave reviews. Everyone wanted the recipe. I did double everything based on the previous reviews re not enough base to coat tin and our own preference for a substantial slice lol.

image description

This slice has a really great lemon zing for those that love citrus. I have got really good compliments from all those trying it.

image description

Tastes great

Have now made this recipe a number of times and received great compliments. I have a son who is very very fussy as to how sour his lemon anything should be and he loves this slice.
Haven't had any problems in the prep or final outcome.

Tastes great and not difficult to make. Family ate it all up!

Read the other reviews first, so I pressed it into a smaller base tin. That made a thicker lemon topping as well. delicious light flavour.

My mother has made this for years! Great slice if made properly! Must be gentle and try not to have topping seep into base while cooking or it will ruin the slice. So press base to the edges carefully!

Don't follow guide from person who voted this to be a terrible recipe. Nothing needs to be beated until fluffy! Just follow carefully and it will come out lovely! X

This lemon slice turned out perfect.. had no caster sugar just normal but still came out fine.

Terrible recipe.
I think there's a mistake in it- for the lemon topping, the caster sugar and eggs should be beaten until fluffy FIRST, then add the other ingredients. This is not clear in the recipe.

Looks like it will taste delicious and not to difficult to make.

Really nice, easy to make and super lemony which is what I like.

My go to baking dish, i add 1/2 cup or so of coconut in to the icing mix, taste amazing!!

image description

love yum love!!!

image description

Delicious!!!! :)

image description


image description

Just made this lemon slice and decided there is absolutely no need for the custard powder as it made the slice filling 'rubbery and stodgy'

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I love this slice. One of the Guiding Mums used to send it with her daughter when we went on camps. YUM.

image description

I have made this twice now and it is just delicious.. could be made for a dessert as well

image description

Need a bit more practice. The base was super sticky and not enough to cover bottom of pan. It looks and smells yum though. We are all waiting to try a slice after dinner ;0)

image description

Great slice. Definately better with double the topping. Great lemon flavour. Thanks.

image description


image description

Everyone loves it!!!

image description

Really yummy

image description

Didn't turn out like the picture. Pastry on bottom was very thin and topping very flat but it tasted great! Followed the recipe correctly so not sure what the problem is.

image description

Easy to make and not overly sweet but has a great lemon flavour

image description

Love it, easy to make and looks like you've put a bit of effort in. The kids like it too!

image description

Great easy slice with great comments from friends.

image description

great recipe! best lemon slice I have made! :)

image description

whole family loved it

image description

If you don't have custard powder, substitute an equal amount of corn flour--works fine!

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I'm 14 years old, it was easy and sooooo tasty! Mum, dad and brother loved it!!

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I don't think it turned out right, probably something I did wrong. May have overbeaten the topping! But, still nice. Will give it another go!

image description

Successful and very yummy. However, I needed about half more of the base recipe to cover 20x30 slice tin.

image description

AWESOME made this 6 times now.
try doubling the topping for a scrumptious "French style citron tart"

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Really good!

image description

Delicious and so easy

image description

i`m making it right now and looks so yummy!

image description

Super easy and super yum! Everybody loves it!!

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