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By Chelsea Sugar
4 servings
  • 177 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 10 mins
  • Serves

    1 cup Edmonds Standard Grade Flour (150g)
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder
    1/4 tsp salt
    1 egg
    1/4 cup Chelsea White Sugar (56g)
    3/4 cup Meadow Fresh Original Milk (190ml)


    Sift flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl.

    In another bowl, whisk egg and Chelsea White Sugar until thick. Add with milk to the sifted ingredients. Mix until smooth.

    Spoon tablespoons of mixture onto a hot greased griddle or non-stick frying pan. Cook until bubbles start to appear on the surface. Flip pikelets over and cook on the other side until golden.

    Place in a clean tea towel to keep warm while you cook the remaining mixture.

    Delicious served with butter, jam and cream, or butter and golden syrup!

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Average Rating
(177 reviews)

Love this recipe. Nice fluffy pikelets every time.

image description

This very Easy and fun to do.

Yum yum yum time to make more

Made these with gluten free flour and they were the best gluten free pikelets ive ever had

The recipie is sp yummy

BEST PIkelets I have ever had you don’t need to worry about dubbing the recipe if you’re a family of three it easily makes three each

It was the best Recipe for Pikelets they were nice and fluffy to I recommend it.

very good yummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy

Amazing great pikelet taste i reccomend making a double mixture, though

alright, ive made the mixture now, heres the part wher i mess it all up lol

non fail, beautiful, yummmmmmmmmm

Me and my sister use this recipe every time we make pikelets, and it’s SOOO good! And the best thing is, you can make the pikelets into pancakes it’s just SOO YUMMMYYY!! Kk, thanks for the yummy as recipe


It was soooooo yummy a little burnt but really yummy

I know my own email...

It says it is not my email....

What is wrong with it....

Your Pikelets are deliummy

Me love it so good

it is good

So nice thank you

So nice thank you

My pikelet's wir so good

very yumyyyyyyyyyy

I goooooooooood

Amazing I love the to serve items and came out super delicious I find it awsome how you make so many recipes and how it helps people bake also I have a joke why do seagulls love the sea?
Because otherwise they would be baygulls!

amazing! I love to make them when my friends and family come over.

nice as bruv

I’ve NEVER being able to make pikelets until I came across this recipe. It’s the bomb (I also use 1/2c milk & 1/4c tonic water)

It was super yum

add green onion trust me it’s sooooo good

it was very good and I think lots more people should yous this recipe


Quick and easy...came out good.

I discovered you can use self raising flour.

Thank you

Absolutely disgusting

very yum and easy to make

Amazing sooo good

Amazing sooo

you make my day:)

Super easy to make and doesnt take long. Can also easily be doubled when making for lots of people :)

Super easy to make and doesnt take long. Can also easily be doubled when making for lots of people :)

It was amazing I tried the first bite and I gobbled the hole thing up. Which means it was perfect. That recipe is amazing. The pickles I mean by that

It was amazing I tried the first bite and I gobbled the hole thing up. Which means it was perfect. That recipe is amazing. The pickles I mean by that

Super easy recipe, I make it all the time for my toddler, you could also just use self raising flour and skip the baking powder of course, works just as well. But great recipe thanks!

good good good

Super easy and pretty tasted also great for brekkie

easy to change to vegan recipe good yum pikelets

easy to change to vegan recipe good yum pikelets

easy to change to vegan recipe good yum pikelets


this was so yummy and easy to make. I also found that is was sweet but has not a lot of sugar in it.


These are so so good

these are the most delicious Pikelets i have ever tasted :)

Love it

I had a science experiment to do with pikelts this recipie was really good for it very delicious

Wonderful delicious and quick pikelets.

This is really good, but why does everybody keep calling them pancakes when they are pikelets?(my friends and family)

I am 12, I found this recipe easy to follow and I made yummy pikelets for my family.

I made these with my Mumma

Love it


Very yummy


makes me want to vomit it back out . Worst piklets recipe ever. do not try this at home

its very easy to multiply it by 10 to feed my forty pet monkes

These pikelets are always my go to for a nice breakfast. However I have a family of 6 so i need to double the recipe everytime i make these. When we have more guest over we triple it but it's ok cause this recipe is easy to make and everybody always loves it (if they're piklet is cooked properly)

Just like the other recipep

i love it how its so easy to make it

Yummy No regrets


Amazing and easy, my whole family scoffs them! :)

Best ever

There is a step missing at the bottom it dosnt say what to do once you add milk with the other wet ingredients

I winged it put everything in a bowl and mixed it in with a fork and i used self raising flour and they came out really good.

My piklets were so good I had to make another batch!

trash you bearly get any mixture even if you double the recipe

it is so bad that I would give you a 0 but that is not possible so I give you a one

soo easy, and delicious !! definitely try again

they are the best things I've ever tried

I loved these I guess I'm just not the best cook haha

Really yummy

Brilliantly easy for a novice like me

Super easy and delicious

Really easy and tasty

Great recipe, perfect addition to breakfast

Yummy Pikelets :)

Amazing recipe! So fast, yum, and easy to make with the kids

Very yummy

I love it, it's my go too for a quick sweet fix.


It was amazing I will make them

AMAZING no regrets

come out weird sorry but i think I got the steps wrong I will try again next year

Really good


Tasty!!! I'm definitely going to make these again. :)

Best piklets yet!

Really easy, really yum

Great recipe! I added an extra tsp of baking powder for more fluffy pancakes and made them a bit bigger.

It is a bit thick

Delicious and simple.
Nice aerated pikelets soft and tasty. Perfect with raspberry jam!! Real easy for the kids to make :)

Great easy recipe, there was plenty for four people, they were delicious, will make these again.
If it were for guys there would probably be enough for two of them - my men anyway.

So easy, fast and yum! Don't over-mix and it makes for nice light and fluffy pikelets

it was a very good recipe the piklets were nice and moist and not dry i give this the rating of a 4

Nice explanation verbs used but you could have mentioned to turn the pan on at the start allowing it to pre -heat. I know it's common sense but pikelets are a really simple recipe that little learners may start with.

Amazing. Will make again several times.


So good

Sooo......... YUM


Sooooo delish! I am definitely gonna make them again!


Worked well. Tried some in min-crumpet-rings which gives thicker pikelet and fixed size. Cooked through OK despite extra thickness. My wife prefers less sugar.

OMG i made these for father day. He loved it

They are great for kids snacks, they loved them

Identical to the Edmonds recipe book.

Really easy.

Really yum

This recipe worked out okay, but typically pikelet recipes contain 1 tablespoon of melted butter, and I think this addition would make them softer.
The recipe is pleasingly lowish in sugar.

So easy and is 100% fail proof! So tasty and perfect.

Just do it well.

Tasted bad

The best and only recipe I use to make pikelet’s. Is a regular treat in my family.

Amazing. So puffy and they also taste delicious.

So light and fluffy. My go to pancake recipe.

Great recipe. Made a double batch for my hungry family. Nice light batter. Rose a fair amount and made a decent quantity. Not stodgy at all.

Making this pikelet recipe was really easy and the finished product was absolutely. Delicious I made this for my mum for mother's day and she loved it.

I always love my island pancakes with just 3 ingredients,
this morning I tried making this pikelet recipe, omg, I'm so proud of myself, didn't even last on the plate, I/we loved it...

On the money. Great

I am missing mums home cooking right now!

Well the batter tasted amazing and the finished product was amazing.

Great recipe. I added choc chips and topped with raspberry jam. Yum!

Quick and delicious!

This recipe is fantastic... Family loved it!

Quick, easy and DELISH!

Great recipe. We all enjoyed eating them. I added a squeeze of golden syrup in the batter.

Good morning

yum that is all i have to say


Wonderful recipe! I have tried five recipes over recent years - all failures. This one is delicious!
They rise beautifully, are moist and take 10 minutes to mix up, unlike previous recipes tried.

Easy and fool proof

Really nice


I have made this recipe MANY times and the adults and kids love them! We use the as pancakes for breakfast and as pikelets for morning and afternoon tea.
Thanks Jessica for sharing the recipe!

The best I've ever done


OMG. Very good pancakes. The kids love them.

I've always loved these but just love making more, looking forward to baking again. loving the recipes.

There were really great like omg thank you❤

Best recipe ever. Easy and always perfect pikelets. For a treat I use coconut milk instead of cows milk and a tablespoon or so of desiccated coconut, makes for a simple afternoon treat or a novelty dessert.

Yummy :)

Me Gusta! Arriba senorita!

They are the best pikelets I've ever had!

Quick and easy to make

Making these for my class bake sale

Not the best not the worst

Absolutely delicious!

Was never a religious type, then I tried these pikelets. Now I am saved 10/10 love your work x x


awesome and yummy recipe! it was easy to make even when youre 8 years old like me

so good

Best easy picklets ever!

I am eight years old and I make them every morning

Amazing pikelets and were super easy to make!

They turn out perfect every time!

image description

This recipe of pikelets are so easy and i'm 9 years old.

It looks delicious and really easy and fun!

It is a great recipe for piklets especially at lunch time

Good basic recipes.

I used self raising flour and it worked just fine.

Easy to make and tasty!

I am just a kid but my oh my that was easy and my mum said i can have ice cream on top.

Pikelets turned out amazing. Make sure you lightly spray the pan with oil and pan has to be hot throughout cooking.

my daughter made these when her friend was over and they loved them! fabulous recipe thumbs up from me :)

Awesome pikelets!

My daughter(5) and I made these, they are the best picklets we have made....yummy!!

Perfectly good recipe. Made these for breakfast and they were a huge hit.

Best pikelets I've ever made!

image description

Great recipe! It is easy to make!

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