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Rice Bubble Cake

By Ange Tukaokao
Rice Bubble Cake
20 servings
  • 72 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 5 mins
  • Serves

    125 grams Tararua Butter
    125 grams Chelsea White Sugar
    2 Tbsp Honey
    4 cups Rice Bubbles


    Combine Tararua Butter, Chelsea White Sugar and honey in a pot and boil for 5 minutes.  Add rice bubbles and stir.  
    Spread in buttered slice tray and cut while still warm.

    This recipe has not been tested by Chelsea Sugar.

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Average Rating
(72 reviews)

I boiled it for 5 minutes before adding rice bubbles. Sliced it when almost cooled at room temperature (not in fridge) and honestly was rock hard, could not eat it. It's now out on the lawn for the birds to peck at :-) Going to try again and boil for less time.

So nice!

It is my brothers birthday and he loved the recipe

Great recipe but instead of putting into a tin and slicing. I put it into cup cake cases. The grandkids loved them

The ultimate in "we have a shared lunch tomorrow and I need to take something". Done and dusted in 5 minutes and all pantry staples. Spinkle some 100s & 1000s to jazz it up and you're set!


It was very Tasty and me and my dad is going to make more

Super yum!

Im only 10 and i can make it. It is sooooo good

Love rice bubbles, but recipe asks for too much sugar and to boil for too long. I think best to use less sugar, more honey, and heat for 2 minutes until sugar is dissolved. Am going to try recipe where I cream and blend sugar and butter so that sugar is already dissolved into butter to reduce amount of time to heat. Should make it for a chewier consistency, but not so hard that it breaks off your teeth lol

Definitely would recommend this recipe

yum recipe

Hi Chelsea,
great for the lunch box and very tasty, but just used honey instead of sugar to make them a bit healthier

It was so nice and delicious to eat

Childhood favorite and just as good as an adult.
One bit of advice I would give is " DO NOT SET IIT IIN THE FRIDGE" sets fine in the pantry and is a lot easier to cut into pieces like that, does take a hr or two to set properly but is much nicer than what it is from the fridge :) also white choc chips are a nice touch but add them after your butter mix and bubbles are mixed otherwise they will melt to much if you add at same time.. cheers Chelsea.

Was too hard. I think 5 mins too long to boil.

just made this with my kids, very quick and easy, and yummy

really good


That would have to be one of the fastest recipes I've ever made... after reading it I dashed out to the kitchen and made a double lot... you do that when you have a big 16 year old grandson... it's in the fridge for a while... can't wait to try it.

nice to eat!

Yummy! Really good definitely make again.

Yummy! Thank you.

Loved it! Will try again!!!

Totally recommend this recipe. It only takes 15-20 min to set and boil for three min if you want them soft, they are phenomenal.

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This is awesome quick and easy to make. My kids (and their friends!) love it!

This is great and I give it a 9.5/10 I will 100% make this again :)

Good recipe. Quick & easy. Definitely only 3 minutes on the boil if you don’t want it too hard though.

Good recipe quick & easy definitely only 3 minutes on the boil if you don’t want it too hard though

Good recipe - quick & easy...definitely only 3 minutes on the boil if you don’t want it too hard though.

I made the american version with the marshmellows and I way prefer these ones. They are sooooo easy and absolutely delicious.

I just made this but I used cornflakes. Absolutely LOVE IT! Just like my grandmother used to make :)

Are you meant to put water in with it or not?
Chelsea Sugar:
You do not need to add water to this recipe.

We use this recipe all the time. Yummy!


Great recipe will use this all the time. Yummy!

This is amazing and really easy to make for a nice little treat. Will definitely do it again.

Amazing recipe. It’s great.

So good.

You can use wax paper instead of butter as well.

Easy to do

super easy recipie. only took 3 minutes to make and used simple everyday ingrediants which i LOVE !!

super easy recipie. only took 3 minutes to make and used simple everyday ingrediants which i LOVE !!

This recipe was AMAZING!!! It took almost no time and was SO delicious!

image description


so good

Delicious. I used golden syrup because I ran out of honey and I actually prefer the golden syrup more. Wasn't too hard or too soft. Was just like the ones from the bakery I would go to as a child. Yum.

You can make this while waiting for biscuits to bake.
Use 5 cups of rice bubbles to make it go further.
I use different types of honey and usually add heaped tablespoons. Adding some Manuka or blue borage if you are feeling dangerous.
Definitely cut when warm. Baking paper in a sponge roll tin works well.

I think its that good, its better than chewy cookies.

Have just made this . Boiled for 5 mins and then left it on the bench after I sliced it up. It has gone rock hard. Did not put in the fridge. Will try it again but will only boil for 3 mins

I think this recipe is not very good because it didn't say to melt the butter and it gave my girlfriend a hard time to mix in to the mixture!

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This recipe has the perfect amounts of ingredients

Really easy and taste really good.

Yum! Stick to the 5 minutes for a soft slice, longer if you want it harder. I did not store mine in the fridge. It takes quite a long time to cool before cutting. Use a knife dipped in hot water

It was great :) and Delicious


Really good recipe will definitely use again.

Love this recipe. Just right could you tell me a few more recipes thanks


Easy little recipe. I took out sugar completely and added more honey. Also added coconut ❤

Taste so good thanks for sharing

Yumm so good. Thanks!

Yummy!!! I use this recipe all the time. Quick and simple to prepare and the grand children's favourite.

Easy to make but mine set too hard .. just about breaking teeth !! How do I stop that happening ? I boiled it for 5 min like it said ?
CHELSEA: Hi there, did you put the slice in the refrigerator? If so, this can make it very hard. We recommend storing out of the fridge and cutting into squares while still warm.

delish!I baked it for my class they loved it. I've made the best thing for Thursday therapy so far!

Delicious love it yum

Just made this rice bubble cake. Turned out great, not too hard or soft. I used 3 and a bit cups of ricies and reduced the amount of sugar to 75g.

Hey I wouldn't eat these unless they contain banana, is there a way to incorporate the banana's creamy texture an flavor into this bar?
CHELSEA: we haven't tried this recipe with banana as an ingredient. Because this is a 'no bake' recipe, adding fresh banana is likely to significantly reduce the amount of time the slice stays good for. If you do give it a go, let us know how it turns out!

Great little recipe easy to make, when I made it, it didn't last long young and old were
eating it as soon as it was cool

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Excellent receipe. Kids love it.

image description

just finished making these, used 4 cups of rice bubbles and set hard as can i stop this from setting to hard?

image description

Great in tiny muffin trays

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