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Chewy Chocolate Chip Biscuits

By Chelsea Sugar
Chewy Chocolate Chip Biscuits
30 servings
  • 1047 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 20 mins
  • Cooking time 10 mins
  • Serves

    200g Tararua Butter
    1 cup Chelsea White Sugar
    1 cup Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar
    2 eggs
    2 tsp vanilla essence
    3 cups Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    pinch of salt
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder
    2 cups chocolate chips


    Preheat oven to 180°C bake and grease or line two large baking trays with baking paper.

    Melt Tararua Butter, then add Chelsea White Sugar and Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar and cream these together. Beat in the eggs and vanilla then use a spoon or spatula to mix in the dry ingredients.

    Roll into medium sized balls and place on prepared trays. They shouldn't spread too much so flatten slightly. Bake for 10-12 minutes, until lightly browned around the edges.

    Leave to cool on trays for a couple of minutes, before transferring to a wire cooling rack.


    You can easily halve this recipe. Alternatively, roll half into a log, wrap in cling film and freeze. Cut into 15 pieces while still frozen and bake (you may need to increase baking time slightly).

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Average Rating
(1047 reviews)

It was delicious I always use this recipe


Very easy to make and so yummy. Love the soft chewy centre. The whole family (all ages) love them. They are my go-to chocolate chip recipe now.

These are amazing biscuits even better making Gluten-Free they freeze so well . Thankyou for sharing the recipe

So easy to make & so delicious. Love your recipes

easy and nummy

So mooreish. I have had to cut back as they are too easy to eat


we didn't try it yet but I am sure it is amazing

These taste amazing


It’s good

ok, first of all, WOWWWWWWW TEN OUT OF TENNNNN seconed, my go too alll the wayy

I think these cookies are delicious and simple to make. I

The best!! so easy and quick to make!!

He tino reka ēnei pihikete! (These biscuits are very tasty!)

They taste amazing

They taste amazing

Too sweet!!

love this recipe, a lot of biscuits, great for grandchildren (teenagers who vacuum them up in short order) trickiest part is two trays in oven, swap around for even baking, to attain chewiness, I find I need to take them out on the recommended 10 mins, no longer

Easy receipe, great results fune to make with children. Appreciated as part of a shared lunch at school.

i have tried these before, i make them in a medium size n they are rlly fun to make and at the end ill get a treat!!10/10 would def recommend

they are the best chocolate chip Biscuits i have ever tasted
they smell like heaven

This tastes amazing

Hi there im only 11 and these were supper fun to bake, they are soooo yummy and i would bake them again. I even got 45, 15 extras for some reason:)

So i have done this recipe b4 with brown sugar but i was wondering if i could add something sweet to another cup of white sugar and hope it will be good enough for brown sugar

I'm 10 and I love chelsea sugar especcially this recipe its so easy and my dad loves these cookies they are his favourite(They turn out perfect every time)

It's awesome!
It could be a little softer but other than the cookies were easy to make and the result was so tasty!

My go to recipe, such a crowd pleaser. Quick & easy

these taste nice.... I guess.

The best cookies ive ever made they were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These cookies were very scrumptious and my sister made me do the dishwasher.

I love this recipe

great cookies really yum and they were gone in 3 days i definitley recomend putting 1 and a half cup of sugar or its way too sweet but great recipe

100% so amazing

almost as good as compost

Too much flour for this recipe, there’s an old recipe of this that I used until I moved and forgot and it only called for 1 cup of flour as well as tons of other changes, this one makes it extremely dry and difficult to use

Sooooooo chewy don’t take notice of the hate Chelsea really good.

I think the cookies are amazing as all of your recipes are. Looking forward to making them again in the future.

Super easy recipe, Done this more than 3 times. Def reccomend for newbies at baking. Enjoy your cookies!

Best cookies ever

very yummy :) and fun to make :D

very yummy :) and fun to make :D

I love the cookies

I made these

it said that it needed flour but it does not say when to add it in


Amazing grimace shake

Cooking like a chef im a five star michelin!

Cooking like a chef im a five star michelin!

they were so amazing and they tasted great 10/10 would recommend.

Omg! These are the best tasting cookies I've ever made! It's crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside! So good would definitely recommend!


Simple steps to follow yet my whole family loved the how the cookies turned out. Chewy in the middle and such a great treat for the kids (and adults haha).


This recipe is quite good indeed. To give the biscuits a different taste we have changed the vanilla essence to orange essence and have also done a batch with caramel essence.

Far too sweet. Next time will put 1 cup sugar only

I've made this recipe so many times and it's perfect every time. I like to make them with dark chocolate drops for a less sweet cookie. Make them with a mix of white and milk chocolate drops for sweeter cookies. 100% recommend this recipe!

I got 36 cookies out of this recipe! (Plus probably an extra 2 or 3 if I didn't eat the dough

probably the best cookie recipe ever this is such a good recipe and it makes a lot


Good eway recipe but when do you add the choc chips and when do you add the flour and baking powder?


I love this bakinbruh
company because it’s my name,

Amazing! made them for my friends and cookies turned out great! made 60 of them, gone in 2 days! sooo good

I’m normally suuppeer bad a baking, but these cookies are so easy and simple to make, with an amazing outcome! Thank you Chelsea suger!
(Pls reply to this!!)

Love these but before i cook them i place in the fridge for 30 minutes ish and then cook they turn out super fluffy and yummy. Dont last ling here with 3 boys

I've done this recipe twice. The first time it turned out perfect. The second time I did the recipe I didn't add any salt which made it WAY TOO SWEET. It is not Chelsea's fault for my mistake and I will be writing this down inside my recipe book. This recipe is great and the time can be altered for longer if you prefer crispier cookies. Thank you for sharing a great recipe again Chelsea.

I make them all the time! I love them so much, so easy to make and i'm just 11 they were gone in a matter of seconds! My family approves "

the cookies had lumps in them

Im only 11, its really fun to make, amazing taste. I love it! (i would highly recommend

Something went wrong, not sure why but needed another cup of flour....

The best cookies I have ever tasted they were gone in less then a day and the recipe makes plenty!

great cookies for kids to make and very yumy too

False advertising should be titled
“Delicious chewy choc biscuits”

False advertising should be titled
“Delicious chewy choc biscuits”

Very good

It simple and yummy

Love it

daz cokas wer grat! day wer wa it wry butt day ware grat! fave staars!! fave staars!

they are really good when they are warm and like 15 minutes after they come out of the oven.
I would try this if you are interested in baking but they are super quick and easy.

Wow so good!!!

hi i think these are really good i cooked them at 190 for 7 minutes and they came out goey and soft i am 12 and have been making them for 4 years y myself

Bad langwich on the revus

These are yummy
So easy to make

So good 10/10

This recipe is so good there crunchy on the outside and perfectly chewy on the insinde.

yes this is a good recipe on how to make these cookies love it and im ony 12 years old this a good recipe to take on a ocasion or any event this is foe a family go out cookie THESE tast AMAZINGGG i cant discribe the tatse its absoute nicee mmmmmm i feel like making some moree i had tried these at my uncles house because we had a event it was my sisters birthday so i had made these cookies these a butifull to eat thank you chelsea foe letting me use this website to make these cookie you a such a life saver and i cant discribe the taste foe theseeeeee thank you foe your helppp

very yummy you need to try


Love these biscuits they are chewy amd melted in my mouth when warm and are so delicious 5 stars and are so easy to make.

Does not make 30 we got about 15 ish but nice cookies over all yummyyyyyyy

10/10 best cookies ever I love them so much! If I could I would eat it EVERY DAY!!!!!!

I love this recipe!!! Everyone asks for the recipe and loveee to Eat them!! I cant recommend this recipe enough!!

HI, yes I love baking this recipe and I always bake from chelsea. I think if you want some quick easy cookies, this is the recipe you need. in the end they turned out great. nice and soft foe everyone to enjoy! :)

Have made this recipe so many times! It has never failed me, I am only 10 and find this recipe really straight forward. Since i have used this recipe I haven’t used a different website for any of my baking than Chelsea or Edmond's because they are both quite similar but mostly i have bean using Chelsea.

These are perfect soft and chewy cookies. The kids' fave!

So yum im only ten and I have been baking for around 4 years thee are all such good recipes (but this one is actually my all time favourite) I like cooking on chelsea sugar they are so easy to cook and my family absolutely adore them

These are so good!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yum im only ten and I have been baking for around 4 years thee are all such good recipes (but this one is actually my all time favourite) I like cooking on chelsea sugar they are so easy to cook and my family absolutely adore them

These are so good!!!!!!!!!!!!

image description


I think they taste amazingly amazing. I really do recomend these tasty cookies to share with family or friends. Im so excited make them again

I think they taste amazingly amazing. I really do recomend these tasty cookies to share with family or friends. Im so excited make them again

These cookies are delicious. Made by my 9 year old so suitable for kids to do by themselves. Just beware, once you start making them you won't be able to stop!

They were so yum. they did not last a day in my household. I am going to keep making these.

The cookies are really nice and EASY to make I recommend it to kids like me to make

These are the best cookies ever so easy to make and so yummy

Mmmmm they r the best

These are really fun to make and my family loves them. Also I'm
11 yrs old and I'm the baker of the family and they love the
treats I make them.

So good need to try some right now

Amazing. Really chewy and easy. Absolutely delicious.

So good,They are perfect every single time I bake them

These are horrible. I hate Chelsea Sugar. My sisters play dough tastes better!

These are horrible. I hate Chelsea Sugar. My sisters play dough tastes better!

Was doubtful when I picked up these biscuits from the local Checkers store. I must say, quite delicious. The taste is extra surprising. Am looking forward in tasting other flavors

Yummy in my tummy this was very scrummy

Very good! what would happen if you halve both sugars?

I love it I did put it in the oven a bit longer but the wait was worth it.
It was a bit too hard because I put the cookies in the oven a bit too long.
Thanks Chelsea. Amazing Recipe 10\10
Thanks Mary-Anne-Love-grow

Looks pretty good to me haven't tried it yet though

These are absolutely amazing been using this recipe for about two years now

it is a great recipe

They're good, I'm just wondering how many calories are in them?

The best'

I actually don't mind these cookies. When I was chopping up my chocolate, because I only had a Whittaker's bar and no choc chips, I cut off my hand. I had to go to 24 hours and unfortunately it couldn't be reattached. While I was gone my own caught on fire so now i am also homeless. 10/10 stars very good cookies.

these are the best cookies i have ever had they are golden crunchy and melt in your mouth. i would highly recommend this as it is both easy and delicious

Amazing cookies so tasty did put them in the oven for a little bit longer just to get a nice crisp. 10/10 would recommend! Delicious!

I made these at my friend's place and they tasted A.MA.ZING!!!!!
I am making these right now at mine can't wait to gobble them up!!!

theyre ok

I love this recipe absolutely delicious even without choc chips (:

Always great cookies for family events and a super easy recipe to follow



So yummy I make them for my family and they get eaten within seconds btw I’m 10 years old and these are really easy to make! :)

So yummy I make them for my family and they get eaten within seconds btw I’m 10 years old and these are really easy to make! :)

Love love love the cookies I always get compliments on the cookies about how light and delicious they are 10/10

my name is bob and i am 1 and i think that this cookies are very yummy. fiuodl.me42ndgyfucxjh3b2qegwfdc hyoikj4awedcnb

These cookies are amazing! I make them for family and they are gone in 3 days! I totally recommend for a quick easy and clean bake. have fun making them with family they are perfect for any occasion and taste better than store bought.

I Love how soft and chewy they are

Very tasty I recommend it for your kids if you have them if not still amazing!

i love da cookies so much that my mouth waters only thinking of the dough, everyone in my family loves them easy to make and worth it its not over cheese of course cheese is superior to all anyways it comes in second place ^-^

i love da cookies so much that my mouth waters only thinking of the dough, everyone in my family loves them easy to make and worth it its not over cheese of course cheese is superior to all anyways it comes in second place ^-^

Amazing great thing to get the kids to make cause it’s soo easy they enjoyed making them and giving them to the family

I loved these cookies make them every year but they should come out with some sorta frosting for the cookies because they feel sorta dry at times!

Very nice to eat

This recipe is amazing looks delightful and is interesting I will definitely be using more often thanks Chelsea sugar

I followed the recipe yet it has resulted in a strange cake like mess.....

These are so easy to make and absolutely delicious!!!

All the people that say its yuk, they wrong.!! We made theese cookies and they were delicious so i reccomend make and bake them..

All the people that say its yuk, they wrong.!! We made theese cookies and they were delicious so i reccomend make and bake them..

All the people that say its yuk, they wrong.!! We made theese cookies and they were delicious so i reccomend make and bake them..


My mouth is watering with this meal I am a 97 year old grandpa and can't eat very well so this chewy biscuits were really amazing

Great biskuits, put in a pie tin and it makes the best giant pizza cookie EVER!!!


OMG, the best ever choc chip cookies and it makes so many. great for xmas presents in a tin with lolly cake and fudge






Tastes good

Tastes good

i got payed $5 for them


the best

This is yum and a good recipe thankyou so much for the recipe

This is yum and a good recipe thankyou so much for the recipe

Going to bake it im going to use cadbury dairy milk chocolate

its pretty good but I haven't tasted or made these cookies yet

absurlotly terrible tasting cookies compared to my playdough

Took longer to bake than recipe said. Very gooey consistency. Not like my usual crunchie cookies!!!!!

hi i am 10 years old and found this recipe deliciouse easy to make and my mum said not to eat the dough but I did

Really good. Super easy to make and a good one for kids

I have not tried them yet!

amazing taste

Perfect cookies everytime, this is my go to recipe.

Bah! I disgust this! Is the yummiest cookie I have ever thanks

Delicious and easy. Recommend to anyone. I’m ten, btw

good food palayo

Amazing thanks Chelsea!! They are Crispy and soft and they make such a huge amount

Amazing thanks Chelsea!! They are Crispy and soft and they make such a huge amount

image description

These are the best I have eaten and so easy to make

It to me and my friends 2hr to make

So yummy, I accidentally made the cookies too big so they all joined together and were made into squared but they are so yummy and there are lots which is great.

These are amazing omg

Very moorish

good food


Super easy and delicious!

Super easy and delicious!

they were great . hard to cream butter and sugar but I went with it and got a great result.

image description

Loved this recipe and have made this twice. Tweaked it a bit by using half tsp baking powder instead of 1 tsp and halved the sugar, although used a packed half cup of brown sugar when measuring.

best cookies I ever had.. my friend Annie started crying when she had one! Reminded her of her granddad :(

Way to sweet :l I remember my mum used to make these years ago and they were great but as I got older + I started making them myself my opinion on these has changed so much as even after 1 cookie I feel sick.


I make these biscuits all the time they are so easy and quick but so delicious when my family took a bite they loved them and made me make them again they are also very fun to make

this recipe is amazing! I definitely recommend this recipe!

image description

loved it and my family loved it as well

Can be made real quick. And extremely tasty! Definitely will make a repeat.

Too much sugar.

Amazing and chewy but cook for a bit longer than 10 mins!!!

Great easy recipe. I just made a batch. Won't last long.

It took a long time because there was a lot of batter but it made so many big, yummy cookies! Definitely making again. Just one recommendation, I put my tempeture at 150 degrees Celsius because 180 degrees Celsius was burning the outside of the cookie while the inside was still raw

image description

the BEST chocolate chip biscuits.....way too addictive!!!

I trued this and they look like cookie monsters cookies

i love these super good cookies i love love love cookies love emma

Super good! They were really amazing and chewing

they are nice

they where cookies... y- yeah

So good but I use raw sugar instead still chewy
Never failed me⭐️⭐️⭐️


These are the best!!
So yum and easy my go to recipe

These are the best!!
So yum and easy my go to recipe

delicious!!!!! my families fav!! In my opinion, 1 cup of white sugar is a lot so I use half a cup and it turns out stunning thank you!!

I love them so good and my family agrees

Yummy and easy

Simple and delicious

It was so easy

this was delicious a sweet. I would love to bake this again. Sweet yummy chewy.

The best recipe ever... Simple and they taste delicious... I halve the amount of chocolate chips and add 3/4 cup of sugar instead of 1 cup.... Our every day go to cookie

My family loved these will absolutely make again!!!

AMAZING!!! Quick and easy and super tasty! Thanks Chelsea sugar!

havent made them yet but sound yum

Easy, delicious, fast, what more could you want? :)


its decent tasting it just needed more time to be in the oven and had a lot left over for the mixture than we thought we would have

Dreadful. Don't waste your ingredients. I'm going to try and save the rest of the mix with milk. Would never use this recipe again

My go to cookie recipe of all time. Every time I make cookies I use this recipe. I've added white chocolate chips with the milk chocolate chips and they were amazing. This is such an easy recipe to follow, my 5 year old loves helping me make these and they always go down a treat with my kids.



I halved the sugar as suggested,and halved the batter. Made macadamia raspberry chocolate chip cookies and plain chocolate chip ones . Not bad. Don't melt the butter ,do soften it a bit.

My go to baking recipe, easy and tastes delicious!


Amazing love them

This recipe was awesome!

pretty good for stocking the cookie jar, kids love it

My kids love this recipe. We add hundreds & thousands alongside the choc chips for an extra bit of magic. Doing 1T dough balls got us 50 biscuits of decent size!!

i think these cookies are great and really easy to make


Yummy yummy in my tummy

Such a fabulous recipe!

Easy and fast but not very tasty

good cookies

I will definitely make this recipe again!!

i love it


This is amazing for quick biscuits when you need them 10/10 recommend.


Amazing so easy to make and incredibly tasty

image description


It’s sooo good 10 out of 10 pls try

I ate the cookies...

Yum but depends on the oven (my opinion)

I have made these SOOO many times. Im only 12 they are DELICIOUS

Me now my mum have been using he Chelsea sugar recepies every time we bake .

Super easy! really yummy and really quick. i made them for a school shared lunch late one night, super popular at the shared lunch! i chose to make mine big so only made 15-20 and i had to cook for an extra 5 minuets, i would also recommend using the aero bake function then they cook a little bit faster and all the way through.

It was amazing so good

Amazing recipe! Serves so much and is easy to make- tastes delicious.

It is easy and fast

Great cookies!

verry easy to make

these cookie were AMAZINGGGGG

HI there it was good and i gave some to my friend and she said they are good so thanks

very chewey

Easy and simple to bake, esp for beginners

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR MY TUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amazing 10/10

this is the best recipe in the world :) ;)

Mmmm these cookies are so good great recipe

This was such a tasty recipe. The cookies were quick and easy to make and they tasted amazing. The recipe also made a very large batch. I would 100 percent make these cookies again.

these are the best chocolate cookies ever .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This recipe is awesome. The mixture moulds into cookie dough and it makes 28-30 cookies. Great for hungry teenagers. Thank you.

pretty good

Overall the chewy choc chip biscuits came out perfect without spreading, just found it far to sweet with the 2 cups of sugar ratio compèred to the 3 cups flour, maybe half cup white sugar. Just a suggestion…

AMAZING!!! Best homemade cookies!

very very good


Amazing recipe! differently recommend

Hewo my name is Lilly I wove tham so manch I am dis meny yeares old 4


First time baking biscuits in a very long time. Absolutely easy and yummy.. got about 27 medium biscuits, could easily reduce the size for morei if you have a larger family.


I altered these so they were chocolate by taking out a 1/3 of a cup of flour and replacing it with cocoa powder. They were very good (:


Very nice and easy mixture but like everyone has said there is to much sugar, next time I will half. Made 30 small biscuits (Half mixture) and froze the rest

Absolutely AMAZING. I love using your recipes!

Great tasting biscuits, love the chewy texture.
So simple to make.

It is delicious

So I made this recipe and it definitely flopped. I would like to know how everyone managed to cream the sugar and butter in melted butter???!!! Because it doesn't cream!! And I had to add a heap of flour to get to any sort of dough, I'm guessing you just cream the butter and not melt it. Anybody want to tell me what I did wrong?

Great cookies,
Quick and easy recipe
Always yum!

Great tasting Recipe

I'm going to make.

These are such delicious cookies, they’re creamy and chewy, as it says!

I love this recipe! The chewy choc chip cookies are so much more exciting then your regular choc chip cookies. I recommend this recipe one thousand percent!!

Hi I am 10 and these are so easy
these cookies were so good i cant believe It ! they are chewy and crunchy
So good

I made giant cookies out of this recipe, ended up with 8 massive cookies. They are far too sweet for our liking, so will add less sugar next time.

so good would eat them every day if i could

So good and always able to trust!

Just had to re read the method said to melt butter and add sugars and cream I have done exactly that and had to throw out a lot of expensive hard to get brown sugar at the moment and read another one of your chocolate chip cookie recipes and watched the video and you creamed the butter and sugars together very confused one recipe uses plain flour and one self raising

Incredible! I make these 247 and let me just tell you they are the best cookies ever! They are chewy with an amazing texture. I definitely recommend this recipe for anybody that is new in the kitchen and wants to bake something. So easy and is definitely worth the time!

the recipe is Devine and impresses me every time

the recipe is Devine and impresses me every time

The family loved these so much and ripped into them as soon as they were cool enough to eat! lol

They come out really well they look really good we just haven't tried them yet

Can not describe it ,Thanks Chelsea Sugar

Can not describe it ,Thanks Chelsea Sugar

nice and chewy and chocolatey

nice and chewy and chocolatey

Best Chelsea recipe by far

Did a double batch of these cookies and were gone in 2 days, they are amazing!

yummy and eazy

yummy and eazy

amaaaaaaazzzinnng cookies delicous and i would make them everyday! oh wait... i do!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simple and loads of cookies

I’d give 5 stars for ease of making, but 2 stars for the amount of sugar and the fact they are now at all chewy, just very sickly.


A go to recipe! I always halve the sugar as I think 2 cups is far too much, so yum!

This recipe was so easy to make and so delicious!!!!!!!!

my auntie ate like 10 of them they were so yummy

was great but couldent say awasome

Verry good but needs less chocolate chips and will be perfect

Verry good but needs less chocolate chips and will be perfect

it was so good well i think i am going to make them right now

Sooo yum

Can you use gluten free flour for this

They where great to put icing on for Christmas!
They where so easy to make and really fun to do!

It was delicious and had alot of flavours

Highly recommend completely melting the butter and not creaming too much. makes the cookies extra chewy and delish

Highly recommend completely melting the butter and not creaming too much. makes the cookies extra chewy and delish

This recipe is for my book that I’m writing

This recipe is for my book that I’m writing

This is a good recipe and easy to follow

This is a good recipe and easy to follow

bewildered about how amazing i am

Great recipe they are so good and i love to make when I'm bored


Delishies cookies

This recipe is amazing

really amazing and so good.

love them the only cookies we eat!

These cookies are amazing, super chewy would 100% recommend them.

These cookies are amazing, super chewy would 100% recommend them.

amazing best cookies ever

good i like it because it was very chewy and sweet.
i'm a sweet tooth!

it cool

Soooooo good

The texture is amazing

I love the texture I make the cookies all the time! :)


So yum and good my whanua loves them
You can also add cocoa powder and they taste even nicer

This was an amazing recipe and the taste was amazing
I'm going to keep using this recipe.

So amazing!

So delicious and easy to make

So delicious and easy to make


Sweet, tasty, and delicious. Make 4 batches, so it lasts a long time. I find that M&M's can be a great substitute for the chocolate, definitely recommend. :)

Makes 45 cookies. Easy and basic ingredients are used.

Th best recipe! Seen some comments that they arent chewy… u probabli used too much white sugar n not enough brown sugar and also over maybe overcooked them.

I think this is good but I really badly mucked it up and got somewatery stuff.

I love these cookies I recommend you to put the dough in the fridge but either way they taste AMAZINGGGGGG!!!! They're SOOOOO easy to make I adore themmmm. They're nice and sweet they can work with dark chocolate chips and they still taste REALLYYYYY good

so good, my family loves it

I make then every week and they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good I normally end up making 50 cookies. They are really good to make gluten free just add a little more flour, I've been looking for a good one for ages =)

Amazing I’m only 10 years old and easy to make


So good and so easy to make!

it was okay

100000000000000000000000000000 star rating beautiful my friend

AMAZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG Thank you Chelsea Sugar these are great they got eaten in 2 seconds


Amazing cookies the BEST

Lovely sweet treats! :D


Amazing really try them

in the first everyone has already eaten them all

So good


these are not chewy i would rather buy from the supermarket

Super biscuits. They make plenty and taste amazing. Family fav.

love them

Delicious! I see lots of reviews saying it's too sweet and things, but I do like quite sweet things (lol), and this recipe was 100% successful and yum!

they were so chewy and chocolatey Use this recipe


Really yummy. Lots of sugar but it tastes good so no complaint. Makes a lot of cookies though, I didn't have enough oven trays.

i make this all the time its delicious
i once made it into a slice and it was great

Cookie do taste very tasty


very tasty
thank you

these are so good, I love to make them

I made these cookies and halved the sugar and they turned out even better than with the full amount!

Soooooooooo good

they are very easy to make and are super delicious and chewy. the best part is that they make up to 32 cookies which is amazing as normal cookies from other web sites only make 12 which is under half the amount these ones make thank you so much

Really easy recipe and makes lots of cookies :)

The best cookie recipe ever!!! My family gets me to make them all the time :)

they're cookies thats for sure.

I followed the recipe exact but was too watery and went everywhere so I decided to make them into muffin type things recipe was still great thanks.

Absoulutley great! perfect dish would recomend!

thay are nice i have had better but it is rely easy to make but they are NOT chewy but they are again nice but not the best i have had


image description

I have made these so many times for me and my brother these are amazing!

I missed a few ingredients the first time and they were still the best cookies i have ever tasted, I had to make some more!

Makes a nice big batch of cookies (approx 24). Found the cookies to be a bit sweet so halved the white and brown sugar second time around!

Way too sweet. Too much sugar, sorry Chelsea. Postiive would be that it fills the tin.

Absolutely wonderful

This is one of the best recipes ever

image description

So delicious! Put half the amount of white sugar and still good.

You can really do a great job because it is amazing

I supported Hillary Barry's cause to support the Salvation Army, and purchased this recipe. I followed to the T, Not impressed, it seems it has too much flour.

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, thanks for your feedback; however, this recipe is different to Hilary's chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Hi there I loved baking this recipe I'm only 9 but I love cooking anything from this website

Amazing. taste really nice and are chewy

sooo godly and delish

This sucks it didn’t involve all the ingredients.

fyi these are AMAZING

The dough was so golden and it was perfect! But I highly recommend putting the dough in the fridge wrapped in some glad wrap for at least 30mins. It could of had more info for some people who might be young and adores cookies, like myself. Part from that extremely delicious and an outstanding result.

Best cookies ever

im a eleven year old kid and these are so easy to make btw they taste great without the chococlate as well


They are delicious they came out super yum everyone loves them

Sooooo good and super easy

Great simple recipe! Beginner friendly :)

This recipe was amazing, too much sugar though

After reading other reviews I chose to halve the sugar & was good. Not chewy at all though, quite a soft biscuit. Made 24


my sister and i made these even the cookie dough by itself tasted soo good!
my class went to the Chelsea sugar factory last year it was awesome!! thanks to the Chelsea sugar team for letting my class go there :)

These cookies were sloppy and spectacular.


Creaming butter and sugar with melted butter was disastrous, took ages.

Super yum and super easy. I was half a cup short of flour so topped up with custard powder. Made 39 good sized biscuits

So good to eat with my disabled Cat! 5 star!


Hi, I am a 10 year old and I LOVE baking. I have made this recipe 3 times, and it has never failed. it works great and if it is your first time and it doesn't work, than try it again because maybe its not the recipe. I only added white sugar and it was great. please can you reply to me. From a very satisfied customer.

CHELSEA SUGAR: Thanks for your lovely feedback! We're so pleased to hear you're enjoying this recipe :) Happy baking!



These Are easy Recipes

Too sweet for my taste and the cookies spread a little to much as well. I added a little more flour for the remainder of the batch and refrigerated then baking the rest straight from the fridge a couple of days later. A better result..

Quick, easy recipe and makes about 40 biscuits, I love it because you melt the butter, so saves slot of time

I love these cookies!!!
I’m nine and love to bake!

I am 9 years old and I made these. I think these cookies are really good and I want to eat them every single day.

These cookies were delicious my family and I loved them.

These were great, I've seen a couple of comments before on this and it says they were bad for certain reasons. I've baked these so many times and some bakers don't know what they are doing because I knew the solution to all of those problems they mentioned. I bake these so much because they are soo good, trust me if you didn't like them you probably did something wrong because I have kinda failed on some attempts when I made them and I knew what I did wrong, and yes they didn't taste as good as normal. But when I know I made them perfect they taste amazing!


Tried these today for the first time. It’s a hit!! And, it’s such a big batch so you can get so much out of it :D

my friend made tastes good highly reccomend

And I think this recipe is just amazing I love it

These are awesome l make them with my kids

They are soooooooooooo goood


These chocolate chip cookies are so yummy, and really easy to make. I've made these multiple times. they are now my go to chocolate chip cookies!

Amazing cookies, tho the first time i made them all the cookies melted together :)) it still tasted really good, i'v made these cookies 3 times now.... Amazing!.



i use this lots and it is so amazing im 12 years 0old


Definitely a fave in our whānau. Super more-ish


There amazing best cookies ive ever had


Delicious and so easy to make

This recipe is so good, never fails. I halve the sugar though and they still taste yummy

Made some yesterday I used Whittaker’s dark choc & dream white choc was so good!! My family have eaten them all so will make another batch today :)

I always put the mixture in the fridge for half an hour before cooking and they remain lovely and firm when put in the hot oven

To much everything


hi my name is debra i am eight years old these are so gooooooood


I loved these so much. I’m 11 and made these with ease. I substituted normal flour for self raising flour and it made these light and airy.


yum and so easy to make, was wondering if could add cocoa to this recipe?

CHELSEA SUGAR: Yes, we think that should work. Substitute just a little of the flour (about 2 Tbsp) for cocoa powder :)

Great recipe - been making them weekly in the winter. I have started adding walnuts as well - extra yummy!

This was very tasty!

Always a winner in my house. Best if you leave mixture in fridge before rolling into balls. I split mixture into 3 - cooking one and freezing the other 2 ( if you roll into sausage shape and freeze, you can just slice from frozen and cook).

they are the best, this is our go to recipe thank you god, namaste

Never fails to disappoint this recipe!

Hi my name is Isla and I am eight years old and they tasted so good

Are these Gluten Free? or be made gluten free.

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, we haven't tested the gluten-free version of this recipe but think it should work. A previous reviewer has mentioned they had success with Edmonds Gluten Free Flour :)

My whanau LOVE these! And so simple to make. They are made at least once a week in our house

very good

Too much butter & the cookies all melted into one giant cookie!

BEST RECIPE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried it and it was just fantastic.

Best chocolate recipe ever

The Cookies were amazing the best I have ever baked

I've had a rough time baking biscuits over the past few years and had sort of given up till I decided to give these a go and they came out just perfect and everyone loved them. So pleased with how easy and fool proof these are to make and have recommended to family and friends already!

so yummy!! made them so many times, delicious every time! also really simple, i'm young and i made them so easily! aren't that chewy, but they still taste so amazing!

big fans

love the cookies

nice biscuits pretty good

these cookies are goooood

I love them and so do my kids!

these biscuits are delicious! would totally make them again however they do spread out a lot :/ anyways, very yummy.

Great recipe - taste good and recipe makes heaps. A keeper

Cookies turned out great

Delicious and easy

the recipe is useful and delicious but it doesn't have the materials the recipe still works though

these cookies were made during school

yum delish

WAY too sweet. i added half a cup less than recommended and it was still so sickly sweet. these cookies are delicious though but next time i’d add only 1 cup of sugar.

very nice

i love these so easy to make

Love this recipe!

Soooo good I added too much salt tho that was my fault not yours my whole family loves them thank you for doing this recipe I 100 percent recommend

image description

best cookies ever everyone loved them but i think they were a bit sweet

so soft and makes lots

I love these cookies


I love this recipe and the cookies always turn out amazing

They are easy to make and taste delicious!

It was really easy to make and really tasty I made these for a bake sale

Can I have some cookies please


Yummmmm I really loved making theses it was a good way to keep me entertained during lock down. So yummy and chewy, my family loved them as well. I made my class hungry eating them in front of them on google meet.



Absolutely amazing!!! This is the 5th time making them:)
Soooo YUMMY, and all those who think they are yuck, try to make them again because the first time I made them they were a little undercooked so I made them again and they were so good!!!
I recommend them to EVERYONE!!! :)

The BEST cookies you could ever make!!!

Hi my name is Mikayla and I am 12 years old I LOVE baking and this is always my go to because they are simple and delicious all the people who said it was bad are just bad cooks and are being mean but these are amazing cookies highly recommend and can you please respond to me thanks from a very very satisfied customer.

CHELSEA SUGAR: Thanks Mikayla, we're glad to hear you love these cookies! :)

Soooo good!

love them .. they are super chewy and perfect crunch. Thank you sooo much.

image description

I love them so much!!, I will make heaps of them today!!

Sooo yum - my little grandson will love them .

image description

So good! I love them so much! The texture is so good.

So good! The consistency is perfect!

Amazing cookies. I love them.

So good and very easy to make. Family loved them

image description

So delicious, Family really enjoyed them. Totally recommend.

Amazing recipe!!!

Yum and cool!!

Yummy and easy, great for my toddlers - lasts a week for us.

AMAZINGGGG I loved this, I did it with my friends and had a lot of fun!!! I would recommend this!!


Great recipe, they tasted delicious.

The only thing better than baking these cookies was eating them

Really good, I tried with vegetable oil and no vanilla essence as I didn’t have those ingredients and it was still fine.

Very yummy, got away with one cup of choc chips as well, excellent recipe.

These are so good, they are chewy and yummy when they are warm and easy for lunch boxes.

great cookies

Good recipe. And for me quite easy

They work amazingly. There really chewy and soft. I recommend it to anyone who likes cookies.

absolutely stunning! I'm 11 years old and have made this recipe so many times!

the cookies are amazing and the ingredients are so easy to find and most of all delish!

Yummy tastes when it’s not cooked

Absolutely loveeee this recipe, best choc chip cookies ever

Great cookies, melted the butter and mixed with sugar then added other ingredients as the recipe says. It makes a wet dough so put in the fridge for 1 hour or so then baked for about 15 mins at 200° and they came out perfect. Exactly like the photo.

This is super fun to make and so easy and taste very nice.

would be worth pointing out to non-bakers that you should wait for the wet mixture to cool before adding dry or the chocolate chips just melt !

I've made these cookies once before, they turned out good

Am I the only one who sees the phrase "medium sized balls" and thinks 'What??? What does that mean, like how big is medium? Like a medium sized plate? Or a medium sized cockroach? Medium means nothing without reference to something else. I don't know what the small or large is. Goodness golly goshness my bloody word.

These were amazing cookies. They are fast cooking and they taste delicious. They are crispy on the outside and light, fluffy and chewy on the inside. This is my first time making them and they are so good. I highly recommend these to anyone.

Have fun baking!! :)

Thank you for this recipe made it like ten times in one month

So easy and delicious with a cuppa.

good but to long to make and in the oven it said 8-10 mins but its still not done

Wow awesome recipe. I made this with my husband and he thought he knew better and decided to half the mixture so he could bake it his own way :D lets just say he didn't stick to the directions and it was a failure for him but not me :P

These were by far one of the best batch of cookies that I've made by myself and everyone loves them!

Tried this Recipe soooooo many times because it RULES!!!!!

Amazing, my family loved it and I made it dairy free using Olivani, It went kind of caramel yum. I recommend halving the recipe I made way too much!!! :)

very good

Five star

Very good cookies! Great to bake with my 13yo. Tip of the hat from this professional chef. :)

Have made this recipe so many times! It has never failed me, I am only 11 and find this recipe really straight forward. Since i have used this recipe I haven’t used a different website for any of my baking than Chelsea.

Pretty good. I needed to add 1 cup more flour. And I used only 1 cup chocolate chips. I think that's a much better amount otherwise there's too much chocolate and not enough cookie. I also cooked them for 14 minutes not 8-10. They're just cooling now but smell good!

I love chocolate chip cookies so this recipe is very easy to understand and it is really yummy

image description

slightly too sweet though I loved them so much!!


image description

I really love this recipe I make it a ton

I have baked these more times than any other recipe. My go to favourite. Quick, easy and very popular.

trash dont work

mine took 14 minutes to bake perfectly so I would bake them for longer than the recipe says, also I would recomend adding 1/2 of a cup more flour than the recipe says other wise they turn out quite flat and the cookies are hard to roll into balls because the dough is so soft. but they taste amazing and are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside :)

Did a couple of batches at different baking times but all turned out cakey, not chewy. Definitely need to flatten them a lot before baking. Still tasty though

These cookies are fun but messy to make, and my chocolate chips melted when I was kneading it. But overall they taste great and I would like to make them again!
From a very satisfied customer!

This recipe is the best I’ve ever seen I loved them I made them like ten times in two months I just loved them but the first time I cooked them to long and they got burnt but now I have it just right and they are delicious thank you for this recipe

amazing and yummy

wow this is very yum this is totally 5-star. raiting

So delicious and crunchy

Very good recipe I added two teaspoons of baking powder instead of one. Cream the butter and sugar do not melt. Joy.

also i sometimes get stuck pls make a how-to-make video for this!

image description

so good!! better when fresh out of the oven and warm, otherwise they go hard. made them for my younger brother's camp they asked for more for their shared lunch, the kids at the school just loved them that much!!


These cookies are soooooooo good but I halve the sugar because it tends to be a little sweet. I also ran out of chocolate chips so I used mini marshmallows. They were delicious.

I love these cookies and i have made them many times! my friends love them and i have become our groups resident chef!

Crispy not chewy, so disappointing. Followed recipe exactly, except for cooking time. after 8 mins they were still pretty much raw, 10 mins still very pale not golden at all. Gave another 2 mins so 12 mins all up, they still looked very pale. Chewy when warm but crunchy as soon as they were cold. Was looking forward to a chewy subway cookie texture.

Nice and chewy cookies. My daughter loved it. So easy to make with kids.

So good absolutely delicious turned out fantastic. Would definitely recommend to others!!!!!!!!!!!

These are my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe. So good! My only tweak would be where the recipe says to melt the butter, it should say soften butter. Otherwise super easy and delicious.

Delicious cookies, perfectly chewey and found they didn't spread far in the pan which is great!

I think i overcooked them but they're delicious. I think to make them chewier it should be 1.5c soft brown sugar and. 5cup white sugar.
This is definitely an easy recipe. Will make em again

Really good. Slightly too sweet, but still amazing.

So hard!! Nearly broke my tooth!!! This recipe doesn't work at all. My kids hated it!!! I Don't recommend this to anyone unless they want no teeth and want to go to hospital to get their tooth removed!!! :( :( :(

Take's longer than 8-10 mins

great they tasted amazing all my friends asked for the recipe

So good love them! I keep baking them over and over!


very great


These are really good cookies to bake!

Not chewy,
but yum I make them all the time

they were the best in the world they worked out great you should try them I made them for my class people kept asking for more

I loved the cookies best ones I have ever tasted I definitely recommend these cookies : -)

These cookies never fail to deliver! i have made them time and time again!

Mind blown

It was so good the whole family loved it thanks


Why does it say melt butter then I have to cream it, my cookies are ruined.
Thanks alot.
From a very dissatisfied customer

Very hard cookies

So delicious


I made them for a bake sale

Nice and gooey, stretchy and a good taste too much chocolate chips

If you're looking for something with a bit more goo, simply replace one egg with a banana and add an extra 40 g of butter.

Lovely flavour but wanted them chewy inside and mine aren’t!
How do you get them chewy, please?
CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, it sounds like you might need to adjust the baking time a little (slightly longer if they are too soft, or a little less if they are too crunchy).

love the cookies soooo much 10/10 would recommend

Its good but it needs an equipment list

Great love how they cook from the freezer and I love how they make it so you can learn how to bake cookies or cake stuff like that even pancakes. I enjoy baking at home I learn it off the internet on youtube, so i love chocolate chip cookies.

DELICIOUS! it never fails!

This recipe never fails to deliver exceptional, gorgeous cookies

Great - love how they cook from the freezer.

I love this recipe!!!!! It’s so delicious. I feed the cookies to my 19 children and they adore it. definitely recommend.

the cookies were so good i ate them all at once and got diarrhoea

Mine weren't chewy at all and were very cake because I incorporated too much air at the beginning. I'm sure they would have been nice otherwise but don't over-cream the butter and sugar.

image description

Just lovely, chocolatey, chewy, didn't last a day - got eaten very quickly! I make these regularly now.


They are very good with milk and a perfect snack for school lunches.

I loved it! Me and my best friend both agreed they were the best.


These were delicious! Have made them and they were gone from the cupboard in a few days!

Loved them, would suggest using a little less sugar, and half a cup less flour. I found the recipe online, and then I opened my sugar tins to the same recipe, so I ended up with a much cleaner phone. also used raw almonds and m'n'm's as an extra, the cookies ended up great such a good recipe to do with the kids.

Nice and easy, was very delicious

love this recipe, I use it all the time. highly recommended.

This is the best cookie recipe I've ever found, some days I mix it up adding half white chocolate and half dark but it still taste amazing.

Cool recipe! Sounds delicious!
From Jacob.


DO NOT TRY unless you want to fall in love??

Probably the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve ever used. So quick and easy! I used Whittakers dark orange chocolate chopped into quite big chunks and the result is OMG delicious!

image description

Really nice, I put more vanilla essence than needed in them but they still taste lovely.
Added a few sprinkles to a couple of them to brighten them up!

we made 44!!!

My daughter made these for us when we visited her this week and they were absolutely delicious. I now have the recipe and will be making them this week

This was such a good recipe

Very easy chewy and delicious, grandchildren love them!

Great recipe. Found took a little longer than stated time to cook, but, all ovens are not equal.
Put both dark & white chips in mine to make up the 2 cups.

This was the first time I made chocolate chip cookies all by myself and they turned out awesome.

image description

100% amazing

I loved how it was chruchie on the outside and gooey in the inside Xxx

Delicious and perfect for those occasional sweet chocolate cravings! Easy to make too

Good stuff

I made them and they taste so good. I had mine with a bit of Nutella and it was really yummy. One thing is that it doesn’t say weather you or not you put the oven on fan bake or just bake. But other than that, amazing!!

It’s really good but don’t bake it for 8-10 minutes. I think 15 minutes because mine are perfect at 15 minutes, the thing that’s annoying is that the instructions don’t make much sense but other than that great cookies and I have baked these like 7 times.

They are actually so amazing. I made them for a shared lunch and everyone really enjoyed them. I also decided to make them for mother's day.




Taste wise they are are ok. Not tasteless but I've made better. Cookies spread ALOT so I would recommend putting less on the baking tray I did 3 rows and they all spread into each other would have turned out better with just 2 rows spread out. I also used self raising flour as I didnt have normal flour and had to leave them on for an extra 3 minutes. One tray I left on for an extra 5 minutes and that was too much cookies turned out almost burnt around the edges the other 2 trays only 3minutes extra and they were perfect. Recipe makes alot of cookies which is good.

Taste wise they are are ok. Not tasteless but I've made better. Cookies spread ALOT so I would recommend putting less on the baking tray I did 3 rows and they all spread into each other would have turned out better with just 2 rows spread out. I also used self raising flour as I didnt have normal flour and had to leave them on for an extra 3 minutes. One tray I left on for an extra 5 minutes and that was too much cookies turned out almost burnt around the edges the other 2 trays only 3minutes extra and they were perfect. Recipe makes alot of cookies which is good.

The recipe was good my whole entire family loved it. As soon as I baked it, everyone wanted a bite. I love how chewy and chocolatey they are.

SOOO yum! We cooked it for 12 minutes and they turned out perfect. 10/10 would recommend (I also added a splash of milk to made it less crumbly).

Simple and delicious. Our go-to recipe for biscuits.

Very nice and sweet.

Made them at 10 o'clock at night and ate them after waking up in the middle of the night. They are great cookies.

I've made about 250 of these cookies for a fundraiser. Everyone loves them. Everytime I have meetings and people see a plate of these cookies they instantly know that they were made by me.

Too floury - I like my cookies chewier and softer. These were stodgy.

Love ❤️ it!!!!

It was so good. I added food colouring. It was amazing. This is my go to recipe. I also have it without vanilla essence. It's really good.

They are so good for feeding a family!!!!!!

THESE WERE SOOOO YUMMMY! I used m&ms instead of choc chips but they still tasted DELICIOUS! As I am only ten im not a professional but these were still super easy and quick! They were really sweet and i made it into a slice instead of cookies. Overall I would definitley recommend and would so make them again!

My cookies did not turn out like the picture at all.
Chelsea Sugar:
Sorry to hear this recipe did not work for you. Please be assured that this recipe has been tested thoroughly.

So good. I added caramel and it was even better.

These are amazing tasty cookies although there is a lot of sugar they still taste amazing and I only make half the batter for I end up making 70ish cookies and a little less flower. These are easy and you can make them with your kids!

Could I use self raising flour instead of high grade? because that's all I have.
Chelsea Sugar:
It might be best to select a biscuit recipe that uses self raising flour. You could use the Kristina's Condensed Milk Cookies recipe instead.


Very delicious biscuits. Will bake again as they are so easy. Chelsea, if I cut down the amount of sugar do I need to replace that lost weight/volume with more flour?
Chelsea Sugar:
The sugar contributes to the texture in a way that flour cannot. It would be best to use Chelsea Low GI LogiCane Sugar as a substitute to maintain the correct texture of the biscuits.

I'm a kid and I need it to be more specific. It doesn't say what to put them in.

Delicious and yummy.

Recipe didn't work.

I think that there is too much sugar.

So so good. A few things I found made these better.
I’d recommend to cream butter (not melt). Once the batter is made, roll into a couple of logs and refrigerate for an hour. Slice the biscuits between 5-8mm (for 10 min cooking time) thicker slices of around 10mm will take a few minutes longer.

Can I leave out the vanilla essence?
Chelsea Sugar:
You can leave out the vanilla essence, however, this will impact the taste and smell of your biscuits.

I have made these cookies so many times. My family loves them. They are so good and I love eating the cookie dough. I would recommend doing exactly what they say with the melted butter and sugars at the start but enjoy making the cookies.
P.s they don’t take up much time at all.

It was good.

it is good and easy.


They are fantastic and best biscuits I've ever made, can you reply to me?
Chelsea Sugar:
It is so great to hear that you enjoyed our recipe! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

don't have enough chocolate chips, does it matter if it isn't 2 cups of chocolate chips?
Chelsea Sugar:
You can choose to add less chocolate chips.

These are the best cookies I’ve made! Absolutely delicious as a triple chocolate cookie too.

I like it.

So good.

This recipe looks so good.

I loved these cookies. They were so chewy.

This recipe has a mountain of sugar and despite the assurances that they shouldn’t spread we ended up with one massive cookie.

It’s great and you can make it into a slice which is just as good.

I added lemon for extra flavour but otherwise super good!

They are really good. But I added lemon to get more flavour and they were great!

So yum. I'm 10 and love it. I made it with my little sis and so fun 10/10 so good.

I don't have enough milk chocolate, can I put in nearly a cup of milk chocolate and a cup of white chocolate as well instead?
Chelsea Sugar:
Yes, you can add white chocolate and milk chocolate.

I love it. It is soft.

They were OK, a bit hard but they were very yummy and chewy like advertised. I would make them again!!!

I really like this recipe because it's so easy to make. I love the way that it's crunchy-on-the-outside-mushy-on-the-inside really stands out!
Such a good recipe!

It's a great recipe but I think there is a bit much sugar.

Good! But quite a lot of sugar and flour! I was very concerned with how much of everything there was but it turned out really nice like subway cookies honestly a bit sweet but YUMMY!

I think there’s way too much flour - the cookies looked nice enough after 10-12 mins but the dough was super dry and they do taste floury. Bit disappointing but they’ll get eaten regardless no doubt.

Also, if you follow the method then expect them to be absolutely nothing like the photo!

They are great for kids to make.

I would rate this 10000 but its not an option. So good! I made them just cooked and they were amazing. I hope this was helpful :D

So good and so yum!


My favourite Cookies ever! We have made these many times and they are perfect. Sweet and soft. Taste like subway cookies!

One word - amazing

They were really yum.

Made this biscuit half the sugar. It was a lovely soft sweet biscuit that the kids loved. turned out well!

Utterly crappy dish.

I'm a kid and they tuned out really good. This is my go to recipe. I have used it 5 times.

They were yummy, good, and easy. I made 44 cookies with that recipe but they were either quite crunchy or crumbly.

It's super yummy.

image description

Didn't turn out well.

I haven't made these yet I'm about 2 make 'em but they look flippin nice. I'll say when I've made 'em.

Extremely disappointing. Extended the time slightly as at the 8-10 minute mark they were still extremely undercooked. The result was hard and flavourless cookies, nothing like was represented in the picture. Will not be making again.

I am a 13 year old boy and I love baking. This one was so easy to do. I transferred over one cup of choc chips for a cup of smarties. They turned out really good and really easy to make.

This recipe is great. Great tasting chewy choc chip cookies made quick and easy.

I suggest softening the butter instead of melting it but the recipe is perfect otherwise. They shouldn’t be browned in the oven or they’ll be crunchy. They should look pale, almost raw. With my oven they take 10 mins for larger ones or 8 mins if smaller cookies.

Love these! They were really quick and easy to make with barely any clean up. They tasted pretty good, not the best I've ever had but definitely good for the amount of effort. I did make them without chocolate chips though (because we are in self isolation and don't have any on hand).

Super good especially when you heat them for 30 seconds in the microwave as they go really chewy!

I’m a kid and I loved them. They are so yummy. I recommend to bake them half the time recommended.

Easy and absolutely delicious. I made mine a bit bigger but still had 25 hit the spot tasted as good as a Mrs Higgins fresh bake. Yum - definitely using this recipe again.

THESE WERE SO EASY and they were extremely delicious im only 13 and they worked out so well

It was hard to make but worth it really yum!!
I also shared a picture with my friends and they all straight away were asking for the recipe
the only thing that was wrong was they were not chewy.

These are super easy to make. Personally felt like they were far too sweet. Good bribe food for the kids. But still with that amount of sweetness id only give them 1/2 a cookie each.

Doesn't look like the picture but they are good! I flattened them out a lot like subway cookies (so good).

I make these all the time and I love them. This is my go to recipe for cookies - keep it up :D

I loved this recipe! I highly recommend putting the batter in the fridge for half an hour and then putting in the oven.

Love these super easy, super fun for my girls to make and sooooo yuuuuuuummy!!

Easy & yummy. Thank you.

These are the best cookies ever. I love them. They are always my go to cookies. I definitely recommend!!

They were really yummy and soft!!! I think they need to be cooked a bit longer because they were under cooked. I love them and recommend them.

Very happy with the final result!

They look NOTHING like the picture and aren't chewy. But everyone is still happily eating them.

These are the best cookies I have ever tasted.

I made 18 - yummmy.

Amazing, easy to make and yummy.

Perfect cookie recipe, super simple and straight forward. Highly recommend!!

I make these cookies all the time and they are delicious. So yum and I like to make them super thick :)

Makes the perfect chewy cookie if you only use 2 cups of flour.

The cookies were DELICIOUS!! But I think I made a mistake because my batter was really wet.

I love this recipe so much! It was perfect for me as I am a noob baker lol. The biscuits turned out beautiful and soft as I kept a eye out just incase as I was told every oven is different. I highly recommend this recipe to my family and friends as it is fun and easy.

Good recipe but not that chewy. Good taste.

I didn't have any butter so I tried using margarine but it was like using half a container.

This recipe is the best one for starters and an easy recipe that makes many.

It's good

A bit sweet for my liking but otherwise they are delicious. I recommend eating them as soon as you can :)

The biscuits tasted amazing. The recipe was very easy to read.

I didn't like the texture. Too much sugar maybe?

Far too sweet. I reckon you could probably half the sugar.

SO yummy! Made 66 delicious chewy cookies! Thanks Chelsea you've done it again :)

Good, good, good.

Were very tasty, however instructions not clear at all for us noobs!

Oh they are good.

Nice cookies, but I found that they didn't turn out chewy for my batch. Still tasty and went down well!

Perfect. No need to change a thing in this recipe.


I like to read the reviews

It was amazing!!

Good and delicious cookies


They are amazing! they are nice and soft to eat and they taste delicious!

I am sure there is too much flour in this recipe. I have been baking all my long life,and followed the measurements and recipe to the letter. But the biscuits are certainly not chewy! I would not make them again with this recipe.

They were very yum

I found them even better with 3 cups of self raising flour instead of flour and baking powder :)

More in-depth explanation needed for the baking noobs wanting to attempt this recipe :'). The difficulty says easy, so you would assume beginners can follow along without fault. Being someone who is new to baking, I was a bit confused through some of the steps and unfortunately my cookies turned out to be a flop. A family member suggested that I should have only softened the butter instead of melting it (as it makes it harder to cream), so I think you should be more clear on this step. I would also suggest adding that it may be helpful to add the baking powder in before the entirety of the flour, as this made it harder spread the ingredient evenly. I was as well unsure of how big I should be making the cookies and since you state we should flatten slightly.

Liked it!

i didnt even bake it

Loved them sooooooooo much sooo good

Love this recipe!! The cookies dont last in our household....gonna put m&m's in today's batch as well....

i love your recipe but you need to explain it more and make it more understandable

THEY ARE SOO GOOODDD! thank you so much!

AMAZING!!!!kids love it

I loved the cookies they were just perfect in every way, they weren’t to gooey but they weren’t to crunchy, great recipe and really easy to make

just trying it now! tell you in a few minutes!!

the first time i made these they were amazing so chewy and tasty but today mine went flat!!! XD :)

Mine were wet

Great for kids lunches


Mine were way too soft and oozed into each other. Taste was fine though. I used GF flour instead of regular.

Amazing recipe came out with awesome chewy chocolate cookies. soft on the inside and crunchy shell. If you think that the recipe sucks your prob not doing it right (;-')

This is my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe. It is fast and 1 cup of milk whitikers & 1 cup dark from pak n save 2kg bags. Is perfect! Mine take 14mins on 200 oven

I make this recipe all the time and everyone always comments on how good they are and asks where I got the recipe from. Makes lots as well even better. Thanks for this.

Your cookies were lousy, the batter didn’t cook properly, and it just sucks.
But I like the effort you put into photoshopping that picture to make it look good.
All in all, they were crap.

This recipe is bull. Tried it twice and it didn't even spread, it's not chewy at all and there's way too much flour. Nice job uploading a random picture of cookies and pretending you made them

they look yum and i dont cear if i get fat because its worth it

Good recipe but took longer than expected in oven & made 35 instead of 30 cookies (not mad about that though)

these cookies r so partrishish (means awesome in patrisha languge) and no i am definitely not a 11 yr old : )

these cookies r so partrishish (means awesome in patrisha languge) and no i am definitely not a 11 yr old : )

They were astoltly scummy but could of been beterr

I made cookie dough with the recipe for the cookies

amazing granys children loved UvU

I LOVED this recipe and I own my own baking company called sweet treats and I am very picky about the food I make and my kids LOVED this recipe! THANK YOU SO MUCH! will definitely make this again for my kids=)

Tastes really good, chewy. Would make again!

ya pretty good

My cookies didn't spread at all. I flattened it slightly before baking. Was expecting the cookies to spread further during baking. Can someone tell me what I did wrong? I softened the butter not melt. Tasted great though, hence want to make them again.
Chelsea Sugar:
You could soften the butter more to make the biscuits spread more during baking.

It is pretty good as far as I have gotten and I would recommend it to any of my friends.

Super easy, just follow recipe as is! . Kids helped me make it. They are so delicious! Chewy and a little crunchy! How I love it! You guys always have awesome recipes! Thanks

These biscuits are so easy to make and they are so delicious

So easy to make and EVERYONE loves them!

Very good recipe recommended

Taste nice but found them a bit cakey instead of chewy

A bit under cooked.We just used brown sugar and not the white sugar but it was still delicious!!!!

Super yummy biscuits, the whole family enjoy them.
I altered the recipe slightly. I only used 1/2 cup of each sugar and a little more flour. Also used dark chocolate pieces and refrigerated the mixture for 30 minutes prior to baking. Perfect

They were good but not what I was expecting

Changed the recipe up by adding white chocolate with lemon juice and lemon rind. Absolutely delish! Soft yet chewy biscuits. Yummy!

My son loves them he's 4 so I'm thinking it's going to be a family favorite for years to come hope I can deliver no pressure

i think it was horrible i rate it one star


These cookies are amazing! I have made them time after time. The family loves them!

Love how this tastes 5th batch this week and my family went crazy over them so did my neighbours

the first time i did this it expanded waaay too much and the cookies stuck to one another so i had to separate them, but they tasted great. the second time i did this, which was yesterday, they tasted delicious straight from the oven but now they're hard as rocks, apart from some of the cookies' chewy centers, and don't taste as good. what did i do wrong T—T i worked hard on these.
Chelsea Sugar:
Next time you could cool the mixture in the fridge before baking. This will help them not to spread so much while baking. Using a cool baking tray also helps.

I cant eat dairy things at the moment so will the cookies still taste good without the chocolate?
Chelsea Sugar:
Yes, you can make the biscuits without adding the chocolate.

yumyum in my tum

The best chocolate chip cookies I have made. The family inhaled them.....36 was suppose to last all week, if we make it to Wednesday I will be amazed.

I was good

Am I the only one that likes the cookie dough better than the actual cookies? :)

mine turned out amazing! they weren't chewy. Instead they were crunchy. I think cookies are better crunchy anyway, so it didn't matter

mine turned out amazing! they weren't chewy. Instead they were crunchy. I think cookies are better crunchy anyway, so it didn't matter

Tasty cookies but mine turned out crisp not chewy! After 10mins they were still raw with no colour on them, gave them another 5. They were soft immediately out of the oven while still warm but went crunchy when they cooled. A bit disappointing!

Not a bad recipe. The biscuits have a nice flavour but aren't chewy as the name suggests.

Far too sweet, my family hated them.


This is an awesome thing to eat plain when not cooked.

These cookies worked for me!!! They were sooo delicious!

Best chocolate chip cookies I have ever baked!! They were crunchy on the outside and chewy/soft on the inside. They were a hit for everyone who tried them. I will be baking again!

Best chocolate chip cookies I have ever baked!! They were crunchy on the outside and chewy/soft on the inside. They were a hit for everyone who tried them. I will be baking again!

OMG!!!!! The best cookies ever!!! And they make the right amount for any occasion.

This is such an amazing recipe and it tastes great every time.

a bit soft but deliciouse

to sweet.


I love them, they are so easy to make and very yummy to eat.
Thanks Chelsea.

whatv flour do we use
Use standard flour.

Biscuits were soft inside. Had to put them back in oven for a few more minutes. Might do 15 mins next time and way too sweet. Will half the sugar.

I thought this recipe was amazing. I'm an American and I can't find the old gooey choc chip delicious biscuits I used to eat back in Dakota. I would like to thank all my fellow USA friends for inspiring me to make this beautiful American dish XOXO Josie

Soooooo delicious!!

So much fun making these cookies. I'm a sweet tooth just as any other New Zealander so loved the taste!!!

A simple recipe that turns out 2 dozen cookies every time. Good texture and quick to make. I'd try dark chocolate next time to cut down on the sweetness.

Amazing cookies and perfect every time.

These are the only cookies that I make and they work perfectly every time. Thanks!

Takes about 15 min to cook but other wise really nice and chewy.

i didnt have brown sugar so i went without it, they are not good, i will be coming back when i get brown sugar though!

I really like this recipe, especially the cookie dough. I usually just eat some of the dough when the cookies are being cooked.

Cookies were a disaster- first recipe should say softened butter not melted butter. Melting the butter causes chocolate chips to melt making it a chocolate cookie rather than a choc chip cookie. Will be going back to my old recipe !


Good taste.

Amazing cookies, partner begs me to make them. They are even better when frozen then cooked. So easy. Such a great recipe.


Delicious and easy to make

I found there are too many chocolate chips, it works better when I add 1 1/4 cups. Otherwise, these are delicious

Nice and chewy but WAAYYYYYY too sweet unless you don’t mind getting diabetes...

image description

I tried them and they were delicious but they were a little bit doughy. But overall i do recommend them to all you people that like not to much chocolate. they are not really the wright kind of biscuits for me because i am one of those people that like heaps of chocolate.

Great recipe! Everyone loved it.

these just tasted like oil and flour, and smelled like play- doh. kinda dissapointed, usually they work out fine... this recipe is different. In a bad way. Way too much flour is needed, and there is no milk!?

I left out the cup of white sugar and used leftover Easter eggs chopped up for chocolate chips and they were delicious. I also made big biscuits and cooked them for a few minutes longer. Nice big chunky biscuits.

These are the only cookies I make and they are delicious. I'm 10 years old.

Very sweet, but after cooking cookies if you lie them on a rack for 10 min after they come out of the oven they will taste 10x better and crunchier and chewier! - Great cookies overall!

My family love this cookie. Yummy!!

Uh so, it was a fail and thats all im gonna say

Best choc chip cookies ever! I love this recipe.


The best, so good.

It's delicious! A bit sweet but probably because I added aa bit too many chocolate chips! Whoops! But overall, they are chewy-er than my usual and that's what makes the so pleasant to eat

- Aivilo (not my real name, my real name is aivilo backwards)

This recipe is the only chocolate chip cookie recipe I ever use so easy and yummy

Way too sweet. It's like someone's been paid to sell more sugar. Nice chewy cookies though.

Amazing, I love it. It tastes amazing, best cookie ever!

Great we all loved the cookies they were nice soft and chewy

They were really good. Thanks for the recipe.



So good. They just melt I'm my mouth. I do find them a bit sweet with 2 cups of sugar. I personally only put in 1 1/2 cups.
The amount that it makes for me is huge. I once counted them and it made 75 or more. It was way to much so I ended up giving over half away. But otherwise all good and I definitely recommend this recipe.

Kind of crunchy in my opinion also quite sweet compared to other recipes but its nice.

Kind of crunchy in my opinion. Also quite sweet compared to other recipes but its nice.

YUM! A friend baked these for me! I loved them and asked him where the recipe was from! Now I'm going to make them myself!

i baked them one afternoon they were amazing it melted in my mouth it tasted so nice

These turned out great but they could have a bit more flavour and they mad me feel sick but my family really enjoyed them

These turned out great but they could have a bit more flavour and they mad me feel sick but my family really enjoyed them.

It takes forever to cream the butter and sugar and they didnt turn out as chewy as I thought they would. Although they do taste great :)

The cookies were absolutely amazing, I love them and make them all the time. 11/10, I say.

It is soooo yummy. My son wants to eat it all the time!!

Awesome cookies!

10 out of 10!!!
The only thing wrong is that you cont stop eating them!!!

It is so good I made it for the family, I made twice the amount and they finished everything in a day

It is so good I made it for the family, I made twice the amount and they finished everything in a day

Is the cooking time a little off? Only my cookies were still mostly raw when removed from the oven. Put them in for another five minutes and they were perfectly chewy.

It is so yummy

I made these into a slice, instead of biscuits and it came out really well. Just too much sugar and were sickly sweet for my taste. I'd just knock the sugar down next time-but I guess it show cased Chelsea Sugar! Very easy to make in the TV adverts :)

image description


It is such a great recipe. Did these for a bake sale and they sold out instantly!


it is soooo yummy! :D

Very yummy and easy to make. Very addictive also!

So so dry

Reminds me of my childhood

What to heat the oven to?
CHELSEA: preheat the oven to 180.

My girls and I make these all the time! And we looooove them. Super easy and super quick!

I think they are amazing! But in the other comments, it said that they needed to be in the oven for 20 minutes! But unless you want your cookies hard and not chewy yes you need to. But otherwise, they were amazing!

They turned out a bit dry on the outside but are still delicious and chewy in the centre.

why are they so squishy. Also not chewy but cakey


This recipe did not match my expectations,

One, i did not turn out as good as i hoped

two, i was cooking on 200' and it still took way more that 10mins to bake

It's horrible.

It's my childrens favourite so guaranteed it is made often and its very easy.

It was amazing, it almost melted in my mouth!

image description

My man loves them lol I have to make them every week now

Omg! Chewy and delish! Break them apart and have them with some milk, It's like you ate a chunk of heaven!
Another perfect recipe from Trusty Chelsea!

Amazing! Just love these cookies!

2 cups of sugar is too much. The cookies were way too sweet and on top of that the chocolate chips made them sweeter. To sickly for my liking.

Wow really great I love them they are the best.

very nice made with wholemeal flour and choco buttons. mmmmmmm
makes you get rolls if eat to much :):)

Wasn't that good...

These are the absolute best cookies ever! Especially good with half white chocolate and half milk chocolate!


I made these with my friend, and we both loved them! Super easy to make and a delicious result.

brilliantly sweet.
lessened white sugar and added more brown sugar but still came out as desired.
Love it!!!

Annoyed my babysitter

This is my fav recipe for cookies
I use one small bag of nestle dark choc bits
and one block of whittakers creamy milk Just
chop that up into chunks..
they are the bomb try it out guys


So easy, soft and chewy. I would put less chocolate in though. Definitely a new family favourite

Great but can get dry if you leave them is for to long but if you get it right 10/10

mmmmmmm yum

10/10 all the way dilisous

amazing 10/10 recommend

Did this with my students they came out awesome and the children said they tasted better than sub way cookies and asked to take the recipe home to share

I love these cookies so much. I use this recipe everytime. My mum taught me this recipe. BEST COOKIES EVER


Oh my goodness best cookies I’ve ever had. They are just sooo good one is never enough and it makes enough that they can be used for school lunches for weeks.

Yum we did it for forty hour famine and also smelled lemonade!!!

This is a great biscuit recipe and I use it all the time. The biscuits taste AMAZING!

This is the best recipe I have made, I have used it many times and will continue to use it, as my friends ant family love the end product

The batter didn't mix well at the beginning, the cookie also burnt on the bottom and were raw on the top. I think the mixture was to heavy. I did all the steps correctly and flattened the cookies before putting them in the oven. Will not try the recipe again.

Cook time is actually appropriate what you have to do is wait for them to cool and they should harden , good recipe but I would recommend putting less sugar and more flour like : 1 cup sugar , 4 cups flour myn were very sticky :( but ortherwise positive from me :)# yummy ...

Recipe is a piece of cake to follow. I left mine in the oven for 20mins~ and they were perfect (half quantity). Cheers!

twas good an yum

this recipe is the best that I have tasted. and I love it.

Awesome recipe loved the biscuits

This is the best biscuits ever I would never use any other recipe

I think it should be less time in the oven but tastes nice.

Definitely need longer in the oven than the recipe says.

Are you serious - 2 cups of sugar? I am confused, were we not trying to reduce sugar...I am going to try this with half the amount and see how it works out.

Great recipe but it needs a bit more wet ingredients and baking time! (:

I really love this recipe! I made over 100 of these for year 6 camp and everyone enjoyed them.

It really helped us make it. Thank you so much.

Yummy, very sticky batter so add in a tiny bit more flour. I changed up the recipe because I ran out of plain flour so i used 2 cups of plain flour and 1 cup of self raising flour. I then used 1\4 of baking powder. These cookies turned out perfectly yum!!

Great recipe tried it out myself

image description

This is honestly the best cookie recipe EVERRRRRRRR!!
I would recommend this to who even slightly loves biscuits!!
It is the BOMB!!

Best home cooked choc chip biscuits I've had!

image description

Best chewy chocolate chip biscuits I've ever eaten but cook time is definitely too short.

So yummy an easy to make

I found that the dough volume was more than enough to satisfy, but the recipe called for more chocolate buttons/chocolate chips. I also found that the cooking time was a lot less than other recipes and that the cookie consistency was very soft and warm to the touch. I highly recommend this recipe but did not use Chelsea products and turned out better. :)

Yum! Yum! Yum! My new go to recipe for choc chip cookies!

BEWARE: the cook time is too short
just keep baking until they look good to you

The best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. So easy to make too.

The recipe should say "soften butter" instead of "melt".

Hi this recipe is so easy I love it I am just getting to the age that I can cook alone and this recipe is so fun and yummy:)

A solid bake when mixed with the misty waters of the waikato

Chelsea: hi the don’t make these cookies they are making to many people fat even 1 cookie makes you fat :D

Love these biscuits. They are so easy and quick and everybody loves them

Favourite biscuit recipe, a definite classic for me


This is the best chocolate chip recipe ever my husband loves it now I'm about to treat my mom a batch of this recipe. Five star's an more

Easy to make!!!!!!
Nice Tasting (MMMMMMM)
Great In sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would recommend them to everyone. ;p

I love these cookies! so easy to make and taste great :)

so amazingly gooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Ok I guesss

Easy to make, love them!

Worst cookies ever! Don't make these they went everywhere and made a mess 0/10

Best ever cookies

Absolutely delicious!!! Super easy recipe resulting in the best cookies I've ever made!


A very easy recipe for me to make in a rush, and for school

After reading the reviews, I added the 1c of brown sugar but only half the amount of white, still nice and sweet. Super easy recipe!!

They seem more cakie than chewy.

I loved this recipe, though the the cookies weren't mossed I would give it a big thumbs up.


best ever


friggin amazing

The best chocolate chip recipe I have used. Lovely and chewy just like the name suggests. My go to biscuit recipe

it waz Gnarly fam XD


It's a great easy to make recipe and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Next time I'll make sure I don't overcook it.

Absolutely love it!!

I made these chocolate chip cookies, and instead of 2 cups of choc chips, I put in 1 cup choc chips, 3/4 cup white choc buttons, and a handful of dried cranberries. I baked them a little bit longer. They are yummy.

Made these cookies, and instead used M&M's. They turned out perfect! For everyone who has to add extra flour because their mixtures are too gooey. Don't melt the butter completely. You're only meant to soften there butter then 'cream' the sugars into the mix. If you do this then no extra flour is needed. Can't wait to make these again soon!

image description

Tasty, but different to the picture

This is a fantastic recipe we used it for our school lunches and it lasted the whole week!

I love you

Love this recipe used it several times crowd pleaser also put m&ms instead of chocolate chips and worked a treat

Easy to make but smaller balls would be better as mine took much longer to cook and have a slight crunch.

Really good recipe! This was the quickest recipe for chewy chocolate chip biscuits I have ever come across! Very very tasty and great just to whip up in the kitchen!

Easy, quick, yummy and kids do anything for em.

I think Teenage boys will love these, But they are super sweet and so I made another batch with only 1/2 C white sugar and 3/4 C brown. Still Far, far too sweet. Next time I think I will only use half and half. I found the dough to be good but the taste was a little floury, perhaps I did not mix enough. But certainly school camp will love them.

Great recipe i'm 11 I always whip up this recipe they're chewy and really something to enjoy delicious thanks :)

No flour?
CHELSEA: Hi there, yes there are 3 cups of flour in this recipe. Sixth line down in the ingredients list.

I've never really been a fan of home made biscuits but these were yummy! Exactly what I wanted which was chewy biscuits and because the mixture made quiet a lot I just made the biscuits bigger :) thanks for this recipe!

Best biscuits ever this is always my go to recipe and the batch makes enough for everyone.

I'm 11 and they're easy i know the recipe off by heart. And whip it up any time! They are also good for party's and to go in my packed lunch.

Great chewy and delicious. I would make these again. Very quick and easy

I really like these biscuits but I have a great deal of trouble understanding how they can be cooked at 180 degrees in 8-10 mins. In other recipes it specifies if the temperature is for a fan oven but this doesn't say that so I'm presuming that it's just on bake not fan bake. Since I only cook on fan bake I set the temperature to 160 degrees and it takes 20-25 minutes for them to cook and that just doesn't seem right to me. What am I doing wrong??
CHELSEA: Hi there, this is probably just down to oven variation rather than you doing anything wrong. Try upping the temperature to 180°C on fan bake and you should find they cook much quicker.

Unbelievably sweet

YUM! I use 50/50 white and milk choolate bits.

Flipping amazing I'm 11 and they're easy i know the recipe off by heart. And whip it up any time!

image description

Nice easy and yummy

came out perfectly, i use this chocolate chip biscuit recipe all the time now

Loved these chewy chocolate chip biscuits. They tasted really nice with Whittaker's chocolate, you should give it a go.


Great biscuits definitely the best I've ever made everyone in the family loves them

This chocolate chip biscuit recipe worked great with edmonds gluten free flour. Also, I might have to half it next time, because I'm in pain from eating too many cookies!

Love them so much my kids and their dad bake these chewy chocolate chip biscuits at least once a week and when they do make it we make 2 batches as they never last long..❤️

Added 1 mashed banana in and tasted great, would definitely make these chocolate chip biscuits again

I followed this chocolate chip biscuit recipe exactly and they turned out perfectly and are delicious.

Far too sweet and buttery. Could easily reduce the sugar amount as I could barely eat them for the sweetness

very nice and chewy but you do need to add an extra one to cups of flour or the mixture will be too wet

best cookie recipe, i love it

Amazing and easy great recipe

Excellent, favourite in this house.

So good, didn't seem like 30!!!
I put mine too close together, and they turned into one giant cookie!
We called them cookie slice, they tasted better like that, bigger too.
They taste GREAT with vanilla ice cream! (If Chelsea has a recipe for that, it will be beyond delicious!) Definitely try it out, I recommend it.

Great recipe easy and quick.
Makes a lot of Yummy cookies!

It was really yum

Tasty chewy goodness!!

Even though these cookies are delicious if you don't add additional flour, 1-2 cups, then you end up trying to roll a gooey mess. Its frustrating that the right measurements aren't on the original recipe. Sharpen up Chelsea!

OMG! amazinggggg

these were beautiful. Lovely balance between chewy and a little crunchy on the outside. LOVE IT :)

Yummy easy to make and delicious

Biscuits were easy to make, however you don't really need 2 cups of sugar. I reduced the recipe to one cup of sugar, half brown and the other white, and used dark chocolate buttons. Biscuits were deliciously chewy :)

Yum I also added 3 tspn of peanut butter

sooooo gooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

image description

Loved them prefect biscuits whole family enjoyed them

Such an amazing recipe!

Yummy so yummy


Delicious!! I make these regularly and sometimes add m&m's as well. Crunchy on the outside then soft, gooey and chewy on the inside. Love it

So quick and easy to make. Also makes a big batch. My favourite recipe by far.

Great easy recipe


So good.

So good and easy I try and make it as much as I can.

image description


image description

This is like the best cookie recipe ever ... I make it with white choc buttons and dark choc drops. I make them large and they go so crispy on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle! Amazing!

image description


image description

Really do stay chewy and so easy to make!

image description

awesm and so quick to make

image description

made these last week... didnt last long in my house sooooo ymmie!!!

image description

they were very tasty and full of flavor

image description

I replaced the choc chips with a 250gram block of Whittakers Dark Chocolate - smashing it pieces with a rolling pin.

image description

Not sure about the opening comment about filling the tins for the week? These are soooo yummy they wont last that long!!

image description

My partner begs me to make these and a bath never lasts long in this house yummiest bikkies ever.

image description

Very nice cookies and very easy to make too! 5+++++

image description

This one is amazing especially when you use a smashed up block Whittaker's white macadamia block instead of chocolate chips.

image description

Easy one for the kids to help with!

image description

A bit too sweet for me but the kids love them (and love making them)! Might try less sugar next time although may not be as chewy.

image description

Very easy & tastes great! =)

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