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Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing

By Chelsea Sugar
Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing
24 servings
  • 245 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 20 mins
  • Cooking time 20 mins
  • Serves

    150g Tararua Butter, softened 
    1 1/2 cups Chelsea Caster Sugar
    2 eggs 
    2 1/2 cups Edmonds Self Raising Flour 
    1 1/4 cups Meadow Fresh Milk
    2 tsp vanilla essence 

    Buttercream Icing:
    100g Tararua Butter, softened 
    1 1/2 cups Chelsea Icing Sugar
    2-3 drops vanilla essence
    1-2 Tbsp Meadow Fresh Milk 
    Raspberries, sugar flowers or sprinkles to decorate


    Cupcakes: Preheat oven to 190°C conventional or 170°C fan-forced. Beat Tararua Butter with an electric mixer until smooth, add Chelsea Caster Sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Add eggs and mix well. Add the sifted Edmonds Self Raising FlourMeadow Fresh Milk and vanilla, beat until smooth. Place paper baking cases in a cupcake tin, spoon in mixture until they are about 2/3 full (don't overfill or they will form peaks). This recipe makes 24 cupcakes so you might need to do this in two batches. Bake for 20 minutes until golden or until they spring back when lightly pressed. Turn out onto a wire rack to cool while you prepare the icing.

    Buttercream Icing: Beat the Tararua Butter until it is pale and fluffy. Sift in the Chelsea Icing Sugar, add vanilla essence and mix.  Add Meadow Fresh Milk until you have a light, fluffy mixture. Add extra Meadow Fresh Milk if you need a softer consistency. Spread or pipe icing over cupcakes and top with decorations as desired.

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Average Rating
(245 reviews)

It was to sweet but yummy

NO WORDS!!!!!!!!!!

Easy to follow. Get my 3 year old to help me. Each time we have made them, they come out great. No fail recipe.

not sooo bad.

Didn't find it light or fluffy. Very sweet. My 3 year old wasn't even a fan

Delicous and very creamy slurp. Yummy in my tummy

Chelsea do some great baking, but I just think it was a bit too sweet.

AMAZINGGGG I love this recipe you can never go wrong with Chelsea baking

it was so easy to make and soo delicious definitely recommend this recipe best cupcakes eveeeeeeeeeeer

My first attempt at making cupcakes. Made them with my 3 years old and it was so easy and turned out absolutely delicious! We used almond milk and dairy free spread instead due to allergies and it turned out amazing!

OMG I love these recipes

I love this recipe and easy to follow thank you so much

They were good thanks for your recipes

these were a great treat. it was maybe a teensy bit dense but the icing makes up for it !!
and easy!!!

so good !!! i loved it

Really bad recipe, I’m normally the master of making cupcakes and needed a reminder of the measurements and they were completely off. Cupcakes ended up deflating and looking like Yorkshire puddings. Do not use this recipe.

so nice and light and fluffy

Amazing I’m 10 and easily made them

Chelsea do some great baking recipes but I'm disappointed by this one .. incredibly thick mixture that's hard to work with, and very, VERY sweet

not that bad!

Best recipe guaranteed

Perfect recipe! I thought it would be too sweet but it’s the best vanilla cupcakes I’ve ever tasted and all have eaten them say the same!

I like cupcake,
I eat twenty-four.
yet i still want more,
bake bake bake, mix, mix, mix
just four more,
I like cupcakes,

6 tsp sugar per cupcake is just too sweet. I substituted Stevia and by golly it was delicious.

Honestly, the best cupcake recipe I have ever used! cheap and easy to find ingredients, it makes enough for a large party at minimal cost.... Not to mention they taste phenomenal!

I loved them!! I added blue food colouring and they looked soooo cool!!

I love these cupcakes and as a tween cooking them it was easy and delicious as all of your recipes.

I loved this recipe. I made Easter cupcakes for my family and they loved, I’m only ten. I hope others enjoy this recipe as much as I do happy Easter!

As others have mentioned, the cupcakes were really dry. I bake often and am confident that my measurements were correct, yet they were still far too dry and lacked the lovely fluffy texture that cupcakes should have. I was quite disappointed.

It tasted so so so good I hope other people love this recipe as much as I do!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to whoever that made this recipe.

This is the third time making this recipe and its perfect every time. For anyone not having success maybe they neeed a decent mixer - this recipe is sooo easy and yummy

I have been making these cupcakes for my daughter's birthday every year since she was 2. They have never failed me !

I love using these recipes and I’m only 12 years old and I love to bake and my family loves these recipes

I’ve been using the buttercream icing from this recipe for the past couple of years. SOO yum, it’s popular within the family.

Where do we use the vanilla essence? Four stars.

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, the vanilla essence goes in with the milk in the cupcakes and the icing sugar in the buttercream. Enjoy!

Can you use this batter and bake it as a cake?

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, we haven't tried this but think it should work ok. Otherwise you could try this recipe instead:

This is my all-time favourite cupcake recipe. I've made them at least a dozen times, fool proof recipe. Kids and adults love them!

It was amazing i could definitely taste the vanilla it took me to my happy place (cupcake heaven)


This was a great recipe even though I added brown sugar instead of white, the buttercream was delicious and the family agrees with me.

About to do a bit excited

was amazing an amazing recipe and the buttercream was just so yummy!

Honestly really disappointed. The mix was too thick, and the butter cream was too loose. Disappointed in you CSF. I always held you to higher standards. Maybe not.

it was really sweet i loved it


Great recipe
Worked like magic even with 1/2 cup less sugar
Buttercream icing yumooooo

I found the cupcakes very dense and bland, even though I added extra vanilla. The buttercream however was delicious.

A really easy recipe to make and cakes turned out light and fluffy. Even the icing was perfect and made it pink for Breast Cancer Week and Anti-bullying Day morning tea at school for the teachers and students. Very happy with my contribution as they look and taste lovely. Great recipe.

Very good and easy recipe the family love them

The best recipe for fluffy, delicious cupcakes. I honestly have no idea how this recipe has some bad reviews. I’ve made these cupcakes at least 10 times now over the past couple of years and they’re perfect every time :)

Great easy recipe. Cupcakes were lovely.
Would recommend this

Easy to make and the recipe was also easy to follow. My only problem with this recipe is that the final outcome of the muffins is that they are a bit bland even with some added vanilla. Otherwise a tasty treat!

I read the reviews and they weren't very convincing, when I made it it tasted amazing. I really recommend this recipe for anyone to do with your family or by yourself. Yum!

I like this recipe. It's very tasty. Thank you so much.

great but maybe next time only 12


Cupcakes were dry and even my kids didn't like them. Preferred the Vanilla Cake recipe to make Cupcakes.

I love this so much!

FIRST TIME BAKER - had no choice but to try and learn how to bake due to covid restrictions and we found this recipe very easy and fun to follow! Our cupcakes turned out perfect that my kids, especially the birthday girl, and hubby were big fans!! Very pleased with how these turned out especially with it being my very first time to bake from scratch!! If your cupcakes didn’t turn out quite right, you DEFINITELY have done something wrong! 5 stars from me!!!

Absolutely love this recipe, it works every time lovely and moist recipe.

It was terrible tasting and had no flavour, it was also very flat and uncooked. I tried making this with my daughters and we measured everything perfectly and it ended up horrible! Believe me you do not want to use this recipe it was very bad and I do not recommend it.

I hate this it is so dry and the buttercream really just feels like sugar. I don't recommend it.

AMAZING! Totally will make these again. I highly recommend this recipe.

It tasted like pancakes without the icing.

I made this recipe. Very easy and so yummy. I will make again.


Obsessed with this recipe! So yum and one of my faves xx


Very nice.

Super soft and fluffy. Very tasty also!

They were great. My family loved them.

Haven't had it yet but still good.

Tasted weird and was not soft and fluffy at all. I might make them again to give it a second shot.

This recipe is good. I made it for family and I basically ate it all.

I have made this recipe hundreds of times it has never failed me I love it!

Thank you Chelsea for your yummy recipes because it's rough during covid-19 so thank you!!! Oh and a 10/10

These were great! Im not good at baking at all but these came out perfect! Simple recipe to follow!


image description

To make gluten free, we used 2 cups GF flour and 1/2 cup ground almonds - and doubled the vanilla - delicious!


Best cupcakes EVER.

Favourite cupcake recipe. Can also use as a base to make other flavour ones! 10/10 always use this one!

I am using your recipes so much through this tough time! stay home, stay safe, stay kind. we can do this together New Zealand!!!! also 10 out of 10 recipe.


Delicious cupcakes, especially if you use the lemon icing. Yum!


When I made these I made 2 baches for 3 days in a row.

Excellent - light and fluffy. We reduced the sugar by about 1/3 and they were perfect.

Too dry.

Super good!

It was amazing so fluffy. Yummy!

Best cupcakes ever.

image description

lovely and soft will bake them again

These are sooooooo good. Nice and fluffy too.

I have decided to do this for my school project.

When I finished it, it tasted so good! The teachers said to me "well done" though it was kind off complicated.

Was to hard and not fluffy at all

They taste amazing
The recipe was amazing too really easy to follow

Lovely! really nice fluffy, cupcakes. really versatile! i added some berry and chocolate and it worked like a treat! i would definitely recommend!

It was a good recipe at first I’m like that’s never going to rise because 20 minutes is not enough but it did so happy baking bakers

So beautiful tasty I bit into one and cried just so yum

its amazing works every time. I just add some coco and BAM chocolate cupcakes! another good way is putting some jam in the cupcakes once they are out of the oven it is amazing!

My go to recipe when making cupcakes, simple and easy to follow. Works Everytime!

Don't need too go on another site for recipe this great thanku

Absolutely loved it

The best Chelsea recipe EVER!!!
I love making these.
I also double the icing mixture makes it easier to ice them.

OMG SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!! used it for school baking contest it won

I made these and they were great and all but WOW SO MANY!! I made like 23 cupcakes and a small loaf of this recipe! Next time I would halve it, or quarter!! Maybe a bit dry but that might just have been me.

So So Yum

image description

This recipe was great. Mine were really small and only made 16. They are really tasty though.

This recipe was a fail when I took them out of the oven after 30mins(that's how long it took to cook) they were very crumbly and did not come out of the tins over all they were very crumbly and did not hold its shape when I took them out of the tins!!!

Awseome i loved it...

U guys are so good at cooking...i wish i could be like you guys anyways i did the cupcakes and they tasted OK. But add least i did great on the icing... it really helped to and the topping...This is so amazing...KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST CHELSEA!!!!!


Really good

To the rescue so yummy especially when you have the moko’s

Soooo good! I managed to get 24 big cupcakes and 24 minis. Even though I only iced the big ones I had to make a double batch of icing. To make raspberry lemonade icing substitute the milk for lemon juice (Or lemonade!) and add 1 teaspoon of raspberry essence . I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe!

So good! I made them as mini cupcakes and just cooked them a little less long. Still so yummy though!!

Sooooo good

Love it. So yum.


The cupcakes and buttercream icing were awesome.

For a little bit of help, is there a way of having the price of the all the ingredients would come to?

It does rise

How much do i need to times this by to make 100 cupcakes!? CHELSEA: The recipe makes 24 cupcakes, so multiply the ingredients by 4. Good luck!

This recipes is so easy and fun. It is the first recipe I've ever made. Thank you.

This recipe has never failed me and is a real favourite in our house, the grandsons can't get enough of them =)

I rate this a ten ten ten ten!
(because I'm a ten year old).

This recipe is sooo good! I've made this twice now, and both times they've come out moist and fluffy. I haven't tried using the buttercream recipe (I use a different one for cakes and cupcakes) but they were very easy to make

This recipe is sooo good! I've made this twice now, and both times they've come out moist and fluffy. I haven't tried using the buttercream recipe (I use a different one for cakes and cupcakes) but they were very easy to make

I Like Food
I like cake!
Cake should be,
On your plate!

Cupcakes are nice,
cute and small,
I eat cake,

Really great a bit time consuming but definitely worth it

Amazing recipe, my favorite :)

I think this recipe was amazing! The cupcake tastes very good and doesn’t take a long time to bake. Definitely worth making



Fill cups to top. These cupcakes do not rise.

yuck i though they where GROSS!!!!

Thank you to the Chelsea team for making these amazing cupcakes. Icing is delish :)

image description



This is my favourite cupcake/cake recipe! - it makes 2 cakes (or one very large) which you can bake in the oven for 30 minutes :)

Super yummy! So light and airy, but well cooked. I made forty of them (twenty big, twenty small) with strawberry essence (I also did some with coconut, orange, mint and caramel) instead of vanilla, and they taste SO GOOD! Keep up the delicious recipes, Chelsea!

Loved it!! Comes out pertect everytime hubby is not a big fan of cupcakes but in love with this one

These are brilliant! So moist and fluffy, perfect cupcakes which were a huge hit. Adding this to my favourites

Extremely sweet and they all stuck to the wrappers.

Best cupcakes I have ever made. So soft and sponge like also very delicious

Yum yum yum. It is yummy.

Great! Tasted delicious, easy to make and I managed to make 30 cupcakes with the batter ha! ❤️

This was so good I don't know what to say but these cupcakes stunned me. I liked that they weren't dry like other cupcakes.

Awesome recipe! Cupcakes came out great! Will for sure use it again

image description

This recipe was amazing. The cupcakes came out amazing!!!


The recipe was good it's really nice light and fluffy if you a quick and easy recipe this is the one for you! I loved this recipe and I definitely record it!

These cupcakes were perfect foe my mum's birthday mum loved them they were really good for putting candles in and every one love's them i made a lot of them for my son to take to university.

you should make these cupcakes with half a donut merged into the side of the icing opposite to the strawberry! (thats what im doing)

I made these for my daughter's birthday and they were delicious! I popped the leftover cupcakes in the freezer and they were excellent over the coming weeks (allow to return to room temperature).


It was pretty yum


This recipe is YUMMM! my first cupcakes and i love how easy this recipe is and delicious!

Amazing so light and fluffy!

Love making it just changed vanilla to choclate

I love these cupcakes! I often halve the recipe as I find I don’t always need 24. It should be pointed out that this frosting recipe is only enough for 12 cupcakes, if you want to frost 24 you need to double it.


It was delicious

I liked the consistency of the cupcakes. Icing could of been improved, very bland.

Awesome recipe, cupcakes come out so delicious!

Love the vanilla cupcakes but found them to sweet. I cut down the sugar and they are fabulous.

Great recipe, and so easy. Cupcakes come out soft. Love it

they taste great


Second try making cupcakes and they were amazing!!

I love this recipe

Quick and easy, makes heaps.

Love it

The icing melted in my mouth and all my family (Whānau) loved it ❤️

Quick and easy recipe. I didn't overfill my cases and this ended up making 36 cupcakes and I probably could have made 4 more but ran out of cases!

Wow! They are soo good I love them

image description

Love it

Made these for my partner's work and they all loved them! Such a good recipe.


Loved them would love to see same recipe but would only make 12

After making these cupcakes for the first time I haven't stopped. They are so yummy and everyone always tells me after one bite that they are amazing and gets me to make them for special events! Great job guys!

Loved it


Awesome I really recommend it!!!

Yum and super easy

Loved it,the buttercream tastes really good

great (:


Followed each step accordingly and though the cupcakes turned out looking really good and smelling delicious, their taste just disappointed me. They were too moist yet unflavourful and tasted bad.

OMG! These are the fluffiest and lightest cupcakes I've ever made! There turned out sooooo good! Been baking for a couple of years now and I think I've got myself a new favorite cupcake recipe.

this was great .it is very easy to make, coming from a kid perspective

My first time to try and it's not too bad! Turned out light and fluffy, smells really yummy! A little bit too sweet for me, but my 3 year old loved it :):)

Both the cupcake batter and the icing split despite me following this recipe to the letter. Not very good.

Easy to make and very yummy..I've made these 10 times at 24 cupcakes each with cream cheese frosting..yeyah!! Awesome combination..

yum I love it so much

Yum i love it so much but your color full buttercream icing has to much sugar

Lovely quick and easy recipe. Beautiful soft moist texture. Definitely adding this to my staple recipes.

It is very easy recipe for a Chistmas party and birthday party tooo. :) :)

Great standard recipe that turned out light fluffy & tasted good. Love how it does 24! Will keep using.

Great fluffy recipe. I added a lemon curd centre. :-)

It was lovely​ and so easy to make my kids loved it

It is amazing i love it!!

Really nice and fluffy!

image description

It was so good they were light and fluffy and I would definitely recommend making them.

I loved this recipe.
But to think that other people are giving this recipe one star, I think they just haven't given it their all and just gave up half of the way.

It was easy and tasted great I just need to work on piping on icing. :)

I made them for my family and guests, I made quite a lot of cupcakes about 30 cupcakes and I didn't double the recipe. I like the batter it was so thick that I added a bit more milk in it and three eggs into the batter and I use way more than two tsp probably use about two tablespoon

I haven't eaten these yet, they are in the oven baking atm. I put a bit of strawberries and cream essence in these with a little rose pink food colouring. They smell devine, and the batter is super delicious :) I will be making these again, my boys will be super happy when they get home to home made baking :)

image description

It is my first time to bake and it was a Success! This recipe is very helpful because it is so easy to understand and to follow. So grateful for a yummy cupcake.

image description

It is delicious I loved this recipe, it is so easy to make and they taste so good, they are moist and spongy and the icing is really good.

Very easy to make, light and fluffy, doesn't stick to the paper at all. Would highly recommend they taste absolutely delicious!

good cupcakes, easy and simple :)

Super yummy, hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhaha XD

Delicious cupcakes! They turned out perfect and I recommend this recipe to all my friends! Thanks!

image description

Very easy to make and so yummy

Always failed at making pavlova, untill I tried this method. All are now near perfect... thanks Chelsea.

So easy and tastes delicious. Made some mini cupcakes with leftover mixture too. Cooking time recommended was perfect.

image description

This is an awesome and very easy cupcake recipe and they taste amazing.

Absolutely amazing!!! Definitely recommend this recipe, is moist and fluffy - the best part is I didn't need to go to the supermarket!!!! Delicious treats!

Light and fluffy

We just used the icing because we had already made the cupcakes and they tasted delicious ☺☺

Really yummy, tried with Lemon juice added to the icing and worked a treat! Love this cupcake recipe - it's a great staple. :)

image description

Really easy to make super Yummy vanilla cupakes we love them so much they are delicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really moist and easy to make!

I am going to try making this with a chocolate button in the middle

sweet, fluffy, and the buttercream is delicous! recommend this to lots of people

Very delicious I use this every time my kid loves it and so does my husband.

image description

So delicious and so moist (A go-to recipe)

image description

These cupcakes are so moist and so delicious

These cupcakes are so easy and simple to make

Delicious Cupcakes(Yummy)

image description

These are the best cupcakes

image description

These are the best cupcakes i've ever made!

Light as air! chelsea your cupcakes are delish 10/10 :)

image description

Lovely light and fluffy cupcakes. Used them for my daughters Birthday Cupcake Tower and they went down a treat with all the girls.

Great Recipe, maybe double icing if you want more. GREAT CUPCAKES!

nice and fluffy tastes like bliss

amazing recipe tasted delicious

great recipe

This was an amazing recipe!!! The cupcakes were so light and fluffy! They were great!

Amazing recipe, has now become my go to vanilla cupcake recipe

image description

looks so nice tastes so nice, I LOVE IT

image description

Very soft and fluffy. My granddaughter made marble cupcakes using this recipe.

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