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Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing

By Chelsea Sugar
Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing
  • 38 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 20 mins
  • Cooking time 20 mins
  • Serves

    150g butter, softened
    1 1/2 cups Chelsea Caster Sugar
    2 eggs
    2 tsp vanilla essence
    2 1/2 cups self-raising flour
    1 1/4 cups milk

    Buttercream Icing:
    100g butter, softened
    1 1/2 cups Chelsea Icing Sugar
    2-3 drops vanilla essence
    1-2 Tbsp milk
    Raspberries, sugar flowers or sprinkles to decorate.


    Cupcakes: Preheat oven to 190°C conventional or 170°C fan-forced. Beat butter with an electric mixer until smooth, add Chelsea Caster Sugar and beat until light and fluffy. Add eggs and mix well. Add the sifted flour, milk and vanilla, beat until smooth. Place paper baking cases in a cupcake tin, spoon in mixture until they are about 2/3 full (don't overfill or they will form peaks). This recipe makes 24 cupcakes so you might need to do this in two batches. Bake for 20 minutes until golden or until they spring back when lightly pressed. Turn out onto a wire rack to cool while you prepare the icing.

    Buttercream Icing: Beat the butter until it is pale and fluffy. Sift in the Chelsea Icing Sugar, add the vanilla essence and milk until you have a light, fluffy mixture. Add extra milk if you need a softer consistency. Spread or pipe icing over cupcakes and top with decorations as desired.

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Average Rating
(38 reviews)

I haven't eaten these yet, they are in the oven baking atm. I put a bit of strawberries and cream essence in these with a little rose pink food colouring. They smell devine, and the batter is super delicious :) I will be making these again, my boys will be super happy when they get home to home made baking :)

image description

It is my first time to bake and it was a Success! This recipe is very helpful because it is so easy to understand and to follow. So grateful for a yummy cupcake.

image description

It is delicious I loved this recipe, it is so easy to make and they taste so good, they are moist and spongy and the icing is really good.

Very easy to make, light and fluffy, doesn't stick to the paper at all. Would highly recommend they taste absolutely delicious!

good cupcakes, easy and simple :)

Super yummy, hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhaha XD

bikin humban anjing, it turned into cardboard

worst cupcakes i ever made.
Like chewing a hockey puck.
not light and fluffy, more like lifting a lead weight.

Delicious cupcakes! They turned out perfect and I recommend this recipe to all my friends! Thanks!

image description

Very easy to make and so yummy

Always failed at making pavlova, untill I tried this method. All are now near perfect... thanks Chelsea.

So easy and tastes delicious. Made some mini cupcakes with leftover mixture too. Cooking time recommended was perfect.

image description

This is an awesome and very easy cupcake recipe and they taste amazing.

Absolutely amazing!!! Definitely recommend this recipe, is moist and fluffy - the best part is I didn't need to go to the supermarket!!!! Delicious treats!

Light and fluffy

We just used the icing because we had already made the cupcakes and they tasted delicious ☺☺

Really yummy, tried with Lemon juice added to the icing and worked a treat! Love this cupcake recipe - it's a great staple. :)

image description

Really easy to make super Yummy vanilla cupakes we love them so much they are delicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really moist and easy to make!

I am going to try making this with a chocolate button in the middle

sweet, fluffy, and the buttercream is delicous! recommend this to lots of people

Very delicious I use this every time my kid loves it and so does my husband.

image description

So delicious and so moist (A go-to recipe)

image description

These cupcakes are so moist and so delicious

These cupcakes are so easy and simple to make

Delicious Cupcakes(Yummy)

image description

These are the best cupcakes

image description

These are the best cupcakes i've ever made!

Light as air! chelsea your cupcakes are delish 10/10 :)

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Lovely light and fluffy cupcakes. Used them for my daughters Birthday Cupcake Tower and they went down a treat with all the girls.

Great Recipe, maybe double icing if you want more. GREAT CUPCAKES!

nice and fluffy tastes like bliss

amazing recipe tasted delicious

great recipe

This was an amazing recipe!!! The cupcakes were so light and fluffy! They were great!

Amazing recipe, has now become my go to vanilla cupcake recipe

image description

looks so nice tastes so nice, I LOVE IT

image description

Very soft and fluffy. My granddaughter made marble cupcakes using this recipe.

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