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Basic Chocolate Icing

By Fleur Fernandez
Basic Chocolate Icing
12 servings
  • 69 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 5 mins
  • Cooking time 5 mins
  • Serves

    1 1/2 cups Chelsea Icing Sugar
    1 Tbsp cocoa powder 
    50g soft Tararua Butter
    2 Tbsp hot water


    Combine Chelsea Icing Sugar and cocoa powder. Add softened Tararua Butter and pour some of the hot water over. Mix together with a knife or spatula, adding more water as required to achieve a smooth, spreadable consistency.

    Top muffins, cakes and desserts.

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Average Rating
(69 reviews)

i am 10 and this was for a weetbix slice really good i used 1 cup of icing sugar instead of 1 and a half

image description

It is AMAZING. i made one of the cakes you put on and applied icing. Is it possible to now freeze it, make a second batch of icing + add it on?

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, yes we think this icing should freeze well.

its good


wow. y'all, this is bussin. da best thaing i eaten all day, kids. do it! ceebs da other ones, i could live on this!

Hi there I made the chocolate icing followed all the directions and it was runny

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, it sounds like you may have put too much water in. The recipe recommends starting with a small quantity and then adding more as required (rather than adding it all at once). 

Great recipe , yummy

I want to eat the entire bowl, my Afghans aren’t getting any!!!

It was such a good recipe! Recommended 100%!

AMAZING! Most of the chocolate frosting recipes I try turn out too stiff but this one was really creamy and soft!

Was extremely delicious and went well with my choccie mud cake

It tastes amazing. I used it for the afghan recipe. It is so easy to make. I recommend adding a bit of lemon juice, it gives it a tang and makes it taste even better.

Beautiful and moist best cupcakes ever!!!

Well well well, we finally found a winner here! This recipe is just divine. My beautiful mother has whipped this icing up in no time. Now my tum is singing. 5 stars 5 stars!!

Brilliant and delicious! It's fast quick and super easy to do. This is a simple recipe for both young and old, and I'm 12. So if I can do it, you can do it

Icing was very grainy and disgusting.

Yum yum yum I would recommend this recipe to any young bakers such as me. I am ten.

Great recipe. Yum.

This is such a good icing recipe. My rating is 5/5.

Very easy and covers cake well.

My review on this cake icing is it was fantastic.

This was a great recipe for 12 year old girls to follow so they could ice their cupcakes!

Perfect amazing the kids loved it, absoloutely delicious, and scrumptious on top of a chocolate cake!

Extremely easy - and a great result. It was like a smooth butter cream. The boys loved it.

How long do you wait until icing cupcakes?
Chelsea Sugar:
Wait till the cupcakes are cool to the touch.

Awesome. I'm not a baker but this helped me out heaps. Thank you. Would do it again.

terrible icing. It was sticky and disgusting

Very good icing when ever the recipe calls for chocolate icing I always use this one it is soo creamy and yum! But I normally don’t mix it by had because I think it’s easier to do it with the electric mixer 10/10


I have used this recipe before and it turned out perfect!! 10/10
One question can I swirl jam through it?
Chelsea Sugar: Yes, you would swirl jam through the icing. It may change the texture of the icing depending on how much you add.

Followed the video and turned out perfect. Will use this again

It was so nice, all my siblings wanted to help decorate the biscuits I made.

Very very noice

Great easy recipe to follow that takes little time.

Great easy recipe to follow that takes little time.

Yummy for my tummy!

I made a chocolate cake and the chocolate icing was so yummy.

Great recipe, works all the time. Very good for slices!

This recipe really works. Makes the perfect icing every single time.

Quite nice, maybe a little less sugar.

Quite nice, maybe a little less sugar.

Very nice, not too sweet.

Great thank you so much Chelsea

It was sooo delicious

This is so good. I used it on my chocolate cake.




I made reindeer biscuits with them, I used the Chocolate Icing as glue.

Brilliant, quick and very tasty, I used a bit more cocoa powder (about half a tablespoon more) because I like it dark . Yummm!

Mmmmmm it was so rich and delicious

image description

Really nice icing

Super easy and tasty!

Simple smooth and easy thanks


SO SO GOOD - a big hit !!


Just like mum used to make :-)

Amazing!! Thank you for the recipe.

I liked this chocolate icing a lot

It's good mate.

Yummy this chocolate icing is good

Yummy. Is it possible to leave it at room temperature?
CHELSEA: yes, you can leave this icing at room temperature.

I made this for a bake sale at school the recipe was so quick and piping it was a breeze and everyone enjoined it

Yummy :-)
Went well with my chocolate cake!

Great recipe for icing

Great recipe for icing

image description

really yummy :)))) not too rich and not too plain !! its FABULOUS

image description

awwwweeeesome!!!! thanks so much. loved using it, was delicious.

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