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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

By Chelsea Sugar
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
12 servings
  • 137 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 15 mins
  • Serves

    2 eggs
    1/4 cup Olivani Pure Olive Oil 
    2 ripe bananas, peeled and mashed
    1 cup Meadow Fresh Low Fat Milk
    3/4 cup Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar
    2 1/2 cups Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    4 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder
    1 cup chocolate chips


    Preheat oven to 180°C. 
    Line a 12 hole standard sized muffin tin with muffin papers.

    In a large bowl beat the eggs, Olivani Pure Olive Oil , mashed bananas, Meadow Fresh Low Fat Milk and Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar together – just lightly. Mix in the Edmonds Standard Grade FlourEdmonds Baking Powder and chocolate chips. Don’t over mix – the ingredients should be just gently stirred together to combine. Spoon into the prepared tins and bake for 15 – 18 minutes until puffed and golden brown. Cool on a wire rack.

    Tip: Always soak the muffin tins straight away, as soon as you’ve removed the muffins. This means the tins clean up easily and you don’t have to scrub at them and risk ruining their lovely shiny non stick surface.

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Average Rating
(137 reviews)

So yum but needs a little less oil.

Followed the recipe exactily Muffins turned out pale and dense. Very disappointed.

Easy and moist

Great recipe. The muffins are easy to make and delicious!

Excellent, delectable muffins my niece demolished all 12 in 2 days while watching frozen 1 and 2.

Just made these. I used grapeseed oil instead, added more bananas, as I had lots of over ripe ones and didn't over mix. They are moist, soft and delicious.
Thank you Chelsea for the recipe.

Hey .... pretty delicious recipe yum will be making again

This recipe is amazing the muffins come out so soft and moist, I will be making them again and again.

The mixture was far too runny so the choc chips all sunk to the bottom!

Turned out great!!

image description

I make this recipe lots, I add a few less chocolate chips though

Like all Chesea recipes they are wonderful to the end and always full of surprises. All recipes are Grand daughters favourites.

Lovely, I use this recipe often. I do add a few more choc chips though :)

It was really good i made it for my grandads birthday and put chocolate ganache over it and it was really good.❤️

They are awesome! But mixture makes more than 12, so I made some mini muffins as well.


10/10 they were delicious

Legit, my go to banana chocolate chip recipe, I’ve tried the other one but this one is better as the cupcakes are far more moist and just taste better I reckon

Mine didn’t turn out great. I probably did overmix it but it couldn’t be helped as it took a few stirs to mix the dry and wet ingredients. And I suppose my oven was on the hotter side. They came out dense, pale and not that great taste wise. So it’s a recipe that could go wrong very easily. Maybe for future some handy tips would help so things turn out great for us all.


these were absolutely delicious. my family and i ate them very quickly. definitely try these out. they make more than 12.

Mixture makes more than 12

It made me 29 and were a good family treat would definitely make again!!!!


Quick and easy! Looks great and tastes great. Good lunch box filler.

The best can't resist!

Perfect recipe. Not sure how others have gone wrong, perhaps over mixing as this is a typical mistake when making muffins.

These muffins are fine but way too much mixture, 2 cups flour and less baking powder would have been sufficient

I found these muffins a bit tasteless and mix tended to stick to the muffin cups - won't be making these again! Chooks enjoyed them.

Awful. Definitely not the best. Would not make it again.

Very tasteless and not that fluffy.

Definitely easy to make, don’t overmix, otherwise they tend to be slightly dense, I use Almond milk as well, and have silicone muffin tray, they don’t stick too this.

These were delish. I will be making these again.

Great recipe.

Really awful. I made them exactly to the book and they came out super dense and pale. Inedible. I'm gutted I used ingredients on these.
Chelsea Sugar:
Sorry to hear this recipe did not work out for you. Please be assured that this recipe has been triple tested. Providing trustworthy recipes is important to us.

These muffins were very dense. I don’t think I’ll be making them again.

I was upset at the paper sticking too (had a sneaky one after they had been out of the oven for an hour or so) I even apologized in advance when I served them up to my coworkers the following day but wait- they weren't sticking anymore! Let them cool properly first people.

Amazing, Love them, taste amazing. Tip: don’t over mix them or they taste a bit funny.

I used melted butter instead of oil and self raising flour. muffins were excellent. Invest in silicon muffin pan and you will never again have to worry about sticking. Supermarket pans are fine.

Yum & easy, but way too many choc chips!! Probably only need half a cup.

So good. I made them for a party. The kids loved it!!

These muffins turned out delicious. I will def try again!
So easy!

Perfect. 12 large muffins.


It is so easy to make for my grandkids. It is delicious.

Not a fan of this recipe. It is quite dense for my liking and not very sweet.

This is awesome. I love it. Nice video. We would use it at school. Super nice tasting muffins. Good recipe.

Nice and moist. Makes at least 20 not 12.

Great recipe they came out perfectly nice golden and yummy!

Delicious muffins and the recipe made a lot of mixture so i could fill the muffins to the top. I subbed the dairy milk for almond milk as I'm dairy free and they still tasted delicious. Thanks Chelsea for the recipe. Will def make again.

Mine didn't come out as golden ? not sure why..
they look so pale and white
Chelsea Sugar:
If you would like achieve a more golden colour you can brush the tops of the muffins with melted butter before baking.

I do like how this recipe is not too sweet, however not the best I have tasted, maybe slightly too much baking powder. Recipe is really easy to follow, point to note - baked muffin does stick to the muffin case quite badly.

Such a great easy recipe to make. I found the muffin sticks to paper cup. I would jus bake in muffin tray.

Always turn out perfectly!

Such a good go to recipe , I had no milk so substituted that for evaporated milk (from a can) and they are even more delicious than ever sooooo moist

image description


I've had to bake these muffins 4x in the last 24hrs because my household loves them! Definitely recommend :)

Wow. Thank you for the recipe.

I really like these AMAZING! Delicious Banana Chocolate chip muffins I definitely recommend them. I also recommend licking the bowl after you have put the muffins into the oven. As me and my sis Maria absolutely love licking the bowl. I like how it only takes 25mins including the prep time and cooking time. I also recommend kids having them as I am 9 years old and my sis Maria is 5 years old.

These turned out delicious! I greased the tins with butter instead of muffin liners. I just love these recipes, the format is great, and it's easy and to the point. Thanks again Chelsea!

The muffins tasted over powered with baking powder. I think 4 teaspoons of baking powder is probably too much baking powder.

Wow! So freakin delicious!

To prevent sticking just don’t use muffin liners grease the muffin tins really well :)

I've run out of all our oils and i was wondering if not adding oil will mess up the muffins? I've use this recipe many times before and my family loves them.
CHELSEA: this recipe does need some moisture. Instead of oil try applesauce, mashed or pureed fruit such as bananas, pears, and prunes. You can substitute cup for cup. The texture may be altered slightly.

I didn't add the 1 cup I did 1 cup and a half in the oven now I am 8 and have baked these before

Instructions are very easy to follow. Muffins are perfect. Everyone loves them. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

Unfortunately they taste oily to me. Nice banana levels though.

Light and fluffy, easy to make and most importantly tasty!

Absolutely loooooooved these muffins! Super delicious, the whole family adored them. Thank u chelsea

First time I made these I got 18 muffins! But I'm not complaining because they were delicious!

i thought it was great fast and easy. I sticked to the recipe and it was fantastic. they turned out golden brown on the outside and delicious on the inside. The best recipe ever for banana chocolate chip muffins.

I added rice bran oil instead of the ones listed above and I think that made a big diffrence as my muffins did not rise at all but still taste pretty goods.

Delicious muffin recipe. They were moist and fluffy. We sprinkled more choc bits on top and they came out looking superb.

I swapped out the dairy milk for coconut milk, used rice bran oil, put in 4 ripe bananas instead of 2 and they turned out great. The coconut milk added a really nice flavour and using 4 bananas makes them moister for longer and taste way better. They did stick to the cases, however that doesn't bother me at all and it was only a tiny bit.

I've made this a couple times and everytime half the muffin sticks to the paper cup.

Hi - just about to do this receipe (double batch) and wondered if they freeze ok?
CHELSEA: Hi there, yes these freeze well :-) enjoy!


So easy! Muffins turned out perfect and my fussy family loved them ;)

They were very delicious, everything the recipe said worked. Thumbs up!
But mine stuck a little bit to the muffin cases, any tips on how to prevent that.
CHELSEA: Hi there, glad you enjoyed these muffins! To help prevent the muffins sticking to the cases, you can spray a little oil on the inside of the cases before filling. Make sure you are using good quality cases too. Alternatively you can bake the muffins without the cases, just make sure you butter the tins.

Really yummy and stayed moist really long time the family loved them, the only problem I had was putting the flour and baking powder into the bowl with wet ingredients and few flour lumps were in muffins but they were still amazing and simple ingredients

Made a double batch. Next time will leave at least 1/2 cup sugar out as very sweet.

Not sure what everyone is talking about who said they're yuck or didn't turn out like the picture. I'm no baker and mine came out so good and look beautiful. They're moist and rose more than I expected. I used white sugar though, not sure if that made a difference or not. But yum! Easy recipe too

I made these for the first time today with my 2.5 year old son and these turned out really well. My son ate two of them and said "Yummy muffin" and I thought they were delicious too and a super easy recipe.

They taste good but when ever you don't spray the muffin papers with oil they stick bad. It is better to just spray the insides if you don't want it sticking.

Tasted good but stuck real bad to the papers.

I found this a good recipe, they are moist and really enjoyable to eat, the sweetness predominantly comes from the chocolate though as the batter is not very sweet, but is great if not wanting anything overly sweet. If you prefer a slightly sweeter batter I would suggest adding a little more sugar.

A recipe I will be keeping book marked! :)


The muffins are AMAZING couldn't stop stuffing my face full!

Great, it rose pefectly it's delicious

I prefer to use the Chelsea banana muffin recipe and just add some choc chips. They seem to have a yummier flavour.

These does not turn out like the ones pictured above... At all! They didn't really rise and were quite dense.
CHELSEA: Hi there, it is possible you might have over mixed the muffin mixture. This can cause them to be dense and not rise very well.

Super yummy recipe, makes great sized, light moist muffins! Was careful not to over mix as that makes muffins horrible and they were excellent!

Pretty average to be honest. good for kids lunchboxes

Im not sure went wrong, but this recipe did not work for me at all - very stodgey , my son couldn't even eat them which is a first!

image description

kids loved them partner loved them such an easy recipe Loved it :)

Very very easy and simple recipe. Tastes great, so moist, perfect balance of flavours. I used about two thirds of a cup of chocolate chips because I didn't have enough and it still tastes chocolatey enough so I'm sure you could get away with using less chocolate. Would recommend for someone in a rush!

Moist... beautiful! I'm so thrilled with this recipe! They disappeared so fast in our house! A definite winner!

Not great. Wouldn't recommend this recipe vs other banana chic chip recipes. Very dense and mine also stuck to papers. I have made Much better recipes that are just as easy so won't make this again.

Disaster!! Have been baking for years and was very disappointed. Not sure what happened, but they stuck to the muffin papers. Checked recipie again but it did state to use them. This is the second Chelsea receipie I have tried and the second time things have not worked out. What a waste of time and ingredients.


Excellent recipe. Always turn up moist and not too sweet. In case of vegetarian, I just simply excluded eggs and added a bit of milk, and muffins were great. Thank you Chelsea!

Awesome recipe top results every time. Thanks so much.

Love this recipe! Super yum and awesome way to use up bananas.

Scrummy! Easy to make and bake. Big favourite with everyone. I used Olive oil instead of the plain vegetable oil as that was all I had available but it worked fine.
It made a nice change from our morning pancakes too.

Muffin's didn't have enough taste and a bit too flourish.

Great banana chocolate chip muffin recipe, go nice and golden, not too sweet, pretty perfect

Great banana chocolate chip muffin recipe! I just added mixed spice and cinnamon. I only had olive oil to use for this recipe and it still turned out yummy. I used less choc chips too.

I'm about to try this.. would you use a proper baking mixer or just those little ones with the 2 prongs? Or would you just use a whisk?
CHELSEA: you can just use a whisk to combine the liquid ingredients and the sugar. Best to use a metal spoon to gently stir in the dry ingredients though.

image description

hi love it it is so yummy

image description

Great recipe that everyone enjoyed. Quick and easy to make.

Love this recipe! Its so easy to whip up and the results are perfect every time : )

Was a very easy recipe and easy to make but sadly I over mixed mine which in result, made it stick to my muffin papers and had a very flat top. But will definitely stick to 'not overmix' next time!

Why do you have brown sugar instead of white sugar?
CHELSEA: thanks for your feedback. Brown sugar makes a more moist muffin. Enjoy!

yummy easy amazing muffins

Very easy but too doughy.... wouldn't make again.

Delicious, but more chocolate for me.

image description

Beautiful moist muffins

These were delicious!! And so simple and easy to make! A good amount to chocolate too :)


So amazing they came out perfect! But one little thing, whole was spelled wrong! No matter it was just a little typo, haha! thanks so much, they were the best!

Amazing and delicious, thank you Chelsea. You've made a gorgeous recipe!!

Amazing and delicious. Thank you Chelsea. You've made a gorgeous recipe!

image description

Absolutely amazing easy for me to make as I'm getting back into the swing of baking! My Partner loved them

image description

They are super easy and very tasty. I never bake cause it always seems to be a flop, but i did these and their perfect! If i can, anyone can make these if they follow the recipe :).

image description

love these

image description

Just yummy

image description

This is the easiest and most DELICIOUS banana choc chip muffin in the world! Don't go past it as you won't be disappointed or will your family!

image description

I wasn't sure what flour to use so used self raising and only 2tsp baking powder - they turned out delicious ;) Very easy recipe.

image description

Best basic muffin recipe I've tried. Rise nice and high & stay moist! Will try with other fruit.

image description


image description

In the oven now, smell delicious and easy to make, thumbs up here!

image description

Great muffins. I can't stop eating them and the mix goes a lot further then making just 12 muffins or maybe my tins are small. Thanks.

image description

They have just come out of the oven and look great, I used one grated pear and one mashed banana as I didn't have two on hand.

image description

So easy to make and YUM! This recipe makes nice big muffins

image description

SO easy and quick they stay fresh for days and taste amazing..

image description

Loved it, and its great because it is a healthier option with the oil and low fat milk, could even use wholemeal flour, or half and half.

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Looking gorgeous and smelling gorgeous too! Yum!

image description

Super easy and loved by all in our family (incl a boy who doesn't like bananas or choc!!)

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