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Pavlova (All in one)

By Warren Hancock
Pavlova (All in one)
12 servings
  • 95 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cooking time 1 hrs
  • Serves

    4 egg whites
    1 1/2 cups Chelsea Caster Sugar
    2 tbsp boiling water
    1 tsp vinegar (I use malt vinegar)
    1 tsp vanilla essence


    Put all ingredients into a bowl and beat with an electric mixer on high speed for 10 minutes. Heap onto a greased baking tray and bake at 140 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Reduce heat to 120 degrees for a further 30 minutes. Turn off oven and leave pavlova for 1 hour before taking it out. (This recipe has never failed me.) No more having to worry about folding ingredients into egg whites.

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Average Rating
(95 reviews)

So easy to follow and beautiful result

Excellent recipe! Love this, turned out amazing. I was a bit dubious about whether this would be grainy with all the sugar in at once but I needn’t have worried. We are never buying a pav again! Lovely crunchy outside and beautifully soft and delicious inside. I baked it at 140 fan bake and tuned oven off after an hour and left it overnight.

Fab recipe! I was worried it would be small with just 4 eggs, but served 12 of us easily. It was the easiest pav I've ever made and is lovely crispy and crunchy with marshmallow interior and no weeping. Yum!

Such an easy recipe - hardest part is the sore arm from beating with the electric beater for ten mins straight. Made enough for 8 servings plus a bit left over. Crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle.

Perfect crunchy top marshmallow centre. Spreads to make a large pav

Omg it's so easy to make, and the pavlova tasted divine

Awesome! I love the recipes

I love these recipes they are so quick and good to use and the food taste 120%

Since I found this recipe, it's the only one I ever use. So easy, and always a success! I just thought it was time I wrote a review.

This recipe has never failed me and so easy .

After beating, what should the mixture look like? Thanks

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, it should be thick, glossy and smooth!

i didn't work for me i have no answer even beating for 20 minutes it did not go together

I live in Singapore & this is the only pav recipe that works every single time, even with the humidity ( & no aircon) Warren - you are a legend.

this is an absolute no-brainer pavlova recipe that worked like a dream. Will definitely use this recipe from now on.

Best Pavlova recipe I have used. It's my go to recipe for all occasions. Thanks Warren.

Very easy to make and a show stopper. Yummy, thanks

Hi there. Should I adjust the temperatures or time when making mini pavlovas compared to one large pav?

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, you can leave the temperature the same. We'd recommend reducing the cooking time a little (this will depend on the size of your mini pavlovas).

Tried this and after 20 minutes of beating its still runny looks kinda like milk so throwing it out not sure how to fix it or what else to make

image description

Very easy and very reliable - I was churning them out at Christmastime!

Absolutely failsafe is right. Fantastic pav with the right amount of crunch and fluffiness without all the mucking around. After making this at Christmas I've had a lot of people ask me for the recipe.

Bad outcomes for a pavlova is due to 1) dirty bowl 2) dirty beater 3) yolk in the whites 4) eggs not room temperature 5) eggs are not fresh 6) didn't follow the instructions exactly.

I cooked it at 100c for a whole hour. The temp given made my pavs brown... BUT IT TRUELY IS THE PERFECT PAVLOVE, I cooked 17 Pavlovas for Christmas this past December 2020, for work break-ups and friends Christmas Dinners and once I sorted the heat problem... It was perfection every time. THANK YOU CHELSEA

Love this recipe !! So simple, and made a fabulous pavlova Christmas wreath.

Such an easy and perfect pav fir our Christmas day. Made in wreath shape and will decorate with sweet greek yoghurt, mango blueberries and passion fruit.
Can't wait!!

Amazing Pavlova, easy and was perfect. Thanks

This was fantastic so easy to make and just like the ones my mother in law used to make crunchy outside marshmallow inside , this is now the only recipe i would ever use.
thanks for the experience

OK I had my temps wrong, that is why my first one was tanned and thinner crust. I've redone it and.... PERFECTION. Thankyou Chelsea, you made me look great again

Yesterday, it came out thin crust and brown, but tasty, so tonight I will try it again but I'm going to cook it 100c for an hour and then sit for an hour. I hope it turns out great this time, I LOVE THE IDEA OF PUTTING ALL IN and no corn flour.

It is a great recipe. So easy and turns out great every time. Love it!!

This worked out so much better than I expected! So quick and easy with a lovely marshmallow centre and crispy edges!

I am a great pav maker and love the Perfect Pavlova recipe, but this one is so much easier and quicker. I also found that it makes more of the mixture. So this is now my personal favourite pav recipe. Loved It

Thanks, Chelsea sugar

This recipe is great. But why the vinegar? And remember to not open the door. This recipe is amazing.
CHELSEA SUGAR: Thanks for your kind feedback! Vinegar helps to stabilise the egg white foam :-)

I have been a really good pav maker but thought I would get with it and try something different...I had misgivings ...but I need not have worried it was a great success...

Love this recipe, first time I made pavlova I used this one. It is so simple and comes out perfect every time. Thanks Chelsea Sugar.

So easy and a marvellous result.
This recipe will go in my keep box.

This is soo easy, and comes out well every time.

My daughter is 13 and made this pavlova herself. Absolutely delicious and so easy. I have never made a pavlova in my life. But will definitely be making again. Covered in fresh cream and berries. Thanks Chelsea Sugar. Shared this recipe with several friends and family members.

My daughter is 13 and made this pavlova herself. Absolutely delicious and so easy. I have never made a pavlova in my life. But will definitely be making again. Covered in fresh cream and berries. Thanks Chelsea sugar. Shared this recipe with several friends and family members.

My daughter Is 13 and made this pavlova herself. Absolutely delicious and so easy. I have never made a pavlova in my life. But will definitely be making again. Covered in fresh cream and berries. Thanks Chelsea sugar. Shared this recipe with several friends and family members.

I read the reviews to this recipe, where Chelsea Sugar recommends baking at 120 for fan ovens for 30 mins, followed by 100 for another 30 mins, then presumably leave in the oven to cool as per the original recipe. The pavlova rose okay (nothing special, still relatively flat but bearable) but it’s nowhere near cooked through. The trouble is you can’t check it as you’ll let the heat out of the oven! I’ve put it back in to bake longer, but As it’s already party broken from trying to take it off the baking tray (that’s how I knew it wasn’t cooked) I’ll no doubt be crumbling it up to make Eton Mess instead. Very disappointing.

Just awesome
I've made 3 since lock down lol ,
Never ever would I buy one from a shop again!!

Easy and delicious.

Fantastic. Worked really well in kitchen aid.

What temp do you use for a fan bake oven? 110? 120?
Chelsea Sugar:
Bake at 120 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. The reduce heat to 100 degrees for a further 30 minutes.

Loved it. I made 9 mini pavs with this, too many for 2 people, so today I'm going to make it with 1/4 of the ingredients, I will always use this recipe, so easy.

Such an easy recipe turned out great nice and high. I was a bit worried as realised afterwards I had left out the water but didn't matter in end as it worked out perfectly. Will definitely use this recipe again

Excellent. Nice stiff peaks, not grainy and turned out awesome.

I had never made a Pavlova before and was a little anxious about messing it up.
Then I found this recipe! I have made three pavlovas in the last month and they have all been perfect. Soft gooey centre and crunchy outside.
I follow the recipe exactly and make sure everything I use, mixing bowl, utensils etc are very clean and dry.
So quick , easy and delicious . I highly recommend this recipe.

Fabulous recipe, I have never made a pavlova before this but made them for xmas day. I actually made single ones so people could choose from a selection of things to put on them.
Thankyou for this recipe, I have a daughter that is allergic to cornflour that most recipes have.

I wonder if the people who had a flop with this recipe either didn’t have a grease-free bowl or had a speck of egg yolk in with the whites.

Excellent pav, its the only way i like to make pav as i dont have the patience to make pav the traditional way. I use a glass jug and am able to leave my beater resting on the edge of it and walk away. Five stars for sure

I've been beating for 20 minutes and have stopped before I burn out the whisk. Waste of perfectly good ingredients. I suspect the recipe doesn't include all the information required for success. Very disappointed by the waste involved.

The most perfect Pavlova I have ever cooked... Made with my own hens eggs and Everybody loves it!!!

This was amazing loved it!!!!

I mixed all the ingredients together as it said, and after 15 minutes it just came out as a soupy mixture. I had to find a new recipe and I ended up not having enough time to make another one.

Can someone please tell me what the purpose of adding boiling water to Pav’s please? vs recipes without boiling water.
Thank You.
CHELSEA: the water helps the egg white keep its shape while cooking.

After the traditional recipe didn’t work well. Tried this. Worked well. No weeping some cracking which doesn’t matter. And so easy and quick.

Loved it very easy to make and taste so good I made three of these.

I’ve never made pav in my life, tasted it last at my winter ball 6 years ago and on a relaxing Saturday decided to give it a try, didn’t have castor sugar and so I replaced it with sugar, and it came out ammmmaaazzzing, makes it seem like I’ve been baking for years. Family enjoyed, thank you so so much!!!

Great easy recipe with a positive result!

Perfect.. first time using this recipe and it couldn’t have been easier.. and the results a perfect pav

So it tastes amazing, and no liquid was oozing out so that’s good. When it was in the oven, it rose really high and I was really pleased. But I was really disappointed to come back to it an hour later, flat and crumpled :(

This recipe is great. Just a personal preference- I prefer to use this recipe up to the oven part and instead do this:

Preheat to 200, drop to 120 bake for 75min

Didn’t work for me , was flat as, so I made it into a pavlova roll instead

Amazing pav would recommend

This worked perfectly. Really no fuss :) was a great recipe for a first time pav maker like myself. The 10 mins whipping with an electric hand mixer did the trick to make it firm

Easy, can’t fail... and a real crowd pleaser... love this recipe. It’s definitely in my go to box...

Make this pav has become the family favourite treat. Never fails..crisp on top and thick marsh mellow on the inside. Not to mention simple recipe to follow.

Pavlovas are always such fiddly things to make. The ‘All in one” title caught my eye. Was a breeze to make and it turned out beautiful!

Excellent recipe. Absolutely nailed my first pav ever after some disasters in the past. Will use this recipe from here on out!

Very pleased with this recipe! I had made a pavlova using a different recipe which was a disaster, I whipped this up the morning of our BBQ and it was perfect. Thanks for the recipe.

it worked perfectly it tasted great with passion fruit sauce

Worked out great. Partner said wasnt sweet enough but that was entirely my doing. I love desserts but do not have a sweet tooth. I loved this easy tasty melt in mouth recipe. Thanks warren

Haven't tasted this yet but it looks amazing. Can't believe how quick and easy it was! Thanks for the recipe.

It was pretty good did sink at end of baking a little.

Did as instructions said and beat ingredients for 10 mins. On the oven it just leaked and didn't bake in the time they said. So it is currently still baking.

This recipe seemed to good to be true. Pavlova turned out fantastic. (I used 250 grams of c sugar)

Amazing recipe, and simple to boot. I've never made a pavlova before and have a track record of baking failures, but the pavlova came out amazing. Tasted great too, if not a little sweet. Definitely recommend.

Yeah, so Warren was wrong. I can't post a picture, but if you think 'flat as a pancake' you'll get the idea. Sigh.

image description

Great recipe, very easy came out perfect and was a huge hit on Christmas Day. Thanks for sharing.
I see the review before me says it failed but that's because they beat it far too long, I never beat mine more than 10-12 mins.

This recipe is really good it keeps its shape and after coming out of the oven which is a great result. Especially good recipe for shaping it as a Christmas wreath and decorating with fresh cream and berries.

An "all in one" pavlova recipe seemed too good to be true and it was. The meringue it made was yummy, but not pavlova. After well over 40 minutes of beating the mixture STILL wouldn't thicken enough to make a pile on the oven tray like you're meant to with pavlovas. Ended up cooking it in a cake tin like a cake as it was simply too runny. Luckily I was feeding it to foreigners who didn't know that the texture was all wrong. Hopefully they never try a real pavlova!

Never made pav before in my life, but you swear with this recipe I had been making pavs forever, my family loved it & so simple & fuss free.

Easy recipe. Used one cup of sugar. Would recommend.

Super easy!! Looked beautiful!! Great crunch on outside and marshmallowy inside! Best one I've ever made!! 10/10

I love pavlova and this simple recipe results in the perfect pavlova every time.

Yum yum yum. I'm not a fan of pav but this was perfect took to dinner friends and even the people who don't eat deserts love this :) will be making and eating it more often!

Looking forward to making this as I am new to NZ and I hear this is a fav at Christmas time.

This is the best pavlova recipe I have tried! So easy, no fuss and comes out great every single time (providing you stick to the oven settings). Love it!

Easy no fail.
Came out great but too sweet would use less sugar next time


Easy, no fail receipe, its just fantastic

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I made this and it was awesome! It rose really high and had loads of marshmallow and a crisp shell...perfect!

image description

I made this and it was awesome! It rose really high and had loads of marshmallow and a crisp shell...perfect!

image description

I have used this recipe for years and it is the only one my family and friends love.

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