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Chocolate Brownie

By Chelsea Sugar
Chocolate Brownie
12 servings
  • 573 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cooking time 30 mins
  • Serves

    250g Tararua Butter
    ½ cup cocoa powder
    1 ½ cups Chelsea White Sugar
    4 eggs
    1 tsp vanilla essence
    1 cup Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder


    Preheat oven to 180°C bake. Line an 18 x 28cm sponge roll tin with baking paper.

    Melt Tararua Butter in a saucepan large enough to mix all ingredients in. Mix in cocoa, remove from heat and stir in Chelsea White Sugar.

    Add eggs and mix well, then add vanilla essence. Sift in Edmonds Standard Grade Flour and Edmonds Baking Powder and mix to combine. Pour into prepared tin.

    Bake for 25-30 minutes or until brownie springs back when touched lightly.


    For a little extra indulgence, add chocolate chips or roughly chopped chocolate to the batter before baking.

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Average Rating
(573 reviews)

They suited my needs great. I was just looking for a easy tasty afternoon bake. They were very good, but more like a cake fore sure. I also would have liked a little more flavor. All in all though I would recommend them for someone who's just looking to make an easy treat. Also, a tip: After you add the eggs the texture's pretty darn weird, but don't be put off by that. They're supposed to be like that!

It's a must try recipe, I tried it and came out so well.

My go to muffins. Best muffins ever!!!

I have made this so many times, it my go-to recipe. I recommend only using 3 eggs and adding chocolate chips. And only cook it for 20 minutes not 25-30. My family LOVES this!

I hated them

Delicious recipe, though would really like to know the nutritional value of it! :))

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, glad you're enjoying this recipe! There are nutrition calculators available online that you can use to check out the nutritional value :)


very tasty i liked it a lot

I felt that it had a depth of taste in it. I felt that after every bite I started craving for more and now might have a slight chocolate addiction so to my fellow chocolate brownie lovers this is the one.

this recipe is the best brownies ever

It turned out more cakey than a brownie. Followed the recipe as is, and not what I expected of a brownie. However, kids enjoyed it and I would still bake it this way for their taste buds.

it was ok. not the best as it wasnt very moist or gooey.

I love making these brownies it is so easy to make and my whole family loves them

I loved it so much definitely make these again

imma make 100 of these

It taste like chocolate brownies

Lovely, extremely easy to make :)


Good but came out quite hard, I'm pretty sure I followed all the directions correctly but this still happened. I definitely recommend this though because it is very easy to make. In my opinion, a slightly crunchy texture goes well with it!!!

It was damn amazing!
Burnt the edges (first try, so gimme a break) but the middle was fab!
Real amazing recipe.
Tasted like a typical chocolate brownie (or maybe even better) ;)

I loved it so did my family : )

It was easy and my mum enjoyed them

image description

I thought it tasted like cake, a bit bland too. Maybe I should have added chocolate chunks.

image description

It's cooking in the oven, very easy and simple to make so hopefully it turns out ok!

It's delish, love this recipe

Not quite cafe standards but a close second, I have made this recipe multiple times and if you fold the ingredients it comes out nice and chewy


It tastes really good, I will make it again

Very yummy! Will be making again, incredible texture and consistency, served nicely when warm with vanilla ice cream. So easy too. Also recommended adding chocolate chips. I added milk chocolate and white chocolate chips and it was so good!

I hate it

i have not even started but know it is gonna be good

THESE ARE NOT BROWNIES. This is a cake recipe not brownie.

Followed the exact recipe for a fundraiser and was really disappointed with the end product. I used high quality ingredients and it tasted like a cheap cake. Would not recommend this recipe if you are wanting to make "brownies"

It was so nice, I love it cause today I made it at school

They taste so good and I love to make them, thanks for the recipe

More like a cake than a brownie ... maybe something I did , but I’m sure I followed the recipe exactly.

That is sooo delicious

Simple ingredients, easy to make and taste delicious. Sunday fun making brownies with the kids.

The best. It was so good. I am definitely going to make it again and again.

The brownies were perfect. They were so good when they came out the oven, will definitely make them again, thanks!

easy to make and the kids love it and good for lunch boxes (they do not get crumbly)

Since I have been making your chocolate brownies, I haven't stopped making them. My elderly parents love them, I will be doing more baking with your recipes. Thanks Chelsea.

This is very yum

So yummy!! This is the only brownie recipe I use, it’s simple and delicious! I add a mixture of milk and white chocolate chips.

I love this recipe so quick and easy everyone demolishes it.

The brownie is cooking in the oven now, it makes the house smell so good I don't even care if it doesn't turn out.

It was very good we made it at school and halved the recipe, it was a lot. So big and delicious.

Best brownie I've ever had, get so many compliments on this when I make it. It is more of a cake-like texture however, that's what makes it so easy to eat!

These were delicious brownies

It so gooooooood!

Tasty! Could use a little more crunch. :)

It tastes great, but I would like a sauce recipe for the top as shown in the picture, over all great for young Bakers like me.

What type of flour self raising or normal

CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi Jesse, use normal flour for this recipe. Happy baking!

Ok recipe it tastes like baking soda

it was goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. (:

good recipe. I've made it a few times now and tested ways of mixing it together and creating more fudgy or fluffy brownies. I found slowly folding the ingredients in and letting as little air into the mixture as possible creates a chewy brownie and quickly mixing it creates a fluffy cake like brownie. I also add chocolate chips to spice it up a little!

These weren’t very good. More like a cake. Brownies typically don’t have baking powder in the recipe.


Loved the recipe it was very quick. Me and my friend though added in one crushed up chocolate block to give it a twist. We use this every time!❤️


Reliable, quick, simple and delicious!

We love it! Added some Whitakers chocolate & it was all over - yummy!!!!

amazingly easy and delish!

it was wonderful

you can also use a brownie maker


Really good and easy recipe

it was very good brownie and would recommend

Thanks from bobby :)

I am 13 years old made this and it went into everyone's tummys with in seconds after it all went I couldn't help myself but to make another batch.

A total waste of half a block of butter. Not a brownie but a dry flat chocolate cake. Followed recipe exactly. Should have clicked when the recipe stated cook until "springs" back at the touch. No real brownie should spring. Very disappointed. I doubt the picture is even of the recipe. Please enlighten me how to cook it like this without mixing, it would be a chocolate egg pie without mixing!

this is such a good recipe!! i've made it lots of times and its perfect every time ( as long as it isn't over cooked)

Absolutely gorgeous - love your recipes


I'm 12 and made them by myself at my grandparents house. They ended up being eaten in like a day and they asked me to make another batch. I loved them!!!


is was so gooddddddddddddddddddddddd I love it so much

So good

Great but I could tell the mixture was to dry so I would suggest adding 1/2 to 1 cup of milk and now it's perfect

So good, will make again.

do it now

I made two batches with kids aged 6-10 and it is a great group activity! would definitely recommend.

I recommend this brownie mixture I just didn’t leave it in as long soo it didn't dry out ..
easy and by far my go to

it was really quite dry overall good

This recipe is THE BEST EVER WOP WOP

Brownie - all about under cooking not over cooking, so watch carefully and do not let it get totally dry..


image description

warm from cooking, with ice-cream - can't be beaten for absolutely delicious dessert

It was very fab. It tasted very nice.
And it was easy to make

Great recipe. Loved baking it several times now :)

This recipe is easy to follow, but it turned out like a cake instead of the brownie I was after. It tasted alright it’s just it quite a brownie :(

was good but tasted more like a chocolate cake

I am 11 years old and it was easy to make, but I had to double it

wouldn't Make again, the ratio for each ingredient is way off. never had a problem with a Chelsea recipe until this one :(

You should melt butter in a microwave and then add into a normal bowl and cook on 175 for 20 minutes. Then it turns out gooey and delicious and it is daughter approved!

This is a good recipe but it's hard to bake if you don't have a big pot.

I think this recipe is great! It's easy to make and delicious to eat!

So good! Thank you!

I loved this recipe, my kids Amanda and John loved this. It was such a nice texture. A bit of feedback it had too much sugar so I used coffee beans as a substitute. This is Delicious with some wine.

Too dry and like a cake. I thought it would be better. I do not recommend it.

It is too dry and crumbly.

I am using this for a home work assignment for my school project in cookie thanks for the method helped a lot.


Best brownie ever!

Loved it I will definitely do it again. The best you should do it. SO GOOD

It just tasted like sloppy chocolate cake.

Love it. Turns out perfect every time. A real crowd pleaser!

I have been to the Chelsea factory and made chocolate chip cookies and you guys are the best to operate the Chelsea factory. Keep baking.

It's really good.


Really good, if you want it more fudgey use 2 eggs and a yolk.

I love these brownies, they are very nice.

It was the best recipe ever. A lot of butter but it was worth it.


Yum yum

Very good value and great taste.

There is way too much butter and eggs. A lot of your recipes have far too much sugar and are way too sweet.

Loved it, I agree its less like a brownie and more of a gooey chocolate pudding but either way I loved it and so did my whānau. Delicious!

Easy and delicious

This was a yummy choc dessert however I would agree with many others it did seem more of a cake than a brownie. Definitely didn't resemble the same texture of the kind of brownies you get at the cafes.

I added 3 eggs so that the brownie wasn't too sticky and it tasted delicious.



This has been my go to brownie for many years now and it's always fantastic. Just don't over cook it and it will be a gooey yummy treat that can make even the worst day, better. Sometimes I add a chopped up Mars bar or similar for an extra treat to add to the batter.

Add raspberries to make it even better.

Really really yum but maybe don't put too much eggs in it next time.

I love it but it was a bit too sweet. Will need to take the sugar down a bit but all and all perfect.

Wonderful, delicious and easy to make.

Hey guys, this recipe was so great! I loved it. I made it and enjoyed every bit of it...

I really love this recipe and this is the second time I've used it. I recommend using chocolate buttons as well.

It was very thin and didn't taste as great as I expected.

If only I could make this while you guys are just saying that its a cake when it clearly says that its a brownie.

Great 5 star recipe

It was a great recipe and it is delicious..

Great easy - peasy recipe. 100000000000/10

It's really good.

It was a very yummy brownie but it looked like a cake when we took it out...

It turned out so good
It was so nice and gooey.
I definitely recommend it.

There are lots of people saying that this is like a cake but that’s is because they have over mixed the mixture and i have made this recipe many times and I think it definitely a keeper my family LOVED! it.

Add 15g extra butter and half a cup of choc buttons it comes out more moist and flavoursome.

I cooked for 15-20 minutes to keep it a little moist if cooked to long it dries out, I also added choc chip buttons and my family loved them.

Amazing. I have never baked a banana cake. The best banana cake I've had in a long time and my family loves it. Your recipes are amazing.

It's like cake.


Great recipe, added some walnuts and 14g of decarb. Crowd pleaser for sure.

Great LOL

Easy receipe... done in a flash and yummy. I like
adding walnuts and choc bits, soo delicious

These brownies are really easy and delicious!

It's yum cake, definitely not a brownie.

Honestly the worst brownie recipe I have ever used. It was BARELY a brownie and tasted more like a cake. Edges were cooked WAY before the middle was done so most was burnt. I do not recommend this recipe AT ALL. Waste of time.

This recipe is the easiest brownie recipe with all the ingredients you would have in your cupboard. Love that it doesn't require chocolate to make either like a lot of brownie recipes these days. Didn't need a fancy mixer etc. No need for beating. Maybe too easy it could be dangerous!
Beautiful texture and result.
Such an excellent base to add any desirable extras.

Tried it. I added 3 extra large eggs instead of 4 and put in broken chocolate. It looks and tastes like a cake ...a very delicious cake. Next time maybe I'll add less baking powder and more broken bits of chocolate.

I didn’t have any cocoa in lockdown at 11pm craving brownies, instead I melted half a block of Whittaker’s dark chocolate in with the melting butter step. Bloody delicious recipe

It wasn’t good at all

I don’t recommend this! It was just like a cake and was dry.

Not a great recipe.

I thought this was so easy to make. I am only twelve and needed no help at all. Afterwards my whole family loved it. So gooey and delicious.

It was delicious definitely going to use this recipe again (:

By 25 minutes the edges were definitely done but the middle was absolutely raw. We've had the cut out the edges and ended up cooking the rest for a total of 50 minutes and I'm still not convinced. Parts are crunchy (outside bottom) but the very middle is still gooey/raw looking. Overall the parts that didn't go crunchy/burnt tastes okay but what a strange experience. Will look for a different recipe next time. Sorry.

I haven’t tried it yet but sounds great.

Very much like cake!! Sorry but I don’t reccomend this recipe


NOT a brownie.
This is just a nice choc cake.
Too fluffy for brownie.

I loved it but sometimes it comes out dry

Amazing recipe but I have some tips! Don't over mix the brownie mixture or it will become cakey and unenjoyable :( If you really can't make them... make some cake instead (It's almost as good lol) !

Just like chocolate cake, very disappointing as nothing like a brownie at all


More like cake - not brownie!

5 stars.

Hated it, basically a cake and not a proper gooey brownie, helps if you add choc chips but doesn’t do it justice.

That is an awesome recipe!!!!

Very good Brownie, add chocolate to it. Kia Ora :)

image description

It’s like a chocolate cake, definitely not a brownie texture. I’ve been baking chocolate brownies for years.

Good recipe

The best I have tasted and baked. Yummy, chewy and gooey.

I am making it tommorow

Me and my friend are making these.

Fold in the flour and baking powder.

When I consumed this it numbed my mouth because of how good it was. I would rate this a 1000/10.

I love these brownies.


Easy to make - but more swaying towards a cake than a brownie - alas call it what ever you like it still got cleaned up hahahaha - Have definitely made it more than once so still a winner in our house hold : )

I love these brownies! They are so easy to make and taste great! Good for young bakers too!

3 words: A. Ma. Zing! It was very easy for me. My advice is to do the recipe exact. : )

It was amazing, nice and chocolaty but also not to rich, did cut down on the butter but other than that it was amazing nice and spongy.

Tastes fine. Definitely a cake rather than a brownie. Title is misleading.

This is not a brownie and should be taken down for that reason. I would not recommend this recipe

It is such a good brownie - I bake it a lot :)

Was delicious overall but dry on the sides and definitely wasn't a brownie- it's a cake.

I love ❤️ It’s so good and easy!


It tastes good but it is not a brownie! It is a cake.

Brilliant and easy

Doesn’t look like the picture. It turned out like a dry chocolate cake than a brownie. Way too spongey and not brownie like at all. Don’t recommend this and will be going back to my regular recipe.

I am 30 years old and the instructions were very unclear. As i hypothesised the recipe I came to the conclusion that this brownie of such was not a brownie, but a dry cake of mild, bland flavour which lacked the necessary supplements for me and my children of 7. Would not recommend to anyone.

Its a flat chocolate cake, nothing like the picture.

Absolutely loved these brownies so yummy I would only do 1 cup of sugar next time other wise everybody loved them

Very simple and tastes great¡

I loved it !

we loved this recipe. amazing for kids. so good said everyone.thank you :)

it turned out perfect now that i have seen this ingredient now my family loves it.


This is my go to recipe for shared lunch at work. Very easy and simple to make, also very adaptable. I add a block of black forest chocolate, roughly chopped up to mine.

I put in crystallised ginger and orange zest for a bit of kick. Lovely

THE BEST. I use it every time i want to make a brownie :)

image description

Thank you so much made my life as male easier single and bringing a 12 year old girl up you best know how to cook thank you

More like a moist chocolate cake than a brownie, but soooo nice and a simple, quick recipe. Great with cream!


Been using this recipe for a few years..always a never fail, always a fav with my whanau..I also, add coconut in the mix.

sooooo chewy

yum yum

It so guud

it was just like sunday pancakes. They tasted amazing.

It was really yummy!

So love these brownies, have added Baileys cream to recipe for a dessert. Sprinkle with icing sugar too so yummy.

More cake-y then brownie-y but very nice

Absolutely delicious. I am lost for words :)

I have been using this recipe for almost 10 years, well since it won the competition. It is so good, just as it is. I do vary it with blue berries or raspberry or chocolate chips etc. it needs four eggs to get they consistency as stated otherwise it would be a cake. Thank you for this recipe.


Was mean as.

I think that you should explain not to put the eggs in while the pot is hot otherwise the eggs will cook

it was yummy, but we followed the recipe and it ended up like a flat cake.

It was wonderful! I loved it so much, honestly, I could eat it all day. It was so easy to make\

It was the best brownie that I have tasted

this was the best brownie ever

it was sooo yummy

I loved this! i use this every time i make brownies now i would recommend baking these again all i had to do was cook it a bit longer then stated but everyone who tried it said it was wonderful!

Great Easy Récipé

Loved this brownie recipe, I made four batches at once for a party, it worked perfectly! I just cooked it for a bit longer. Maybe a bit too much sugar, next time I will only add 1 cup. My grandchildren love them with berries and whipped cream! Perfect for an after school treat!

Not great. While the taste is good, they come out more cake like than brownie like. Had to cook it for 20 minutes longer than stated in the recipe as it was still completely raw in the middle after half an hour. The texture of the raw mixture was really odd, a gelatinous goop. Wouldn't make these again

It seems to take me an hour to cook. Oven is brand new. How ever this recipe is my new fav. So easy and I've cooked it 3 times already, thankyou so much

I highly recommend these chocolate brownies
they as super fun, easy and quick but they taste amazing they are deferentially my favorite brownie ever. all my friends loved it to. if you are going to make it I would recommend putting icing sugar over it

This recipe was amazing! Altough I tried a bit of the batter at the end and to be honest the batter tasted better than when it came out of the oven. It was still delicous :) YUM!

Easy to make. Yet to try, fingers crossed

i love this respire really easy and taste good

I like make brownies all the time

image description

i made these brownies for food tech at school i thought that they where very nice smooth and creamy was perfect when topped off with icing sugar. i am 11 years old and it was a very easy recipe to follow - highly recommend.

Was too thick


These brownies are so delicious and chocolatey just the way I like it.

I’m only 9 years old and I made the brownies with a little help.It tasted great and my family loved it

This was easy to make. Except mine turned out really fluffy. I like my brownies dense and slightly gooey. Would it work without baking powder?
CHELSEA SUGAR: The recipe will work without baking powder. Have fun baking.

I love these brownies so much! They are good if you don't have any chocolate but I like to add chocolate to give a richer and better taste.

great and fun to make with the family and tastes great

image description

It’ is really good and good to take to school for a shared lunch

My children’s favourite. We add ranspberries to the mixture. So yum!


when i baked it the middle collapsed when it was cooling down, but it's very yummy

So delicious and easy

this recipe kinda sucks

So tasty!!!!!!

It was disgusting.

Love it, so yummy!

Not gooey at all. More like a chocolate cake, but still yummy!

DE.LIC.IOUS! I added in roasted peanuts and chunks of dark chocolate-divine! It does come out cake-ish but the flavour is definitely brownie! The second time round I only used 3 eggs so that my brownie doesn't rise as much as it would with 4.

I thought it was fabulous and delicious and I will definitely make it again.

I love it. They are sooo good.



Sponge with loads of air pockets but not gooey at all. An ok cake but wouldn’t recommend as a brownie.

image description

Really easy to make and turned out perfect.

it tastes good but I followed the recipe exactly and its more of a spongey cake

OMG i loved it i served it with whipped cream and my family loved they want more.

Amazing brownie! So easy to make and you can add whatever you want to it. I add squares of caramello chocolate!

It was great.



I'm twevle and find this really easy to make also really yummy

Wow this is amazing and tastes so good. I love baking and so far this is my number one.

It is just so nice that i could eat the whole lot. But the teacher won't let us eat the whole lot because we have to share it with the staff.

DELICIOUS!!! Super easy to make. I cut down the sugar and still tasted great.

My name is Kiaarah I am 11 years old my family said they loved it thank you

It is the best you can also add a choclate chips.

the WORST brownie. I should have known it would be bad without real chocolate. Cant believe people are rating this so well?!?

me and my bff found it yummy!


That's the way

have made it so many times and works every time!!!
the best brownie ever!!

It is just so delicious to eat and easy to make and bake at the same time.

Yum but confusing.


Tasted delicious

Easy and delicious!

I was wondering if there was anyway to add peanut butter, my bff loves peanut butter and brownies.

I love this recipe and it works every time. I make it a lot with my friends and it is the best brownie recipe i have ever worked with. It is great how you do not need chocolate for it!
Thank you so much :)



This recipe is the only one I've tried that works everytime

Works every time and you do not need chocolate!
I am very happy with this recipe.

Not a brownie

this was a great receipe for dry cake not brownie

Awesome. I love them perfect for a simple family dinner as they were goey in the middle chocolaty and most important yum.

Yum!!! Lovley, goey and great texture.

Super easy and delicious

This brownie recipe is super great. Also if anyone wants to know you can add chocolate chips into the recipe and its a double chocolate brownie. YUM!!!!!!!

This Brownie was delicious it was really moist and it was great to eat

It was a bit eggy and didn't come out at all gooey :( But it still came out tasting delicious!!

This turned out more like a dry cake than a gooey brownie :-( I followed instructions and cooking time and temperature to the tee. Disappointed

Followed the recipe as it is and even cooked them for less time, they turn out looking like cake or sponge, not like a proper brownie, gooey in the middle. Very disappointed

Wow! Really, really yummy it only took me a few minutes to cook and I just reccomended if you are trying to go on a diet to add only 1 cup of sugar to the recipe instead of 1 1/2 trust me it will still taste the same and you wont even one bit notice that you have added 1 cup of sugar... it is a lovely recipe and i think everyone should try this comment if you agree with me!!!

I made these and they were simple, easy, and were VERY GOOD !! They came out of the oven gooey on the inside, just how I like it. They had lots of flavor to!

Wonderful recipe I would say that only 3 eggs are required but overall delicious this the only brownie recipe I use !!

Love the recipes very much, thanks.

Yum but I’ve tried to perfect this recipe for many months but always turns out like a cake.

image description

Those brownies are just beauitful, my class even made me make some brownies, choc chip cookies and vanilla cupcakes. You guys are just amazing. Keep on doing what your doing.

So easy, even my 8 year old can do it.

image description

Just made it because I wanted a super quick dessert tonight with ice cream. It turned out quite dry on the outside and I was a bit disappointed. Will try it again though with shorter cooking time.

Nice Thanks

image description

I really am in love with this recipe!!!


The only recipe i use, simple easy and delicious!

Just made a batch and they look delicious. Thank you for this recipe I'll make sure to tell other people

It was great!

Easy and Yummy!!
Thank you!

Wonderful recipe! I found that throwing in a few white chocolate chips at the end can be a wonderful addition as they sink to the bottom and caramelise beautifully, creating a tasty, crispy bottom.

Really cakey, the top didn't go crispy/firm and it had lots of air bubbles. It was a tasty cake but wasn't really classified as a brownie.

Wow this is amazing 10/10. I'd love to show it to Pete and Manu on MKR hahaha


It’s ok I guess

This tasted more like a chocolate cake to me than brownie. Was delicious but had lighter texture.

Our whanau love this recipe so easy for kids, we only use 3 eggs and fan bake for 10 minutes.

Perfect recipe to make

It tasted yummmmmm ;)

It was the worst brownie ever. It was very gross and had egg smell.

I dont know how to cook it

Yes was very nice and chewy the recipe was easy to follow and i did it with my 4 year old daughter.

I have made this so many times and it's really easy to wipe up and I recommend making this.

whats a good sub for egg?
Chelsea Sugar:
You could use banana as a substitute or an egg substitute product.

Delicious except only use 1 egg

Absolutely delicious, not joking, I may of ”accidentally” made them 5 days in a row. But one important thing, ONLY USE 1 EGG and add in a bit of milk, melted butter or milk or until all liquidy.

Yummy and tasty, looks more of a cake but still good.

I like this

Best brownies I've ever tasted, honestly! Moist and gooey. Scrumptious!

I LOVE IT! Would love there to be a more chocolate one though!

This was the best brownie that I had tasted in a while, it was quite sticky but delicious all the same!

Brownie very easy to make. I usually add chocolate chips or chunks to the recipe just before I put it in the baking tray. I have always found it to be light and maybe it is cakey but we like it.

Can you tell me how many persons can this recipe serve.
Chelsea Sugar:
This recipe serves 12.

Awesome l just loved it so much but l took it out of the oven to soon but still giving this recipe a high rating!!

Very nice dessert , very impressed


100% monate and easy to bake

This brownie was a easy, quick and delicious recipe to do for a quick party dessert. It goes great with a sprinkle of icing sugar on top and a dollop of ice cream and finish it off with a few raspberries. Thanks

Going to make it for Father's day

I made it last night with White sugar as I do not have Chelsea White sugar. I am so glad I came across this recipe, a huge success and so easy and quick to make. I also added two slabs of hazelnut chocolates and will definitely make it again, in fact often. Thank you very much for sharing!

Yum Yum lt’s delicious that was really yummy I appreciate the recipe I adored it!

It was the best chocolate brownie I’ve ever had.

image description

Simple but amazing recipe ! I'm also gluten free, so simply by changing the flour it still tastes just as good !!!

Thanks heaps !

This is the recipe to a perfect brownie, not cakey and not fudgy, but rather perfect balance between.

Love this! Very easy to make! I mix in a block of hazelnut chocolate! Delicious!!!


It is really good thank you my family loved it

i tried this recipe twice and they both were like chocolate cake, how ever even though i wasn't planing to make chocolate cake it still tasted good.

It wasn't chewy and moist, it was fluffy like a cake, but richer. Didn't have that crackly top, was spongy. Too many eggs? Baking powder? Won't make again as it wasn't what you think of when you think "brownie"


Not that great really

very cakey but awesome. thanks so much

Really yummy, love it.

I am 10 years old and I was looking for a recipe to go in my recipe book for school and this one was perfect for my first page.

This was just too good... everyone at home loved it.

I tried it and it worked out really well .
Thank you so much .

You guys are great, thanks a million for the lovely recipes.

not a great cook so appreciate this quick, simple and tasty Brownie, Thank you .

Disappointed. Turned out like a dry cake rather than a brownie.

Extremely tasty without any taste of egg

oh wow yum,, but alas they did not survive the night

If you want the crackled top, you have to look for a recipe where butter & sugar and beaten together for a few minutes. But this just has you melt the butter and mix in sugar and cocoa. (Look on for brownie recipe)

This was a good recipe though, quick and easy to make, only in one pan!

really tasty

If I were you I would only use three eggs instead of four.

Crunchy outer and gooey inner-absolutely delicious

I'm so sorry but it didn't work.
It looks yum!!!

wow this is great I love it. It is a little tough on the outside, but other than that it is amazing!

When do you cut the brownies? Immediately after you take it out of the oven, or when it is cooled down?
CHELSEA: we suggest leave the brownie to cool, then slice with a warm blade.

Mmm will try this one

Fantastically Easy!!

Not quite as good I was expecting it to be.

frogman ample feebly can eat it all dayLOL

What can i use instead of baking powder?
CHELSEA: baking soda can be substituted.

Just made this, was as fast and easy as recipe said. Will definitely make again. Thanks

Hi there, do I use plain flour or self raising? Thanks
Chelsea Sugar:
Please use standard plain flour.

Wonderful. I make it all the time when I have to provide baking. I also put some chocolate chips in it.

Fantastic, easy no fail cake. Make this all the time for my class!

Tried it. Loved it.

Currently the only recipe I follow

Haven't tried it yet looks yum though ❤️

Very yummy indeed! Love em!

Hi,which flour i can use?
You can use 1 cup flour.

image description

I love how it turns out to add something new to it you could put chocolate chips, But still tastes amazing without, Perfect for school Lunch, work a snack, for little kids or a great treat

- Emily

I tried this and it's more like a sponge chocolate cake than a brownie. It's still yummy but perhaps put in some chocolate buttons and some crushed macadamia for density

SOOO yummy. I added chocolate chips for that extra chocolatey taste. very moist and your instructions were 100%

Certainly a tasty moist brownie, wonderful for a chocolate lover however, it almost could be classed as a cake. Very quick and easy!

sorry but I was expecting a nice gooey, moist chocolate brownie but it ended up being really cakey and sorta dry. Quite disappointed but I guess the flavour was still good :)

Great. Love this recipe, a new family fav. Super moist and delicious

The brownies were alright could've been better but overall I would use this recipe as a last resort

I really like it it was amazing and I was not dejected


this was amazing

It was so easy to make and sooooo delicious I am definitely making this one again!

The picture was what made me try this recipe out.. more of a cake than a brownie :(

Not a brownie... more like a chocolate cake. Has twice the amount of eggs as similar recipes.

I loved it! It was really good, but I would recommend not putting it in the oven for 30 minutes or else it is to dry. I put mine in for 18-20 minutes

Hi, whats the temperature for the oven?
CHELSEA; Hi there, the oven temperature is 180°C bake.

Super Good

I'm making them for my class project in World Geography

Very dissapointed, was a average cake not a brownie.

I have the recipe for a class project that I'm doing.

Great now that I have the recipe I can make them with fruit juice and vanilla chips thanks

More like a cake texture than a moist, fudgey brownie which is what I was looking for. It was okay, but wouldn't describe it exactly as a chocolate brownie. Could have been my mixing, but definitely not gooey!

Those whom have eaten or baked a brownie will realise that this recipe , though tasty, is more like a cake than a brownie.....

these were amazing!! great recipe

Made this over Easter, added a cup of choc drops in with the butter. Turned out so delicious!

False advertising. Hugely disappointed in Chelsea recipes. It's a dry cake. Gross

amazing recipe love it



Not a cake a brownie
Soooooo goooood

Fantastic recipe. My partner love’s my brownies so much

They were very good and tasty!! Super easy to make.

image description

Love the recipe. Quite easy. Tastes amazing!!!

Pictures can be deceiving. This brownie recipe turned into an eggy chocolate cake. Maybe emphasis on the size of egg used is needed. And there is no way I got a crunchy outside with gooey inside.

Less like a brownie and more like a cake - would recommend throwing in some almond meal and chocolate for density


Very Tasty.

It was great :)

it turned out like a very dry cake :(

false advertising — definitely not a brownie, it’s a cake. a rather dry cake at that.

It is a great recipe it turned out amazing it was so light and fluffy

I love this brownie so yum rating this a 10 out of 10

image description


Not a true brownie - It's a cake

pour le collége

Taste wise is GREAT! But, it was more of a cake then a brownie lol.

kinda gutted because it was more of a cake sorta thing it looked yummier in the photo for sure.


So yummy and amazing

Thanks for sharing it. I really like it. Always success.

image description

This is more of a cake for sure, nothing to rave about but it tastes ok & easy to make.

I really like it I tried making it and it was soooo good!

Best recipes

This is a really helpful recipe great for anybody not that much work awesome.


This is nice


Great. I loved it

nice comments

How do I get it to look like the picture? With the cracked looking top. Mine comes out more of a cake..But I love the taste of it. Currently baking one now which I added in some nutella swirled in and a few squares of chocolate for extra decadence!

I like it

I fund-raised over 20 dollars for sick children charities

Sounds good

image description

OMG, sooooooo amazing!!!
Super easy to make and my family absolutely demolishes it!!!!
The best brownie everrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Yum loved it definitely do it again

It was delicious I definitely recommend this recipe

Bloody love this recipe... just made a chocolate brownie and just waiting for it to cook :) I know its gonna taste awesome :)

It was amazing

DELICIOUS. Best brownie recipe I've tried 10/10 would try again

This recipe was so easy to make and was so yummmmm ;)

Easy to make, but don't bake it for the full 25 mins if you like it gooey. 15 minutes was plenty and it was still well bound and deliciously fudgey in consistency. I also put less sugar in and slightly more cocoa, only 3/4 cup, and it was plenty sweet enough.

Serves like 30 people, not 12.
Guess I'm either going to have to see these on the street or end up getting really sick.

(They do taste nice, very dry though)

This is a great recipe to make at home with your kids I would love to see more

Soooooo good can't wait to bake it again!!!

Delicious. I've added 100g of chopped dark chocolate with the flour. The secret to not getting a cake is to not over-mix once you've added the flour. Texture should be gritty. Flour should be folded in until it is just mixed in... do not continue to stir after this. A lovely recipe. Beats the others I've tried so far.

It was really yum I loved this recipe so much!! I will use this recipe again as it is so yum and easy to make !!

I don't know why it turned out like a cake

wow wow wow!!!!!

The actual brownie is very yummy but I found that if you leave it in the oven for the full 25 minutes then it turns into more of a cake. The next time I made it I only left it in the oven for 15ish minutes and it came out gooey but semi firm and was perfect. Will definitely make again.

Hi this was a total success! I will definitely be making more in the future! :)
P.S. it even turned out like in the picture thanks so much!

I recently found this recipe, and I've been making them since! They're easy quick and you can easily whip up in 30 minutes. This is definitely my go-to recipe. Delicious sweet treats perfect for parties and great for any occasion! I definitely give you three stars! But just a question they're so sweet couldn't you put in a little less sugar?
CHELSEA: Hi there, if you find the brownies too sweet you could remove a little of the sugar (approx. 1/4 cup) without affecting the texture too much.

This is too much of a cake, this may be the most disgusting food I have ever tasted


More of a cake then a brownie but still good.


i love this recipe it is good for taking to your friends but it does not turn out exactly as the photo but it is still yum mmmmmmm :) .

The brownie did not come out gooie like the picture
Disappointed with the recipe !!

yehh.. beautiful and rich:)

I make mine in cupcake tins and add berries,
They are delicious!

Is it meant to be runny?CHELSEA:With 250g butter and 4 eggs it is expected for the mix to be runny giving that fudgy texture.

These were yummy. give it 5 stars yar.

Love it, easy to do with the kids

Was not the best.It was nothing like the picture.More like a cake than a brownie

This recipe was great worked really well

I love to bake it is my hobby

Tasted sooo good! Love how gooey they are and the crunch of chocolate on the outside!

It was quite dry and was more suit to be a dry cake than a fudgy brownie that the picture shows. Though it was very easy to make, and didn't taste that bad, I wouldn't recommend it unless you prefer cakey brownies over fudgy.

Definitely more of a cake recipe. Added vegetable oil (2 tablespoons) which helped

I loved it it is great

Nice and easy . Ill be using this site a lot more now that I know it's here.
Thank you

image description

The recipe was really easy. Took about an hour total and turned out really well. Light, fluffy and cakey, just how I like them. However, different people have different brownie preference, and this recipe is MUCH more of a cakey brownie as opposed to the more fudgy type brownie.
One of the best recipes I've used though. Highly recommend!

It worked perfectly loved it I will be making it again DELICIOUS

It was pretty damn geeeewd

It was yummy

Came out quite dry and cake like.. the kids ate it but I won't be making again..

Just a chocolate cake recipe. Tasty but disappointing as was wanting brownies.

image description

I'm not much of a baker but this was very easy to make.

Perfection! Absolutely delicious.

It was very easy and quick to make, although I would recommend keeping in oven for a bit longer because when I cut it up it hadn't baked through the middle properly, was very disappointed, didn't end up tasting great. But good if you want something to make really fast.

I love food, I will do anything for food.

Easy, tasty, and fast. I have no idea why this recipe have ONLY 4 stars.

It was so good! Thanks!


good recipe

Best Brownie recipe I've come across!!

Really great brownie. I would really recommend it with mashed banana.

This is my favourite brownie recipe, quite cake-y, super easy and everybody loves it. Cook a little longer and its like cake, a little shorter and it is more fudge. Perfect.

Was more like a cake than a brownie!!

Came out cafe quality. Thanks

image description

I made it and it was very yummy!!!

This is my favourite BROWNIE recipe SO far.

Oh my brownieness! This recipe is beautiful; simple yet very effective! :-D

I think these are the best brownies I have ever tasted.

Unfortunately for us the end result was more of a cake than a brownie! Will need to try out some other recipes for a brownie.

Finally found a brownie recipe that gave a meringue type topping.

Baked 20mins then taken out of oven.

3/4 large block of whittakers creamy milk chocolate roughly chopped and added into mix gave this brownie decadent chunks of bliss when eaten later cooled

Every time I make brownies using this recipe they are delicious. I like to add chocolate chips because it makes the brownies extra dense and to die for. I have had a lot of brownies that are light and fluffy like chocolate cake but this recipe gets it just right.

It's not a brownie it's a cake. It was terrible.

This recipe helps me when having to bake for family gatherings, and is very tasty.


so amazing

I love this recipe. Thank u!

Ok but too cakey - even when cooked for the shorter time of 20mins. Think I'll stick to my brownie recipe next time! ;)

Good as recipe was a bit like a cake but if you want a fudgey consistency, don't cook it as long. Mixed in some chocolate buttons and coconut oil and it was sweet as! Will definitely make again as it tastes good as a cake, brownie and just eating the batter. Chur Chelsea!

The brownie was really nice and it tasted beautiful, didn't look anything like the picture, having another go hopefully it looks a bit better.

Well I am 13 yrs old and I love to bake, and it was perfect. The only thing I could have done would of been add icing sugar on top, but other than that I loved it.

image description


Did not look anything like the picture. Looked more like a cake. Very disappointed.

I altered this recipe slightly to make a more gooey brownie. Like what you see in the photo provided by Chelsea. Instead of 1 ½ cups of sugar, I mixed in only 3/4 cup of sugar. Recipe also calls for 1 cup flour, I only added 3/4 cup of flour. I added 1 whole size 8 egg along with 2 egg yolks. Even though the recipe asks for 4 eggs. I also added a handful lot of choc buttons , both milk chocolate and white chocolate, for extra gooeyness :) Add whatever floats your boat.
As for all other ingredients and instructions, those remain the same.
NOTE: Do not over cook brownie. It will look under cooked in the centre and a bit wobbly...that's ok. Suppose to be that way. However if you are unsure then an extra 5 mins should be fine. Just keep your eye on it.
I made these changes after reading the reviews and noticed a lot of avid bakers had baked themselves a cake instead of a lovely brownie. I could have easily done the same hehe :) Having tried different recipes over the years and just experimenting, I hoped I had picked a few things up along the way so went ahead and tweaked things a wee bit. 3 stars to Chelsea. 4 ½ stars after tweak lol
Happy baking everyone!

image description

Fabulous! Easy to make, even with a 7 year old trying to help. Deliciousness!

image description

Makes more of a cake brownie hybrid. Nothing like the picture, very disappointed as I was hoping for something like the picture.

image description

Best brownie I've made so nice and everyone loves them. Also so easy and quick.

Very nice, it turned out great love this, hahaha btw my name is chelsea too hehe xx

It taste great but is on the cakey sure and looks nothing like the picture.

I'm really disappointed with how it turned out it was basically a chocolate cake and did NOT taste like a brownie and looked nothing like the picture I'm very disappointed

This comes out like a normal chocolate cake which is dissapointing


It's delicious however I did tweak up the recipe. Instead of using white sugar I used 1 cup of brown sugar, 3 eggs instead of 4 and less flour . I preheated the oven 180 cooked it for 25 min . It was yummy and moreish!! I think if I tweaked it even more by adding less egg and butter maybe flour and add in choc buttons it would be a success as a more of a browny rather a cake.

Perfection in a bowl! Don't forget the vanilla ice cream ;)

This brownie is a firm favourite in our house and super easy to make.

I love this brownie recipe! It was easy to prepare, and tasted great!

This is not brownie, rather, a pretty average bland chocolate cake. Very disapointed. There is no way to recreate the brownie as shown in the picture with this recipe.

image description

YUM! I always use this recipe now as it's the best one I have found. We love gooey ones so I just cook for less and comes out perfect every time.

Just made this brownie and it is SO good. Dusted with a little icing sugar, also added 1/2 cup chocolate chunks into the mixture. Can't stop eating it.

Kia Ora. I am 14 years old and I love baking, especially for my friends!!!
I remember trying to look for the perfect brownie recipe to impress my mates and I had finally found it. They love the brownies and they always want me to make them. They loved them soo much, I had run out of ingredients when I was about to make some more.
You really have to try them, they are DIVINE!!!! I recommend using 1 cup of sugar because you don't really need the other half.
Please try them because I bet every single person who tries these brownies will have no ingredients left to make more :) (PS If you like gooey brownies, do not make these).

This is not a brownie but a cake. Nice but disappointing when you really wanted a brownie !

Brownie can be made gooey or cakey, very easy to make GF as well.

This brownie is amazing i will make this again!!!

It was a great recipe and everyone LOVED it.

This recipe is awesome , Even My fussy child will eat it and share it I'll definetely make it again. Thank you

Average chocolate cake, not a brownie. I don't know how these ingredients could have made a brownie like in the picture.

I halved the recipe and whipped it up for a rainy afternoon treat. The best part about this (apart from the taste) is that I had everything in my cupboard already - no need to traipse down to the dairy for chocolate drops or walnuts

It was delicious and i will definitely make it again

Very nice as a cake but not as a brownie. It has the flavour of a brownie but has the consistency of a cake. I prefer a more fudgy brownie, this one is fluffy

it was ok but is was like a cake

i love it kit sounded so good thats why i chose it

Just an average chocolate cake, not so much a brownie

image description

Loved this recipe, I used 1 cup of sugar instead of the recommended and added white chocolate sisters colleagues enjoyed eating them as we all did..Many Thanks ; )

Was pretty yum, but it was definitely cakey and i would suggest making a different recipe with chocolate chips if you enjoy a brownie that is more dense :D

It's a nice moist ''cake' but not a 'chocolate brownie ' at all.
Use Chelsea brown sugar instead of white sugar add 3/4 cup of chocolate chips to receipe.

Tastes ok, but agree with the reviewer that states this is cake, not brownie. Not dense and chewy like brownie, and like photo looks. Also tastes a bit "eggy"

You have 2 different recipes and this one was cake not brownie. And the taste was bland wasnt pleasant.

Absolutely adore this recipe. It was successful on my first try! My family loved it! I added in a cheeky bit of peanut butter too. It was really easy to follow for a person like me, who has no idea how to cook. Hahahaha. 10/10!!

image description

loved this recipe gone in my family in the first hour

I loved the brownie !! so moist and delicious. i added whit chocolate chips which was nice to

Really Good recipe.

This is the best recipe ever I have cooked this many times for my family and its all gone very quick I really recommend this recipe.

Made this recipe after work for school lunches, definate winner, kids had some after dinner, absolutely loved it! Quick and easy ... will make again! Thanks Chelsea

This was such an amazing recipe, so easy and simple to make for family and friends, 10/10 for me, just marvelous!

We made these with 1 and 1/2 block of whitikers chocolate, 1 cup of cocoa and only 1 and a 1/2 cups of sugar instead of 3. It was amazing and the vanilla ice cream toped it off perfectly!! :)


image description

Love it, easy to make.. moko`s enjoy making this with their nan. Great recipe for them and all nan does is the egg beating. Thank you.

Omg it was amazing and simple to make :)

Super easy to make and tastes delicious. Definitely top of my list. Will now try more recipes on this site.

Jst made dis 4 me n my boy. He luved tha consitancy it was zamazin. He ate all da brownies in 6 days lol. Wuhu, chur 2 chelsa 4 ur amazin recpe i will deff be using dis again xx

It was really delicious. BEST RECIPE EVER!!!!!

Really great, and SO easy / clean up easy too... made it with the kids, it was an absolute hit for school and work lunches and also a yummy pudding with a bit of icecream :)

Ill let you know in 15 minutes !!!

Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


image description


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