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Feijoa and Apple Crumble

By Chelsea Sugar
Feijoa and Apple Crumble
6 servings
  • 17 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cooking time 35 mins
  • Serves

    4 apples (i.e. Granny Smith)
    1 cup water (250ml)
    1/2 cup lemon juice (125ml)
    5 Tbsp Chelsea Raw Sugar
    1/8 tsp salt
    2 cups feijoa pulp (550g)

    Crumble Topping
    1/2 cup Edmonds Standard Grade Flour (75g)
    1/2 cup rolled oats (60g)
    1/2 cup ground almonds (55g)
    1/2 cup Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar (100g)
    1 tsp ground ginger
    150g cold Tararua Butter, cubed or grated


    Preheat oven to 180°C bake.

    Quarter apples, then cut each quarter into 2-3 thick slices (the skin can be left on). Place in a medium-sized saucepan.

    Add water, lemon juice, Chelsea Raw Sugar and salt. Cover and bring to the boil. Turn down to a simmer and cook for a couple of minutes.

    Add feijoa pulp to the saucepan, stir then cover and cook for a further 2 minutes, until lightly poached.

    Transfer to a colander placed in the sink. Leave to drain while preparing the crumble topping.

    Crumble Topping
    In a deep bowl, mix together flour, oats, ground almonds, Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar and ginger. Rub in the butter until the mixture is clinging together in clumps.

    Transfer the drained fruit to a greased oven-safe dish (approximately 25cm diameter), or individual dishes. The fruit should fill three quarters of the dish. Sprinkle crumble on top of the fruit.

    Bake for 25-30 minutes, until the crumble is golden brown and fruit juices start to bubble up through the crumble. Serve with fresh cream, custard or ice cream.

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Average Rating
(17 reviews)

To much butter

Easy to make and tastes delicious

A great hit with the overseas visitors

Easy to make, yummy crumble

i dont get why people hate this XD

So delish it was mouth watering I added cinnamon and walnuts and coconut it was heaven

Yum I had this with some cinnamon and vanilla ice cream


I have made this but added cinnamon to the fruit and it was delicious!!!!

I agree need to increase dry ingredients to get more crumble, seems to be way too much butter. I ended up with a lump of dough, not crumble.

Very nice, but did add more flour and oats as didn't have ground almonds. Plus I added finely chopped walnuts. And left out the ginger. Delicious.

It is very tasty and nice. Good recipe.

I found that the crumb came out quite wet, other than that, delicious!

Very Sweet

image description

Delicious! Though I do agree maybe not quite enough crumble though I didn't have almonds so increased oats and flour!

The crumble ingredients needed to be doubled.

How much salt do you add?
CHELSEA: Good question! Just a small pinch. We have updated the recipe accordingly.

I don't think there is enough crumble, but I just added more ingredients to fix this!

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