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Banana Cake (egg free and dairy free)

By Angela Pickering
Banana Cake (egg free and dairy free)
10 servings
  • 78 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cooking time 25 mins
  • Serves

    2 cups Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    3/4 cup Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar (packed firmly)
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Soda
    1 1/2 to 2 tsp ginger (depending on taste)
    1 1/2 to 2 tsp cinnamon (depending on taste)
    2 - 3 mashed bananas
    1/2 cup Olivani Pure Olive Oil
    1/2 cup Meadow Fresh Original Milk (can substitute soy, rice milk if needed)


    Preheat oven to 180°C bake. Grease a ring tin well (can use another baking tin but may need longer to cook).

    Combine sifted Edmonds Standard Grade Flour, Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar, Edmonds Baking Powder, Edmonds Baking Soda, cinnamon and ginger. Mix banana and Olivani Pure Olive Oil together until well combined (takes approximately 5 minutes).

    Add banana mixture to dry ingredients. Stir in cows/rice/soy milk to create a just-moist mixture. Place into prepared baking tin evenly. Bake for 20-25 minutes until cooked.

    You don't need to ice this cake but can add some sifted Chelsea Icing Sugar over the top if desired. Freezes well un-iced.

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Average Rating
(78 reviews)

I hardly ever bake hubby loves to bake so made the eggless banana cake, wow i haven't lost my touch, scrummy


I suck at baking and always mess it up but this recipe I have never ruined! It always turns out soft, moist and yummy!! sometimes a bit dense but still so yum.

Super easy and quick and very moist and tasty. Easy to spruce up by adding some chocolate chips or a few blueberries.
This is my go to banana cake now!

Pinch of salt.

Such a great recipe that can be adapted in various ways!
I typically add a dash of vanilla essence and chunks of dark chocolate. I reduce the sugar to between 1/4-1/2 a cup which is sweet enough with the natural sugar in the bananas.

I had forgotten eggs and had cream instead of milk. Didn't realise could do without the dairy. But without the eggs?! Amazing turn out. Very please with the consistency. I didn't have cinnamon so I used a little all spice. Excellent recipe as I feel like all those ingredients are always available and don't readily go off. Thanks so much Angela x

Turns out really good. I have started adding little bran to it to make it little healthy

This is such an adaptable recipe and always turns out great. I substitute with gf flour, and just add slightly more soy milk for a great GF vegan cake

Made the cake today as per recipe. Delicious and moist. Added dried cranberries. Will be making this cake often as it’s soo easy. And can add spices or dried fruits, chocolate chips, of your choice. Thank You So Much. ❤️

Brilliant! The only banana bread recipe I use.
Thank you!

Excellent recipe!!! I used coconut sugar and almond milk as substitutes and this worked brilliantly. I also added alcohol soaked sultanas to half of the mixture for a twist and instead of a whole cake I made cupcakes....gorgeous!!!

Used sunflower oil instead of olive oil and it worked great.

Amazing recipe! I used soya milk to make it vegan. This banana bread came out in the right consistency and has a lovely taste (most recipes turn out too crumbly or fudge like). Will definitely make this a staple, family loves it! Thank you ;-))

This is the best recipe ever. I also add one packet of Nestles milk chocolate buds, or half milk chocolate and dark chocolate buds. I also left out the ginger. Scrumptious and absolutely delicious! Impossible to stop at one slice. I highly recommend this recipe.

Great, easy recipe. I used Soy milk to make it vegan and left out the ginger as I'm not a fan of ginger. Took a bit longer to bake, but I used a ring tin so that helped. I ran out of olive oil so used canola oil and it worked great. Would definitely use this one again. I iced the cake with chocolate icing, just used olivani, cocoa, icing sugar and a little water.

Divine recipe! I’ve made this about 10 times now and it comes out perfect each and every time! I’ve also used this mixture for muffins and sometimes I add half a cup of dark chocolate drops! Delicious :)

Loved it, but had to triple the cooking time

I really love this recipe and the fact that it can be dairy free. Simple and quick. I added less sugar since my bananas were super ripe and extra sweet. I also left out the ginger. The result is moist and delicious. My favourite banana bread recipe from now on. Thank you so much.

This banana cake is delicious

One of the best eggless cake recipes I have made! I have tried a few and it usually ends up a bit dense or sticky. This one was moist but light and fluffy. I used Allspice instead of the ginger and cinnamon and it was great. It took around 45 mins to be fully done - it actually rises the most in the last 15 minutes. I made it in a loaf tin - it rose to a nice peak with a crack in the centre before I removed from the oven. Definitely holding on to this one!

This is my go to recipe, been making it a couple of years for my son. Just realised I had been making it with olivani spread not oil, but hey it still comes out delicious everytime!

Nice recipe. Thanks. I may as well buy your brand next shopping trip. Strangely easy.

Beautiful recipe, super easy to make. I added a bit more oat milk and oil so it was slightly more moist. Came out perfect, bravo!

It is really nice - everyone make this!!!!! Love it.

Yum used vegetable oil instead of olive oil and it came out nice.

I am not a baker and this recipe is so easy that even I get great results! I’ve made it multiple times with either soy or almond milk and it works a treat every time.

Fantastic recipe and very easy to modify.

The best egg free banana cake l have had. Also so easy to prepare. Thank you

It was good.

Fabulously simple. I used half cocoa and self raising flour with caster sugar, veg oil, long life milk and all spice and rest of recipe. Cooked in cake cases Perfect. Thank you. :) xx

Perfect recipe. I used almond milk

Best lactose free banana cake and I've tried a few. So moist, lasted a day in out house.

It was easy to make

The cake was very nice. I've put nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla essence with ginger. I used almond milk, walnut oil and pieces of dark chocolate.

Fantastic, I added a diced apple, which worked well. Easy, moist and delicious!

Beautiful and delicious - thanks for sharing we have kids allergic to dairy and egg so its difficult to bake for them. We are saving and sharing this recipe!

My husband and I have just embarked on a plant-based diet and have been looking for some good Kiwi comfort food staples. This is it! Moist and delicious and the first pieces served still warm with a light plant based “butter” spread. Delicious!

Delicious, light, fluffy, and dairy and egg free! My go to birthday cake for my kids.

This cake has great texture and is moist with a perfect balance of flavours. I made it for a family gathering because several members had dairy and egg allergies. I used 2 bananas and canola oil, the smaller quantity of spices and soy milk.

Really easy to make and tasted delicious!! So pleased I have an egg, nut and dairy free recipe to take to nursery.


The best ever banana cake recipe ! and that too egg free !!The only addition was an extra 1/4 cup of milk to bring to the right consistency .. super fluffy!!

I made little cupcakes with this recipe. Delicious and moist!

Really good! Made it gluten free and added a few feijoas, died cranberry and nuts and it turned out great, moist and spongey. I used white sugar and vanilla soy milk also. Better than most cakes I've had and it was gluten free and vegan! Will definitely try making a chocolate version soon.
Also I gave it about 25 to 30 minutes cooking time instead

An easy recipe to follow and my daughter absolutely loves it. I reduce the sugar and added coconut too.

Great recipe! I used white sugar as I didn't have brown. The batter was a bit stiff so I added another 1/4 cup almond milk to get it to a better consistency. My only other modification was to add 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, as I was worried I wouldn't get a good rise without it. It turned out super fluffy and absolutely delicious, without being too sweet.

This cake was absolutely delicious and will be my go to banana cake recipe from now on. Thanks for sharing

I swapped ginger and cinnamon (had none) with dark chocolate and a little dark rum....yum!

Better than one made with eggs. My new go-to recipe

Chose this recipe as my brother is allergic to egg yolks and it was sensational, moist and fluffy. I doubled the mixture then iced with brown butter Icing whilst still warm with the option of Vanila Ice cream or custard. It was gone in a flash. Thank you to Angela for sharing this recipe.

Such a lovely and moist cake. It will be my new recipe.

I'm not sure what went wrong but my cake didn't rise eventhough I baked it for an hour at 180°C. Followed the recipe exactly infact. So dissappointed :(

Very good recipe and easy. 5star job.

This cake was lovely and moist. We iced with chocolate icing, it was perfect.

People said making cakes were hard made this and didn't agree

Oh my giddy aunt! Nothing like a moist creamy cake to slide down my gullet.

This is an amazing recipe, I used almond milk and it was fine

So moist. Now my daughter can eat with us. Starting to use dairy and egg free recipes for us too even though we aren't dairy free. Thanks

I made this as muffins and they turned out great

This is a wonderful cake to make and a really great base for other cakes. I have now substituted the bananas for other fruit or carrots and mixed with the spices to create a whole new taste based on this 1 great recipe. It is a family must have.

LOVED it. Used the mixture to make cupcakes and it only took 15mins to make. Made coconut whipped cream and was such a hit with my children and colleagues :)

Made this cake for 65 children. I used soy in place of milk but had to increase it to almost double. Made a better banana bread , but was still delish and am currently making another.

Thanks for the easy, low sugar to flour ratio and allergy friendly recipe! I added a little bit of orange zest and marshmallow filling and was enjoyed thoroughly at a birthday party! I didn't make with super ripe bananas and it still came out moist and fluffy and sweet enough. I like that ingredients are simple enough - in most pantries. It took me 20 min for cupcakes to be done but more like 40 min (with three checks) at 350 F for a thick cake in metal mold I could cut in half for filling.

Great recipe, but it took our oven 45 minutes not 20-25 minutes.

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I make this using gluten free flour, turns out perfect!!!

This is the easiest cake ever

yummy. just found out my girl is egg intolerant, so was looking for a recipe found this one. it is really easy and we all think yummy thank you.

Quick and easy cake to make. Great taste, lovely and moist. I used 3 large bananas and had to cook it slightly longer but it still worked a treat.

Baked this for a friends birthday as he's lactose intolerant. Went down a treat! Substituted the milk with 100ml of water and came out perfectly! Definitely my go-to recipe! Best banana cake recipe to date! Will be making more for sure!

This is the perfect eggless banana cake, which I was hunting for. I reduced the flour quantity by 5 Tbsp, and used regular sugar granules and drizzled it with honey, the cake came out perfectly brown and yummm..

This is the only banana cake recipe I use and I doubt that will change. At first, I was rather skeptical with regards to the lack of eggs, but the cake turned out perfectly moist and delicious. The recipe is easy and fast to make but the end product is always consistently awesome. Will keep coming back to this!

This is the best and most flawless eggless recipe that I have ever baked with. And I have searched high and low and failed abundantly. This recipe was perfection. I did not have any milk or soy milk so I used evaporated milk. I also used half brown sugar and half white sugar because I did not have enough brown sugar.
This is my go to recipe now. I can finally stop looking. Thank-you!
5 gold stars!

Very yummy and simple to make. But the cake doesn't serve 10. Next time I'll double the recipe.

This is now my go to for brown bananas. So easy and delicious. I omit the ginger as my kids aren't fans and replace with mixed spice, I always do mine in a loaf tin! Thanks so much!!!

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Easy recipe, tastes great, very moist

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Moist and yummy. Very tasty.

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I doubled this recipe and used wholemeal flour and cooked it for 40 mins. Turned out great! So moist and it has a very lovely flavour

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