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Lemonade Scones

By Chelsea Sugar
Lemonade Scones
12 servings
  • 81 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 10 mins
  • Cooking time 15 mins
  • Serves

    4 cups Edmonds Self Raising Flour (600g)
    ¼ cup Chelsea White Sugar (56g)
    ½ tsp salt
    300ml cream (1 small bottle of cream)
    300ml lemonade 


    Preheat oven to 220°C conventional. Cover an oven tray with a sheet of baking paper or spray well with non stick baking spray.

    Mix all ingredients in a bowl to form a smooth dough (the mixture will be quite sticky). Tip out onto a floured bench and form into a 'round'. Carefully lift and place onto baking tray (a dough scraper helps) and cut into wedges. Leave with the sides touching - scones will pull apart after baking.

    Alternatively, use a cookie cutter or knife to cut scones into rounds or squares.  

    Bake for 15 - 20 minutes, until cooked through and pale golden. Cool on a wire rack, covered with a clean tea towel (this keeps the scones lovely and soft).

    Cut in half and serve warm with butter, jam and whipped cream.


    • Add 1 cup of dried fruit to the mixture e.g. chopped dates, sultanas, raisins or dried cranberries.

    • Add 1 cup of chocolate chips to the mixture.

    • To make savoury scones, replace the lemonade with soda water and any of these optional extras:-
    - 1 large onion, finely chopped
    - 1 cup grated tasty cheese
    - 6 rashers lean rindless bacon, chopped
    - 3 tablespoons chopped parsley or fresh herbs

    • To make cinnamon pinwheel scones, mix 2 teaspoons cinnamon with 3/4 cup Chelsea Caster Sugar. Lay the dough mixture out flat on a well floured bench. Pat out to a rectangle approximately 30cm x 20cm. Sprinkle the cinnamon mixture over the surface. Roll up from the long side into a sausage shape then cut into slices. Lay the slices on a prepared tray so they just touch each other. Cook as above. The lovely sticky cinnamon filling can be quite hot so allow to cool a little before tucking in!

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Average Rating
(81 reviews)

Love love love this recipe!
You can't fail with this recipe.
Great one to make with the moko.

I am coeliac so made these with GF self raising flour and did add half TSP baking powder. Sticky but I was prepared with floury board . Didn't pat dough about too much -just used well floured sharp knife, cut them into 8 rough triangles. They were light and delicious! Have made them again with cup of sultanas..even better. Next I am going to try the cinnamon pinwheel...will see how that goes. Great standby recipe

Quick and easy scone recipe that makes light and fluffy scones. Highly recommended!
A handy tip if you only have 250ml cream (like I did), reduce flour to 3.5 cups.

Wow!! I am the world's worst baker, but even though I accidentally turned the oven off and had to turn it on again the scones turned out beautifully. However, I will only make half the quantity next time - I live alone and don't need so many scones! Seriously though, I have never made decent scones until now. I don't know how one reviewer's turned out flat - mine were sky high.

Love this simple recipe. It is always enjoyed with friends & family

Sorry Chelsea, not for me!!
You mentioned it would be sticky...but wow!
I think sugar could of been optional as they were super sweet without jam and cream....and even worse they tuned out flat!! Tried a second time without sugar and still turned out flat!
Super disappointed as we were really looking forward to having nice scones for Easter.

The recipe I use doesn’t have any added sugar
Just the lemonade , the cream and the SR Flour. I always add 1 teaspoon of baking powder.
I sift Flour and BP
Always light and delicious with jam and cream

Fantastic recipes. Inspires me to bake more. Thank you. Yummy, it's always been good with Chelsea.

image description

Made some with soda water and added cup of grated edam cheese. When cooled cut in half and topped with mashed egg mixed with mayonnaise and parsley…yummy

I'm not the cook in my family,the scone recipe so easy. Thank you

My go to favourite recipe, makes fabulous scones every time and I’m no cook

Have never been able to make stones. Always rirn out more like rock cakes. Have now made these several times, sweet and savory and everytime a winner.

I usually use another recipe for lemonade scones but tried this one as it had added sugar. Very very sloppy and impossible to cut.... I'll stick with my original failproof one!

Its very difficult to move the dough to a baking tray following these instructions. Also, the dough doesn't cut as the recipe infers, it just sticks to the knife and makes a mess.

Excellent recipe which lends itself to easy division for half-quantities and additions such a dried fruit and spices.
No need to mess about with baking paper when you can simply use non-stick foil!

I have just made these scones and they did not rise very much. Could it be because I sifted the flour or because I used diet lemonade. Haven’t tasted them yet but they don’t look like the picture unfortunately . Any tips from people experienced with this recipe? I am not a great cook so I do not think this problem is a reflection of the recipe, as clearly other people have had great success

Excellent, Delicious and yummy for my tummy. Appreciate some of your fudge / no baking recipes. Happy baking & Divine eating.

Four things attracted me to this recipe which, by the way, is a winner.

It's lockdown. A Saturday. The family have a day's activities scheduled. I have work to do. At 2.30pm I'm feeling like a break. They're busy, but it's a while since they had pancakes for brunch. Decide to make scones. Google scone recipes.
As I said, four things were appealing:
1. A short ingredient list
2. Cream and lemonade made a short list easy to use
3. Not having to mix in butter by hand to a fine crumb because who likes doing that
4. Not having to grease a tray.

Then it was as easy as they say. Chuck everything in a bowl. Mix. Plonk it on the bench. Shape. Transfer. Cut. Bake. Separate. Eat. They were delicious.

Tips I would have found useful
1. I was confused by 'sloppy' in the recipe. They probably are for scones, but if you're not a regular scone maker 'wet and sticky' may be more apt.
2. Needed a reasonable amount of flour on the bench to stop it sticking; more than I used. That made transferring it to the tray a little messier than it could have been.
3. Per #2, keep plenty of flour handy for your hands.
4. I make cheese scones that are cooked at the minimum time recommended. These needed the maximum.
5. Didn't have self-raising flour so used baking powder without issue.


Hi, I did all the exact ingredients but my mixture was so liquidity & had extra flours. I managed to rolled & mold but my scones turned up densed & hard. Please help!

First time I've ever made scones. They came out perfect.
I placed the baking paper on the bench and flour on that, this made it very easy to transfer/ slide onto the tray with no mess.

image description

it taste better then it looks

Love it!!!! I used Lift (soft drink) and it gave the scones a nice lemon after taste. So easy to make and so tasty. Went down a treat with the kids.

Best recipe and so easy to put together. Fool proof for last minute morning teas.

Best scone recipe, delicious

Always love making this recipe. Number 1 tip - don't over mix.... it should be only combined together and not sticky.

Have never made scones and these turned out better than I imagined. My family loved them.
Can't wait to make the different variations - savoury and cinnamon.
Mixture is sticky, but just use a floured bench and floured hands and you will have amazing light fluffy scones

10 stars

First time I made scones...better than scones I get from a cafe....thinking I am not so good at baking and I still made really nice scones with this recipe, probably the easiest and best scone recipe for anybody.

These scones are always perfect! I’ve had a gastric sleeve and my dad is diabetic so neither of us can have very much sugar. I always substitute sugar free lemonade and have never had any issues with dough texture. If anything they’ve tasted better! Also add dates into the dry mixture before wet ingredients... yum!

Easy, light and delicious with no funny after taste. 6 stars!!

Decided to make after reading all the great reviews, I left out the sugar and found the recipe to be very sticky - so sticky i had to get a family member to get the oven tray out of the cupboard and then later to open the oven door. However I cooked them and they turned out light and fluffy and delicious. I would make again - but would be a bit more prepared. Still gets 5 stars

Officially best scones I’ve ever made. And the best part is, no need to cut in butter!!
Didn’t have cream so substituted 1/2C cream cheese and 1/2C milk. Used soda water and added bacon & cheese. They were delish.

Just lovely !!

Fabulous recipe, thanks for sharing it. Made a beautiful tasty batch of scones for lunch today 10/10

Easy recipe great results

Easy to make and I used up some cream that just needed to be used. Lovely.

Finally scones that taste good and look good too. Light and fluffy. I used a cup to cut into rounds and they look perfect.
Thank you

So easy to make, and are so delicious.

image description

I had the satisfaction of baking this today and they turned out absolutely delicious! I loved this recipe so much thank you for sharing

This is my go-to scone recipe. So quick and never fails! Got them in the oven now with added dates!

Excellent! Plus mine came out looking extraordinarily elegant! I will have to forward a photo as it really looked like a swanky (very dear!) bakery special brunch order.

I used mostly New Zealand ingredients, as follows:

Edmond's Self-raising flour
Puhoi Valley cream
Chelsea Raw Caster Sugar
Marlborough salt

Thank you very much for such an amazingly simple and scrumptious recipe.

Kind regards,

Made these scones first time today an had wonderful comments.
They were extremely delish. American friend commented they were the best scone he has ever eaten, just delish with butter,whipped cream, , topped with fresh blueberries. Wish I had homemade blackberry jelly jam. This was my first time using this receipe. Thank you Chelsea.

Light, fluffy and delicious. I have never been very good at making scones but these were so quick and easy to do and they turned out great.

A wonderful quick recipe. Lovely scones.

This recipe is horrible! They came out tasting bad and looked horrible! I'm very disappointed!

Can you make them without cream? I mean what is substitute?
CHELSEA: hi, you can substitute yoghurt or buttermilk. It will change the texture though.

It was delicious

Nice and easy to make and really good

Lemonade Scone's are the best, they never fail

Made these scones yesterday with the girls during the school holidays. I was apprehensive about the wet mixture but remembered I use a wet mixture when making bread. Awesome recipe quick and easy to make. Very light, soft and delicious.

It was a great recipe for things to do on a rainy day and when you're bored. Taste delicious!

I had to use 350ml Lemonade to 4 cups of flour but apart from that, fantastic recipe.

I've made this recipe for some time and haven't ever used extra sugar - the lemonade is sweet enough. They are delicious!

Works great with other fizzy sugar drinks too. Try using Ginger Ale/Beer, Orange/Fanta, etc instead of Lemonade but consider the end colour when choosing the drink. e.g. Will work with coke but the scone colour might not be to your liking.

It's so fluffy and soft to the touch

image description

For 40 years my scones were like bricks, now I'm making them a couple of times a week some plain some savory or sweet, thank you.

These come out perfect every time. Highly recommended!! We make these every week nearly - great with dates added in too.

I love baking I love writing recipes out

Jo Seagar bought these to my attention years ago and they are so easy and awesome. Recipes should always be shared.

I just made these scones, they are so light and airy. They are so good!

Love this recipe, I've just made these scones, perfect taste great and sooo nice.

I have never been able to make scones before, but this recipe is
awesome and so quick and easy.

I always thought that a good scone required meticulously rubbing the butter into the flour and kneading the dough. And then I made these...

image description

Beautiful moist scones. Going to try the savoury scones next time

These scones were so easy to make and cooked beautifully. When I felt them they seemed a bit heavy but when eating them they were so light and delicious. Great recipe.

Great recipient thanks

image description

Never have I been able to do scones, well I did it thank you, easy and yummy

This recepie didn't work for us scones looked like blobs of dough and didn't brown well

Best scone recipe yet I have made. Just to let you know that I used zero lemonade and they turned out just fine!!

Fool proof recipe! Just like Nana makes.

Simple as and delicious.

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Best ever scones

image description

OI only use 300ml of lemonade that amount and the recipe is fine - not too wet. (I believe cans used to be only 300ml). Otherwise use 5 - 6 cups flour. This recipe used to be a favourite at gala days for the tea room stall and has been around for many years. It's light, tasty and very easy to make.

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This happens to be one of the best recipes for scones I have ever tried! :)

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Easy amazing scones

image description

Absolutely delighted with how easy and wonderful these scones turned out! Thanks!

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image description

Super simple and always perfect!

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Awesome Recipe

image description

These are the easiest scones to make and turn out so light and airy....

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