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Weetbix Slice

By Chelsea Sugar
Weetbix Slice
10 servings
  • 130 reviews

  • Difficulty Easy
  • Prep time 15 mins
  • Cooking time 10 mins
  • Serves

    150g Tararua Butter, melted 
    4 Weetbix (crushed)
    ½ cup Chelsea White Sugar
    1 cup Edmonds Standard Grade Flour
    1 Tbsp cocoa powder
    1 tsp Edmonds Baking Powder
    1 drop vanilla essence

    1 ½ cups Chelsea Icing Sugar
    ½ cup dessicated coconut
    1 tsp cocoa powder
    25g Tararua Butter
    Hot water to mix


    Preheat oven to 180°C .

    Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl and make a well in the centre. Add the melted Tararua Butter and vanilla essence. Mix together, then press into a slice tin.
    Bake for 10 minutes. Ice while hot and cut into squares.

    Put first three ingredients into a bowl, add the Tararua Butter. Gradually add enough hot water to melt butter, blending to form a smooth, spreadable icing.

    Spread over slice while hot then cut into squares once cooled a little.

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Average Rating
(130 reviews)

Delicious and easy recipe.

I personally would change the base to icing ratio next time. Add 50% more base and reduce the icing by 25%.

Great use for stale weetbix! I would use less sugar and butter in the base as it came out so sweet and buttery, defintely baking paper to line the tray. I almost wondered if some sultanas would work in this too! Easy to make.

The picture is misleading. Taste is good but found this slice had too much butter and was too sweet for us.
The slice also looked under cooked and crumbled easily when cooled.

I love love loved this! I made this during the previous lockdown, it was super easy and I was happy with the results. I doubled the recipe and still turned out really well. They were a little bit sweet so I took away a little bit of sugar.

Its super yum and easy to make, i do recommend leaving it in the oven for 15 minutes and once the icing is on put in the freezer for and hour or so once it has cooled down. The next day put it in the fridge.

It is so good and easy to make

so very yummmy

I made this with gluten free weetbix from the blue box and gluten free self raising flour. I also usedwhitakers dark Ghana instead of cocoa. Used 50gms more butter and 3 rows of the chocolate. Came out perfect.

These are amazing definitely recommend them can’t count how many batches we have made. Great for a snack.

So quick and easy - Loved it!

Very very easy to make and very good

Awesome, easy, low cost, great recipe especially in level 4 with a cuppa! Thanks Chelsea

This is so good I have made this at least 11 times and its worked perfect every time!


me and my brother who are only 8 and 9 made it and it was great.

Whanau fave this lockdown - so easy!

this was an easy to make recipie so when i made my house started to smell like the beautiful aromur of weetbix with other stuff plz keep making these delciose recipies for people to enjoy -cheers ANDY

I had to double the mixture. Sorry I've had better!

I am going to bake it tonight, and it looks so easy!

So good

Very simple but good

oh my goodness so good how yum
so easy - only 10 years old

That was the best it is a family favourite now.

Another that was absolutely fantastic changed to Gluten Free Weetbix and Gluten free Flour, it is just so easy to make too

Loved by all and so easy to make

Very nice, just a little bit sweet though.

so yummy

Yum, 10 minutes cooking time is too short, needs at least 15 minutes, otherwise nice easy recipe.

one of the best recipes you have. how yum

my mum has baked this many times for me and my siblings and we love it and now i make it for my siblings and im only 10

i tried it and stuck to the recipe and it never turned out, it was soggy and under cooked even when i let it sit, i put it back into the oven and nothing changed
im guessing my old oven in my rental is not helping as everything else i cook under chelsea works amazing



Fab for school camp

Easy, simple ingredients and excellent for a lunchbox treat.


This is amazing and I’m only 11 and found this really easy to make! (Just make sure to let the slice sit before you put on the icing because that will harden it up well, if its super soft like mine was)


Love this recipe ❤️ #gonein60seconds!!

This is the BEST!!! Definitely recommend making this

It’s a great recipe, never had any trouble with crumbling. I do crush the weetbix up quite finely though and have always made sure was fully cooked before slicing like with any other slice or cake.
I never go to any other recipe for weetbix slice but this Chelsea one.

This is so good I’m still making it but it looks good

This is the best weetbix slice recipe I've come across. I added raisins too. Was delicious!

Does the coconut go into the icing or on top?
Chelsea Sugar:
You can chose to add the coconut into the icing or sprinkle it on top.

Beautiful taste. Using weatbix as an ingredient for a loaf or a slice never occurred to me the taste of beautiful moist absolutely yummy. I will be making this more often in future. Thank you Chelsea.

All I can say is "wow!". Super quick, very easy, all the ingredients I had in my pantry and turned out perfectly! I haven't baked in a while as I'd lost my passion for it but this has bought it back so thanks Chelsea!!


Fantastic, easy recipe.

Favourite !!

It is delicious. The recipe reads very weirdly, and calls for a lot of butter! But the end result is amazing. Make sure you refrigerate to harden (otherwise will crumble) and use baking paper.

Trip down memory lane, this is a classic. I made it with my mum and now I have just made it with my kids. So simple and tasty. Thanks Chelsea!

Trip down memory lane, this is a classic. I made it with my mum and now i have just made it with my kids. So simple and tasty. Thanks Chelsea!

Made it with GF Weetbix and flour. Went 50/50 butter and coconut oil. Should have used less sugar in the base. And just left it. But put melted choc on the top - very rich - only a small piece is needed but it is lovely!!!!

So tasty

It was very sweet but very nice.

I make this every weekend and send to my granddaughter for her school lunch treat! Always works well, I leave it in the fridge so no problem with cutting or crumbling and no taste compromise. Easy and delicious ❤️

Was very crunchy and tough. What size slice tin is recommended for this recipe?
Chelsea Sugar:
Use a standard size slice time, approximately 32cm x 24cm x 5cm.

It was good but I think there needs to be less butter because they are really buttery and I think less sugar because weetbix slice is meant to be healthy.

Impossible to cut and just crumbles! Tastes nice but a bit too sweet for my liking with the icing sugar.

Amazing and so good.

Yum! I lined my baking tin with baking paper so it was easy to pull out slice from tin once cool and easier to cut into squares, without crumbling too much.
I forgot to add the coconut to icing, but sprinkled on top, definitely a better method.
This made my icing thick but runny and poured on slice while hot, nicely.
Sweet, so may try alternative or use less sugar next time. But very good recipe!

Delicious! Had to make a second batch as my family ate the first one in one day! Brings back childhood memories.

For the person looking through the comments before you put the slice in make sure you put it on fan bake.

Great recipe. I doubled the mixture as it is quite small.

Horrible. I kept checking to make sure I hadn't got anything wrong, but it hardly filled the small slice tray and just crumbled.

Alright flavour.



From past recipes I added a few extra tablespoons of butter (less crumbly) and 1/4 coco for a richer flavour. I would recommend cooling the slice before icing because it was a lot of work for the thing not to crumble to pieces while being hot and super soft/crumbly. Yummy recipe.




it is great I made it for my family and they loved it!

its yummy and full of chocolate goodness. It is awesome

image description

Great nice and easy kids could make on their own, and very yummy

This slice turned out great. EVery time I make it it just goes quick and every one remarks on this slice. Yummy very addictive weetbix slice.

It does not tell me what to bake it at.
CHELSEA SUGAR: For this recipe bake at 180 degrees celsius for 10 minutes using a slice tin.

It's very easy to make with children helping.

Made this recipe twice now. So good!!

Awsome easy receipe. I can't make slices but this made my day.

I substituted half the sugar with golden syrup and added a cup of shredded coconut to the base. Either way the recipe is great!

What did I do wrong ? The whole thing crumbled into pieces!

My kids love it make it all the time. It's good for school lunch and parties.

My childhood favourite, my mum used to make this every week for us when we were kids. When I haven't been home in a while she always makes it for me.

Mine is verrrrry flat not like the picture... tastes nice though

I used apple instead of butter which made it not crumbly and not so rich. Very delicious! I froze some as otherwise I would have kept scoffing them!

Super yummy. I decided to 'tweak' the recipe and used a peanut butter fudge type icing which was a great pairing in our 'peanut butter loving' family. Very moreish.

This recipe was very tasty and was just how I like it xxx

Love this recipe one of my favourites

Second time making it and my family loves it. I leave the slice in for about 15 minutes. Only because my oven isn't the greatest.

I loved this. Made it in no time at all and it Tastes great.

Yummy, delicious

Really easy recipe to follow and tastes great every time

Should this come out crunchy or soft and gooey?
Chelsea Sugar:
The top will be gooey and the base should have a bit of crunch.

image description

very yummy, but the slice was a bit crumbly. Definitely delicious

image description

very yummy, but the slice was a bit crumbly. Definitely delicious

I'm addicted to this slice. Devine. I have to double the recipe else it's gone too fast in our household. Delicious and super easy!!!!

Very nice, family love it

This has been a favourite recipe for many of my family for years.
I put coconut in the mixture , on top of the icing
Now my great grandchildren enjoy it. How this brings back
Sweet memories.

Mmmm! so good but why does only show good results

Easy and great, but my icing turned out very runny because I added too much hot water, it worked fine though and tasted fantastic!


It worked out great but was a bit sloppy

image description

Yummy and So Easy to make.

I made this substituting gluten free weetbix and gluten free flour turned out gr8 happy kids

Yummy and very easy. Almost too easy ;)

It's amazing! The coconut in the icing makes it so so good!

Excellent biscuit crunch

Looks great. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the recipe!!

image description

I changed the 1/2 cup of white sugar to a 1/4 cup of dark cane sugar and it was very nice.
I would definitely recommend this 10 out of 10 for sure!!

Delicious an easy treat to make thanks!

Great my family loves it

My Family Loves this slice, I always make a double batch because it goes so fast in our house.

The family love it

We are going to make this slice for Tech tomorrow, just wondering if it is ok to put in the freezer so we can take away to camp next week?
CHELSEA: We will not recommend freezing it as it will change the texture and mouth feel.

This is an amazing slice!
Loved the taste!

Quick and easy recipe that always turns out tasty!

Excellent recipe - my boys love it

Good but waaay too much sugar!

Can anyone tell me if this recipe works out ok with melted margarine instead of butter? Butter has got too expensive! Such a great slice though, I sent a quadruple batch along to daughter's school camp and it was a huge hit. Nostalgic treat for the teachers too who would have loved it as a kid, as I did.
CHELSEA: Yes, we think margarine should be fine in this recipe :-)

Love this recipe- used to make it as a kid and now my kids love it too!

I don t know, but it's look like that coconut should go in to the base not icing. Looks pretty weird.

Love this recipe, my boy is fussy when it comes to certain foods (re-training the brain now that his allergies are gone) I'm so thankful I came across this.

Oh NO! Please tell me what I did wrong? I put the icing on while the slice was hot (as instructed) and as the icing was spread around, so was the top of the slice!? Chunky chocolate mess. Very sad.
CHELSEA: Hi there, it's best if you let the slice sit for a couple of minutes after it comes out of the oven before icing. The time it takes you to prepare the icing should be long enough, then gently spread the icing over the top. If that doesn't work, then it's possible the slice needed to be cooked for a couple more minutes - 10 minutes is a good guide but there can be a lot of variation between ovens. Hope it still tasted good!

Amazing for kids lunches. 10 out of 10 recommend.

image description

This weetbix slice is so easy to make, cheaper to make than to buy

So easy to make and extra tasty. Cut so nicely too!

Not overly sweet. Good compromise for chocolate lovers and people who don't have much of a sweet tooth alike

It's good and it tastes delicious.

image description

Love it!! Soo yummy..

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